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    My dad got a EE Mack truck hopfully to haul his hit and miss engines to shows. We got it running but we need a water pump for a continental inline six. We found some good tires so now on to the brakes. We are going to leave it in it's original Condition. The bed was gone so going to build a new one. I'll try to post pics when I figure out how
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    I think he's living a comfortable retirement...he sang on the tribute show for Johnny Cash after Johnny passed. Every time Kawliga or Family Tradition comes on the radio, I have to crank it up.
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    So our great president offers up Doral resort for the G7 for cost or free if it can be done legal wise, but the liberal loons go off the deep end, he will get free advertising, his company will make money, oh the corruption of it all, never mind the fact that it would be free or almost and that would save tax dollars, which the left really does not care about, they will just send the taxpayer a bigger bill, Democrats do NOT care about the average person, they stick it to the taxpayer every chance they get, now Trumps business can't donate Doral because at some point he could profit, well let's see do think any one would have anything that they would need to hear from Obama if he had not been president, another words he profits from speaking to brain deads only because he was president, otherwise there is nothing that comes out his mouth that any one would want to hear.(other than I am guilty of treason) You have to be completely insane to be a Democrat,. Now AOC has come out for Bernie, a complete anti American, save the world at the cost of the US taxpayer, but he does reserve the right for himself and others that think like him to prosper but the rest of us can live in poverty, think I saw that movie, did not end well for anybody. I only need to be God for 10 seconds and I can fix this problem.
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    That is a neat truck. A have sent a couple waterpumps to Authur Gould rebuilder. They are worth a call. Mike
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    Well here's where I let the cat out of the bag because several of you wish that you had my time. I'm salaried at work and run the shop, when the work is done, parts ordered and the shop cleaned I work on the 75 til the next job shows up. The boss doesn't care, I work seven days a week so something gets done on the 75 everyday.
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    If Fox is comfort food for stupid people then CNN, MSNBC and the rest must be the main menu for the anti American left wing gonna destroy America crowd. I hope DJC you posted that for entertainment and that is not your belief ??
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    Not a lot this week. I got one of the rare van loads, but I had to back into some tight spots with it. Seemed like every one was tighter than the last one. I had to go down the big 10 mph. hill into Uniontown. Got a ticket going down it running 17 mph. one time, probably in the 90's. Cost me over a hundred dollars then. It's just ridiculous, you don't have to go into Hopwood now, and about everything has an engine brake. I was empty, and I was empty when I got that ticket. I saw this car in Grayson, Ky. I thought it was pretty neat looking. Nice looking corn field too, on rt. 259 in WV. Good picture of the mixer I used to have. And then, when I was on the way home Friday, I stopped at the Winfall Public Library to do some research. This woman was sitting in her car in the parking lot, and she asked me if I would jump her. So I said "do you have cables?" And she said "huh?..what are you talking about?" I said "jumper cables, you idiot, do you have any? because I don't". Then she said "never mind, I don't think we're on the same page here". So I left and went home, I still don't know what she was talking about.
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    Never knew he was a drag racer! The movie mentioned came out in 1968 so that dated the photo at early 1968. 1967 Z-28.
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    I’ve stoped watching the news all together these days, everyone has an agenda and will curve stories to fit their’s or they won’t share stories they can’t curve... there no unbiased source anymore except the sources for the media, which is where I get the news. News is only useful for knowing big important events like another terrorist attack or something of the sort... sometimes when it seems like there’s no real source for something I check what everyone is saying from all sides and only accept what they all agree on and take the rest with a wheelbarrow of salt until it’s independently reviewed and confirmed... the media and politicians thrive off divisiveness, people are more likely to donate when they’re more passionate and the media gets more views the crazier they can make a headline which gives them more ad revenue... a prime example is when MSMBC said they found Trumps taxes when everyone was running a round saying he had committed tax fraud and it turned out it was nothing but they really hyped it up to get viewers... it’s like that with everyone unfortunately... this is why the loudest voice today on both sides the most extreme one, the divisiveness gets boosted so that everyone profits, meanwhile it makes a laughingstock of our country and the hardworking people who everyday bust their asses protecting the average Joe or working to make someone else’s life a bit better see nothing from it all... I still believe we wouldn’t have such a problem if we didn’t have political parties to begin with and everyone could think for themselves instead of having to align to the two main parties which have proven countless times they alter their own policies not to reflect their true beliefs but instead to make sure they oppose the other so we all stay divided. But I don’t think any of us will see politics parties either increase in how many are major enough to be recognized or cease to legally exist all together... but that doesn’t mean I don’t pray it happens some day!
