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  1. Kind of the same way I feel about driving a truck anymore.
  2. I might just try that. I'm gonna go pick some right- oh, wait...guess i'll have to wait a few months, but i'll try it.
  3. I hauled a lot of coils from Armco, now AK Steel, in Middletown, Ohio to Modine in Buena Vista, Va. in the 80's. Ace Doran had a terminal on I-75 and we'd go there and trip lease to them whenever they had loads going to Modine or Walker Muffler in Harrisonburg, Va. They were an owner-operator company and their drivers didn't care for either load, because they didn't like to run Hawk's Nest, it was hard on brakes, tires, engines, nerves, and everything else, and it was too far to run the turnpike all the way to Princeton and then 460 to Blacksburg and all the way back up 81. So they were glad for us to take those loads, and we thought it was our lucky day to get one. We'd go right across 60, with no engine brakes- pretty much nobody had an engine brake then, especially in the east- no power steering, and very little horsepower. And it was fun then.
  4. I remember telling my father in law, who always voted democrat, ''there's no way Clinton's gonna beat George Bush''.
  5. I remember my Ma making dandelion wine, but I don't remember what it tasted like. She used to make the best wine I ever tasted, especially the grape.She also made cherry and blackberry wine, and she didn't drink at all.
  6. other dog

    Mack MH

    Last time I saw it was in Winchester at the ATHS show, several years ago.
  7. Well, you're right. In my opinion, the old Jeep CJ's were very capable off road vehicles but they tipped over a lot because you'd see lots of kids cruising down the interstate doing 70 mph in them, arms and legs hanging out, no seat belts used, because it was just cool to be seen in a Jeep, and they'd try to make a high speed maneuver and capsize. And- again, just my opinion- if you wanted a vehicle to cruise down the interstate at 70 mph, a Jeep CJ should not have been your vehicle of choice anyway. But, people did use them to run 70 mph. down the interstate, so Jeep made them lower, safer, more stable, which in turn made them a far less desirable off road vehicle.
  8. I agree. I don't mind it looking out the windshield, but I don't like it looking at me.
  9. We have them too, I keep a calendar- a booby calendar actually- in front of mines, at least partially blocking it. Some of the guys don't even try to be discreet about it, they just put tape over it. We have a guy that used to drive for a food company...can't remember the name, but they're all over. He ran two trips a night from Roanoke to Harrisonburg, and he said if the company saw them just pick the phone up and look at it they were fired. It's the same company that the union sued because they said driver facing cameras were an invasion of privacy, and the union won. But that was in Canada.
  10. Now this is bad-ass! I used to mud bog, and do some trail riding- AKA riding the local logging roads through the woods, creeks, and hills- and this looks like it would be pretty bullet-proof for doing all that, shouldn't have to worry about breaking an axle, that's for sure.
  11. One of the nicest Jeep pickups i've ever seen, with a Cummins diesel in it too. It was at Keystone Fence in Schaefferstown, Pa.
  12. Well, it wasn't the beer, she doesn't drink it. She was sipping some cranberry vodka though, that might have been what it was.😀
  13. You're right about that, and i've been seeing it more and more, driving after dark with no lights.
  14. Those knobs are bringing top dollar on e-bay. I wish I had bought a few of them every week in the 80's, when all the truck stops had a whole aisle full of shift knobs and extensions of all different sizes, shapes, and colors. I could retire now...move to Florida.
  15. We stopped at Sheetz in Madison Heights Thursday, then went on up rt. 130 to the Parkway, then down 501 through Big Island and back to Lynchburg.
  16. Thanks, but we also had a nice Thanksgiving meal. I was actually going to take Zina out to the Harbor Inn, a seafood place in Lynchburg,for Thanksgiving dinner. Their website said they were closed from 2 until 4, so we rode around Lynchburg, rode up on the Blue Ridge Parkway, did a little shopping, then went to the Harbor Inn at 4- and the sign said "closed, see you tomorrow". So we went to 2 more restaurants, both were closed. Only thing open was Cracker Barrel and a Chinese buffet, parking lot was jam-packed at both. So it was almost time to hit the panic button when we decided to go to Food Lion and pick up something to take home. When we got there it was 30 minutes until they closed, they already had half the lights off. We were in and out in 20 minutes, and I had the best and certainly most memorable Thanksgiving dinner ever. Zina had a delicious meal prepared before I could even finish my beer. We took this picture to reply to Vlad's turkey picture, but this was a fully cooked portion of turkey, she made mashed potatoes- real potatoes- and we had green beans out of the garden, and gravy and stuffing, and sweet potato pies that we made the day before. It was great.
  17. Zina from Florida and me were there Friday, got the personal tour from maint.1, AKA Dave Couto.
  18. I stopped on the way home the other day and voted early because i'll be away on business Tuesday.
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