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    I have been gone for awhile getting my new truck ready to go !
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    Remember them first before the shopping, bar b que and Indy. They paid for you being able to do this. As for my Nam brothers, I don't have it in me to be with you all this year but you're all in my heart. For those offended by this true image. . .good!
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    I forgot I had these I took a FEW years ago. Pics from our old local Mack dealer that was in town in the 70's and 80's. And some trucks. The big float is was bringing some fabrications into the steel mill here.
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    Got this on trade a couple weeks ago,had some time this afternoon,so I thought I'd see if I could get it home,got it woke up from its 8+ year nap,but ground too soft to get it moved out
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    Well after a lot of work Rich and his Rat Rod made their first show! Looking good!
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    Got this from my good friend Hank in British Columbia, Canada. He knew the people that ran this truck back in the day on Vancouver Island. He knows and has a lot of history in BC mountain logging and the big fat trucks. It's too nice to not post here. He said it had a 60 ton trailer. We are thinking it is a B87?
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    More from Hank. Apex Industrial Movers. A DM800 and an RD800.
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    Good show .Had about 80 trucks
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    Once again I am working away from home , living in my camper . We have some critters that come onto the job , and they take they sweet time getting out of the way.. I saw this flat deck truck in a front yard . And the old jammer skidding rig in the back 40 in a field.
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    Classic lines and some nice pinstriping with a 350 under the hood.
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    First off, I apologize for the poor picture quality. I couldn't scan them because the photo albums are so old they are pretty much glued together, LOL Anyway, this was the very first DMM tandem tandem mixer to arrive in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. A bunch of them were purchased by Downey Ready Mix (no longer in business since Lafarge ate up many smaller companies.) Before these trucks it was all DM600 and Paystar 5000 tandem's. And the old steel butterfly hood International R series before that.
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    Nice to see trucks from when men didn't have vaginas
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    And another now gone old local fleet. The black R was a fuel hauler tanker company. I know the owner but forget the company name now. The blue ones were Steel City Truck Lines. They were a steel/lumber hauler and also had wood chip trailers.
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    I can't stand people that ride next to trucks. It's dangerous, and locks the trucker in from navigating around dangers ahead of him. I've found that when you start getting surrounded by idiots the smartest thing to do is remove yourself from the situation, which is pretty much always slow down. Let the situation unfold, then go back to cruising. For the 30 seconds it sets you back on the road it's well worth it. Keeps your head cool; give yourself a pat on the back that everyone's still alive. Hard to explain to a judge why you nipped someone's car and caused a pileup when we're supposed to be the professionals.
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    Got this home from southern MO Sat. Total mutt,8V71,RTO9513,Eaton rears and Reyco susp.
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    I would like the whistles to blow every half hour for 3 minutes. . . at night. . . in Virginia.
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    To all you veterans, thank you for what you've done for the rest of us.
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    Since there is a forum here for tractors, thought I'd post a couple pics of mine. This is what kills the depression of having to run new trucks. The 2013 Kubota is what I do all my mowing, snow blowing and bush trail building and maintenance with on my property. Great little tractor. It's done more work than it was ever designed to do, including hauling 330 tons of pit run gravel up these hills to build roads, one bucket at a time. And then last year I wanted to get into antique tractors and maybe do some pulling at the local fairs, so I bought this 1955 Allis Chalmers CA. I'm as of yet undecided if I should leave it in it's 64 year old working clothes, or give it a pretty restoration. I like old tractors done either way. It is nice to see them shiny and new, but there is something to be said for a tractor that has worked way longer than anything new will ever live. Just like with trucks....I love old technology. I KNOW that old tractor will start, run and work every day I need it.
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    Here is a DS sporting what appears to be ACL style headlights.
