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    Since Covid19 has killed all the truck shows for most of the year it was time to give the old dog a bath and groom before going to sleep for the summer. As with any old dog she was dirty and dusty from just laying around, just waiting to go to a few shows. So had to take the dog to the detailer, sign on building, and get polished and waxed because things are starting to open up again cause of Covid19. Wanted to give my neighbor some much needed work. It took four days to detail, bugs actually etched into the paint, glass water etched, polish aluminum parts and wheels. Turned out a lot better than in the past and boy she was a mess.
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    We were in Allentown on Friday, unfortunately we couldn't stay for Trucktoberfest and the Mack museum was closed on Friday. We went to the America on Wheels museum; they have some really nice Macks and Mack memorabilia. They have a lot of cars and motorcycles...I highly recommend a visit if you're in the area. The placard for this F model said it has around 2 million miles on it. Really nice B model: Exceptionally nice B model: Maxidyne! The certificate for this gold-plated First Gear model says it's one of only 4 made. We also went to the Merchants Square model railway exhibit. They say they have 18,000 feet of track...you can't count how many motorized carnival rides, cars, etc. there are. There's a movie playing on the drive-in screen and skiers going down a slope. They even have lightning, thunder, and rain!
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    Newest addition to collection 1964 Mack C615 . Mack made only 1589 C models during 1963-1965 the C615 was limited to 208 made. This truck is in original condition always garage kept only one driver (the original owners son). This truck has a Mack END864 V-8, Quadraplex, looks to be a 44k camelback, double frame, power steering. 11.00x20 tires, the filler panels for the fenders are there just not currently installed.
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    An R800 just out of the Champion shop in Queensland -
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    So we have been trapped in the house for the past 45+ days. The kids have been doing home study, and get outside when they can as the weather here in eastern Pennsylvania has been for the birds lately. Half a day of sun and then six days of rain. Wash, rinse, repeat. Large (now 16) and Medium (now 15) are pissed off they can't go hang out with their buddies and are suffering because of it. Large (10th grade) also began Welding at the Votech school this year (one of the hardest programs to get into.....) and he grew to LOVE his classes between September and March when they locked down the schools. He is PISSED he can't go to Votech. So we were bored the other day. I was talking to my dad, and with everything that happened with my mom, the weather and now this bullshit, I found out in casual conversation that the Hahn hadn't been run since Trucktoberfest. So I told my dad that Large and I would go run it. We really needed to get the fook out of the house and it was a pretty nice day. So we headed down to where it is kept in an old fire station about 40 minutes from here. The batteries are always plugged into a trickle charger/conditioner so we weren't worried about that. But we were concerned because that truck always had a history of draining down the fuel system after 2-3 weeks of no running. An electric fuel primer was even installed later in life. So I held down the electric primer switch for about 20 seconds and then hit the starter.....Took 4 times before it finally caught and that loud, smelly obnoxious two stroke Satan finally came to life. Pulled her outside and let her run for 15 minutes and then we took her for a ride for 5-10 miles. When we got back, pulled out back of where she is stored- there is a huge parking lot. Large needed something to smile about. I stopped and set the brake and said "Get over here" as I climbed out. Well, I am sure if that loud POS wasn't running you probably could have heard a pin drop. He sat there for a second with his jaw hanging open and all of a sudden it was elbows and assholes to get his seatbelt off and hop over the Morse tower and into the seat. I climbed in the passenger seat and gave him the quickie basics. (He has never even driven a car yet......) I wish I had taken pictures or video because his smile as he drove that thing around that lot for 10 minutes was enough to erase a lot of the misery for the last 45 days.
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    I actually started putting my chassis together...this will be interesting. It was tough to get it all leveled up because the right rail is slightly sway-backed.
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    DONE, DONE, DONE!!!! Final patches on the lower windshield pillars installed and cleaned up the gutters. Test fit the doors and all is well with no rubbing. Obviously, I need to tweak a lot of little stuff. Looking at my last couple of posts, it doesn’t look like a lot of progress. But, there was, as it was all the hard stuff that shows. I am amazed I brought this cab back and now my big headache is behind me!!
