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    Have fun celebrating and remember those that have gone before us.
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    I say leave it alone if you start getting rid of people just because you don't like what they say then your no better than those we complain about, I like to think I am better than that.
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    …………I’m going to order one of these new DB5s. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aston Martin Back in Production and Building Goldfinger DB5 Cars Mike Duff, Car & Driver / July 6, 2020 English sports-car maker Aston Martin has cheerful news from it's former HQ in Newport Pagnell, now the base for the company's Heritage division. The company has restarted limited production of the iconic DB5, 55 years after the last of the original run of cars was built. These are the first of the Goldfinger continuation cars, built with replicas of the gadgets that turned the DB5 driven by Sean Connery's James Bond in that movie into arguably the most famous film car of all time. While the replicas won't be street legal in most parts of the world, the company says it has already sold the vast majority of the limited-to-25 run, despite an "ex-works" price of about $3.4 million at current exchange rates. According to an Aston spokesperson, there are only a couple still up for grabs. In this time of coronavirus, enhanced precautions are being taken by those working on the DB5, as made clear by the images the company has released of mask-clad workers working well apart from each other. The U.K. is still under shelter-in-place lockdown, but factories are reopening under social-distancing protocols, and Aston Martin's Gaydon and Saint Athan plants have also restarted limited production. The DB5 Goldfinger is the latest of Aston's Continuation models, following on from the DB4 GT and DB4 GT Zagato, with the construction of each car taking around 4500 hours. We've already experienced some of the car's many Bond-inspired gadgets up close, many of which were designed by a team led by Chris Corbould, the Oscar-winning special effects director who has worked on 15 films featuring the famous secret agent. (Separately, Aston produced eight carbon-bodied DB5 replicas for stuntwork on the most recent Bond film, No Time to Die, which has been delayed until the fall.) For the Goldfinger cars, the list of additional equipment includes a smokescreen, revolving license plates, battering rams, and a removable passenger-seat roof panel for the infamous ejector seat. It also gets non-lethal replicas of the twin Browning machine guns that deploy through the film car's front turn signals, an oil-spray system that actually fires water, and a simulated tire slasher. Functions can be operated from within the car—which is mechanically almost identical to an original DB5—or via a remote control to enable owners to better see them in action. Deliveries to the first customers—many of whom, we expect, live in hollowed-out mountains stroking white cats—will begin early in the second half of the year. . .
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    Jim l think she needs to remove her top and turn it around. The field of stars should be to the viewers left. Let us know when she is ready to correct the mistake.😛 .....Hippy
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    Hi y'all, I just picked up an old B61 dump truck. I've been searching for a dump for awhile now and have been waiting for the right one to come up. My Dad and Grandpa ran a R model 300/ 10 speed for along time when I was a kid well into my teens as part of their heavy equipment company. We've still got it but it's been down for the last 5 years or so. I always loved the old bulldog, so I knew what brand I wanted. I usually have a tendency to like messing with older machines, old motorcycles, and old cars. It's kind of my thing and what I'm know by my friends for. As recently as last week my Dad was going through the local and surrounding area on Facebook marketplace looking for trucks and came across an ad for a 1960 Mack B61. He showed me the pictures and I was sold. We went down to Imperial, Mo near St. Louis to look the truck over. It hadn't been started in quite some time and we had fully expected having to do some work on the truck in order to get it running. We pulled in the drive where the truck and to our amazement the owner already had it running! It's got a Mack 300 engine, I think its an EM6, with the Quadruplex 20 Speed trans, and 4.66 rear end gear. Ended up getting what I think is a real good deal on a running driving truck. I'm pretty darn excited to learn how to drive this thing. I've been around heavy equipment my whole life, but this is my first truck, and at 23 I'd like to think I'm lively enough to keep up with shifting that 20 Speed. Any of you vets got any tips for a young guy in an old mack? Particularly on shifting when loaded vs unloaded. I've also figured out why some of you guys carry pry bars in the cab. I've had the shifter hang up in my 56 Chevy before getting stuck in between shift gates, so when the compound lever got jammed up from not squaring off the shift pattern I knew what to look for. Climbed under the truck and got her back in neutral. I've only had it home for a couple of days, but I'll throw some pictures up for you all to enjoy. Bringing it home on the lowboy through St. Louis
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    And you all thought I was nuts little back ago when i told you all about the Blacks having a problem with Black kittens at the SPCA in cages behind bars, they claimed it was causing distress for those looking for a Cat, not so crazy now am I. See I told you and you all sat back and said to your selves he's whacked, not so funny now. Please support my movement we call it the Fairs Fair Movement, what ever is good for Blacks or whom ever we get the same thing, don't like our statue, tear it down we do the same to theirs, don't like a road named after someone and want it changed, no problem, bye bye MLK BLVD, Fairs Fair, what they want and get we get, fair and simple, tit for tat. let's see what THEY think of that.
