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    A beautiful Brockway.
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    I finally made it to Macungie for the first time, what a great show! Some really beautiful trucks here. Here's an RD800 glider kit, I'll bet there was a lot of salivating over this one.
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    Like said before. It takes time to learn how to use them. Local guy had one and I could use the bars and do it quicker then he could for awhile. But once he figured out he liked it.
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    Keep searching, and keeping us up dated .This will read better than an Agatha Christie novel ..Might I recommend you do a satellite google map search of junk yards with a hundred miles .
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    Well, That's one way of keeping it hidden from the neighbors! .....Hippy
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    Autocar Trucks Press Release / June 14, 2019 .
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    Autocar Trucks Press Release / June 13, 2019 Atlantic Petroleum was dominant in Pennsylvania and naturally was a loyal Autocar customer. This tough 1932 Autocar model 2G was probably delivering a load of White Flash brand gasoline, which ran about 18 cents/gallon. .
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    I might stop another time and check it out further. It was getting to be dusk and this is farmer's shotgun territory. No need to startle anyone!
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    For DIY use just go to harbor freight they have two models of polishers I bought the $75.00 buck one that has like four speed settings, 1000 to 3500 rpm. And I found 3500 works best. I bought a 3 pack of one 10" and two 8" buffer wheels with three two lb bars of polish for $92.00 bucks off ebay. All of it worked real well, as you can see below.
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    The only H model I saw at the show. I'm sure everyone joined me in saying, "WE WANT TO SEE MORE H MODELS!"
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    Believe it or not, with the chemicals they use along with the salt up here, even Durabrights are no good. They stain and tarnish after one winter. Alcoa will replace them once (maybe twice if you really fight) under warranty.....then they give you a set of regular polished rims and say have fun with that. That's why normally once everything get tarnished I just do the SOS pad shine. Stuff just don't last here.
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    these tool s work great BUT trying to use them with out super slick lube they are just as hard to handle as the regular tools
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    I find that if you see something at Northern tool , Get it because if you wait six months they may not be selling them any more .
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    WTF!!?? LOL Kinda looks like every Peterbilt I see at every large car show. Hahahahaha.
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    Scrounging parts, fixing, priming. The finished parts are stacking up, all the frame repairs are complete and it's fully primed. I bought my first gallon of color, to paint all the mating surfaces on the frame. Also bought a ton of nuts, bolts and washers to start assembling the frame. Slow and steady is getting it done.
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    There you go one more gripe......I’ve seen 4 commercials for Harley rally’s is here in Reno not one add for ATHS truck show what that that tell you no adds .....idiots thanks guys for nothing that’s why I left your shiitty club....again thanks for nothing .....lol bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well I am 63 been road driving for 43 years and I still got treated the same way. Don’t blame you at all my friend they won’t see me again...bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    they don't need my funding. only wheels of time I read is when someone gives it to me anymore and 95 percent of the mag is all advertisement anymore. being a young guy and who has restored his own truck and a few more im not the Skip Mckeen or the Tackaberry and I feel I get treated like shit at most ATHS shows. ill stick to Macungie and a few more and will enjoy driving my truck and not paying $35 to register it to show and $25 a piece for me and the wife to attend the show after I register. don't think ill ever be attending another National ATHS show. all big money game
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    Well I showed up this morning lots of cool truck only walked around about an hour legs are getting tired never saw Ken farmer52 enjoy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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