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    Inner tube sections with an interference fit to tubing, rods, and linkage sandwiched between the floorpan, or firewall and a piece of plastic makes for a good weather seal in penetrations too.
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    The "900" series was a very common turn signal switch through the years. Some like the later variant with the headlamp dimmer incorporated into the switch and some still prefer the button on the floor. Personal preference there but if you already had the "newer" style, it's quite simple to string new and additional wiring in the truck.
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    Dunno why all the drama with a foot of snow 🤔LOL
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    That is great news Fuzzy!!! Hopefully they are affordable and versatile enough to be up fitted for all makes and models or with minor alterations. I will keep this in mind and forward.
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    Soaked the damned thing good with both a spray bottle and eventually garden hose with the engine just purring. Sumbitch this is gonna be a tough one. I know if I set it out in the rain this afternoon it won't start. Have far too much "stuff" packed inside the building for the winter to take the pressure washer after it in the open area so that's out till warmer weather. Got a buddy on the road and he's going to stop and look at this for me as he and I think quite closely in vehicles: If he gives it a "go", I'll wire the money and he'll bring it home so I can cease screwing with this Durango. Grand daughter likes red so what's a guy to do?????
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    A friend at Rural Retreat, VA is reproducing the Mercury sleeper. PM me for his cell number
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