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  1. d427

    B-61 Parts

    Sorry, cable sold 2 weeks ago and I forgot to update post.
  2. d427

    B-61 Parts

    I recently sold my truck and have some extra parts left over I need to sell, Interior upper cab light access plates--$15 Ashtray--$10 Original oil bath air filter element--$10 Old school fleetline quarter flaps--$15 New speedometer cable--$20--SOLD Original hubcaps ( decent shape, great patina )--$20 SOLD (2) brand new headlamp assy from Watts. Never installed, brand new--125 for both. They are 80.00 each new SOLD (3) brand new clearance light assemblies never installed--$100 SOLD (2) original clearance light assemblies that are in decent shape and
  3. d427

    1959 B61

    Possibly sold but still available for now. Sorry, not on this site as much as I used to be
  4. d427

    1959 B61

    Truck is still available. Solrry for delay but I was in Texas for work all last week. Let me know if you would like to take a look and drive!!
  5. d427

    1959 B61

    Truck is Denver,Colorado. Interior is nice as well. Completely solid floors and rocker areas. Also, very nice steering wheel. Sorry, pics are turned can't figure out why. All gauges are nice shape, fuel is only one that doesn't work. It is wired I just never got a new sending unit for it.
  6. d427

    1959 B61

    Unfortunately due to health reasons and lack of time, I must sell my B61. Truck runs well and I have spent over 5K in undercarriage work, electrical and parts. I have put less than 1K miles since all of work was done and truck seems to be very reliable. Engine is 673 with duplex trans and 5.74 rear. Has spin on oil and fuel filters. Less than 1K miles: New kingpins, bearings and brakes All original wheels and hubs sandblasted and powdercoated with all new hardware transmission fluid and rear end fluid changed New belt and hoses and newer batteries New wiring harne
  7. Loks like pretty good condition, especially interior! Congrats and good luck!
  8. I have straight pipe 4" on my 673 and it is pretty noisy but sounds good. I was thinking of putting muffler on it but am torn. Insid cab is bad with window down
  9. Keep your eyes open on ebay. I had one original still in my truck and bought the other on ebay. Was 25 bucks I think.
  10. hey guys! Haven't posted in awhile been real busy at work. I have managed to re-wire entire truck but need a new sinding unit. I was wondering if anyone knows the specific one for the round aluminum tanks. Does it have to be a specific amount of resistanc eto match guage? I think my fuel guage is original. also, my tachometer cable broke and I dont see it at Watts but maybe someone knows what the correct one is. Looks like same cable as speedometer. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Darren
  11. I unfortunately made the bad decidion to put the chinese bias ply 10.00-22 on my b. I thought since I was just cruising around town and with power steering I wouldn't notice but seems like way too hard of compound although I need to tighten up my steering box. Definately go with radials.
  12. I would love to have the NOS vent windows and any door related seals. I completely understand where you are coming from. I did many other things before getting into Macks
  13. []I'm about to start on my interior as well. I paint luxury cars for a living and they all have versions of Dynamat in them from factory. We use the same thing only it is made by a company called Kent. It is the same thickness and is way cheaper than Dynamat. I am going to use a spray in silly string insulator on back cab and roof because it will still flex and is very durable. Most cars have it inder wheelhouses but it is not undercoating. I am also going to coat floor and firewall with a product called Lizard Skin. It is ceramic insulation and sound deadoning thick roll on coating followed b
  14. You can't beat me on the grade!!!!
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