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    I've been in the sign business for 35 years and just got around to make up something for a shop decoration
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    B813sx I picked up this fall. Heavy 65k rears. I will most likely have it painted and build a new replica dump body for it eventually. Otherwise, its a very solid truck. My daughter loves it!
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    Was keeping an eye for an MH tandem tractor which was in service in Southern part of Russia. Actually a city of Novorossiysk - a big sea port at Black sea. It used to tow trailers with containers from the port and do other hauls until got a synchro issue and lost hi range in its T2090 9-speed. Overall condition was poor either and the owner was running out of money and went out of business as the follow. So the truck was put for sale about a year back or so. The price tag was way out of common sence but he made a drop in a month and I called him. Learned some basic facts and put the deal on a back burner. Than this past spring I had a side business in the region so I made a 1600km road trip with a car and checked out the truck in person. Wasn't lucky observing the chassis condition and didn't make any offer. Actually just kicked the tires. Than I took 3 more months having the truck on my mind and finily resolved to buy it since as long as I could figure there were only two MH's survived all over the country. One was already in my yard and that was the other. So I got my breath away, made a call and offered 80% of the last discussed cost. The owner took 2 days and than said Ok. Further story was relatively smooth. I took my former wifey for the company (to drive a car) and she was eager for a travel. Got to the place in two days, arranged all paperwork with the owner in two days more and fixed a couple of small troubles on the 3rd day. After that I asked him to drive the truck myself when still with him to see how the things actually were. He drove 10 or so km, made a U-turn and I continued myself. First trouble was shifting since the shifter was really worn and almost impossible to put it in the top hole. Another issue was me always keeping right too much since I never drove cabovers and didn't use to be sitting right above the left wheel. But further events made me sad. After getting back closer to the place the truck was parked I couldn't shift into Lo (Lo gear of the high range was the lowest since he blocked compound in high range due to the synchro fail). After some more attempts the owner took driver's place and finally stated he couldn't get either Lo or reverse. And his suggestion was a broken shift fork in the main box since he had something similar in the past. I had doubts on that because seemed of not so easy for such brake doing nothing extraordinal to the shift lever. But having no other options we removed the top cover. Good thing cabover has free access to it. To my big surprise we found a half of fork sattling on the lo/rev sliding clutch. Good thing it didn't fall further into gears and another good thing the owner had a spare tranny apart including two forks. He had a brake down in the past indeed but not the same gears. It took us an hour or less to swap the part and put the cover back on. After that I thought to myself to drive the truck home hoping for no serious issues but being ready to call towing service to put it to nearest parking lot or a shop for further suggestions. Actually it was original plan since I didn't expect really smooth way of things from well worn rig. Being at a Black sea coast we took a day on a beach. In fact the woman already spent a day there when I dealt with Mack but I could catch only one. Sure preference of spending time sunbathing or driving a Mack is questionable to some guys so I started the trip back home. Ufff... About no shifting, tire bouncing and smell of transmission oil pretty soon since it started getting off from the shifter on the top cover. All that wasn't really bad since the truck continued moving. Forgot to mention one "nice" especiallity. Probably fuel supply pump was bad or so and the owner installed small electrip pump into supply fuel line. The pump was off injector car but the way of attachment... It was put in between two portions of rubber hose hanging on them between left hand fuel tand and chassis rail (and leaking ocassionally). The wires were a top notch job. One took its way straight from positive battery pole and wrapped over the pump terminal. Another wrapped over the 2nd terminal and than attached (sure just wrapped over) some chassis part. And when you park the truck and going to off the pump you reattach the positive wire off the terminal. And sure if you leave it falling down and catch any chassis part it was making sparks. I could live with that during the trip but in some first 50 km the engine shut off and the reason was that loose wire. The shoulder was empty and it didn't happen again. Further things turned out very well since the truck survived the trip and we got home in two days. I made 600 km on the 1st day (we started about noon) and covered 1000 km more on the 2nd one. Oh, and all that was with tranny in direct so the fasted I did was 80km/h. Maybe that was good.