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    Can't seem to find my notes with the info for this rig but it is a great looking single axle rack body R with a little extra wheelbase.
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    If it’s all there and the body works, depending on running gear, it may be worth it. A lot of other things to consider as well, but if it’s within you capabilities and means, not a bad price. I built a roll back for my purposes over 20 years ago and tell everyone it’s the best thing I ever built, useful in so many ways. Just evaluate it honestly and bring someone with you who can give you their honest opinion. That always helps.
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    I have follow this discussion from day one and to me it will make a script for a TV shown. It got me thinking what the great people of this country did during WW 2. The government ask the people to give up so many things to help war effort. Gasoline, meat, and clothing were tightly rationed. Most families were allocated 3 US gallons per week. Production of most durable goods, like new housing, vacuum cleaners, and kitchen appliances, was banned until the war ended. There was so much this people did to help with war effort you can write a novel. So we are at war against a virus call Covid 19 and the government ask people to social distance and wear a mask around other people to help to stop the spread of this virus. But a lot of people complain why should we follow the government ask. But those people 80 years ago did what was need to win the war. Rember there is no I in TEAM and we are all members of same TEAM a proud citizen of USA regards of race. religion belief, left wing. right wing. union member, non-union member, female, male . We are still proud citizen of this great country
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    Isn't it strange that all the problems in the country like crime, poverty and racism are all in places run by Democrats, one would think that with such epic failure that they might try something different ???
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    This is my friend Dan's CL Elite. It was bought new in Kennersville, NC in 1994. He retired the truck in Dec. of 2016 with right at 3 Million Miles. The hour clock shows 62,600 hours. We met when he brought his truck to our shop to do work on it and we became good friends. This man takes real pride in his job and family and country. He is a Navy Vet BTW. He put 2.434 Million miles on the transmission before it was rebuilt. That shows the durability of the Mack Trucks when they are well taken care of. But on the other hand I know if I put him in any other truck, the end result would be the same. I think we need more Dans in the world. The picture with the 2 other trucks next to it was in Salem, Oregon at the 2016 ATHS National truck show.
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    Where was all this black lives matter sh*t when we had a black president for 8 years?Obama did nothing to help his own race,except put more of them on welfare.Nancy Pelosi has been in politics for close to 40 years where has she been when all this racist talk and act has taken place.Same as that Waters woman from California ,she been in politics for over 40 years.Now that we have a white republican president it’s all his fault.Hell he must of created all this hate towards other people,since he only been in office for 3 years.MyGod what are they going to come up with when he wins again.Here in Philadelphia over the 4th we had I think 35 shootings and like 10 dead,you won’t hear about the 5 year old that got shot and killed in the media.
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    Firefighters employed by the General Services Administration (GSA), who man military base fire stations, work many more hours than most people. They work a 24 hour shift every other day, minus one shift every two weeks, equaling a 72 hour workweek. What does any of your statement have to do with my job?
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    Most are from Angola and Somali "refugees" who came up through Mexico. Virginia is now American Somalia. Slave payments...I also wonder if only the whites who came here before 1865 have to pay and do the whites who came after 1865 get compensated for the money they lost by arriving too late to profit from the free labor?
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    Unfortunately this means that Georgia is no longer immune to fiddle wielding devils. So sad to hear he’s gone.
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    My beer and pretzel consumption is way up....
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    nothin' like makin a guy feel OLD !!LOL class of "69 here. had a bad ticker since 12 yrs old. open heart repair in 2015. point being my brother did nam, uncle was POW and purple heart recipient ; saw my uncles back one hot summer day;; looked like picture of the moon with all the craters. results of shrapnel explosion. he never talked about it. took a lot of pain and blood to get this freedom.
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    Anyone with a modicum of intelligence would get a second opinion!
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    During my short enlistment, I crossed paths with two of those "lots of stars" guys, one near the beginning and one near the end. The first was an old guy with five of them. The other was much younger and had four. Both treated me nicely. One even asked for and valued my opinion on something we were both involved in. I also encountered several that wore bars or eagles that were complete A-holes. Same can be said for several Fire Chief's I have met! Authority goes straight to the heads of some folks! As for the use of PPE, I have worked in occupations that the job actually required it and also in jobs where management-only required it. Those jobs that require it involve an IDLH atmosphere, yet sometimes it is not used. That is where risk management and common sense come into play. Sometimes leadership creates hazardous situations while trying to improve safety, usually through their own incompetence and lack of common sense. We had two conflicting rules on my job. 1.-Full firefighting gear was required to be worn whenever fighting a fire. 2.-A DOT-approved safety vest MUST be worn whenever working on a highway. Guess what? There are NO DOT-approved safety vests that are flame resistant. The result? Guys putting out a car fire on the Interstate had their vests melting to their firefighting gear! In most cases, PPE required by management-only is based on emotions and political correctness, not actual science or fact!
