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  1. Well,I know I said soon,but Bill (The Diesel Gypsy) said part of his computer was in the hospital,so it'll be A few more days before he gets the truck show page finished.
  2. Hey Paul,nothing on the mixer yet.I don't know where to look,but I haven't seen A name,number,or any identifying marks on it anywhere and nobody's ventured A guess yet either.
  3. Sorry to hear of your heart problem Ray. About tickets,I'm just saying I don't mind getting A ticket I deserve nearly as much when the officer is polite,but sometimes you'll run across those who seem to hate you just because you're driving A truck. I've also run across some very nice police officers. A former Sheriff in Nelson County would sit in the median on U.S.29 and talk to us on the radio when we were going to Boston.He'd been known to sit in the dark and when A truck was going too fast he'd turn the blue lights on and the driver knew he'd just gotten A ticket to go along with being scared half to death!Then he'd just say on the radio "better slow 'er down there buddy" and not even move. And the driver probably wouldn't think of speeding through there again,because of the respect for him,so he was effective in his speed control.Now of course it's not about safety,it's all about money-an overlength ticket in this county cost me $306 last December,but that was written by A state diesel cop,not county.
  4. other dog


    At least besides the aching tooth and a heat wave that leaves me drenched in sweat every time I chain down A load or tarp A load,and the fact that it's so dry here -my garden just withered away,and I've only cut the grass A couple of times,last time a couple of months ago-I have A little good news.I left the truck at the Cat shop in Lynchburg last night so they can turn the horsepower up from 475 to 550.You would think it'd make A world of difference,but it's hard to say.The last Cat I drove was A 435 and when it was turned up to A 475 you couldn't tell A lot of difference.I know that's not near as big A jump,but I've taken A truck in to be worked on before,they'll put it on the dyno and check it, get you 20 more horsepower and it was like driving A different truck. I hope that's the case this time-it's A big ol' pretty truck,but it lays down like A big ol' dog when it sees A hill.
  5. Just got in ,i've been to Midland City,Al. with A load of beams,reloaded shingles at Peachtree City,Ga. to Oxford,N.C, then loaded Kyanite at Dillwyn,Va. to Negley,Oh,then had a two pick up reload at Ambridge and Leetsdale,Pa coming back to Lynchburg,Va.I was going to drop the trailer in Lynchburg,but I got there at 5:00 o'clock and they went ahead and unloaded me. 'Course I only had 2 beams on. It was still 100+ in Alabama and Georgia Monday,but it was 56 degrees this morning (Wednesday) when I got up in Pa.about 4am and continued on to Negley. I actually turned the heat on for A little while. Had A toothache all day yesterday,but after taking alternating handfulls of aspirin,tylenol,and motrin it wasn't too bad today.Got A dentist's appointment in the morning-actually looking forward to it!
  6. Sorry Paul,you didn't hear? They gave that out yesterday.(yuk-yuk ...kidding of course!)
  7. other dog


    Barry,this is great! I really like Ray's blog-if I could type with more than one finger (I actually have many more) I could tell many more stories.Somebody will come up with something and it just triggers memories I'd long forgotten,but you never know,somebody out there might find it interesting.
  8. This is A great topic Ray! In almost 29 years of driving I must say that the cops in North Carolina are the rudest and most hateful of any place I've ever been stopped.I hear A lot of drivers complain about Ohio and Virginia,but Ive had little problems with either one.Getting A ticket is much easier to take if the officer is respectful and polite,which they should be anyway,but they're always mean and hateful in N.C.-like they take it personally or something. I'm always respectful and polite to them -not that I get stopped much to begin with-but I don't like to be treated like A criminal just because I'm driving A truck. No bashing,just the facts.
  9. The Diesel Gypsy has started on the Troutman show page,so it shouldn't be long now.
  10. other dog