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    This year stars didn't line up for me to visit Tructoberfest but I could get to another show. The event took place in Europe so much closer to me. Actually the closest Mack event if look from my location. Some trucks worked in Europe in the past and than later became restored. Some others were imported from the US for hobby reasons. Also interesting that a couple of rigs came to the show from Great Britain. That's another coast of La Manche, means they had to take a ferry and make at least 300 km trip.
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    We were coming thru Canterbury CT on vacation and the Google said "Haul of Fame Museum" so I pulled into the lot. No one was around and the last I heard the museum is closed so I took some photos of what was parked outside. It's a shame to see the weeds and rust taking over some of these trucks.
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    Ok, these are too nice to not be shared.
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    the only way to fix the demoncratic part is to put a bounty on their heads, with no bag limit.
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    ohhhh ya,,i would gladly except both R models...bob
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    that shiny red dump and that R model would look good in my yard..yes also a ford man,,,we have 3 of them.lol.bob
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    Its crazy how many White fleet trucks were on the road and how few are left.
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    wow that thing is gonna be gorgeous....a friend of mine put that exhaust setup on his R model....perfect sound....also i wish i had your time and ambition....when you finish up,come over and finish my DM.ahahahahahaha..bob
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    I've seen my pictures posted on different facebook pages, and that's fine, but one time I saw a picture of the Highbinder at P.L. Duncan's that I took on a truck page that no longer exists, and they had put their watermark on, like it was their picture. That pissed me off.
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    You da man Paul lol Bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Random question, how many guys have urinals in their garages? I installed a small urinal in my garage today. My wife thinks I was crazy to do this. Her theory is there is a complete bathroom in the Mother-in-law suite above the garage and I can just run up there when nature calls. My thought is--- I don’t have to take off my booths if they’re dirty to go upstairs and it saves time. Any comments.
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    Got my first B model last week, can’t wait to start working on it this winter! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    He is a real deal lover of single action colts and sharps rifles he does his own loading and he was involved in a gun repair shop.
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    The outer covering on the Heat sound suppressor material is a heavy {mylar/foil} covering. There is nothing to short out wires on, non conductive. Now the tape I used to cover the seams is Aluminum foil duct tape. But I'm not to worried about fires or the like. Actually I'm more concerned about a meteor hitting it.😉
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    And Denis-note one"n" is also a Ford guy. If you know what a Super Duty is he probably has more of them on his property than anyone in the country. The dump is the first new T-850 he bought and it sits inside.
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    I may have posted this before but to add to Jim's picture of the B-81, this is the guy that did it- Danny Melone. And he did it virtually by himself including cab off and new rail sections that he got from Adams. Mack was new inn his family redi-mix business and pulled like a 25' tandem dump. And as for Macks, there aren't many guys who know more about them than this guy. Oh and he was close to 80 when he did this!
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    YOU WANT ANSWERS?? YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH!!! Alive and well indeed here in St. Louis. Never stopped playing with trucks, just pulled back quite a bit from the public eye. So, to answer the question, I started with Mack a couple of years ago. Had some discussions at both a dealer and corporate level about what I wanted to do. Dealer seemed completely disinterested. Mack corporate was too enamored about chasing an NFL player that had the last name of Mack but had nothing to do with the industry. We pitched a pretty cool limited edition concept but just heard crickets in return. In the end, we were certainly welcome to buy a new truck and modify it, but we were stuck with a cheap, crappy grey interior with seats that look like they belong in an AMC Gremlin, an emissions motor, no single cab side exhaust and no cab mounted deflector. Aftermarket sleeper on a daycab Pinnacle or Granite was indeed an option but really wasn't thrilling given the stark lack of enthusiasm, the complete junk grey Gremlin interior and the shop queen emissions engine. In the end, the choice to look elsewhere stemmed from it being apparent that Mack corporate had ZERO interest in this project and continued to completely ignore and disregard any ties to what is arguably the single most globally recognized Mack truck ever made. Their silence was heard and noted. As indicated in the video description, I shed no tears and looked at other options with other dealers and manufacturers. I'm extremely happy with the direction we went. Right out of the gate, our salesman Greg understood exactly what we were trying to do and he pulled his local and corporate resources and contacts in to make it happen. We are putting on the finishing touches and modifications now. We will have a lot more to follow, including roll-out of a new website about the film and the trucks. Lots of good new information for the Convoy groupies.
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    That reminds me of a poem I heard many years ago- many years. "When I was young, and didn't have no sense- I peed upon an electric fence. It singed my hair, and scorched my balls... and made me shit in my overalls!" Author unknown.
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    I'd like one in every vehicle I drive.
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    Love my DE and happy to have it. 1942-- and only the 3rd owner.
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