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    The r models I have seen that have air ride cabs all have the same front mounts as those without air ride.
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    I just knew you were going to have a new anthem, that trucks looks great compared to them!
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    Clean and green heavy tractor. Picture is from 20 years ago or so.
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    Covid is falling into its predicted role. It’s a great little tool to stop open voting, but not really useful as a tool to suppress the lawless young liberal out on the street raising hell. It’s a switch leadership can now turn on and off according to need and works best against the law abiding than the lawless. Same with Dems pressure applied against lawful gun owners. Suppress people who respond/react to control methods and follow laws......don’t properly enforce the existing laws against known felons. Lets put the hairdresser in a jail cell and let the other prisoners go because we don’t want the LAWLESS to get Covid. The conservative outspoken hairdresser can get Covid in jail and die, she’s spoke up against us.
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