    Got the new brake chamber installed,it was much easier than getting the old one off,except for the $78 price tag.That's about twice what I expected to pay.I had to order the 24/24 chamber,and it's more expensive than a 30/30 chamber,which we had plenty of at the shop but I couldn't use because of tire clearance issues.Now i've got a leaking power steering hose to replace for my next project,then i'll be caught up until...next time.
  11. I remember a smokey helping me one time. I was headed South on the West Virginia Turnpike,driving an F-model Mack.I had A flat tire on the trailer and at the time we ran tube type tires with Dayton wheels,so we could change a tire pretty easily.I pulled into the pull-off where the rest area is now,about the 70 mile marker.There were no facilities there then,it was just a paved wide spot really.Got my jack and tools out and jacked the trailer up when a cop pulled up and asked what was wrong.I told him I was all right,just changing a tire.Then he asked me if I wanted him to shine his spotlight on the wheel so I could see better ( forgot to mention it was night,and dark!) I said "that's all right,I have a flashlight,but thank you".He said"well,i've got to do some paperwork anyway",and he sat right there with his light on that wheel until I finished changing the tire.
  12. I'm is,i'm reading it! I also have a question-since you drove B-model mixers,can you tell what kind of mixer is on my truck by looking at it? I don't see a name on it anywhere.I'm a truck driver,but know nothing about mixers,and was just wondering out of curiosity.There's several pictures of it in my gallery.Thanks,Tom
  13. other dog

    I'm Back

    ...and the heat was everything I expected it to be.The worst was when I reloaded a load of steel going to Petersburg,Va. in Savannah,Ga. Wednesday,and the temperature in the parking lot where I loaded was 114 degrees.That's the hottest I can ever remember being out in.I'm loaded now for Midland City,Al. for Monday delivery.Got in today and took a leaking brake chamber off the mixer,it was a struggle with layers of dust,dirt,concrete,and paint-plus the 100+ temperatures,but i got it off and should get a new one tomorrow to reinstall in the heat!
  14. I just found out my next mission is taking a load of steel to Orlando,Fl. I'm already dreading the heat and humidity,it's bad enough here! Oh well,it'll be a nice change to run South I guess,as long as the AC's working.Might see some nice scenery down there too.
  15. other dog

    Old Bill

    Been talking to Bill,the diesel gypsy,this morning on Skype.He should get the truck show pictures Wednesday,and have them up shortly there after.If you've never checked out his site,you should.As Teresa said,"it's the greatest trucking web site ever".His stories are excellent.I told him he should write a book,and he said he had indeed looked into doing just that,but reading the stories-all true,no fiction-will let anyone know what it's really like to drive a truck.That's the way it used to be,and the way it is now,just different-if that makes any sense! After I discovered his site several years ago I came to the conclusion that he's the greatest truck driver ever too.Plus he taught me more about this computer than I ever thought I could learn.The first time I sent him an E-mail,and he actually answered it I was awestruck-now we correspond regularly,and I must say,i'm very proud to know him.That's www.thedieselgypsy.com
  16. other dog

    Toga Benefit

    Just got back from Toga,Va.where they had the 5th. annual benefit,for some needy person or persons that they pick from the community.Usually it's someone who's ill or has cancer,and all the money donated and raised from the car show,pig roast,horse shoe tournament,silent auction,games,bands,and so on goes to the people the benefit is held for.It's really a great thing for people to do this.They had one for my wife,who died of cancer in June,2005.They picked two local people this year,and one just recently passed away and the other man has colon cancer.The family of the one who recently passed will still get half of the money,which is also a good thing.I put the mixer in the car show too,as I do every year,because this is one thing I wouldn't want to miss,and haven't so far.
  17. it's good to keep old dogs working_they like it,and it's good for them.
  18. Are you from West Virginia? Just wondering,I travel West Virginia a lot,and of course it is coal country!
  19. other dog

    Break Down

    Well,I just got home again,and I should've been here early this morning.Picked up a load of steel in Twinsburg,Oh. yesterday going to Buena Vista,Va,and was coming down the W.V.Turnpike last night minding my own business when my air dryer failed.Called road service,but he couldn't bypass it,all the parts stores were closed,so the guy told me he'd get one in the morning and be back to put it on .I was just south of the first tollbooth at the Sharon-Cabin Creek exit and had to be in Buena Vista by 3pm to get unloaded.By the time the service man got there and took the old dryer off,changed out the fittings,and got the new one on it was about 11:30am,but I made it in time.I'm off Sunday-going to the dentist Monday.
  20. ...but it's hard to find time! I usually run three trips from Va. to Ohio one week and two trips the following week.Then you catch up on other things on the weekend,and it's off to work again.I got home about 1am Saturday,got to bed around 2am,back up at 6:30,and went to Troutman,N.C. to the ATHS show.So the only way I'll get a tee shirt is if I buy another one,unless all you other guys don't-no,I'm joking of course,that just wouldn't be right!By the way,I mailed the truck show pictures to the diesel gypsy Monday morning,so check his site periodically.
  21. Just got back from the ATHS show at Troutman,N.C.-great weather and a great show! I took over a hundred pictures,most of which should be on the diesel gypsy's site soon.
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