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    Four wheel driving here is a bit different than in the states. You can pretty much go where ever you want, anytime you want. Mountains, beach, bush. No worries! Also different types of vehicles. My son Maxim loves his Nissan safari and l was more the Land Rover defender type. We spent a lot of time driving around this amazing country.
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    1970 Autocar Cummins 335 Roadranger 13 and Hendrickson suspension Holmes 750 extended boom Just bought it today only pulled out of service in January of 2019 because owner retired. The owner who is 81 was forced to retire because he has extreme difficulty getting in and out of the truck since he broke his neck at age 79.He's a tough old dude and a pleasant man to converse with.
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    Had a helper outside the barn this afternoon.
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    Some more Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well after 22 years dragged the 68 out of its corner of the barn. My son had been bugging me to get it going again and volunteered to do it in his barn-with my unskilled help of course. Stock 289, 3 on tree. Only thing I did to it was add two shocks to front axle and 2A" lift when I bought it in 95, for 4500 bucks!
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    I helped the gravedigger exhume this last weekend.
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    Late Wednesday night round midnight I was driving south along the Hume hwy to home in Melbourne Victoria in my car, stopped for a quick one, 2 B doubles and a single trailer truck passed me in formation tailing each other - a quick stream of bright lights on a clear night. I didn't see the make of the trucks. I got back on the road and caught up to them (with some excess speed) and as I came up to the side of the single trailer and truck this is what I saw, made my night. We followed each other approx 100 klms into Melb. Seeing this working Valueliner V8 (same as Dan Thomas's Aussie Mack) was far better than this picture, it was as if it was floating along the road, the V8 hardly audible from the 2 big exhausts, no smoke to be seen, gleaming alloy tanks, bull bar and wheels - the complete unit was clean, wheels and tyres, all lights shining brightly (not 1 broken light), the paint work all polished, complete colour and paint scheme of the truck and trailer, the tautliner trailer is maybe 2 - 3 years old and the Mack, if you didn't know about Mack trucks, you would think it was a new truck. And it is 30 years vintage 🤩
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    Good looking hauler powered by Cummins.
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    Wow, it's already December- Me and Zina from Florida took another trip down to the Keystone Antique Truck and Tractor Museum Saturday to see what was new. Took my grandson too. Saw a couple of big Mack trucks. I think this is the one Dave was working on the last time we were there.
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    It warmed up the other day and a little snow melt made some slime. We were hauling on that slime, and this mud glob ended up on my mirror. It kinda looks like a MACK half dog .. Sort a ..
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    Took first place in my age group only because I was the only one in the age group....I’ll take the glory Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If anyone recalls the issues I had with the incorporated village I live in about the disabled veterans housing development we were going to build, my suit against the town for bias and the disregarding the rights of the disabled vets has now moved the the Federal appeals court. The village has now lost the suit 3 times and has a final shot. Thye lose this time the town will be bankrupted . They should never ever have lied on record and video.
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    just bought today
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    I haven't posted on here in a while. I've been fortunate to see a lot of work come through and have stayed busy. After getting the new tie rod ends (required putting the knuckles on a CNC and hogging out the taper about 1/16") the 56 B-42 is running strong! Here are a couple of pictures of it rigged up. It's a bit hard to see but the second picture is a couple of 1800lb white jade foo dogs I transported to a local botanical garden.
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    The Champion collection of Special Edition RW and MH Mack Trucks: From left to right: RW 613 - the 114th of 186 built, component record date 3/6/1985 MH 613 - the 20th of 64 built, component record date 5/3/1985 RW 613 - the 127th of 138 built, placement date 10/29/1986 MH 613 - the 9th of 22 built, placement date 11/21/1986 Photo taken by Bernie Champion, April, 2020 Data from the Archives of the Mack Truck Historical Museum, Allentown, PA
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    Action shot from the mid 50s of highway 64 construction in St. Louis. They still have one left.
