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  1. Montana is a beautiful place. When I win the lottery...
  2. Happy birthday!..i'm trying to catch up on BMT.
  3. Happy birthday, sorry i'm late.
  4. I like the one that has Obama's picture on the back, with the hose coming right out of his mouth.
  5. Did you say Winfall?..I saw a City of Winfall maintenance worker doing some work on the Winfall sign the other day.
  6. other dog


    Happy birthday!..sorry, i'm a little late too.
  7. The fighting reminded me of a place near here on rt. 501, a few miles south of Lynchburg, just called "The 501 Club". It was just a redneck beer-joint place, been closed for years, but there's some kind of business still there. I was only there one time, in the early 80's, but the running joke about the place was that they asked you at the door if you had a knife or a gun, and if you didn't they would loan you one.
  8. You're exactly right. From the highest tree on the courthouse lawn.
  9. Need a couple more weeks, they're getting there.
  10. I'd only had Hondas - a '74 360, a '75 or '76 500, and Kawasakis- a 750 and an LTD1000. That LTD1000 was a super nice bike, 4 cyl, very powerful, very, very fast, ran smooth as a clock. A friend of mine that I worked with was strictly a Harley man, and he always said I should get a Harley. I told him I couldn't afford a Harley, and the Kawasaki was paid for. This was right around the time the 883 Sportster first came out, and I liked the looks, and they weren't too expensive. So him and I rode to Lynchburg to the Harley Davidson dealer one day. I was "just looking", not there to buy, but who knows? So my friend knew the owner and he asked him "will you take this Kawasaki on trade for one of the Sportsters?" And the man said "yeah, just like he ain't got one." And that was all I needed to hear. I left on my Kawasaki, and never went back. Kept the Kawasaki until I sold it and bought a 69 Ford pickup. It's just no way to talk to a potential customer, putting their bike down. Truth be known, it was probably a far better bike than any Harley he had anyway.
  11. My favorite was when they were delivering ice. They had a big block of ice, I remember when you could get ice like that, anyway they had to carry it from their truck up some long stairs to someone's door. Of course they always had some sort of mishap and dropped the ice and it shattered every time, until the last time Curly made it all the way and it was the size of an ice cube like you put in a drink when he finally got all the way up the steps with it.
  12. Wow! That's some amazing, beautiful machines, just awesome!
  13. Yup, I have one. I would have worn it at Macungie but I forgot it. I wore a B model shirt one day and a BMT shirt the next day.
  14. Uhh...umm, sorry i'm a little late too, but happy birthday.
  15. I don't have any idea what y'all are talking about, so i'll just post a picture of a girl with oversize boobage periodically.
  16. I just looked in my book to see if it said anything about the engines, and they were 600 hp. Cummins. I got to reading and one of the biggest problems on the whole trip was with broken axles in the trucks, due to the extreme cold. And on more than one occasion when they would get one one the massive trucks stuck they broke an inch and a half cable trying to pull it out with bulldozers. The trailers they were pulling were 12 feets wide and 60 feets long. Gross weight over 300,000 lbs. Amazing! I've got to read this book again, i've read it twice already.
  17. ...and here's an F model that somebody posted on facebook. They said it was at some detail shop in Richmond, and somebody else said that some tank line owned it, but I don't remember who.
  18. Absolutely, I tried to stay hydrated, thought I was, but it was not enough. I figured it up and I tarped and untarped 9 loads last week. And I would have to agree about the pain, I could hardly walk. When I was in Norcross, Ga. I got out of the truck to untarp, barely able to walk because of the worst attack of gout I've ever had- No doubt because of all the sweat I've poured out this week- and the guy driving this truck right here, the "Engineered Floors" truck, gets out and helps me pull the tarps, fold them, unchain, unstrap, and put my chains and binders away. I could not thank him enough.
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