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    Remember them first before the shopping, bar b que and Indy. They paid for you being able to do this. As for my Nam brothers, I don't have it in me to be with you all this year but you're all in my heart. For those offended by this true image. . .good!
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    Hah-I didn't say anything about.."what runs true". I'm saying what looks good on an old beast-IMO😎
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    Ahhh... I believe there is an Ohio based drag racer with a white B model that might be looking for a front axle swap.
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    Here is a DS sporting what appears to be ACL style headlights.
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    Watts Mack who owns the site had rockers, doors roof panels and more. Scroll through the 4 pages and you can call Barry and ask about things you don't see. Tell him you are a BMT Member. 1-888-304-MACK (6225) http://www.wattstruckcenter.com/store/index.php?route=product/category&path=60_81&page=1
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    Panels are still available? I would not have thought that considering Mack doesn't stock any motor parts any more. I saw my old R model a couple weeks ago. Pretty sad sight. cab is rotten, motor has been replaced and is shot, they even put mufflers on it!!!
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    Most Canadian trucks at 62-65 anyway lol
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    Got this on trade a couple weeks ago,had some time this afternoon,so I thought I'd see if I could get it home,got it woke up from its 8+ year nap,but ground too soft to get it moved out
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    Hi everyone, I have just joined up to this great site , I live in England and have been a big Mack truck fan since I was probably 4 . Now at 45 I really want to build a Rubberduck replica out of an R model. Living in England these are obviously not very common at all , however importing from the States is pretty easy. My other passions are my 800hp NASCAR , ex Carl Edwards 99 Ford Fusion and I have owned and raced so many Mustangs I’ve probably lost count . Guess I was just born in the wrong country, growing up in the 70s and 80s every thing I used to watch on tv involved American cars and Trucks , guess that made us like we are 👍. I’m also a big country music fan .Thanks for letting me join . Regards Simon
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    The unit is tied in with the centrifugal advance on the distributor and works by vacuum off the advance unit to hold a stead RPM when pumping or other steady run use. U.S.Army tech manual TM1826C is the Zenith/ Carter and Holly carb with the Mechvac go to book. It's a WWII to pre Vietnam tech manual that covers the Zenith card and the mechano-vac governer. Dukw's, Studebaker duece and a halfs and GM CCKW's and M114's, Chrysler Hemi powered Civil Defense sirens, Jeeps, Dodges and others all ran them. Know anyone in the mil surplus or mil vehicle sales or club should give you access to the tech manual and or Mechovac parts
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    I am so glad I have older trucks.
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    Has the +3 cab.
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    looks about a 69 70, 71 with the marker lights and reflectors on the fenders. buy it... they don't make them anymore. looks like someone changed the air cleaner to the newer style and ditched the oil bath
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    It's 6 speeds forward (low on the right stick sets every gear to the equivalent of the gear below it, i.e. 2nd acts like 1st, 3rd like 2nd, etc.) And 5 speeds reverse. Nothing pops a grease monkey's eyes open like shifting from 1st through fourth in reverse. And on a straight truck there is no better transmission for offroading. (3rd gear reverse has gotten me through some soft mud many times in our volumetric concrete trucks. Your momentum and continued power application is invaluable.). Only downside is these trucks tend to hit the governor around 62mph.
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    I have no trouble spending your money so I vote for Buy It. A 685 would have been born with a 237 Maxidyne and turbo (no cooling). Also a big fan of the X107 6 speed trans. Very versatile unit.
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    HO scale or Lionel would be in my budget!
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    I can't stand people that ride next to trucks. It's dangerous, and locks the trucker in from navigating around dangers ahead of him. I've found that when you start getting surrounded by idiots the smartest thing to do is remove yourself from the situation, which is pretty much always slow down. Let the situation unfold, then go back to cruising. For the 30 seconds it sets you back on the road it's well worth it. Keeps your head cool; give yourself a pat on the back that everyone's still alive. Hard to explain to a judge why you nipped someone's car and caused a pileup when we're supposed to be the professionals.
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    Autocar Trucks Press Release / May 21, 2019 As a member of the Conventional Cab Autocar Steering Committee, a plaque was awarded to Houston, Texas-based WCA Waste Corporation* Vice President of Fleet & Procurement Jason Saunders in grateful recognition for his individual contribution to the design and development of the new Autocar DC-64R. WCA will be receiving the very first commercially produced unit in October 2019! * https://wcawaste.com/ .
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    Not too many things sound as good as a V8 pulling hard in my opinion, Love the sound! I've said it before I wish Scania had stepped up to the plate when Mack was floundering instead of these Volvo turds! OH well its done now as has been said before they are creating job security for the next generation till they run off all the customers!😥
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    Do you do a lot of farming Paul? What do you have for crops? I don't farm, just always been interested in it. I live about an hour away from a lot of farm land. Hay and dairy is big here. When i was a kid I grew up beside a Massey Ferguson dealer. My main crop is snow, LOL. I'll have to go do some reading up on Chamberlain tractors.
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    Those power spin out rims are called P.A.V.T power adjustable variable track (todays useless information lol) We never had many tractors with variable wheel tracks until recent years as most of Australia is broad acre farming not row crop farming I have had many tractors over the years but I seem to hang on to these two My good old C 670 Chamberlain, the best tractor I have ever owned, up graded to the other Chamberlain with a cab Paul
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    As someone who has restored tractors for over 40 years I would leave the Allis the way it is .Some shows have areas for tractors that are originals . That Allis is a good clean looking tractor .
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    As a bloke who has spent more of his life in a tractor seat than a truck seat I reckon one of the best value tractors is the 86 series International This one I have had for many many years and its still going strong Have rebuilt both boxes and the front axle over the years but it still goes good and will work a full day with out missing a beat Paul
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    Na you don''t need to see the road in the middle east, you just run over everyone and keep going
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    Ex Oshkosh M1075 in Abu Daubi with Jeep cab and modified Lonestar for the "help" to run errands in. Maybe it will be a new fad for our soccer moms??
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    I have never, ever seen one of those.
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    Does it have a front camera so you can see the road?
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    Not in this climate. Look at the Liberty Bell issue. Should be removed because it was paid for and made by slave owners. Penn State removed William Shakespeare for the English Dept because he was"too white", Ben Carson is on the carpet for saying HUD low cost housing should be for American Citizens not illegals. Virginia renamed Rte 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) because it glorified slavery. . .ironically it was renamed Richmond Highway . . .former capital of the CSA Maybe RuPaul would be a good candidate for the reintroduced two dollar bill so every alphabet group is included. 'too
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    For there first shot at a conventional in a long time it looks promising. If this thing is specked and priced right I think they could sell some trucks. them showing it as a vocational truck means they want back in the game. Its refreshing to see a old name out here trying something different. you can see they went a little retro but stands out as a modern truck as well. Looking forward to its release
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