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    There are a couple of MH Statue Of Liberty Edition truck around here and one came in to the shop today. The last time I saw them they were in great shape (8 years ago) now they are a little rough but the V-8 sounds great.
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    Like to make the Keep on Trumpin in to mud flaps!! Wonder if there's a market for them
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    The walls are still going on but I couldn't resist backing the trailer and F-model inside just to see how it fits. 😁 About 6" to spare on the length of the trailer and more than enough height . Now to finish up the sides and hang the overhead doors.
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    That reminds me of a poem I heard many years ago- many years. "When I was young, and didn't have no sense- I peed upon an electric fence. It singed my hair, and scorched my balls... and made me shit in my overalls!" Author unknown.
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    Show was 20-21 Sept. at Howard Trucking Fairborne OH.
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    Random question, how many guys have urinals in their garages? I installed a small urinal in my garage today. My wife thinks I was crazy to do this. Her theory is there is a complete bathroom in the Mother-in-law suite above the garage and I can just run up there when nature calls. My thought is--- I don’t have to take off my booths if they’re dirty to go upstairs and it saves time. Any comments.
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    GMC crackerbox 4valve 671 Detroit 13spd gloved on twin screw with Reyco suspension $1500.00 located in North Dakota. Listing for a friend, send me a p.m. and I can give you his number.
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    So are Belgian waffles and grits.
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    The frame numbers should be in the yellow circle. Take a small wire brush on your next visit.
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    ...and on top of all that, today I found out that Spongebob Squarepants is a racist.
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    Wow, the fastest car I ever had, the 70 Chevelle SS, only ran a little bit faster than that in a quarter mile. I had two cars that I took to the track, both street cars. I got 99 mph out of the small block 72 Nova, and ran 101 with the Chevelle.
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    There is a service bulletin out there to replace the bolts for breaking.....It lists that its for ASET AC, but they apparently were breaking on AI and AC...... SB213043.pdf
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    Nah Chelsea is talking of running for Senate and Pantsuit Prissy says she can beat Trump again so all the dead votes go to them. Trump doesn't win there will be bad dodo revenge by the Dems on us.
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    I just hope all the dead people that voted for Clinton in 2016 vote for Trump in 2020.
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    Yes, it's plowing season already in the Dakotas. Back in 1941 the Town of Pomfret, New York was proud to show off their new Autocar C8044 (four-wheel-drive) truck with optional "Tropicaire" heater. With about 100" of snow a year, that 11 foot wing got plenty of use. Thanks, Mike Lusher. Always Up - Autocar Trucks .
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    https://www.raneystruckparts.com/mack-headlights/ https://www.4statetrucks.com/lighting/mack-cv713-granite-headlights_15226.asp Remember what ever type you install LED, Halogen or HID you definitely need to readjust your headlights. The brighter lights have a different lens pattern and you will blind oncoming vehicles and not get the optimum light spread.
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    I'm sorry that you feel like the dealer and mack didnt take you seriously on your project. I'm in sales in Nashville and have given your project alot of thought and would love to work on a project like this with you. I've worked out alot of the specs in my head and think that ultimately we could build something on a Mack that would look more like the original Rubber Duck. I'll be upfront about what we can and cant do so i'm not misleading you. The external air cleaner and glider engine are not possible (anything is possible, but cost prohibitive in the least). But the painted air, fuel tanks, and wheels along with the roof fairing are no problem. Also the single side mount exhaust should be possible. We could do either a factory flat top "48 sleeper for lower cost and ease of build, or go with a custom bunk from a couple suppliers i know if you wish to more closely mimic the original trucks look. The interior is all a matter of taste i suppose, i may be biased but with the chrome trim and extra gauges and leather heated seats, i prefer the Mack interior. Not knocking yours at all, its a very nice truck. We can do a traditional 13 speed manual with a Mack or Fuller trans and Mack rears, it would get a gold bulldog but that will get replaced with a duck anyway!!! I know you want a non emissions engine, but the 505HP/1860lb/ft engine is GHG17 compliant and our customers have been very happy with them. I have good corporate resources who are happy to help me. Anyway, this may be too little too late but i wanted you to know that there are people at Mack who care and want to help. If anyone wants to talk more please call me at Mack of Nashville (Nick) at 330-606-4568. Thanks!