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    730 Scania V8 horsepower would be just the ticket for 85 ton South Dakota 20 axle road trains, Michigan 11 axle "centipedes", and 63.5 ton B Doubles running in the Rocky Mountains. Would be a hassle to fit the wide V8 between the International's straight frame rails, and even more of a hassle to fit the current International cab onto a whole Scania chassis. But the "halo effect" would be worth it... Mack didn't sell many V8s, but the V8 sold a lot of Macks!
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    Those power spin out rims are called P.A.V.T power adjustable variable track (todays useless information lol) We never had many tractors with variable wheel tracks until recent years as most of Australia is broad acre farming not row crop farming I have had many tractors over the years but I seem to hang on to these two My good old C 670 Chamberlain, the best tractor I have ever owned, up graded to the other Chamberlain with a cab Paul
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    As a bloke who has spent more of his life in a tractor seat than a truck seat I reckon one of the best value tractors is the 86 series International This one I have had for many many years and its still going strong Have rebuilt both boxes and the front axle over the years but it still goes good and will work a full day with out missing a beat Paul
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    Ex Oshkosh M1075 in Abu Daubi with Jeep cab and modified Lonestar for the "help" to run errands in. Maybe it will be a new fad for our soccer moms??
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    The other day I made a stop at Adelmans truck yard. I had to drop off some fliers for our upcoming truck show in Ashland. The past owner of my B model works at the used truck lot after selling off the towing company. He was out in the lot tagging some new trailers and I caught a glimpse of these well worn Superliners sitting in the back. The yellow one didn't look too hateful overall. The red one had a bunk at some time and a piece of lexan is glued in the hole. I didn't ask about them, as I have no use or reason. But if someone else is looking for a chassis give Ron a call. Typically they don't haggle on pricing. Ron's told me that before, that's why he doesn't mind "selling" there. You either buy it or not. They are not listing on their website, as they are not on the front row. http://www.adelmans.com/adelmans-truck-sales
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    I was sitting on the front porch today drinking a beer or twelve, after I had finished my work or course, reading the book Old Bill sent me of his stories. I'm sure everyone here knows Old Bill, the "Diesel gypsy". I am so thankful that he did send me that book, because his website is gone, just like Hank's Truck Pictures, where his stories were also available. I started feeling sentimental, I hadn't talked to Bill since the last time, several months ago. So when I realized again that he was the greatest truck driver ever, I decided that I needed to call him. I got no answer, thinking that I had waited too long...but no, the phone rang a few minutes later. I thought it was a telemarketer, and was prepared to lay a cussing on them like they'd never heard before. But it was Bill calling me back. Not only is he alive and well, he had just gotten back from a trip to Denmark. He also told me that he has plans to go to the western US this fall, and some person in Tn. has also invited him down to visit, and offered to fly him in and out. We talked about an hour, and I told him that if he got to Tennessee I would gladly drive there just to meet him. Just thought i'd pass this along.
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    Flathead six banger EN-271 with a horn bolted to the head and a Fram canister oil filter in orange. A simpler time.
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    If they can stuff a MP10 under the hood of a anthem and keep it cool in the outback there is absolutely no reason they should not offer it here. I just wish they would consider a proper sized hood for a big engine. there is no reason to stuff a engine under the cab where you cant access them to work on.
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    I probably should've called this Thread the Brisbane Truck Show..Her's a pic (Not Mine) from there..
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    Hi everyone, I have just joined up to this great site , I live in England and have been a big Mack truck fan since I was probably 4 . Now at 45 I really want to build a Rubberduck replica out of an R model. Living in England these are obviously not very common at all , however importing from the States is pretty easy. My other passions are my 800hp NASCAR , ex Carl Edwards 99 Ford Fusion and I have owned and raced so many Mustangs I’ve probably lost count . Guess I was just born in the wrong country, growing up in the 70s and 80s every thing I used to watch on tv involved American cars and Trucks , guess that made us like we are 👍. I’m also a big country music fan .Thanks for letting me join . Regards Simon
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    Hah-I didn't say anything about.."what runs true". I'm saying what looks good on an old beast-IMO😎
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    Just behind the cab and under the bed mounted hydraulic tank on my black Mid-liner carrier I'd mounted a three trumpet "Train Horn" pointing towards the right side. When someone would do something stupid, (or just yakking on the cell phone) I'd align the trumpets with the driver's door and give the lanyard a yank and that horn was loud enough to get through closed windows with a stereo cranked and immediately change the driver's thought process. Got shown I was "Numero Uno" several times over that stunt.
