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    My Dad purchased this truck new in 1987.He bought it back last week and drove it home today.
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    Finally we got the cab on
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    I was able to borrow and scan these pictures from the gentleman who painted,lettered,and pinstriped,Bob Eckstein's famous 1693 powered RL. I asked his permission,as these are his treasures and mementos of his amazing talents. Mr.Rich Johnson is responsible for the BEAUTIFUL artwork seen here. Thank you Rich. ENJOY! Al
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    Drove my b into work today and was told put it front and center of the new truck line up.
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    I had seen a shiny R model pulling a dump whiz by the shop a few times, could never get a close look, well today, when he wizzed by, I grabbed my camera and jumped into my truck and began persuit... I have him in my sights, now just to stalk (get it, corn stalk! HaHa) to his destination! Looks even better up close...it really looks as if it could driven from a truck show! The trailer too! Interior was just as nice... The guy bought the truck new and TAKES care of it! The trailer too, it is over 25 years old and I thought it was a new one! The guy is from Doylestown, some of you fellow PA'ers may know him....He said he had a B model too! I think he works it, just said it was too many miles on this haul (Milton to Doylestown)...I was so giddy I forgot all the specs....287 (300?) and a nine speed OD, camelback...all Mack! It sure was cool to see an old Mack this nice working...
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    Hello everyone. I told a story of my Mack truck that I had just bought and left it with the guy that I bought it from to make sure everything was ok with it cause it had sat in his shop for 23 years. I agreed to leave it with him wail it was there a week later he called me and told me the building had burnt down with the truck in it he gave me my money back dealt with insurance he got paid for it and agreed to sell it to me as is for 500 dollars. I pondered on fixing it up or not and have taken the job and here are the pic of it before and after and it does have the Fulton visor on it I was asking about before if anyone want to use one they do fit fine. The truck runs and drives grate after being in the fire only a Mack would do that.
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    55 years ago,in 1960,Pulley Freight Lines, a refrigerated carrier based in Des Moines,IA took delivery of 40 B-61 Macks. 22 years later,a 14 year old kid from Morning Sun,IA was looking for components for the B-61 he was rebuilding,when he ran across an ad in the Sunday Des Moines Register for a rough but running 1960 B-61. After a few phone calls,the kid,his Grandpa and his Dad went to look at the old Mack. It had last been used,or more accurately abused,in the guys logging business.It had been parked for a couple years beside his house in downtown Des Moines.The body had no straight panels anywhere,rusted areas were crudely patched,and gallons of body filler were gobbed into the fenders and cab.All this was covered by a really crappy brown paint job. The rear and side windows were broken out,interior was a mess,and the wiring was worse,but it had a good chassis and running gear.A deal was made and they jump started the truck and it drove flawlessly home 145 miles. Upon teardown and cab removal,old trailer door seals found behind the seat were found for both PFL and Bookey Pack,a cattle slaughterhouse in Des Moines. A little research proved that this truck was one of the 40 bought new by Pulley in '60. Serial # was B61ST33230. 2 years later,when combined with the 2 other parts trucks he already had,the old B61 was proud again. The frame,engine and transmission from the old Pulley truck was the one used,so that was the title and serial number also used.This was my first,and though it was destroyed in 1985 in a fire,it's always been so dear to my heart.I still have it. 30 years later........Earlier this summer,the daughter of an old friend that had passed away called me to see if I was interested in buying her Dad's old Macks,he had a R model,a Valueliner,and a B61. I knew the R model well,and had seen the Valueliner,and I ended up with them both. I posted about them shortly after I got them. At the time,his nephew wanted the B-61,so that was that,I thought. About a month ago she called me again saying that the truck was still for sale and they needed to get it moved from the farm it was parked all this time,did I want it. I told her as much as I'd like to buy it,I couldn't afford what they wanted right now,after just buying the previous 2,even though it was a fair price,but to help them out,I would move the truck to my place,get it running for them and help sell it. Sunday afternoon I went and picked it up. I was running short on time,so I loaded it quick and hauled ass for home.When I got it home and unloaded it,I checked it out a little better,when I opened the passenger door and read the door tag,I almost fell over. This truck was B61ST33232, a sister truck to my 1st B-61. So,I guess this one is going to have to stay,now. If I live long enough,I'd like to rebuild my old one as it was and this one as it was originally,lettered for Pulley Freight Lines.