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    What would you have expected with a Mack out front.We had a fellow back east here that had some Pete’s that had more then there share of chrome had a move like yours.His load came in by rail and it was a press for a machine shop,thing was huge.He asked me if I thought my 82 dm800 would pull the load,said he was afraid of breaking his Pete’s.I told him when and where he wanted the Mack.Pulled it no problem weighed in around 250000.Chrome won’t get you home.
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    I’ve seen a handful of the HV’s here in St. Louis. Tried searching for the specs or other information about them and no luck. Mack lost a long time contract on this one. The ‘93-‘00 Postal Mack’s were very well spec’d trucks that made me a lot of money as the second owner of a bunch of them. Those MR’s were great fictional trucks but did beat the holy tar out of you. My favorites were the ‘00 CH612’s. Best money makers I’ve ever owned. I’m really looking for one of the last ‘03 CH612’s with the real CH hood but the drop window doors. Only a handful were made. I know St. Louis has at least one.
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    YOU WANT ANSWERS?? YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH!!! Alive and well indeed here in St. Louis. Never stopped playing with trucks, just pulled back quite a bit from the public eye. So, to answer the question, I started with Mack a couple of years ago. Had some discussions at both a dealer and corporate level about what I wanted to do. Dealer seemed completely disinterested. Mack corporate was too enamored about chasing an NFL player that had the last name of Mack but had nothing to do with the industry. We pitched a pretty cool limited edition concept but just heard crickets in return. In the end, we were certainly welcome to buy a new truck and modify it, but we were stuck with a cheap, crappy grey interior with seats that look like they belong in an AMC Gremlin, an emissions motor, no single cab side exhaust and no cab mounted deflector. Aftermarket sleeper on a daycab Pinnacle or Granite was indeed an option but really wasn't thrilling given the stark lack of enthusiasm, the complete junk grey Gremlin interior and the shop queen emissions engine. In the end, the choice to look elsewhere stemmed from it being apparent that Mack corporate had ZERO interest in this project and continued to completely ignore and disregard any ties to what is arguably the single most globally recognized Mack truck ever made. Their silence was heard and noted. As indicated in the video description, I shed no tears and looked at other options with other dealers and manufacturers. I'm extremely happy with the direction we went. Right out of the gate, our salesman Greg understood exactly what we were trying to do and he pulled his local and corporate resources and contacts in to make it happen. We are putting on the finishing touches and modifications now. We will have a lot more to follow, including roll-out of a new website about the film and the trucks. Lots of good new information for the Convoy groupies.
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    my 2 cents. My buddys tarp motor was acting like that and one of the poles was broken free in the motor. This was found after he brought it to my shop and he already replaced the switch and wire. I disconnected the wires and hooked up to my multi meter they showed 12v ots both sides in accordance with the switch, if you grounded the motor it would work, I told him the motor was bad he didn't believe me so I took one I had and hooked it up and showed him. Took the old one apart and the terminal was broken loose in the motor.
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    Mack Superliner for sale. Features: Double Frame, Air Ride Cab, Dual Exhaust Stacks, Wetline System, Dual Passenger Seat Boxes, 20,000 lb. Non-steerable Lift Axle, Aluminum Full Fenders, Painted Sun Visor, Stainless Mirrors, Air Conditioning, and more. Previously listed at $39,950.
