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  1. That’s the standard tradition. I’ll let Jt and yardo have a reminder.
  2. I have a couple of wrist bands reserved under my name. Not gonna need them so use them if you like.
  3. Yes I live about 4 miles from there. Different owners there now o believe
  4. Paul I am so sorry for your loss. Prayers from my family to yours
  5. Thank you , prayer does work however o struggle with my faith . Can’t quite understand why at the tender young age of 49 the good lord has decided to put yet one more mountain in front of me to climb. Just to update. Chemo is Monday Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday I’ve secured work for Allen Distribution in Carlisle pa as a casual driver those evenings . Yes my assigned tractor will be a Mack,yay me. Once in up over this current mountain I will be full time. Had orientation this afternoon then tried helping momma spread some mulch when she got home. But over all I’m in decent shape for the shape I’m in. Cheers 🍻
  6. Just a quick update. Week 1 is done. Skin already turning grey, appetite gone. Went for supper with the family on Thursday. Big mistake. Anyway former employer wanting to talk. Not happening more next week. Cheers 🍻
  7. Positive thoughts for him and his family through whatever the issue is.
  8. Afternoon fellas. To say it’s been a crappy week is an understatement. I was talking to yardo on the phone and I really had nothing to say. After digesting this for a few days I’ll can say I’m done being angry at my employer. They will soon find out that payback is a bitch and I’m the girl. As far as my non -Hodgkins goes, I’ve always known there was the chance of a return engagement. One reason why I never bought a truck. My treatment schedule is this starting tomorrow, three 3 week treatment regimens with a week off in between each. Hopefully in 12 weeks we will know weather we got this or if I’m a done deal. I figure out m too ornery and stubborn to die and that god and Satan agree that both are ill equipped to deal with me. But I’m going to give it the old team effort. Feel free to holler at me. My email address ismike69mackman@gmail.comThanks for the well wishes and I’ll talk to y’all in 12 weeks. God bless
  9. I have no trespassing signs at the end of my lane. Had one of those traveling meat sales assholes stop by last summer. Asked him if he saw my signs and he replied yes. So I reminded him that he is no longer a trespasser but a target. Sumbitch wasted no time leaving. 😂😂😂😎😎😂😂
  10. Should've shot the f$&@er problem solved.
  11. Didn't really bug me at all. Once you get used to the fact they are there.
  12. Quantity production started last week. Met with my local mack dealer today and got proposals for two new trucks. One being a 2018 cxu the other a anthem daycab. Took a sleeper model for a ride . Nice truck.
  13. I run chambersburg to Bayonne every other week, maybe I'll see ya.
  14. Pulling bottled bovine wine to New Jersey and Fredrick me. Grosssing 80k plus a little on occasion. Running good so far. Thirsty dog though. Glad I'm not buying the fuel.thanks for asking.
  15. Boss found this nice little gem for me. Mp8 3.73 rears 10 speed. 400k year 08
  16. Thank you fellas. Normal work day Friday, dinner with family Saturday evening. Sorry Carl no additional rolling stock to my collection.
  17. You twisted my arm I'll ho
  18. Count me in for the unofficial board meeting Thursday
  19. My response will probably get booed but here goes. Elogs are here folks like them or not. Since the trucking industry can't regulate itself the government must. Take co's like Beam bros or my former employer, Tim you till you drop or don't pay you if you don't. Companies like that are gonna have to change how they do business or quit. No different with the speed limiter mandate. These co's are putting poorly trained drivers on the road who can't drive and go out and kill. You read it every day. In cab cameras, to monitor distracted driving. Another thing you read every day. According to the government we can't take care of ourselves so they do it for us. From what I see of this current generation of drivers it's no wonder. We as a industry did to ourselves. It's a shame but it's the cold hard truth. Honestly I see the loophole with short haul closing also.
  20. Where do I find the chat room?
  21. Someone that destroys the originality of a truck or car for that matter should be tarred and feathered.
  22. Yup it's working good Carl. Next project is to get the lights on the passenger cars working. Everything is there but the bulbs. But I'm gonna have a guy down in Lititz that does vintage electric work on this stuff convert them to led bulbs. Cosmetically I'm not touching the train. Letting it show its age. Don't worry I have no intention of ever selling it.
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