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  1. People in Lynchburg are proud of their stuff too- Next Marketplace › Auto Parts 2 used spark plugs Lynchburg, VA · over a week ago · $87 2 used spark plugs Condition Used - Fair Report Seller Information
  2. Apparently people think a lot of their stuff in Roanoke. This might be reasonable- if it had an engine and transmission in it, but it does not. No glass either, except the one vent glass. Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles 1966 Chevrolet Nova Roanoke, VA · over a week ago · $10,000 About This Vehicle Driven 11,111 miles Automatic transmission Exterior color: Blue · Interior color: Black Fuel type: Gasoline Fair condition Seller's Description 1966 nova ROLLER. car has new quarter panels, floor pans, fenders, hood, and trunk pan. Have all trim to go with car as well as seats and dash. Have many parts to go with car as well. NO TRADES!! 10K OBO Less
  3. I saw this unit with the super expensive paint going south on 77 between Charlotte and Columbia last week. It was running a couple hunnert miles an hour, but when the torrential downpour started I think they realized pretty quick that those stupid looking "rims" were not their best wet weather option. I saw this nice looking station wagon on rt. 15 too. Load of steel I picked up in Charlotte. Lot of work to secure and tarp it, have to use lots of corner protectors, and it took 3 tarps to cover. This load I saw in Marietta, Ga. didn't take much work- not enough anyway. I was behind this guy, and I kept wondering if he was going to chain those coils. He never did, he left there with 2 straps over the top of them. Not much work here either- I left the echo truck stop and noticed that a driver had left a bag of trash right where he was parked, instead of putting it in a trash can. I saw an animal in a truck barking at me- And from Florida, we have 2 squirrels in a pine tree...
  4. That says 6.6 in the picture, isn't that a 455?
  5. Oh, here it is- Auto Parts 400 pontiac big block Roanoke, VA · 6 hours ago · $12,345 ENGINE IN PIC IS NOT MINE. will have pics in the morning. I have a 400 pontiac big block from a 79 trans am complete engine for trade for a 350 small block. 400 has been on an engine stand for quite some time and more than likely needs a good reseal. Less
  6. I don't know, I went back to look and couldn't find it. In the 70's a friend of mine had a '68 or '69 Firebird with a 400 in it- completely stock- and it was scary fast.
  7. I saw some RC trucks at a truck show one time, a bunch of guys were "driving" them around in a building. They'd pull up, back up, park, do about anything. One young guy, teen aged looked like, had a Swift truck. He pulled up and backed it into a spot beside another truck, like parking at the truck stop. Didn't even have to pull up. I don't think he thought it was funny when I said "you didn't do it right, you should have hit that other truck and knocked the hood off!"
  8. Seems like a car should be included for that kind of money.
  9. I just saw 2 used spark plugs for sale on Marketplace for $87, in Lynchburg. Says they're in fair condition though. And a 400 Pontiac engine for $12,000? Stock engine, not rebuilt or anything, '79 I think it was. Sounded kind of high to me, but maybe they bring that much, I don't know.
  10. Wow, good luck with that!
  11. Yes it is. It looks like he had 4 straps on that center stack too, I don't know what might have caused that situation, but he had major problems.
  12. I saw a big Mack truck. A big peach. I saw this truck on the shoulder on I-81 Friday. It was on the north bound side, just north of Harrisonburg, Va. I don't know what happened, he was about to lose the lumber though. The piece hanging off is the rub rail of the trailer. I saw this at Neville Island, Pa. Used to see them on 79 a lot, sharp looking units.
  13. I saw this former Overnite Transportation F model sitting at Litchford's Garage in Concord the other day. I stopped yesterday and got a few pictures. You used to see these all the time, Overnite, Smith's Transfer, and many other companies had similar F model Macks, and then all of a sudden you say "hey- don't see those any more!"
  14. Well thank you very much, I know!..and I am!
  15. They were there at the same place, but in a fenced in lot. I think she was as impressed with the buffalo as she was with the trucks!
  16. Her camera is pretty bad-ass too. I took these pictures of her pictures off my computer screen with my camera. The close-up of the buffalo's snout looks like an alien's face...I suppose, i've never actually seen an alien's face.
  17. She just informed me that she ran into a dignitary there, known as Brocky. And a dignitary known as Highbinder.
  18. I even saw a big Mack truck myself. This B model has been parked in that spot for years, McKees Rocks, Pa.
  19. Our Winfall Wimmens correspondent from sunny Florida is at an ATCA show in Leesburg, Fl. today. She has sent a few pics. back to the Winfall headquarters already. Nice T shirt! That Brockway is the cat's ass!
  20. That's what I do, I take most of my pictures with a camera rather than the phone, then I plug the camera into the computer when I get home. I can do a lot more at home on the computer than I can from my phone.
  21. Yep, sad but true Randy. Nowadays the joke is "backup radio", because the only time they turn them on is when there's a backup- "hey, what's going on?..why are we stopping?". Mine is on from the time I start the truck, but I can understand "backup" radios because of all the B.S. and nonsense going on in the mean time, mostly from local base station a-holes that seem to just want to aggravate truck drivers.
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