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    The piece of crap that was in the White House last said you would never seen unemployment down where it is today, also said that those manufacturing jobs were gone for EVER, EVER he said, really what happened, we have a President that grabs a little Volvo, better than grabbing a Weiner, calls out Rocket Man, tries to find out who really screwed up the election (Clinton) brings back oil, has really lowered unemployment, is really trying to fix the southern border problem (less warren/sanders voters) if the guy pooped out gold bricks and cured cancer the America hating left would still find something to impeach him, how about we impeach THEM, how about we declare the Democrat party a Terrorist group, they really hate America and really try to harm us, all the left talks about is about everyone else in the world and what they think, who cares what they(any other country ) thinks, how about we the working people of this country think, do you live by what others think or what is right for you ??? Impeach the Democrats and declare the them Terrorists.(not the NRA).
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    Fine looking hoss Dog!
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    I'm sorry that you feel like the dealer and mack didnt take you seriously on your project. I'm in sales in Nashville and have given your project alot of thought and would love to work on a project like this with you. I've worked out alot of the specs in my head and think that ultimately we could build something on a Mack that would look more like the original Rubber Duck. I'll be upfront about what we can and cant do so i'm not misleading you. The external air cleaner and glider engine are not possible (anything is possible, but cost prohibitive in the least). But the painted air, fuel tanks, and wheels along with the roof fairing are no problem. Also the single side mount exhaust should be possible. We could do either a factory flat top "48 sleeper for lower cost and ease of build, or go with a custom bunk from a couple suppliers i know if you wish to more closely mimic the original trucks look. The interior is all a matter of taste i suppose, i may be biased but with the chrome trim and extra gauges and leather heated seats, i prefer the Mack interior. Not knocking yours at all, its a very nice truck. We can do a traditional 13 speed manual with a Mack or Fuller trans and Mack rears, it would get a gold bulldog but that will get replaced with a duck anyway!!! I know you want a non emissions engine, but the 505HP/1860lb/ft engine is GHG17 compliant and our customers have been very happy with them. I have good corporate resources who are happy to help me. Anyway, this may be too little too late but i wanted you to know that there are people at Mack who care and want to help. If anyone wants to talk more please call me at Mack of Nashville (Nick) at 330-606-4568. Thanks!
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    Member ekennedy fabulous Bulldog dump truck at Worcester Sand & Gravel 2019.
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    Isn't it funny under Obama we could spend bunches of money to buy gas for our cars and trucks and it was all imported oil, but 3 years under Trump we produce so much of our own oil that we are now having layoffs in the oil field for having to much oil??? Just one more example of the treason Obama committed against the American people that gets covered up, Trump wants to investigate corruption in Ukraine and the Obama team (Liberal Democrats) want him gone??? And if you think that Obama did not sell out American coal for the benefit of third world nations your a moron, he screwed us to help his baboon farmer nations have cheap energy while we got stuffed with gas, and NO it was NOT about clean air it was about helping other nations at the expense of the American tax payer. Warren/Sander will bankrupt this nation and that is the plan, to make us no better than any other nation. Our new national slogan will be, America just another shit hole.
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    1987 Diamond Reo Giant for Armstrong Hauling.
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    The purple B model with "Smilin Jack" on the nose belongs to Jack Akers from Dublin, VA, the one horse town where I went to high school. I've know Jack for years and you would be hard pressed to find a better person! Smilin Jack turned 92 the weekend after Winchester Show. Hope I'm still moving that good 21 years from now.
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    Pulled all the old hose out of the hose bed and it’s nice, got them both ready for the funeral on Wednesday, he’ll get to ride in them one last time like he wanted to.
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    Is that Bernie Sanders opening the passenger door. Looking for the solar /wind engine.
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    GMC crackerbox 4valve 671 Detroit 13spd gloved on twin screw with Reyco suspension $1500.00 located in North Dakota. Listing for a friend, send me a p.m. and I can give you his number.
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    There are a couple of MH Statue Of Liberty Edition truck around here and one came in to the shop today. The last time I saw them they were in great shape (8 years ago) now they are a little rough but the V-8 sounds great.
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    Man, the 2 pictures of the grain binder made sick - Lord how many hours I spent pulling one of those at 1/2 mph with a 871 Ford tractor. Bet the cat was glad to get box cleaned out!! That was really noble of you. I would have done the same thing.
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    http://Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki
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    We have both tracks around here. Magnolia and Mount Vernon are the only 1/8 miles tracks, all the rest can run 1/4 mile. Since most of the local IHRA bracket points stuff is 1/8 mile, DW42 runs most of their programs 1/8 mile. I can remember about 13 odd yrs ago the locals all bitched about only running 1/8. Then like the next year, suddenly they all were raving about it. Fuel cost, maintenance, etc all were cheaper so they suddenly think 1/8 mile is where its at. I don't care, I just want to race.
