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  1. Ok thanks! I have my Mack mechanic coming out Monday w his computer hopefully that tells us something. So far everything has led to a dead end. The truck runs fine once it starts
  2. How do I test the power relays? They're off to the far left correct ? I changed the pump, pressure valve in block, bypassed fuel filter, tried another ecu offa working truck, bleed injectors. Etc. I had it on a comp the only thing that came up was low voltage cylinder 1 any ideas??
  3. Put an ecu from 1 of my other trucks n the issues still there
  4. I bypassed the filter completely and it still doesn't start right
  5. I have a few old r models. The exporters are always trying to buy them
  6. I have an 06 Mack with a 427. Motor cranks ( like it ran out of fuel ) then fires. But I have to crank the piss out of it. Once it's started it runs fine. Changed the pump and checked all check valves and pressure valves etc. bleed injectors etc. motor is holding a prime to the pump atleast. Any ideas?
  7. 06 Mack granite. 427 motor 8ll trans. 17.5 ft summit aluminum body 24.5 tires 420k miles. Will have pics tomorrow. Email me if interested diesel1125@aol.com
  8. self adjusters are around $100 a piece, manual adjusters are around $25 if its a triaxle it will have 8
  9. im looking for a price on having a b81 shipped from ct to pa.. let me know thanks!
  10. does any1 have anything or know of any for sale? thanks!
  11. hey rudy i saw that i believe it sold last time on ebay.. thanks! mackb ... email me some pics and info..... diesel1125@aol.com hey mike, my father knows you hes going to give you a call.
  12. Looking for a b 81 tandem tractor preferably close to Pennsylvania. Email me at diesel1125@aol.com or call/text 215-584-0509 Thanks!
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