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    Son and Snowflake daughter inlaw came over to show me their $200 Nano anti plague masks, Princess snowflake saw what I was doing and nearly puked in her new mask. 1st good event. Village Mayor and new town constable came over and the constable threw up on the mayor shoes. 2nd good event. All I was doing was prepping a dozen pigs for their diner dates. Need OD to smoke some up for me. Ended up with a bit over 400 pounds of meat so far. Here is my bacon and sausage pics. Won't show the pigs hanging around in the cold room being quiet.
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    Finally got compliant with the law and had lettering and d.o.t # done. This guy did my brockway also
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    Update: Slow but sure making progress on the shutter rebuild.
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    December 18/19 2019 we will be in Washington DC at the Smithsonian to move the Douglas World Cruiser (Chicago) to it's new home in Chantilly VA. the new Air Museum by Dulles, this is just the first on a list we have which also has the Rutan Voyager, first plane to fly around the world non stop. and yep I'm using a Mack. (got the X15 too)
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    Back at it after a busy season with the new job and a friend's project the consumed a lot of time. But, I haven't quit and jumped back in this week getting organized again. This doesn't look like much , but it's the first repaired panel permanently re-attached. The cab needs to go over on it's back one more time for a bunch small things to be completed and undercoating. I'm very optimistic for having the cab ready for paint come this spring and my motivation is increasing about it>
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    This is where your trouble started LOL
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    Between all the Ho, ho, ho's of the season, let's give thanks and prayers to all those that have served, fought and defended our country and countries of our compatriots.
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    A little while ago ,I was moving things around in the yard and thought it would be a good time to take a Class pic. Class for classic or classy, your choice. The Dumptruck and red and white float are working trucks. The red and white R688 gets used almost every day when I"m busy. The dumptruck doesn't get used as much. Just a day or 2 a week. This time of year they don't get used at all. I don't want salt and Magnesium chloride on them. Magnesium chloride is a snow melting agent they use on the roads here. Its way worse than salt. The snowplow is retired as of April this year. Not because of its condition, or its inability to do the job. The contracts this winter called for trucks no older than 7 years. Its kinda funny because in the past , the new trucks were in the shop and I was out clearing their routes in the ole reliable RD685. So I'm not sure on its future. I think after working in every storm for the last 34 years, it deserves an easy retirement . Maybe go to the odd show and share its story. The R700 is my newest . Its not a working truck any more. But I'm thinking of putting it back to work. The 8v92, I think would be fun pulling some weight. I have a youtube of 3 of the 4 . If you want to see more. Ive added the link. Enjoy. You tube link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0V7S2uREguxfWkFqI8R_kQ
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    My .02 worth is the economy is doing pretty well with low unemployment, Trump needs to stay off twitter and people need to enter this country legally.
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    Ok, these are too nice to not be shared.
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    Just plain classy right down to the narrow white walls! http://Hosted on Fotki
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    The walls are still going on but I couldn't resist backing the trailer and F-model inside just to see how it fits. 😁 About 6" to spare on the length of the trailer and more than enough height . Now to finish up the sides and hang the overhead doors.
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    Have fun celebrating and remember those that have gone before us.
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    Hi everyone, Haven’t been on in a dogs age and still in New Zealand. Not milling any more and shifted to portable crushing. Loving Central Otago and this beautiful area. We are in week four of lock down here. Hope everyone is staying safe and well. Cheers, Tim
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    1987 Working Superliner in Wyoming
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    I traded a B30 for this B81SX last summer, finally got it arranged to get it home and the B30 delivered. Sold a CH recently to a young man in the same area and he volunteered to transport the other trucks for fuel costs.
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    Handsome heavy spec B61 with big rubber and rear wheel sanders pictured at Macungie.
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