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    Heavy tractor from the Sterling Motor Truck, Co. of Milwaukee, WI.
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    When I first joined the work force as an electrical tech doing basic stuff, one shop guy asked me to go to the warehouse and ask for a bucket of ohms. I went and someone told me they didnt have any. When I went back to the electrical shop i told them they didnt have anymore and everyone busted out laughing. Ive come a long way since then lol. But I too have fallen victim to this prank.
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    If your talking about the 1/2 hole in the dash, that will just get a chrome push-in plug, And yes the cab is off frame and that hole in floor is for clutch pedal.
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    When I decided to build my small fleet of dump trucks. I chose to stay in the 2001-2007 Range to avoid the DPF and regen stuff that I hear people have problems with and to make it easier to build a knowledge base so I can do my own repairs (older trucks do need more maintenance and repairs, but i saw this as an opportunity to learn). I currently have 4 Macks and will have a few more next year, for the price of a newer mack (2013+) I could purchase two 2001-2007 range trucks and with the help of this wonderful forum and other resources, one can stay on top of breakdowns and repairs. I think the key to successfully run older trucks is to build a knowledge base of your equipment, repairs can eat your bank account for breakfast if you aren't careful. Being resourceful, handy, and hard working you can reduce downtime and repair costs. Its almost a must to do your own repairs on older equipment. Part of the reason going to older trucks is to save money, and if you constantly take it to the repair shop, you may not profit.
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    Looks to me like he’s currently missing a clutch petal and that’s where that’d go, unless he’s throwing an automatic in there... it looks like there’s no transmission connected to the cab currently, like the cab is currently off the frame. Not sure but that’s what would go there...
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    Beautiful!! Got to ask what’s going in empty hole left of steering column?
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    I think for $1 million TS7 Defense could update a 1951 Dodge M-37 and it would do a better job for less than any of these things.
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    The other US market truckmakers could all learn something about sales marketing from.......Autocar.
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    Autocar Trucks is excited to bring back the awesome Autocar A64B Tractor model by AMT. This is the original kit from the 1970s, with over 250 detailed parts scaled from the original Autocar blueprints. Now molded in white with an expanded decal sheet, vinyl truck tires, Cummins NHC-250 6-cylinder diesel engine, optional fog and driving lights, and much more. http://www.autocar-gear.com/Details.aspx?itemNo=S-AC-031 .
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    Is this a pic of your truck? Saw it on Facebook and thought it resembled yours.
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    His and most here have a drain valve on the bottom the balance is sealed. Water molecules are bigger than fuel so the filter and mesh stops them and they settle in the drain cup, kind of like a moisture trap for a shop compressor.
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    When I was in Vietnam my cousin was stationed in Germany where many of the wounded were sent and where the remains were routed through. It affected him later in life as much as combat did me. I feel it affects front line troop , rear guard and even their families in many ways.
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    That cab should be quiet!! Is that fiberglass, and where did you buy it?
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    I was only speaking to my mother about this very thing a week or so ago We dont do enough for veterans and their families We ask them to put it all on the line for a cause they might not even agree with but we are to lousy to put out our hands to help after the fighting is over I only learnt my Grandfather who was in the RAAF although he was ground crew , he was a air frame fitter I asked what that was as a child "when they come in like a colander I send em out like a bowl" I never new until only days ago he was a fire fighter in the airforce as well, the memories of the burnt and mangled air crews haunted him to the day he died apparently As I said I only learnt this days ago Most of us only think of the front line troops and the trauma they must suffer I do wonder how far reaching this trama can be Paul
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    Good looking hauler powered by Cummins.
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    Dash finished, go to work on the doors. the headliner is being covered with gray diamond tuck.
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    I sent out a newbe a few years ago for a bucket of steam. Smart A came back with a bucket with dry ice.
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    o btw the service manger at mack wanted to cut the wires and put a switch WTF. I spend 200000 on a new truck and he wants to start chopping up the harness.
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