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    OK, so the find story. Back then I was a Trooper assigned to the Aviation Unit, I've retired since. We had three Cessna 182's we did various things with, including marijuana eradication. Our Narcotics Unit had found a grow in the Northwestern part of the state and set up on to try an catch the guy growing it as it was on public land. Days go by and they catch the guy tending his grow on a Sunday.. I got called out to pick up another Trooper as a spotter that afternoon because they want to make sure they cut it all down and there aren't anymore hidden grows. We get there and the ground guys are nowhere near ready to go in the woods to start. We have some time to kill so we do some sight seeing around a local lake. On the far side of it I spot a junkyard. I was always on the hunt for rusty metal back then and knew just about where every derelict truck was due to the job. we head over there and make a pass. I was disappointed because it was all modern cars and of no value to me. As we pull off, I turn left and see a contractor's yard with some trucks. As we pass over I spot on the edge of the woods a bunch of dead trucks. One of which gets my interest but I can't make it out because it has no hood or radiator. I come around again dropping some flaps to slow down and decending for a better look. After a few passes I'm pretty sure I struck gold and have some find of a B-70 series with an L cab. The guys were ready now to do the eradication, so we go back there. I made a note of what town it was in and how to get there. Monday I go to work and I'm trying to find out who's yard it was and how do I contact the owner. A friend of mine was the Resident Trooper in that town so I call him up. One of his Officers knows the owner, gives me his name, number and says he's a real nice guy and to just call him. I do and arrange to meet with him the next weekend. I do and he says a guy was out last year and wanted the tanks off it, but told him the whole thing goes as he didn't want to break it up. He never came back. So now I know he'll part with it, I just don't know what he'll take for it. So I ask him, bottom line what'll you take for it( I hate negotiating). He say's, same as the last guy.....$1800. I almost fainted, here was the B Model I was always hunting for and minus the engine was complete and unmolested. I couldn't get the word sold out of my mouth fast enough. That's how I came to own this B-73. As a side note- I researched the truck and got the build records from the Mack Museum. In there was the original owners name and the town he lived in. Around 2004 I searched the phone book and came across the same name, slightly different address. Out of the blue I call the number and a gentleman answers. I explain who I am and the truck I have and that I was looking for it's original owner. He says hold on and hands the phone to his father and says you need to talk to this guy. It's the original owner, 46 years later!!! He gets all excited that the truck is still around. I make arrangements for him to come see it at my house. He was about 83 or so and had a HUGE smile on his face the whole time. He gave me a few pictures of the truck when he owned it and had it all pinstriped up. As he was leaving he turns to and says, " Thank you so much, you made an old man's day" .
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    Had some issues with my '47 EF ever since I got it,finally after being on the back burner for a couple years,got it all sorted out,took it to a buddy of mine and he swapped it over to 12 volt for me,got all the lights working and got it all tuned up.
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    Friend of my son just posted this pic on Facebook,said he picked it up weighing in Mississippi.
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    Loaded up our 65 B-61sx for a year long stay at the Mack Museum today, my father is like a kid waiting for Xmas to come. His ten years of restoration with the help of his shop and family has reached what he always wanted to have his truck on display in the museum and with the help of Don and Carol at the museum the truck was placed on lone to the museum for the next year.
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    I took the truck out and did a parade today it still isn't finished I have the fiberglass sunvisor painted blue with a row of stars across the front didn't have enough time to get it installed. The blue paint stripe has to be run across the doors and stars added to it I will get that done this week weather permitting supposed to be a rainy one though. The truck was a hit at the parade I heard a lot of "nice truck" as we went along the route I took a few pics at the beginning of the parade couldn't get any when the crowd got thick though the people were throwing so much candy into the road I had to pay attention not to run over any kids that were everywhere.
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    Here are few of our other old dogs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'd probably bend the hood if I tried this today. My 1st B-61 shortly before getting it painted.Somewhere around 1983.
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    A year and a half later from when she was purchased and with the help of family and friends, the frame has been all painted, headboard all redone, new fenders, new step box, straight pipes removed and mufflers put on and a whole host other mechanical small things fixed and she was driven for the first time since December on the road and it felt good and drove nice. You know its done when the passenger door is all re pinstriped and your daughters names went on the truck this past week!! Some before pics and finished ones.