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    Debates are healthy. Continually lobbing incendiary bombs back and forth solves nothing and this thread proves that.
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    Because I have eyes and common sense! He was born a man. His mental illness doesn't change that!
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    Re-educating Maxidyne is causing you to build long exhaustive paragraphs to satisfy her one sentence retorts. It’s a fruitless, disproportionate, wasted effort and she may be sitting in her Birkenstock’s giggling her head off at your sweaty dance. Your best bet would be an administrator request her third (or fourth?) removal from the site for relentless conversational antagonism. Once they have enough complaints they boot her off and she comes back quiet for a short spell and then goes right back to incessant annoyance in about roughly 12 months time.
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    I'm with Paul, If It can withstand the Pressures in a Tractor's Final Drives, Diffs & Transmissions day in day Out. It will certainly work in your Mack Gearbox. But Quite Frankly It is something I'd only do by necessity, & NOT by Choice..
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    I do not understand why you are trying to have an intelligent convo with someone like that. It's pointless.
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    Though I've been around many years, I still learn something new with each new day. Each new day is a new class-in-session. As for opinions, when you step out of the box and look in, everyone's thoughts here are not that far apart. And there's some extremely sharp people here with vast amounts of knowledge........true "fountains of knowledge". (Not to mention Emmy-nominated YouTube star Paul from Australia) BMT members are high caliber people, and it's a privilege to know everyone here.
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    A Mack EHU on the left and an EFU oil truck for Globe Fuel Oil, Jackson Heights, Queens, NY.
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    You're saying it badly! Who made any statement about anyone "killing themselves on a massively difficult gov job"? You're the one who made a comparison between union workers and "lazy" government workers. As a retired government worker, I defended my 28 year career and you go off on some tangent about Firefighters on military bases. I was never a Firefighter on a military base. I was also never in a union. You bragged about how you took naps on your government job, so you just assume that every government employee is just as worthless as you were. They call that deflection! I have already ascertained that you don't know what you're talking about. Your like a liberal talking about gun control - all opinions and no facts! I accepted a job offer that included a salary and benefit package, including a pension, in exchange for specified duties and expectations. I fulfilled those duties and exceeded those expectations on every evaluation I was ever given. I was instrumental in improving our tactical operations and the reliability of our apparatus. To this day, numerous officers there credit me for them getting to where they are. I am treated with honor and respect whenever I visit. Your opinions are not worth the bandwidth you wasted posting them. Go pound sand!
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    I try and stay realistic in my head when buying treasures I look at things that hopefully look crap and I almost always buy things that most others would pass on Everything will wear out and I prefer to rebuild it myself as I then know what short cuts I have taken It is a truck and a old truck and I would be more concerned with buying it if it all looked Micky Mouse as I would have no idea what secrets its hiding If it is a Maxidyne and Duplex you have a box that isnt really strong enough for the torque that motor will make As I said before, just a quick glance underneath will show if its a tripple counter shaft transmission or not Three caps laid out in a tri angle pattern and a triangle shaped box
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    Both fine trucks. I'm going to have to go with Georgia Dave on this one, it has the horizontal square grill on the Ford. Even found one the same color. 10 coming. Likely had an Allison and T-bar throttle for the cat, but don't over think it?
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    This thread is so entertaining, it always makes me laugh which is hard these days since I am practicing social distancing and working my ass off on both my personal and work projects. Now back to my reply if I can remember what I was going to post Union jobs do have decent pay and benefits. The way that I have seen unions work in this country is. They take a group of fair worker who beg to get into the apprentice program. The purpose of the apprenticeship program is to teach them the union way and if they learn a trade thats a bonus. They learn that it is more important to protect there job and the job or the other union members than to actually do the job. As an employer hiring works by calling the union hall and requesting a person. The hall then dispatches the next person on the list and you have to work him for a day. Sometimes it can take a week or two to get a keeper. I was on the joint apprenticeship committee for decade and got to see how truly poor the apprentices are. Government hiring is different. They list a position. You take a test and that is graded. A list is generated that ranks the applicants by minority points and test score. The manger then can interview the top 3. Usually the person that is hired does an acceptable job until there probation is over and then they just become lazy. After college I worked for a government agency and we would get all the work done in under 4 hours without breaking a sweat, then after lunch it was nap time and we were the crew that did the most work. I have found that the really intelligent people that know there job are non union business owners. Now I make just as much money as when I worked for a union shop, have excellent benefits and work about 1,000 hours a year. I can take time off any time I want to go visit my family or for vacation. COVID 19 has been great for business. Less traffic No meetings, virtual meetings as necessary. Rates are up Social distancing is great The wife working from home is great The only thing I miss is restaurants and traveling.
