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  1. Stopping to pick up a case of straubs, should be there 1230-1ish
  2. Oh a bar fight that sounds like a good time . I'm in lol
  3. You can count me in at this point. Yardo you still thinking about pitching a tent?
  4. Good evening gentlemen. My issue is once again medicine related. Not that big of an issue this time. Overnight accommodations at the hospital from Saturday night to Sunday morning. Needed a co driver for a couple of days last week but was fine by Wednesday. Thanks for you concern. Hope y'all are habit a good week. Be safe take care.
  5. Hey Ed why do you have to be a sarcastic bonehead at times? What? Can't a guy who's driven Macks for most of his driving career and a big fan be a part of this forum? Or are you one of these guys that believe that unless you own a Mack you shouldn't be on here? I stopped in to say hi not be insulted. I think farmer had it right.
  6. Been awhile since I've been on. Busy at work and other things. Trying to get used to this new format and get caught up. Just stopped by to say hello. Have a great day.
  7. The big fleets are only interested in warm bodies in seats to move freight. If they go out and kill someone the lawyers throw a settlement at the victims /families and move on chalk it up to the cost of doing business. The customers don't care how it gets there as long as it gets there. The recruiters only care about the bonus they get for hiring the flip flop wearing pos . Like I said the big companies just don't get it. There's no professionalism in trucking anymore. Very few of us old school pros left anymore.
  8. I work for a private fleet since November of 2014. Couldn't be happier. The large fleets don't get it and probably never will.
  9. Probably not he didn't have time😆
  10. Whoever created that monstrosity should be kicked in balls till the puke blood.
  11. Yeah they did. I looked at that truck. It was beautiful. Was hoping someone here bid in it.
  12. I researched the thread, it appears the thread was hijacked by a few posters and Oakley never posted any further updates.
  13. He posted a few updates a while back. It was all but done. Looked very nice.
  14. Just read where VN trucking in Bensalem was raided by the FBI today. Any of our philly area members know anything? News isn't saying much.
  15. Very nice truck 29280 on the odometer. Hope someone here gets it.
  16. Bought new manufacturing june88, going on municibid 12/14-12/30. Reserve I'm told is 15k
  17. Nice looking ride Tim! Larry that blue one was nice. Think I would've bought that back from the insurance company and found a good body shop with a frame machine.
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