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    How's it going everybody? So, as the title says I have a 1949 Mack L95 that I plan on restoring. I'm new to Macks, and big trucks in general, so I'm here for some much needed guidance from the experts. I have experience with car restoration and work as a general mechanic, but really very little experience with big trucks. A quick back story on the truck. Its a 1949 L95 with the big en707a gas job and 1000gpm. The fire department I work for in MA used to buy exclusively Macks from the 40s through the 70s. This truck was bought new by my department in 49, where it served as E4 for 25yrs until 1974. It then became spare E22 until about the mid 80s when it was auctioned off, never to be seen again... Until a few years ago. In 2016 someone sent me a Craigslist ad to this truck for sale, rotting away in the woods in NH. Being assigned to E4 at the time, and being a gearhead and history buff, I couldn't let it go. I went up to NH and brought her home. According to the seller it ran when parked a little over 10yrs ago. I moved the motor by hand and it does turn over. Theres some rot around the door sills, floor and seat frame, but the body is rock solid. The motor looks fairly clean, however it looks like there May have been some sort of leak /crack in one of the heads... Looks like someone put some epoxy in a small spot on the outside of the head. Other than that, there was a big nest in the carb (air cleaner was off) and the exhaust manifold had a couple pieces broken out (which I guess is common?). I haven't done a whole lot with it so far, but am hoping to get started soon. Ive done as much research as I can, including contact Mack and getting all the history, documents, and restoration resources on the truck. I pulled the carb (which is a big Zenith) and rebuilt it with a NOS rebuild kit from Zenith. I drained the oil and put a little marvel in the cylinders. The basic plan is to get the motor to the point I can try turning it over to at least get an idea of where it stands and then go from there. From there I'll make a list, starting with the brakes which were taken apart by the previous owner. All in all I'm a little overwhelmed, but really an dedicated to getting this thing done! I'm committed to hearing that big 707 run again. What I'm looking for is any tips, tricks, guidance, or even "hey, what the hell are you doing you idiot!?" from you guys who have experience with these trucks. Does my initial plan of attack sound decent? Also advice in sourcing parts, for example finding an exhaust manifold. Sorry for the long story! I appreciate any and all advice, and thanks in advance! Here are some pictures of how we found it, and just after we towed her out.
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    Mack CL Elite 500 HP
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    No. They should've. The superliner 2 was actually a set forward CL. Technically the CL was a set back superliner to be truthful.
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    Make them automatic ?!! So they can spend more time texting, shopping, watching a video or taking selfies because the the Lane Monitoring APP, Collision APP, the Cruise Control APP, the intersection Side entry monitoring APP and the Self Parking APPs? Headlights must cut into their socializing APP Since they are always on their I phone how about a simple APP just saying "put the phone down, turn your lights on a drive the Efin car"
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    I was able to get a modern day set of tie rod ends made by meritor and a bar to match that fit the FA-522 spindles. Part numbers are as follows.... Meritor #R230024 left Meritor #R230025 right Meritor #A-3102-S-3451 tie bar King pin bushings are being machined at this point along with the nut to accept a thrust bearing. Just have to find a solid drag link now due to the owner wanting to do away with the air assist steering.
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    Ya, but those fenders look good on that truck! LOL. I loved driving the CL's. They were a nice truck. And the red Elite interior was one of the nicest ever.
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    Snug as a bug.............in a tent. Everything fits in but I'd better not buy anything else. Now onto the sides and the doors hopefully soon.
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    Jack it up though ...........Jack.....
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    you forgot this: and dim to half power when another car is coming the other way or is in front of them, because the drivers are too freaking stupid to turn the high beams off and not blind everyone else on the road.
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    I have found th@ the truck makers do not do a one off custom truck I went n bought a 2nd hand Mack Titan Road train truck n cut it up to make it user friendly ended up sharter than wot can cum from factory cya

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