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    I think that is in the union propaganda play book, like the brightest and best are union, must be why it takes 8 men to dig a little hole, or how the union protects worthless Government workers, ever want to see waste at it's best deal with them, union jobs are and not all but most where losers in life go to hang out cause it's really hard to get fired unless you go postal (pun intended) the best and brightest workers are non union because they don't want to be held back by the union dead weight they want be able to make a name for themselves and out shine the competition something a union drone cannot do. Please once again stop spewing fake information it really is shameful.
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    Your intelligent enough to have mastered the art of playing dumb. Yup, not a clue who TeamsterGrrrl is. In the words of your college morality 101 teacher “Huh, wipe my computer drive clean, you mean like with a rag”.
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    To all of those who may have been offended on what they may have read on this thread I would apologize for what you think you might have read that may have hurt your feelings, but I am not going too, hopefully you have put on your big boy panties and/or turned the page, like as in everything else if you do not like the discussion then don't participate, kinda reminds me of the Pastor at the local church going to the showing of Deep Throat several times and then telling the congregation how bad and nasty a film it was, when asked why he went several times he responded that he want to make sure it was as bad as he thought ??? I honestly believe we are in a fight for our way of life and the rule of law and right and wrong, we are at a cross road and this not some silly game this is deadly serious, (race war would end BLM) for any body to claim that the virus has not been turned into a political football would have to be clueless, when we tear down statues because we claim it is offensive we open doors wide open to every body claiming anything is offensive, I personally find MLK offensive, he cheated on his wife and had numerous flaws not very becoming of supposed leader/legend so I would like all the streets and avenues named after him changed to non offensive numbers or letters, so hopefully everyone can add something to the discussion and if you don't like the tone one can always move on and just in case if one ever gets on my wrong side there is no question as to where I stand, plus being from New England I can put a string of 4 letter words together that would make a sailor blush, just my thought for the day.
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    After reading this again I am shocked that you put this forward as fact, hardly anyone reports cases of flu and yet you claim .1 death yet somehow every death in America is attributed to the virus now and it's 4% either you really think we are that stupid to believe this BS or you have a severe case of head up your ass syndrome, on another point please explain how you come with idea that your way of Liberal thinking is correct, every major city in this country is controlled by the left liberal democrat party and every major city is broke or near, has out of control crime, poverty, misery, racial problems and basically poor living standards compared to us living in nice crime free(mostly) conservative regions, how you can you think that your grand plan is better than ours, why would anyone wish to live in shit hole like you do without some sort of mental defect ????? 60+ shootings in Chicago and how many dead this 4th of July weekend, this is what you think I want in my town ? you are sick if you think so, so take some time and explain how you think your way of life is better than ours and why we should vote for your man so we can lower are standard of living and send our jobs overseas again, I await a intelligent response.
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    Drain your coolant and pull the lower radiator hose away from the oil cooler manifold entry port. Check for a cylindrical screen filter that’s intended to keep chunks of scale and debris from entering the tiny passages of the oil cooler and wrecking it. Clean the screen as needed, it may be plugged. If not plugged report back.
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    these and many other pictures are what should be on the news channels ; not the crap they show . let the rioters see why they have the chance to do what they do. but then the ratings won't be that great. THANK YOU for these post. May God have mercy on the many POW'S and MIA'S
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    Bought my boy one of those when he turned 21 Turning 21 is pretty big deal in Australia
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    God bless Merica Now been a fruit loop like I am I thought of the BMT forum and laughed my head off Happy 4th of July to you all and hopefully everyone involved in the good ole US of A has a blast Do you have a 50 gun salute as back in the day when the 4th of July celebrations first started they had a 13 gun salute for each state in the Union Paul
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    FWIW 1992 Mack Maintenance and Lubrication Guide
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    Being gas it would have been a A40S or A50S or A54S. A54 were a larger A model with a wider grille. And the black A tandem looks to be the standard A grille. Its most likely a A40S but possibly a A50S if gas was original engine the lanova diesels were troublesome in their day and often replaced by gas engines. The picture is too low of resolution to make out the badge number under the mack on the hood sheetmetal.
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