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  1. Seay milling in Dillwyn,Va, had an R-400 tandem straight truck with a van body on it .Had a quadruplex trans. in it,not sure about the engine.As far as I know it's still sitting in the field behind their store in Dillwyn.
  2. other dog

    Moping Around

    Hey John-No,it's still the same.The picture stays 'til I shut it off,then it's just a black screen 'til I set another background,then it stays until I shut it off again.I may have changed the setting accidently somewhere along the line,I don't know what I might have done though.Might be the computer-maybe I should get the manual out and read it sometime! Not a major problem,just aggravating. My Skype name is william.thomas.blackwell
  3. If I am in the area and stop by i'll park it way out back somewhere,or maybe behind the Wal-Mart.
  4. Oh yeah,I should have said that's for a cb-I never put in an am-fm or anything else electrical.I did find out on the mixer that LED lights have to be wired backwards too,where a regular marker light doesn't.
  5. other dog

    mixer driver

    From the album: otherdog

    I decided to take the antique tags off the mixer and put it back to work to supplement my income. I hired a driver for it, and he's very gung-ho!
  6. other dog

    Moping Around

    I talked to Old Bill,the Diesel Gypsy, this morning on Skype so I feel a little better about not being in Winchester. The case of beer I bought didn't hurt either. Then I went over to Altavista to mail him the last "Ice Road Truckers" tape-I put the " Trick My Truck" B-model episode on it too. Also had a few extra copies of "Wheels of Time" and ''Old Time Trucks" to send,and it cost $14 and some change to mail it. And that was the cheapest way to mail it. The faster 'express mail' was 40-some dollars,so I told the guy at the post office to strap it on the mule's back and send it on it's way. Maybe it'll be there before Christmas! Then I stopped by Food Lion to pick up a few things,and almost kept it under $100-total came to $100.04. By the way,do any of you guys have Skype? Or as Paul Van Scott once said "It would be good to know if anyone's reading this"
  7. other dog

    ...or Not

    My load to Richmond was a Bobcat and attachments-a set of forks,an auger and trencher,like on a ditch witch-some straw,a machine that looked like an overgrown tiller,and 6 big holly trees.Yeah,it was a landscaping job.Right in a residential area with narrow streets,and a tri-axle lowboy.Had to detatch and unload everything right in the street.Fortunately there wasn't a lot of traffic moving in the area-got there about 10am.Caught hell getting turned around and out of there though.But it was a good load-it was exactly 100 miles from the shop to the jobsite,and it paid me $150.I left the shop at 8am and got back at 1:30. Then I went back to the shop and picked up my regular trailer and took a load of pipe to Weaverville,N.C.-just north of Ashville.This evening I went by Staley,N.C. on the way in and picked up a load of structural steel for Monday morning delivery in Wilmington,so for the sad news I just don't see how I can make it to the Winchester show.It's about 200 miles,and I hate-just hate-to miss it,but by the time I drove all the way up there,then drove back,then gotta leave Sunday-well,I might be biting off more than I could chew.I ain't as young as I used to be.Besides,things have been kinda slow lately and I really couldn't afford to go...but if I didn't have to go out Sunday,I would go anyway...dang it,this is the first time I've ever missed Winchester.About the only thing that would cheer me up is if Johnny Carson's former sidekick Fred MacMurry showed up here with a check from publishers clearinghouse.
  8. now I do,it didn't...oh well
  9. That's the same thing the Diesel Gypsy says about vista! Anyway, I had no luck-it's still the same. Still won't work with my pictures I have saved,but I can use a picture from my gallery on BMT-whether it stays or not I don't know yet.
  10. Thanks y'all,i have no viruses detected,so i'll print this so i can follow step-by-step and see what happens. I have windows vista home premium.
  11. Anybody know anything about computers ? My picture I had as my background won't stay on-it disappears every time I turn it off,or restart,and I just have a black screen except for the usual icons. It didn't use to do this.And now none of my pictures will appear as a background picture at all,but if I go to A website and get A picture it will,but still disappears if I turn the pc off and restart it later. Stupid computers.
  12. Have camera will travel-wire otherdog,Gladys ... too far for the mixer,but that Pete might be in the area-if it is i'll stop by! Did you say there'd be trucks there too?
  13. They had many more Macks there that didn't look funny.
  14. Nothing today ... gotta be at the shop in the morning to take some kind of machine to Richmond on the lowboy. Don't know what it is.Then maybe i'll get a good load going out somewhere else.Not that this is not a good load,but I need another load to make a good week. Might end up putting my good camera in the truck and try to get back through Winchester on the way in,or I might not be able make the trip. I'll figure out something,i'd hate to let my truck show picture fans down-both of them would be very disappointed.
  15. That's all I ever did,on the F-model and my mixer now,just hooked them up backwards-ground the red wire,hook the black to a hot wire. Seems unnatural,but they worked fine.
  16. Got mine yesterday-haven't had time to read it,but I did look at the pictures!
  17. other dog

