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  1. benfompa

    E9 500

    Hi...do you have a contact number?
  2. Hi...does anyone out there have an E9 v8 in a superliner with a 9 speed mack tranny? I need a couple of pics around the clutch linkage if possible
  3. Looking for outside air cleaner housings for a superliner if anyone knows of any
  4. Fairly quick I think...do you want me to get some shipping quotes?
  5. Hi...just checking to see if there is any interest in a perfectly running E6 350hp that I have out of my 1986 superliner...I removed it to install an E9...open to reasonable offers. Thank you
  6. Hi...I have a good running and very clean E6 350hp...came out of a 1986 superliner...it's located in Alberta Canada though
  7. Perfect...thank you for your help B.C mack
  8. Thanks Bad dog...the new pump I have to install has no drive keyway in the front like the ambac has...maybe it might be a newer in line bosch pump that requires the flywheel housing tach?
  9. Anything from around the top of fuel pump area would help...just will give me an idea of where everything runs...thanks BC mack
  10. thanks BC mack...would you have an pictures of the top of your engine showing the fuel pump hosing and routing? I'm doing a V pump to in-line pump conversion and it's hard to find anything on the Internet...I appreciate your help
  11. Hi...where does the e9 engine supply tachometer signal or drive? Mine has a bosch pump...my old V pump ran off the pump gear
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