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    Like we know the RW had a bad experience a couple months ago. So I sen it to the Spa Of Antrim diesel. Where they gave it a good wash down and checked out what it would take to bring it back from the dead. They had a brand new short block, never in a truck. So they put together a new E9 for me. So they called and said its dyno time. A couple years ago when they did the pump work and turbo it put down 700 Hp flat to the ground. So we figured it would be a little less this time, till it breaks in. Well I was wrong. 720hp at 1830rpm to the ground. We didn't get torq. The clutch wasn't happy about it so we stopped. So it's back from the spa. Thought I'd take a pic with the MH. And I got a couple cool stickers to show off.
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    Got my 77 RModel painted finally, i am very happy the way it turned out. What do you guys think
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    Some one posted this link over on the ATHS website and I copied it here for all you Mackophiles. One is started at about 5:50 with it's air starter. Enjoy!!
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    I think this was posted way back on this site.
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    Going through all my pictures and putting them into folders, I found the pictures of my truck being lettered this summer by Bruce, not bad for a retired guy, all freehand no stencils or stickers. Pictures from start to finish.
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    Photo is off my 1989 500hp V8 value liner loaded with timber heading from Tasmania to the mainland of Australia on the overnight ferry cheers
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    Not sure exactly how that country song goes about the fact that sometimes you should be thankful for unanswered prayers ......but I pray everyday not to buy another damn old Mack truck. My brother's Truck'n neighbor in PA tracked this ol girl down in Texas so I just had to make a deal. It comes with a 36" and a nice 60" Mercury too. The original V8 it is in as well. The old boy claims to be the 2nd owner and trucked for years with it. No rust either which is a real plus.
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    Finally had a few minutes to set down and load a couple pictures. Took the 1980 R and the B 61 to the Lathrop Tractor Show http://www.lathropantique.com/ for ATHS display. On Sunday they had a car/truck show and I entered the 1980 in the show category 59-80 stock truck so that's why I only put one in as not to compete against myself. Anyways, we ad brought the camper and so we left the show to go pack it ups and bring home and then go back to the show. We ended up running late getting back and they were starting to pack up the tables and tents and stuff. I went up to the guy I registered with and asked him if the truck had placed and he stopped and said that was a really nice truck and wow great job. He then went and handed me a trophy for 4th place in the Semi Truck Category. I was surprised as it was not what I had registered for, and because of all the other "styled" semi trucks that were there.
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    I took the G out for fuel, all I have to do is wipe it off for Mack Trucktoberfest this weekend.
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    Thank you. I'd rather not say too much. I worked many years for Mack. While at Mack, I never enjoyed life more. I can’t adequately express my heartfelt feelings for Mack Trucks. I can tell you that I have never known a finer high-caliber group of people. Simply put, there was no better company to work for than Mack Trucks. No other truckmaker had a family of employees from coast-to-coast and around the world with so much passion, dedication and pride. These qualities, I feel, were largely responsible for Mack’s successes. In the days of Mack Trucks, particularly under Zenon Hansen, you knew in your heart that you were part of something really special. Long after Mr. Hansen retired, the Mack spirit he created lived on at Mack World Headquarters, the plants, PDCs (parts distribution centers), Mack’s superb factory-owned branches* and the privately-owned Mack distributors. No matter where you were, the Mack family spirit was present. It was Mack pride and earned respect (never any arrogance) that allowed Mack to rise above the rest. Life at the other truckmakers was just a job. But at Mack Trucks, our work was an indescribably satisfying way of life. So it is extremely sad for any Mack veteran, like myself, to witness a foreign truckmaker purchase America’s truck industry icon and reduce it to a mere shell of its former self. If there was to be one remaining U.S.-owned truckmaker, it arguably should be Mack Trucks. With due respect to America's other truckmakers, no other U.S. truckmaker has contributed so much to America as Mack – “The Greatest Name in Trucks”. (Paccar executives have privately expressed sadness over what's become of Mack. That speaks volumes for the respect they had for the former Mack Trucks) *The factory-owned branches of Mack Trucks deserve special mention. From Atlanta to Richmond to Dallas, from Denver to Salt Lake City to Seattle, from Chicago (both the Wentworth Ave. and O'Hare branches) to Buffalo to Queens, no truckmaker in the history of the United States ever had a finer and more capable sales and after-sales support network than Mack Trucks. The Mack factory branches, I feel, set the benchmark for the entire industry. I can't say enough good things about the dedicated Mack men and women who made it possible. Job well done. .

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