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  1. I stopped and asked if it was ok before I just started walking around taking pictures.
  2. It's a farm, and I think they still do some excavation work, these are just trucks they don't use any more. They had a lot of chip trailers parked in a field too that have been there for years. So i'm thinking they might have used the Cruiseliner and Peterbilt to haul chips, and instead of selling or getting rid of anything when they didn't need it any more they just parked it?..I don't know.
  3. I went over to Appomattox today, and took the back roads all the way. I stopped on the way back and asked if I could take pictures of some trucks i'd seen along the way before, and the nice lady said of course. There was an F model, R models, a Cruiseliner, and a B model that I took pictures of many years ago. now- and then-
  4. Yes, you could. It's the last covered bridge in Va. that is still open to traffic.
  5. http://www.rt11.com/ I like the sweet potato chips best, they'll be available soon. You can only get them in sweet potato season, starting some time in October.
  6. Off of exit 269 on I-81. It's on a road that goes from the potato chip factory over to rt. 11.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/william.t.blackwell/videos/10213409448206701/
  8. The original emblems are like gold nowadays. There's a Facebook page devoted entirely to vintage gear shift knobs. Hard to believe, but true. As I have often said, if I had only known then what I know now I would have bought a pickup truck load of gear shift knobs and extensions and put them in the deep freeze. I could retire...
  9. That's why she shipped a big box of them to Florida- you really didn't get yours?..perhaps they got lost in the mail. I'll tell her you didn't get them.
  10. I used the get the Canadian antique truck magazine, from the Great Lakes Antique Truck Club, but I never even got a renewal notice. I really liked it too, it's a great magazine with good articles. Probably cost too much to ship it to Gladys though.
  11. I saw a girl in a car one day. And on the way back from Winchester we stopped at the Rt. 11 Potato Chip factory. You can't get Rt. 11 Potato Chips in Florida, so Zina got some to ship to the folks at home. The nice lady there, who's also the owner of the business, told us about a covered bridge that was nearby so we went to take a look. And we saw a bald eagle while we were there. It's sitting in that tree on the right side of the soybean field. I didn't even know what it was until I zoomed the camera in on it. I saw a big Mack truck today too. I saw a big Mack truck last week too.
  12. More pictures to come, meanwhile here's a link to the truck show pictures- https://www.flickr.com/photos/28526133@N04/albums/72157671644076827
  13. A link to all the pictures from the Winchester,Va. show- https://www.flickr.com/photos/28526133@N04/albums/72157671644076827
  14. I don't know, I never actually got in it. The video is too big to post here.
  15. I would have if i'd had any idea that he was serious. I was surprised that it even started, it looked like it had been sitting there a pretty good while. I took the pictures and was back at the car, about to leave, when I heard it fire up, that's when I walked back over and took the video.
  16. I took the red headed woman that I love back to the airport in Roanoke today. I usually take rt. 43 from Altavista to Bedford, then 460 to Roanoke. When I was coming back today I happened to notice a big orange rock truck parked in a field over here at Leesville- you know, where that tri-axle Ford tractor with the lowboy is usually parked. I thought "hmmmm...that looks like a big Mack rock truck!" And of all the times to not have a camera- I always have my camera!..except today. Fortunately, you can take fairly decent pictures with a phone nowadays. So I stopped and pulled in the driveway and asked the guys that were standing around that Ford if I could take some pictures of the Mack. The man said "absolutely, start it up, drive it around the field!" And I thought he was joking, but one of his guys went over and cranked it up- started right up too. He told me that the state bought it in the 70's, used it on one job up on rt. 130, then he bought it and he's had it ever since, and still uses it doing site work from time to time. He said it only had 2,000 hrs. on it. I posted a little video of it running on Facebook.
  17. I drove an F model with a 350 Cummins, but it was much later, it was a 1979. Had a 350 Cummins with a 10 speed overdrive, Roadranger trans, Mack rears.
  18. I will put all the pictures on Flickr, or where ever I always put pictures, and post a link to it ASAP. Maybe tonight, I have to take the red headed woman to the airport in Roanoke this afternoon.
  19. Thank you, y'alls trucks looked great! I didn't get farmer52's truck either because I was over near it when Dave pulled up in a golf cart and told me to get in, so I did. The next thing I knew I was over at the opposite side of the grounds, about 4 miles away, and I never got around to getting back over to where we were abducted- I mean given a ride. But it was all good, we both had a great time, it was nice seeing everybody and talking. I'm with Dave, that's the best part. I know a few people, but Dave knows everybody.
  20. ...but wait, there's more- ...and, the BMT group photo. I didn't get everyone together at once, just individual photos. Ken Claar, AKA Farmer52 was there also, but I didn't get a picture with him, so I got a blonde in a green bikini as a substitute.
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