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    Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT) / October 9, 2019 UPS will purchase more than 6,000 natural gas-powered trucks beginning in 2020 and running through 2022. This three-year commitment represents a $450 million investment in expanding the company’s alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicle fleet as well as supporting infrastructure. Roughly 25% of vehicles purchased by UPS in 2020 will run on alternative fuels, said Juan Perez, chief information and engineering officer, UPS. The new vehicles will be equipped with compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel systems provided under an exclusive agreement with Agility Fuel Solutions, a provider of clean fuel solutions for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. As of October 2019, UPS has agreed to purchase 230 million-gallon equivalents of RNG over the next seven years, making the company the largest consumer of RNG in the transportation industry. Vehicles equipped with CNG fuel systems can interchangeably use RNG and conventional natural gas. Since 2016, Agility Fuel Solutions has provided natural gas fuel storage and delivery systems to more than 1,700 UPS trucks. Over the past decade, UPS has invested more than $1 billion in alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles and fueling stations to help meet its target of reducing absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 12% across its global ground operations by 2025. UPS has continued its relationship with TruStar Energy to design, manufacture and install five new CNG fueling stations in Lathrop, Visalia and Moreno Valley, Calif., Houston, Texas, and Cleveland, Ohio. UPS will deploy the new CNG vehicles on routes to utilize the new CNG stations as well as adding to existing natural gas fleets in other UPS locations. By the end of 2019, UPS will be operating 61 natural gas fueling stations strategically located across the U.S., and outside the U.S. in Vancouver, Canada, and Tamworth, United Kingdom.
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    Nice I wish I had a pic of the one my grandpa drove for barrett's hardware in Joliet IL used to go to Milwaukee once a week bet that was a drive in the 1920s
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    The 285 with the tip turbine/after cooler will fit under the hood. The air plumbing may need work depending on what you have. Do you have air from the air cleaner running through the cab or is it direct from the air cleaner through the side of the hood? No need in having the air restricted. Weight is at least 2000 lbs depending on how dressed it is.
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    Me and Zina from Florida- I call her Zina from Florida because her name is Zina, and she lives in Florida- were driving down rt. 220 in West Virginia last weekend and saw a few old trucks. I stopped in the truck one time and looked at this big old GMC here, because when I first spotted the front end I thought it was a D860. There happened to be a big pull-off across from it, and I even talked to the owner for a while. He said it had the big 6 cylinder gas engine in it. That was probably over 10 years ago, I was driving the silver Peterbilt at the time. Kind of surprised to see it still sitting there. This was there too, but I don't remember what kind of truck it is. Nobody was around this time, so I didn't walk over, just took pictures from the road. And then further south we saw this old Wilson truck by the road, so we turned around and went back to take some pictures. The owner of it happened to pull in right behind us and we talked to him for a while too, real nice guy. He said he still uses this truck on the farm, but not for highway use, he had a newer IH he used for that.
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    Just found this nugget on the internetowebogram... Glad to see Dan Bruno is back on the grid. I just feel uneasy about his new concept. Although, it is completely logical and makes sense... I just love this CLASSIC movie and the truck. But, I REALLY hate to see it be anything else... But, GREAT JOB Dan!!!! Your Western Truck looks amazing!!! https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=rubber+duck+truck&sp=SBSYAQHqAwA%3D
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    Not too shabby Paul. Runs pretty well and pretty consistent for a "gasser". I had my last races this past weekend(one Fri, one Sat, one Sun). Went some rounds, though Sunday's race got rained out. Time to put it away for the winter....groan. I got a few nice time slips....008 and .009 lights. I was putting a hurt'n on those slushboxes!!! I'll get some pics and post them. One fellow came over to me after I took him out and said "I was told you were tough on the tree, so I knew I had to be on my game". He redlit against me.
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    exacty. you want something for nothing? go to cuba or venezuela where comunisim is still alive and strong.
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    Thanks fellas it’s really a pretty good time good crowd I always enjoy doing the walks although I have to admit I would rather be watching TV and drinking beer but always feels good to get out there like most of you guys all I do is sit in a truck for nine hours a night.....bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yup its always someone else fault! MY GOD ! So Do we really need to monitor the auto greaser? REALLY!🙄 Should make the machine De rate to 20 percent till that is fixed for sure !🙄
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    Thanks Vladislav. Buddy, you probably should have had a few of those big springs made up and you could sell those to guys like me that need them😁 I sure wish I could find a spring for mine since my original one is broken.
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    Stemco makes a sleeve for this. You have to bore the axle and install the tapered sleeve which is straight on the od. and tapered on the id. http://www.stemco.com/product/ape/ axle surgeon does this also but they are pricey. normal price around here is 400 a side
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    Like any racing career, pick a class you can excel in!!!! Nice job Bob!
