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    You give us almost enough info to help but start with is it left front or rear on truck or trailer.
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    If you grab the drag link you should be able to feel if there is excess play in the ends. It will rotate but shouldn’t have slop in it.
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    I hauled mine about 50 miles of 2 lane with my 8.1 gas job. Yours is probably about a 2000 pounds heavier with the wrecker stuff, and my trailer has dual wheel.
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    Hi Mike: Fred Fox here with Gaumer Industries. I designed the Gaumer Replacement Trunnion Stand in 1999. I have more than 30,000 units in service with ZERO PROBLEMS. My company manufactures, maintains Inventory, and distributes The Gaumer Replacement Trunnion Stand. Please call or write with comments. Fred
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    Look at the box there should be a lash adjustment on it. Generally a jamb nut and a slotted machine thread screw to adjust the sector shaft play. If it is there you need to get the specs on end play. May be a Sheppard box in it but not 100% sure.
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    This PDF file will get you most all you need for your entire truck. Eleven pages of dealers and suppliers https://www.macktruckshistoricalmuseum.org/-/media/files/museum/parts-suppliers-for-old-trucks-2017-jan-4.pdf/?la=en
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    Hi All, I have a 1949 EE Mack with the flathead gasoline engine. Even though it runs, I'd like to rebuild the engine, but before pulling it down, I want to see what new (NOS) parts I can find. Any and all leads will be appreciated. Thanks Greg
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    ^^^^^^^ I agree with This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Once upon a Time, News Organizations reported the Facts & nothing but the facts. You could then form your own opinion based on the facts,, .....................Today their far too busy promoting their Owners Point of View.
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    I did a search for BigEatonTrucks.com, nothing comes up, it’s weird?
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    Went back again today and got a few more pics...
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    same here. back in 88 i heard a ford dealer 20 miles away just got in a diesel 4X4. when i got off work i grabbed my partner at the body shop and went to the ford dealer 20 miles away in a 66 dodge W300 with 750,000 miles on it. i walked in the front door covered in grease, he was covered in body filler dust and paint and we looked like someone drug us out of the gutter. told the salesman i wanted the white diesel parked out front and they started with the we don't think you can afford it crap. i asked how much and he said 19 grand. i told him i will give you 17 grand rite now. he said i will have to talk to the owner. a few minutes later the owner came out with the salesman and said we can not do that. i picked up the stack of hundred dollar bills and said see ya. when they realized i was talking CASH Now, things changed real fast and i became their best friend. i think what really made them soil their pants was when i removed my overalls before getting in the new truck to leave and they saw the 45 i was carrying. 😆
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    There needs to be washers or a thick washer between the bracket and the housing on the bolt that goes into the bango housing or it will not stay tight! The difff casting has milled flat cut outs for flat washers to fit there all the way around the diff if you don't put the thick washer there or at least several flat washers there for the bracket to seat to the bracket will never stay tight!
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    Nice toys by the way! We never get pictures from new members.
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