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    remember the big power pole on the right corner leaving the market? i wiped at least a dozen people off the side of my trailer trying to get into the side door with that pole. one time i had a guy pop the door and climb into the empty trailer as i was leaving after dropping a load there. the guy behind me had his helper jump out and close/lock the door, then called me on the CB telling me what was up. the next light i fired up the reefer and set it at 35 degrees, then took a nice slow ride out to scranton before stopping and opening the rear door. that guy was damn near a popsicle. i gave him the option of getting out, or riding back with the reefer set at 10 below.
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    still running 3-4 times a week
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    Not bad for a quick "grab" photo. Looks like St.Louis still has those single axle 28 foot trailers, smallest we had in Minneapolis was 32 foot tandems. In good shape for a '98 model too.
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    Just put her on the boat and... Where we supposed to pick that boat up?
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    It’s bound to happen when you’re sitting by yourself for a nine 10.11 hrs. ...bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Personally, I think we should learn from the past. In WW2 they had troops sit in the back of a moving truck, with shotguns, shooting cross-angle trap & skeet while moving past the throw stations at 40MPH. That’s how the B17 gunners got their eye for leading moving targets. Have the Navy dump 20 gallons of expired marshmallows out on the water, wait for the seagulls to bob’n hover then dump the Metal Storm on them. When the sharks come to clean up the mess test some guided Torpedoes on them. A cheap, AOC green, solution that makes a safer, friendlier world.
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    Ogunquit, ME Public Works Department, Ford F-550 mini rubbish truck.
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    I used to to that when I was 9 years old I could do Detroit, Mack and Cummins,☺️
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    Saw this and remember you had some B project with a mixer I believe. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/csw/for/d/stewart-mack-61/6963019709.html
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    And nobody ever bought an R model for creature comforts, you bought them for the job you need done and because they don't quit!
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    1977 Mack Vin Gears 4:17 Wheel base 162" Motor NTC 350 Cummins Motor Assembly number. 3036939 Transmission is a 10 speed Eaton I purchased the truck about 9 years and have used it here and there. Looking to sell to purchase newer R model call or text me for more info or pictures: Eric 484-256-3341
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    25095125 $3.66 I leaned on Manders Diesel. Those guys are the best informed Mack parts men I’ve met. They’re a Mack dealership and a salvage yard so the guys at the counter have all the crossover compatibilities in their heads. There was no picture of it in the system. Bill found it listed though as a “qty 1” item on the diff breakdown.
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    This old rig will bring plenty of eyeballs to your YT channel. Great work!
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    No intentions from me to say where this place is, but it is not in PA. I just think it is a little fun to know there are some honey holes out there that have been there for a long long time. All of a sudden the place is a secret for some reason. Just glad to hear that parts are being sold and not being left to further rust to nothing. If there are guys here that are in need of parts there is a section here for that. Most items someone has, are still available from Mack, or a lead can be had for the parts. If I have any parts that I will not need I do offer them when I see someone looking. I don't have that many parts anymore as I am down to my last restorations, car or truck, that I am going to ever do. It takes a lot of money and time to rebuild or restore anything even if the parts are available these days. To fine an older restoration or nice original truck that needs a new home is far cheaper and faster way to go. Parts came from California, New Jersey, Maine, Texas, Florida plus10 other states to finish my first truck. So there are or were a lot of honey holes out there. I always liked walking junkyards and fine treasures every now and then. The hunt is part of the satisfaction keeping old stuff running at least for me.👍
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    Union LEADERSHIP greed that helped themselves, not members, has killed more union jobs than any other reason. Most if not all union leaders were members who spent most of there time looking for reasons to not work and still get paid, that is why they got into leadership roles. Good workers do not need a union, lazy workers do. I say this on Labor Day and am a 34+ year OEU member. By the way a 30+ year old Mack truck that has been maintained would be a money maker next to any 2019 junk on the road today.
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    I saw the horn button and the fixed heavy 5th wheel. It's this Devault truck from way back. Somebody got a nice unit!
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    There are two bolts inside the gear window which are trying to do the work of 6 bolts. They loosen, leak out to exterior space below the window, cause a stress crack to the rim of the banjo and require a weld repair to banjo mouth. When things really go south the crack will span through the threaded holes for the hold-down bolt and now you can't repair weld it properly. Wouldn't explain your problem, but adds another visible issue to your list. Sounds like you have real head scratcher. Stop welding it, shouldn't need it, plus, sorry dude, your welds are horrible. You welded it to the 1/8" thick output cover? Change all the studs, nuts and the Diff mount bolt. When installing run the four stud nuts up slight snug then torque the carrier bolt to banjo. Loosen the four studs, retorque banjo bolt again, run all 4 stud nuts up tight and torque each to grade 8 spec. Everything has been checked, your running hard. If it keeps doing it after that convert the centers to Neoprene Severe Duty bushings. You have fresh brass on a hogged out center stub, Neoprene will resurrect the center for the span of another service life.
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    Drive the truck around in a circle without the torsion arm.if the wheels walk off while turning then ur trunnion or bushing might be extremely worn.therefore while turning loaded that single bracket is taking all the stress of keeping the bogie straight which causes the bolts to break.
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    Recent problem? How long have you had the truck? Give us some history so we know if this is a new to you problem truck. Miles? Are your axle stops ALL in place? All 4 of them? Are the bolts being overtorqued on install? If so that stretches the bolt, which makes it thinner, thus weaker. How long are you getting out of the bolt before it breaks?
