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  1. I have been meaning to straighten out the wheel in my CL so I figured I would give a quick how-to. Trucks without adjustable draglinks or twin steering boxes can end up with a crooked wheel when components are changed. Here are the steps to adjusting the wheel back to center. 1.Drive straight to center the steering. 2.The rubber cap can just be pried off. Sometimes the inner cup will stay with it other times it will separate. 3. Unplug your horn connection wire. 4. Remove the inner cup by prying up. (if it didn't already come out with the rubber) 5. Remove the center nut. 6. Using a suitable puller pop the wheel off. (There are 2 threaded holes to grab the wheel) Usually come off with minimal force. 7. Align the wheel straight and re-assemble.
  2. I think it's a cool project. They are a 60 degree vee so they do take up more real estate than the e9.
  3. I have 2 Macks registered non-commercial in NJ. Its actually not very difficult in our state. As long as your using it for private non-commercial applications it is just a normal registration. It needs to be registered for its correct GVW (which the fee schedule is identical for commercial) and you will have to pay sales tax on it being its non-commercial. I personally use Progressive for insurance. Cost me $875 per truck per year and that includes any trailer I'm hooked to. I'm assuming it will be registered over 18,000 lbs so it will still need an annual smoke test. Of course being its a 1979 it will be much cheaper to register is as "antique" but you are rolling the dice transporting anything around. NJ has a very limited definition for uses of antique vehicles.
  4. Have someone step on the throttle pedal while you check the pump arm is traveling all the way. I've seen worn out linkage cause incomplete travel.
  5. A new eaton clutch #208925-25 which is 2050ft/lbs is $680.00. There used to be different clutches for Mack due to the fork facing down. It interfered with the grease fitting. All eaton clutches now come with 3 grease fittings so this is a direct fit.
  6. Whats the part number they priced for you? I'll tell you how much they are. A 2250 ft/lbs easy pedal should be about $700.
  7. Did you pump out the DEF fluid that was in the tank? Poor quality DEF fluid will cause this.
  8. It should bolt on but there will be some differences. Transmissions use SAE sizes for bell housings to keep it simple for engine manufactures and transmission manufactures. Newer MP motors use a flywheel housing engine mount where as your older mack engines use a bellhousing mount. Keep in mind that a 12 speed may not be up to the task of holding the torque output of a mp10.
  9. I give that trailer a week in port Newark. It will be bent and half the parts stolen off of it. The guys that run the port are brutal in their beat to death multi colored freightliners lol.
  10. I always try to park on pavement or concrete. If your parking them on gravel or grass/dirt for periods of time it accelerates the rust. If there is something that i'm not planning on painting or otherwise making look nice again I use FluidFilm.
  11. Where are you located? If your in the US and a dealer is holding back an annual inspection based on engine data then it sounds like they are fishing for repair work. Anybody that plugs into your truck would see no malfunction indicators. (i.e. check engine light). If you were to read live data a good tech would pick up on the values for Nox sensors as being below what they should. So to answer your question, yes if a tech is looking for it they will find it. Most ,including DOT's, don't go past checking for fault codes.
  12. Cost depends on what you get. For a full delete you probly won't find it for less than $3000. The best way to do it is to install block off plates inline with the egr pipe. Your dpf and doc will be removed and cored out then re-installed. Def tank is drained and flushed then tuning is installed. You will not have any warning lamps or indications on the dash that the system is not functional. No the tuning is not able to be turned on or off with a personal computer. That is the best way to keep DOT off your back.
  13. Not a great picture but 12R24.5 on the red one and 11R24.5 on the white one. The 12's are quite a bit heavier than the 11's. Have 12.00x24 on the autocar and they are much heavier. Unfortunately they are getting hard to find in my area. I love the look of a big tired truck but the cost differance is substantial.
  14. Start by checking for intake restrictions, boost leaks, inspect turbo compressor wheel. Boost leaks are a bit tough to check for if you don't have an appropriate tool. Focus on intercooler boots and intercooler.
  15. If there is no arrow or other indicator then It dosent matter. Check your ring end gaps on the pai kits. I've had some that were right on and others that needed attention.
  16. I'm a dealer for diesel spec and do them all the time. What kind of questions do you have?
  17. Easiest way to convert is get yourself a full function valve like a Haldex KN28601. Valve threads into tank and provides all functions thus eliminating additional valves. Service and park hose go from valve to each chamber and 2 air lines run from the front of trailer to valve. Very straight forward conversion. I have a customer with old 70's era tankers that we converted over to spring brakes with this method.
  18. As a side note I always like to do both heads on each bank at the same time. So do both heads at 100,170, 220 in their respective patterns instead of running one head complete and then the next. I find when it comes time for re-torquing them they take nothing with this method.
  19. Change the expansion valve an charge it to the correct weight and you should be good. Condensers don't typically become plugged up internally.
  20. I just rebuilt one of my e9 water pumps. Pai offers a kit and a complete pump. I used their kit and it was spot on. I had a Mack Oem $130 shaft seal right next to the $30 pai shaft seal and could not tell a differance.
  21. Sharp looking rollback came in today.
  22. I'm going through this Mack I bought and there are 2 switches that are factory that I'm not sure what they do. I figured rather than trace wires I would just ask. Both are located next to the PTO throttle and both light up but don't appear to actually do anything. Any help would be appreciated.
  23. Got the motor back in the truck yesterday. Should have some noise pretty soon! Updates to come.
  24. Time to bring this back to life! It took me a while to piece it back together but the engine is just about ready to go back in. Hopefully if my plans all work out i'm going to try to get it back in this Saturday. Ill snap some pics and keep you guys informed.
  25. I see this very often. Basically the emissions components are what makes the newer trucks unreliable/expensive to own. At this point you can delete any truck on the market. It's expensive but if you factor the cost in to your purchase it saves you in the long run both in time and money.
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