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  1. We have them too, I keep a calendar- a booby calendar actually- in front of mines, at least partially blocking it. Some of the guys don't even try to be discreet about it, they just put tape over it. We have a guy that used to drive for a food company...can't remember the name, but they're all over. He ran two trips a night from Roanoke to Harrisonburg, and he said if the company saw them just pick the phone up and look at it they were fired. It's the same company that the union sued because they said driver facing cameras were an invasion of privacy, and the union won. But that was in Canada.
  2. Now this is bad-ass! I used to mud bog, and do some trail riding- AKA riding the local logging roads through the woods, creeks, and hills- and this looks like it would be pretty bullet-proof for doing all that, shouldn't have to worry about breaking an axle, that's for sure.
  3. One of the nicest Jeep pickups i've ever seen, with a Cummins diesel in it too. It was at Keystone Fence in Schaefferstown, Pa.
  4. Well, it wasn't the beer, she doesn't drink it. She was sipping some cranberry vodka though, that might have been what it was.😀
  5. You're right about that, and i've been seeing it more and more, driving after dark with no lights.
  6. Those knobs are bringing top dollar on e-bay. I wish I had bought a few of them every week in the 80's, when all the truck stops had a whole aisle full of shift knobs and extensions of all different sizes, shapes, and colors. I could retire now...move to Florida.
  7. We stopped at Sheetz in Madison Heights Thursday, then went on up rt. 130 to the Parkway, then down 501 through Big Island and back to Lynchburg.
  8. Thanks, but we also had a nice Thanksgiving meal. I was actually going to take Zina out to the Harbor Inn, a seafood place in Lynchburg,for Thanksgiving dinner. Their website said they were closed from 2 until 4, so we rode around Lynchburg, rode up on the Blue Ridge Parkway, did a little shopping, then went to the Harbor Inn at 4- and the sign said "closed, see you tomorrow". So we went to 2 more restaurants, both were closed. Only thing open was Cracker Barrel and a Chinese buffet, parking lot was jam-packed at both. So it was almost time to hit the panic button when we decided to go to Food Lion and pick up something to take home. When we got there it was 30 minutes until they closed, they already had half the lights off. We were in and out in 20 minutes, and I had the best and certainly most memorable Thanksgiving dinner ever. Zina had a delicious meal prepared before I could even finish my beer. We took this picture to reply to Vlad's turkey picture, but this was a fully cooked portion of turkey, she made mashed potatoes- real potatoes- and we had green beans out of the garden, and gravy and stuffing, and sweet potato pies that we made the day before. It was great.
  9. Zina from Florida and me were there Friday, got the personal tour from maint.1, AKA Dave Couto.
  10. I stopped on the way home the other day and voted early because i'll be away on business Tuesday.
  11. latest update from Florida...
  12. ...breaking news, this just in from our Florida correspondent- her and her friend all dressed up for the for the Halloween party. I forgot what they're dressed as, but when I asked if it was "hot-slutty cheerleaders" she said no, it was not.
  13. I didn't see a lot this week, because I wasn't paying attention...but I did see this big Mack truck in Sophia, N.C. And this scraper machine- Another older Chevrolet truck on 29 between Altavista and Lynchburg. And there was an accident on the Pa. Turnpike this week between Breezewood and Bedford, caused when one truck tried to pass another truck and lost control and wrecked both of them, according to the Pittsburgh news. The turnpike was closed from New Stanton to Breezewood on the eastbound side. It looked surreal, seeing absolutely nothing on the east side for miles and miles... ...and once again the Florida correspondent reported in with this photo of a Winfall Wimmen getting gas in Florida-
  14. Not many pictures lately, but what can you do? Some old Macks around McKees Rocks, Pa. Here's the apple trees north of Winchester. They used to be several feet taller but the weight of all those apples caused them to sink into the ground. A flag sticking out of the hood of a General Motors Truck. 60's flashback...saw this Chevrolet with a load of pulpwood on rt. 20 between Dillwyn and Scottsville.
  15. The one in the middle with the high-beams on has very noice melons!
  16. Another view of James Madison University.
  17. Franchise are available all over the country!..no, wait a minute...sorry, seems someone from Moscow has bought up all the rights to all "Winfall Wimmens and all Winfall Wimmens related activities"...you're just a little too late.
  18. I saw a tree- there's a B-61 Mack up in there somewhere. There it is... Some cats at the dumpster in Gladys... I thought it was my lucky day when I spotted all this great furniture there, but the mattresses blew off the roof of the car on the way home, and by the time I got back with the truck all my furniture was gone too... Some trees- Some trucks... A scraper... ...and last but certainly not least- how about this?!! The beautiful redheaded correspondent from the Florida department of Winfall Wimmens sent this in-
  19. This week I saw an American flag on top of a crane boom at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Va. But that's not all- I saw a man on a lawn mower riding down rt.148 in McKeesport, Pa. And a combine turning into the driveway at the shop, to harvest that corn field there. And a girl in a car- Saw this Conestoga in Charlotte. I didn't get to my camera in time, but the fork lift had just taken two lifts of sheets off the top. He had sheets stacked 6 lifts high, with two straps over them. I never go over 4 high, but if I had to I would have had two straps over the first three, and chains and straps on the whole stack. Anyhow, this is the old NASCAR track at North Wilkesboro, N.C. This is Winston Salem. I saw a box of Bojangles Chicken too.
  20. I saw a black bear run across rt. 29 just south of Wood's Mill a few weeks ago. And speaking of apples, looks like it's gonna be a good year for them around here. The trees in the orchards on 522 north of Winchester are just loaded.
  21. I knew a guy like that just down the road a half mile from where I grew up. He had a farm, and he was also an auctioneer. The auction company that he worked for did a lot of farm auctions and he bought a lot of cars, trucks, tractors, and equipment for himself. When something broke down or was just worn out he would "park it in the field" and get another one of whatever it was. Field was lined up with stuff, and there was no need to even ask if anything, or even a part, was for sale because that wouldn't happen.
  22. Apparently some do. They had a trucking , construction, and excavating business as well as the farm there. There was probably a half dozen or more bulldozers there. I just thought i'd post the pictures, I didn't interview anybody as to why anything was parked in the field but I guess they can do whatever they want with their stuff.
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