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    This was probably my favorite truck at the Tri State ATHS Show in Winchester last weekend. I've always liked the D-860 GMC's, ever since I was a wee lad, probably because one used to pass by my house several times a week when I was a kid. You could hear that 6-71 coming long before it ever got there, so we always had time to run to the front yard to watch it go by. I really think that truck was the reason I always wanted to drive a truck. Now, after 41 years, the thrill is gone, but... I was thinking that this truck might have been the one Fred Craig had, but I do not know. This was Fred Craig's at Winchester in 2005 or 2006.
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    The D-860 was supposed to have been replaced with the 1960 DB-7000. The DB-7000 only came with the 6V-71 in it and used the 1960 Chevy pickup cab. Enough fleet customers (Roadway for one) still wanted the 6-71E, so GMC continued to build the old D-860 through 1962. In 1963 GMC stuffed the 6-71E into the DB-7000 creating the DBI-7000, which finally replaced the D-860.
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    That is a true trucker field repair! How many of these new wheel holders could do that? terry
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    The movie studio is irrelevant.... I own the rights to the image and likeness and shared them equally with those that purchased the two surviving trucks. Don’t get me wrong....I didn’t expect a Mack-centric forum to love a Western Star. The exercise wasn’t just about copying a modern Rubber Duck.....it was about honoring what that character was based in and what the independent of that era was. As others have pointed out and this die-hard Mack fan found out....Mack corporate is not in the game anymore. For that matter, at least in my region, Peterbilt isn’t either. Unless you’re buying trucks a dozen at a time or buying some stock spec unit they ordered and have had sitting, they don’t have time for you. As someone who was fascinated by Mack and loyal to them despite all sorts of horrific experiences with products (ASET ring a bell with anyone?) for over 40 years, it was no easy choice to go with another manufacturer, but from an experiential level, it was painfully obvious who was interested and who wasn’t. Whatever spirit used to exist at Mack (and Peterbilt for that matter) that allowed them to pursue independents and small 2 to 5 truck fleets is dead and gone. Their product offerings aren’t geared for the small guy. I really hope they wake up and realize what’s been done to their iconic brand. In the end, I’m delighted to show this new truck and explain why it is the brand it is. The people at these shows aren’t the bean counters at a big company, they are the men and women that drive the truck, change the oil, swap out the brakes, grease the chassis, troubleshoot at 2AM on a freeway off ramp and try to rest in a truck stop parking lot next to a SWIFT reefer running wide open. These people work hard, start small and build on the successes achieved by being able to work on their own equipment without needing a laptop to plug in. What Mack is telling them is that they don’t add up to enough of a percentage market share to pursue. It’s a business decision and I get it. So was mine.
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    It's a good little show, no doubt! It used to be a big show, until I went to Macungie one time. Zina from Florida flew up to go too- on a plane.
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    a 1980 u mack has very little in the way of sensors .sounds like weak or dead batteries to me ` check them out first then all ground cables and connections
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    I just saw this the other day. There is a new garage that has been built at Kemp's. It has been constructed where the old house was across the street from the original garage.
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    And yet not a single one is white 😜
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    Mack Superliner for sale. Features: Double Frame, Air Ride Cab, Dual Exhaust Stacks, Wetline System, Dual Passenger Seat Boxes, 20,000 lb. Non-steerable Lift Axle, Aluminum Full Fenders, Painted Sun Visor, Stainless Mirrors, Air Conditioning, and more. Previously listed at $39,950.
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    I don’t have your skill, but I still enjoy the pictures and the tech talk
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    I know an old bedbug hauler that paid for a 540 acre farm 2 houses and 3 or 4 new cars using a cracker box single axle just about like that one
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    Go to a yard near you, snap tons of photos of a set forward axle truck, and note every difference you see, make your list off that. Make sure you take a peak at the oil pan to make sure yours doesn't have the sump in the front whereas a set forward might have it in the back.
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    The V12 powered RS and RL771's had factory dual aircleaners. By the way,anyone know the status of this truck? It was advertised here a few years ago,V12 replaced with a E9.
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    Don't tell anybody,but mine has Freightliner air cleaners,13".
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    Put 13's on mine . I think 15's are two big for R cabs
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    Go Ozy stile with the tall snorkels Jist 2 B different cya
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    Just noticed your last two post. The filter kit mounts directly on the compressor. It replaces the suction line that runs to the filter side of the turbo. The compressor is trying to get air from a vacuum with that old set up. This tube was replaced on new trucks at that time with a hose that went to engine intake manifold. At that point it's a positive pressure instead of the negative on the other side of the turbo. I'll look for the filter kit number.
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