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    I don’t have your skill, but I still enjoy the pictures and the tech talk
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    I took the pictures, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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    I know an old bedbug hauler that paid for a 540 acre farm 2 houses and 3 or 4 new cars using a cracker box single axle just about like that one
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    There was some very classy paint jobs back in the day Suzy aint bad either Paul
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    It’s got a roof finally, shingles go on tomorrow. Not to bad as a solo building crew in the evenings after work. 🧐
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    I like your wagon work platform...a heck of a lot better than a ladder.
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    And HOA's tend to be run by people that want to get in everyone else's business. Court cases against HOA's are fun especially when they find out that they are operating outside there CCandR's and are liable. Working for them is a joke, they go lowest bid and want items that are not in the contract or they won't pay.
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    It’s my personal opinion that HOAs are unconstitutional because they’re designed specifically to regulate OTHER people’s personal property, and don’t even get me started on how I can’t fathom the legality of forcing someone to be a part of an HOA if YOU own the property... but that’s just my two sense...
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    Where our farm is in Riverhead Long Island the local code enforcement now uses drones to find violations. I have none. . . yet, but a few years ago my neighbor rototilled a design for the drones, apparently it will never go away til they plow and replant a large section.
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    Kscarbel2, your photo of LVRR #50 is my original photo and was ripped directly from the website http://www.trainweb.org/bedt/IndustrialLocos.html with no attribution to myself or the website. Your posts there were found by doing a fandom Google search. If you do NOT immediately credit or remove them, the owner of the website mentioned above and myself as copyright holder, will begin immediate legal proceedings against you and this website. For unlawful use and breach of copyright. Ralph A. Heiss.
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    How do you get fired from Swift? Come in low on your daily accident quota? Not have an internet worthy wreck? Back up incident free? Just curious.
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    Must be kin to the mcyuppie who built a big house next to our potato farm in Riverhead L.I. (been there since 1918 when grand parents started it) and whinned about the "smell, the dust and the noises 7 days a week". So to be a good neighbor I stopped growing potato's . . .and planted cabbages. Masks the smell of top soil pretty well.
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    At least it's not up side down and on fire. . .
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    If you have a "CR" it means carrier If you have a "D" it means dual reduction If you have "L" it is light weight (aluminum case) If you have "P" it means interaxle power divider the number "202", "112", "95", etc, tell you the series if you have "I" it means interwheel power divider (peanut cage in each differential center) Before you know what you need you have to look at what gears are reuseable. Top gears shot (pinions)? Lower end shot (bull and spur)? Was there any water contamination in the case of a bearing failure?
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    I have a back neighbor that turns me in to code enforcement if anything happens sideways in my yard, therefore ALL my buddies know to pee the the lattice work fence onto the neighbors yard...... just says and there is always an extremely high amount of frosty beverages consumed in my garage,,,,,
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    I recommend having the wind to your back while using the outside facilities....
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    I'd like one in every vehicle I drive.
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    Love my DE and happy to have it. 1942-- and only the 3rd owner.
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    Just noticed your last two post. The filter kit mounts directly on the compressor. It replaces the suction line that runs to the filter side of the turbo. The compressor is trying to get air from a vacuum with that old set up. This tube was replaced on new trucks at that time with a hose that went to engine intake manifold. At that point it's a positive pressure instead of the negative on the other side of the turbo. I'll look for the filter kit number.
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    Andy, I also have an "E" series Mack. It is a "EFU" serial number "1S2671" 1949 model, with only 23,373 miles. I have had the truck for about 15 years. I am missing the R.H. access panel on the hood and am unable to find one. I keep running into brick walls trying to find it. There must be limited numbers available of this series. This truck was originally purchased by the University of California and still has the decals on the doors. If anyone out there can assist me in obtaining the R.H. access panel, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks MACK EFU Michael of Southeast Missouri
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    Rob i believe if you would have used a 673 engine you can put the fire ring liners in it and have the heads scored for the fire ring, you can have an old style engine with the newer style head gasket. terry
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    The first engine with oil cooled pistons was the 673C engine with 250 hp. Terry
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