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    The ad says they're NOS, although they do have some light scratches and imperfections. https://www.ebay.com/itm/174012261419?ul_noapp=true
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    Keep your eyes on the truck for a minute - we're throwing back to 1980 for a bitchin' Autocar A64HD, with its super-groovy paint job. Also gracing the photo is Suzy, who was actually a manager at the Autocar plant before becoming a top dealer salesperson. #ThrowbackThursday #TBT Always Up - Autocar Trucks .
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    It’s hard to say an EUP could never develop plunger leak. Look at how many years some cores could be moving in and out of chassis’s. The originals weren’t designed pre low sulfur(dry) fuel. The engineering is fascinating, you’d never think fuel film could seal so perfectly. On the flip side I’ve never seen one leaking from the stem and have been surrounded by them for 21 years. Currently, at work, we have 28 EUPs pounding fuel into cylinders daily. None of them have developed the leak your describing.
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    A big Mack "B-61" wrecker.
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    Right now I’m in the middle of scraping and painting this big barbecue porch also had to replace a bunch of 2/4s this guy is helping me I’m paying him handsomely haha actually I work with him And he’s always looking for extra money also replacing a door inside house and repairing another door lol no end....bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not all of our Ford trucks have been red, but a lot of them certainly have! Here's the 1969 F-600 flatbed dump (factory Ford bed!) and 1985 F-350 diesel: The F-600 is really badly faded, the bumper and grille had been primed in this picture. Sold it when we left NY, 391 V-8 and 4 speed would've made for a miserable trip. The F-350 lives on the farm now, still works hard, 6.9L International V-8 diesel, 4 speed T19 transmission, 2WD. I had this 1993 F-250 diesel for a while: 7.3L International V-8 diesel, ZF5 overdrive transmission, 4WD, excellent pickup truck. Started having "transmission problems" and the shop told me it wasn't worth fixing, turned out to just be totally worn out clutch linkage bushings for the push rod to the master cylinder. Sold it to a guy who wanted to plow with it after it pinholed the oil cooler and sprayed oil everywhere. Seen above moving a blue 1984 Ford Ranger factory diesel!
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    An early 2000s Ford F-750 dump truck.
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    Red all over.
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    Alton, NH still owns its first motorized fire engine, a 1917 Ford Model "A" chemical truck. bulldogboy
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    Wilton, NH Fire Department's antique Engine 3, a 1936 Ford. bulldogboy
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    A thread on red Fords? OK, here's mine from the 90's when I lived in Anchorage. 64 F250 factory 4x4 with a 312 V8. Thing was a tank.
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    Pepperell, MA Fire Department, Forestry 1, 2002 Ford F-550 with a 450 GPM pump. bulldogboy
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    Greendash, I owned a home in Windser Highlands,moved from there to Weeki wachee Florida,where I am now.Pitt Ohio didn't have a terminal in 84 when I lived in Washington County.Are they by the race track or in 84 proper? Overnight had a terminal by the Racetrack, did they take it over when UPS. Bought Overnight? I spent many a night at the little t.s. in 84 off I70.Furthest I've been on the "island" is Ronkonkoma,used to deliver to a building supply there
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    Two more red fords: 1. An early '80s F-700 with two tanks on board, not sure what it was used for. 2. A new style "Louisville" dump truck for sale. bulldogboy
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    When my Mom passed away in Feb. this year, I got her 2013 F150. That makes four red Fords in my garage..!!
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    Two red Ford pumpers, formerly New Boston, NH Fire Department, a 1970s Ford "N"/Howe and a Ford "C" with what looks like a homemade body. The Howe had a chain driven positive displacement pump; Howe was one of the last manufacturers to use them. Photos taken about 1980. bulldogboy
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    Nashua, NH Fire Department, CFR-1, 2008 Ford F-550/CET, 500 gallons AFFF/ATC. bulldogboy
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    The way it was.
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    A couple of red Ford pickups on the car show circuit. A 1934 and a 1950 "F-1". bulldogboy
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    When we rebuilt the green truck AC, radio, air ride seats, a second fuel tank and the list goes on were added. Soon it will get a tilt nose. We are working on its baby brother right now. This truck is getting AC, stereo, air ride seats, 3.90 gears (instead of the 4.88's) with an air locker, reyco air ride suspension, the mt643 was converted to a mt653 (this added a super low first). No we did not fix that cab. It was replaced with a rust free CA cab. To dress things up we are adding aluminum rims and stainless mirrors.
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    I found this at the York toy show today. I am familiar with the history behind it, what do you think?
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    thanks for posting I enjoyed it
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    Thanks for taking the time to post another great history lesson.
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    Me being a rail fan as well as a mack nut I found this article to be extra interesting!!! Thanks for p posting about this and macks other little known products
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    Very interesting articles. Thanks for posting this bit of history. It only makes me wonder if my father saw any of these Mack locomotives when he worked on the railroad. mike
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    That is AWESOME! Thank you for that article
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    Excellent posting. This material is worthy of a magazine article. I suppose the rail guys have a periodical don't they? Anyway, good stuff and thank you for taking the time to put it in here for us to read. Greg
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    Both of these Mack locomotives need better homes than they have now and certainly could be restored to running condition. One is a 1935 12-ton Mack locomotive (serial no. 171008), now located at the Black River and Western Railroad in Ringoes, New Jersey. It was previously owned by the Bigelow-Sanford Carpet Company, the Harrison Warehousing Company and the Crucible Steel Company. The second unit is a 1930 12-ton "special construction" Mack locomotive (serial no. 171010) that was first operated by Perth Amboy Garage and later the Edgar Brothers Kaolin Company in McIntyre, Georgia. The locomotive is presently in Georgia at the City of Gordon's 1885 Depot and Railroad Museum. Both deserve a better fate than what they have now, resting outside at the mercy of the elements. They should be restored and operational, and stored indoors. .
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