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    Na you don''t need to see the road in the middle east, you just run over everyone and keep going
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    I'll see if I can get my daughter to take a video,but not til I get the dual 4 in.straight pipes on it
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    A couple more courtesy of Hank! Another B hauling the Drott 40 excavator.
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    I think Ford made a huge mistake.....their decision is a huge loss of face in South America's key market of Brazil. Yes, Brazil's economy has been skidding bottom with no end in sight. As a result, all the truckmakers are hurting. Even the Chinese truckmakers largely canceled their big plans to build there. Ford's office furniture guru Hackett decided to ax commercial truck production in Brazil to cut cost (while the global truck unit Ford International is taking off nicely). https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/47464-ford-market-news/?page=24&tab=comments#comment-416185 This isn't the first time Brazil's economy hit bottom and caused pain for the truckmakers. Back in the 1990s, things were so bad that Ford and Volkswagen formed a joint venture, Autolatina*, so as to consolidate production and reduce costs.....and ensure their survival. * From 1990 to 1995, Volkswagen trucks and buses were built at the Volkswagen-Ford AutoLatina* joint venture utilizing Ford truck components. Challenging economic conditions during the 1980s forced Volkswagen and Ford’s business units in both Brazil and Argentina to join forces and form a money-saving joint venture called AutoLatina in 1987 which lasted to 1995. VW and Ford trucks were produced together in Ford’s Ipiranga truck plant from 1990 to 1995.
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    Not in this climate. Look at the Liberty Bell issue. Should be removed because it was paid for and made by slave owners. Penn State removed William Shakespeare for the English Dept because he was"too white", Ben Carson is on the carpet for saying HUD low cost housing should be for American Citizens not illegals. Virginia renamed Rte 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) because it glorified slavery. . .ironically it was renamed Richmond Highway . . .former capital of the CSA Maybe RuPaul would be a good candidate for the reintroduced two dollar bill so every alphabet group is included. 'too
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    This statement is so true ! the money Made today. Is the same money that was made back then with all the higher costs of rigs fuel and other expenses!I have been in truck repair my whole life and watched as the most powerful group of people fight and scramble to race each other to the bottom . Had they stuck together they could have made a good living! Think about it ! everything moves by truck if the trucks stop rolling no body eats! pretty decent Lever from my way of thinking!
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    Yeah the bloods rushing to my head Paul
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    Nothing at this point. Enjoying life for a change right now. Trying to decide between a few different options. It's pretty tempting when you can change careers and make almost as much money with nothing but a lunch pail.
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    Definitely sharp. Too nice to call a "rat rod".
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    A 262 HP Cummins would be found in a Mack B-733. Cummins engine designation would be NTO-6-BL, NTO or NTOL.
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    Forgot to add that since the truck is local to me I contacted the seller The price started at $6,500 then went down to $5,000, and then to a buy it now price of $3,850. I was thinking about looking at it but I don't need another project and it might upset the wife.
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    Right on. When I started driving that's pretty much all I got to drive. Detroit power was big in this area. Nothing more odd than a Superliner pulling log trailer making 2 stroke Detroit sounds, LOL.
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    U jokers should contact Mack Australia n order a Left hand drive beast or order 6 or half a dozen N C wot they say or Contact your local wizz with trucks to convert a Au RHD to LHD your yanky dollar is in your favor compared to our $ cya
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    Denmark!! No wonder he didn't answer when I called him a number of weeks ago! God bless him!
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    B-73, there was no B-78. The way the emblem is made, the 3 can be mistaken for an 8.
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