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    Raining pretty good when I snapped the photo yesterday morning and the decal is obviously aged but it's fitting: The caption reads: When America is Bankrupt and Lady Liberty Falls, Who will the Democrats and Media Blame?
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    I was in the right place at the right time this morning and got this video of a buddies LT hauling his D6 I believe. There are still a couple of working old Macks left in CA. Not many though. LT w-D6 video.MOV
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    I just wanted to give an update on my R770. I have everything working as it should, Cleaned and painted frame and hubs. Repurposed some tires. The ones on the truck had lots of tread but were badly weather checked from sitting for 16 years . After a polish, this is what I have. A side note about the flags. The previous owners wife would hand sew flags for her husband. There was a stack of them under the seat, so I thought I should be showing them off ,and sharing the story.
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    bought the peterbilts couple years ago from steve camerota of camerota truck parts in ct.
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    My friend found one of these pics on social media, so I figured since they have been also featured in the Canadian Bulldog Magazine back in the day I would post I may as well post my good friend's and his fathers old Mack's. The E9 V8 Superliner was a show and shine winner at El Rodeo Du Camion in Quebec. And the R pulling the float trailers had what he built as the very first auxiliary power unit around here back when there was no such thing. He put a Vauxhall engine in the side saddle storage box that charged the batteries, pre-heated the engine and wet line hydraulic oil tank and provided climate control in the cab when parked.
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    Just over 1100 miles one way with my Marmon and M172 trailer. Hopefully 700 miles home with a new B
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    Good deal on these straps, Tractor Supply. I saw a big Mack truck or two- I love watching Fox News on weekends. Happy Easter everybody.
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    May as well post one of the 87 R Model's I hauled salt with too. This was a strong little E6 350. Grossed 140,000 pounds all it's life running 8 to 12% hills north of here.
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    Listed as the first Mack for Yaworski Trucking in CT. Yaworski previously purchased lots of Ford products.
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    My nearest neighbors in Riverhead were living large off the state and would whine about my trucks, plowing fields at 7 a.m. and my dogs. Put antique plates on all of my hulks and put them on his property line, made a larger dog crap catapult for spicing up his pool and told the farmer who leased my fields to not turn in the rotten crops but put them along the fence line. No more issues after the local code enforcement said I was legal 100% and he was in violation for no C.O's on the pool, rear deck Gazbo, that his fence was on town property and the rocks he put on the edge of the county road were illgal and he was getting cite and fined to the tune of $250 per rock. Life is good. In Virginia my nearest neighbor is over a mile and a half away and the nearest in Maine is just under 20 miles away.
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    The new version is on the way but nothing better than the original style.
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    Here’s what I threw together with some scrap laying around. Solid and portable, not really a working stand but good for now.
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    A picture from back in the day. The fellow that took this picture made deliveries with the B or an LJ mixer.
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    From the folks up here.....
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    This is only one of three Diamond Reo’s I have seen operating in St. Louis, the other two are tandem axles set up as a dump and block truck.
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    no,that was the standard interior for the Cruiseliner
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    BCR Al, is this rig still out in your neighborhood? Specs? Info?
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    Quite easy matter. You wouldn't like to get hooked up on that handle. For example when seating down. So better to keep them sharp edge down or backwards. Something like on the #2 picture.
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    Showing someone drive a fuller 18 is worthless on learning how to drive a Mack 18, better shooting yourself in the head. read the book and hope you learn, and I say hope, I think a triplex or quad was easier or at least consistent, I really like the 4 reverse but the rest I can live without, and yes I drive one everyday and with bigger loads than most people and still don't like it, one good thing about the Mack 18 is when super hero steering wheel holder shows up and we let them take a spin, fun to watch them walk off talking to themselves. I 'll post pics. of loads going to Juarez MX, great fun, night time is real eye opener, 150' long and 10' wide right downtown, overhead crane beams.
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    I took a picture of it last year at Macungie. Nice looking rig!
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    A buddy of mine picked up this R-Model with a 8V71 a few weeks back. Fired right up with some fuel and some good batteries. He is unsure of the exact year. How long did the steel dash exist in the R-model?
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    It's kinda funny how most ALL the news have hot women anchors. Remember when it was just guys like Walter Kronkite and Dan Rather? I guess if I turn the volume off, I could stand to watch the national news?
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    A fitting end. Not a Volvo truck, but a Volvo anyway. http://prairiefarmreport.com/manure-spreader-vs-car/
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    Be compassionate-Go plant flowers on his grave and piss on them to water them
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    Classic look of a northeast Autocar.
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    Yeah it’s got to have it. I tried to make it work without it but it just won’t clear enough to start the nut. 41 Chevy that link is what I needed. I ordered it and should have it Tuesday. Thank you sir, if we ever meet up the first couple rounds are on me
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    LOL Spose manure happens cya
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    From what I can see on the pics all the setup is parts you can fabricate relatively easy sure with some efforts. Including the bumper since it's made of straight steel with straight corners. The attachment parts seem not needed to be reproduced as an absolute clone to the original since they're not seen from the outside. In relation to that reproducing (fabricating) of the flat style Superliner II bumper would be much more difficult task due to its stamped shape. Lucky it's stll avalible new OEM.
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    Another picture of the truck in question
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    James d. Morrissey from Philadelphia ran mixers just like the truck j. Hancock posted above with air cooled deutz’s. Here is a pic from google.
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    And some examples on Russian roads.
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    Saw this one in Petersburg last week. I'm not a Western Star expert, but I think this is a Low Max. Not my favorite Western Star model, but some of those new ones are sharp looking trucks.
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    A local fellow bought a Diamond Reo with an oem installed air cooled Deutz and ran it in his tipper fleet. Don't have a picture of the exact truck but it looked like this one.
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    guess you'd call it level one,the 3 levels of Cruiseliner interiors were Standard,Custom,and Deluxe.If I remember right Standard was available in brown only,Custom was diamond tucked,no buttons,available in brown or black,and Deluxe was diamonond tucked with buttons,in brown,black,red,or blue.
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    And thanks for your input folks. I appreciate it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    DOWN! Sure as shiitt if your like me you'll get hooked on something getting out. Hanging there in mid air trying to get loose! l'm damn good friends with a guy called Murphy. .....Hippy
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    Another Ball. Its a little dirty . Been in the shop for a long time . I don't play golf. It was given to me .
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    Any Mack of the vintage I ever used came from the factory with them pointing down. However, I'd say you can have them any old way you want. 🙂
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    I'm used to burning the candle at both ends and not doing that was driving me "stir crazy". Had to find something to do. Retired in February of 2018 and sat idle for over a year before throwing in the towel on the new career path of being lazy. The job so far is not a "grind" and is quite easy, (for me) but having a shop full of trucks getting no use serves no purpose either. Starting to reconcile that into progress with this latest endeavor.
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