    Rollin' Again

    Went down to Webb,AL. Sunday.Pretty good ways,over 600 miles,but at least it's cooled off a little around here. Got unloaded Monday morning and went over to Tifton,Ga. to get another load of steel going to Knoxville. Unloaded there yesterday morning then went to Roanoke to pick up some truck ( or in this case school bus ) frame rails at the place I usually deliver coils to,and delivered them in Rustburg,Va. yesterday evening. Left the truck at Glenn Trent's truck stop-the old south Lynchburg truckstop-and went home for the night.All quiet around here so far.
  18. I might as well put my 2 cents worth in-I'm not a mechanic,or rebuilder,but I've been driving for almost 29 years,and i've scraped as many gears as anyone ( still do sometimes,and that's just laziness ). I'd go with the old 5 speed maxitorque with that 237. In 1980 I got out of a '74 IH with a 903 Cummins and 13 speed into an F-model with a "300" (actually 285 hp) and a five speed. The 903 was a 2600 rpm engine,you downshifted at about 1900 or 2000 rpms,and the Mack you just let pull down to about 11-1200 rpms before you had to downshift. You never got in a hurry shifting it.You could downshift easily without the clutch after you got used to it,but that's about the only truck i've ever driven that I double-clutched up shifting,but like I say you couldn't really shift them very fast anyway. It took way more skill to shift that 5 speed Mack than the Eaton-Fuller 18 spd. I drive now. Oh,I bought an m22 Muncie once and put it in my '72 Nova.It came with a 3 spd. in the floor. Put a competition plus shifter on it,then bought a vertigate because it looked "tuff".I liked the look of all them levers in the floor even then.The vertigate was an in-line shifter,and did look tuff,but I found it really wasn't as quick as the hurst. Sometimes simplest is the best. Like a 5 speed Mack.
  19. Yeah thanks,that's a good looking B-model you got there! And thanks for letting your students take part in a real truck project.
  20. I've always had trouble-with my old pc,my new pc,going from dial-up to broadband,it's always very,very slow on their site for some reason.
  21. other dog

    I'll Be Quiet

    I think maybe I talk too much,so i'll shut up for a while.
  22. other dog

    1940 EMU

    Now that's a neat looking truck. I've seen some pictures of them in some of my books,but never actually seen one at any shows i've been to.Good luck in your quest for parts!
  23. Hi Doug,this just reminded me, I was on Youtube this morning (always good for entertainment when you're bored) looking at big muskie. I travel I-77 a lot from W.V. to Oh. and at exit 25 ...( I think-it's somewhere around there ) there's A sign that says "Big Muskie Bucket". I guess that's all that's left of "Big Muskie".The video was pretty good,and pretty sad-it showed the construction of it,when it was working,and it's end.It looked like they used explosives to dismantle it,that was the sad part-what an awesome machine it was!
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