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  1. On 5/9/2018 at 12:48 AM, Hobert62 said:

    I see your from newburg.   I use to deliver to bb's  the amish grocery store.         That's a creepy place to be inside overnight by yourself.     The guy that owned it would be inside stocking shelves just by the moonlight sometimes.  Worst part of it was, he was missing a hand and just had a hook on his one arm.     2 different times  I turned around and there he was standing right behind me.  

    Like I said before.   Good luck.   

    Yes I live about 4 miles from there. Different owners there now o believe 

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  2. 11 hours ago, 41chevy said:

    Thank you all for  being here. Gail passed away at our farm a few weeks ago. Peacefully in her sleep. Being together 54 years, since we were kids I needed so time even though it was expected.   Thanks All for being here.   Paul

    Paul I am so sorry for your loss. Prayers from my family to yours

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  3. 8 hours ago, 41chevy said:

    Got a big load of river rock in my M920 this morning to back fill my bridge piers. Open the gates at the Rte 15 end of my road, pull in and before i pushed the button to close the gates my phone rang.  As I'm answering the phone a white SUV pulls in behind me and a man  gets out with a clip board. Now I'm over loaded by 12 tons so I think it's VA DOT. The man asks me if I'm union and demands to see my card. Now I'm on private property and working on my own project with a load of my own stone, so I told him no F.n way. My property, my materials and no outside company doing anything.  now he goes to open my door, So I tell him if he opens my door and attempts to climb up ,I'll shoot him. Called 911, put the phone on speaker and informed the  operator that I had a person attempting to enter my truck for my side and I have the phone on speaker and I am armed and will shoot if he enters my cab. He asked where I was, gave him my address and informed him I was 1/4 mile up my driveway inside my gate.  Mean while Hoffa wanna be is on his phone it is legal for him as a union rep to stop at any site and card me. Va State police showed up, after he told the officer it was legal to enter my property in a 1945 court ruling he was informed it is a private residence and if I wish to press charges he'll be arrested and how he's lucky because  had every right to shoot him. As he was escorted off my property he informed me he'll be back as the union has every legal right to enter my property.   Sure made an interesting morning, would have been even more so if I used my Calico


    Should've shot the f$&@er problem solved.

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  4. My response will probably get booed but here goes.  Elogs are here folks like them or not. Since the trucking industry can't regulate itself the government must. Take co's like Beam bros or my former employer, Tim you till you drop or don't pay you if you don't. Companies like that are gonna have to change how they do business or quit. No different with the speed limiter mandate. These co's are putting poorly trained drivers on the road who can't drive and go out and kill. You read it every day. In cab cameras, to monitor distracted driving. Another thing you read every day.  According to the government we can't take care of ourselves so they do it for us.  From what I see of this current generation of drivers it's no wonder. We as a industry did to ourselves.  It's a shame but it's the cold hard truth. Honestly I see the loophole with short haul closing also.

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  5. 7 hours ago, fxfymn said:

    Looks good Mike. I hope you enjoy it for a long time and I'm glad it went to someone who treasures it.

    Yup it's working good Carl. Next project is to get the lights on the passenger cars working. Everything is there but the bulbs.  But I'm gonna have a guy down in Lititz that does vintage electric work on this stuff convert them to led bulbs.  Cosmetically I'm not touching the train. Letting it show its age. Don't worry I have no intention of ever selling it.

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