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    December 18/19 2019 we will be in Washington DC at the Smithsonian to move the Douglas World Cruiser (Chicago) to it's new home in Chantilly VA. the new Air Museum by Dulles, this is just the first on a list we have which also has the Rutan Voyager, first plane to fly around the world non stop. and yep I'm using a Mack. (got the X15 too)
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    Whats that behind me?
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    Good looking hauler powered by Cummins.
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    Ufff!... No, that's not my truck and none of the 5 went to Russia. But configurated the same. The exceptions are aerodyne top instead of a plane shield my truck has and there are additional fuel tanks which were specified in the factory order list but by some reason were never installed. The most interesting matter along these trucks is the style of that sleeper. I saw multiple ones but they were all installed on SGT R-models. And I never saw anything like that elsewhere.
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    Just today this picture was taken, after this rocket landed on that barge in the middle of the Atlantic it came back to port and now will be brought back tot he launch pad to gain a payload and fly again, maybe even later this month! The finer details are equally as cool like using this behemoth of a crane, which will also be rigged with winches to fold up the landing legs. Just something cool I figured I’d share!
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    for them old gals that have to make two trips to haul ass that one gets it all in one load
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    Equipped with a pintle hitch on the heavy steel front bumper, extra large air cleaner housing and an Allison transmission. Seen at the Spa 2019.
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    You did not miss ID the truck, my pics that were transferred to another hosting service has /had issues. I made an error and didn't catch it which apparently is a major crime here. I only learned of that other Marmon when my son took that photo of it on Main Road about 2006 when he asked me why my truck was at the run down store . It is the twin of mine less the interior and lettering. It also matches the one that Allie Lizza had at his asphalt plant in Glen Cove so there were 3 close matches on L.I.. Since it seems to be a major issue I had the moderator delete the offending photos and when I return home around Thanksgiving I'll take a few pics of mine with a large dated card on it so there is no question, unless you have a specific way you want proof of it. . you tell me what you need. I posting the wrong photo with the caption. As for you never seeing it on L.I in the past 30 years, a side from being parked on the remains of the farm off Roanoke Rd for years it has been in Virginia mostly since 2013. It has been at the LI Power Association show at Hallock Farm in 2007 and 2008 The ATHS show in 2007 at Brookhaven Airport with Allie Lizza's truck and in Pete Horan's O.B. Sand Touch a Truck event last year.
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    Got word one of our haulers lost control of his 98K Granite and about totaled it. He is your average wood butcher cowboy, heck of a guy, and doing what 20 year olds do in the woods.....only he’s closer to 60. He was diagnosing a noise coming from outside the truck while riding the dog, side saddling, to see what was dragging or wrapped into his running gear. With door open, while driving slow pace, he slipped, fell sideways out of the truck and thankfully fell away from the wheels. The Granite took off down a hill, through the stumpage and off the edge of a small cliff. You need to turn your head sideways since I can’t photoshop this pic. SEE BELOW>>>>>>
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    Atleast the driver is alright, you can replace a truck but a life is quite a bit harder to file and insurance claim and get a brand new one of...
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    The hook dragging him up the hillside.... don’t know what it takes to pretzel an 18K steer beam, but he did it. Looks like most front hardware is being daisy chained and dragged out with the remains. SEE BELOW>>>>>
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    One extra thing to help besides using tape. I used duct tape around the rolled edge of the opening in the door then smeared a thin layer of Napa brand Sil Glyde on the duct tape. The registers slid right over the tape/ no scratches.
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    Well put, It's not a cookie cutter world, moot argument. Last week I stopped over to do my annual physical on the truck I did the AI thread on. It put on 330 hours. Perfect performance, perfect fit, give it all the fuel it wants to drink, it earned it, owners happy, he saved a bunch of money this year with it. It was so wet they had to move logging equipment constantly with changing ground saturation. He said if he had to pay the contractor for moving his equipment (like he use to), he'd have gone broke waiting. Old truck, paid for, no external emissions, money maker credited with saving his business. He's so happy he's buying Log Dog a cab-back paint job for Christmas.
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    Here it is. Its shaky from my cell but when I pull it back out on Saturday to clean it up, I'll get a buddy to ride the officer's seat and post some better stuff.
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    These cab overs have been at Winchester at our show. The one with D. P. Miller on the door now belongs to the Keystone Museum.
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    I was able to buy new lift pistons from Mack. But if you try Power Packer in Indiana they are very helpful. The service tech man is great to deal with. They built lift cylinders for me. In fact they have refered a few COE people to me to answer questions. If the latches are opening then its down to the pump or lift clyinders not being up to par
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    My new ride. My old 2013 4900 had me hating life. But going to give them another try. So far this truck has far fewer flaws and I see western Star and Detroit have made some changes and improvements. Hopefully it is a good truck this time because I really like it. Went with a smaller engine this time, in hopes it will be better for the DPF. It has a DD13 505 h.p. with 1850 torque at 975 RPM. 18 speed manual, 20,000 front and steering lift axle, 46,000 full locking rears with 4.10 ratio. Even tried a passenger bench seat this time so I can lay down when I'm sitting on site. It came with stainless panels to put on the passenger side of the dash, but not going to put those on. I get sun-blinded enough from the steering wheel. LOL. First pic is beside my buddy's twin steer tri-drive logger. The rest are from today after having the drop visor and tool box installed.
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    This looks almost like a new truck...someone did a fantastic restoration on it. The engine looks kinda close to Alpine Green, though... https://www.ebay.com/itm/mack-r600/133201181336?hash=item1f0368ba98:g:OsUAAOSw3DpdokU3
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    For those who don’t remember (it’s been a while), I own Mack B85F1242, a 1957 B85F that spent its entire firefighting career with the Gettysburg, PA fire department. While in college I was a firefighter there. I had the honor of driving and riding the officers seat to this rig’s last actual fire and it’s last alarm (a false alarm nonetheless). This truck stood by for President Eisenhower when his helicopter landed at the family farm in Gettysburg and was nicknamed and dedicated by the President as “General Ike. I bought it with my father-in-laws help six years after it was retired in 1998 (bought in 2004 or so). We restored it and unfortunately it has sat for about 8 years. I replaced the batteries, flushed the fuel system and fired this old boy up for the first time today in 8 years. The 6V53T that it was repowered with in the 1970’s ran like a champ. The Allison auto never missed a beat. Drive it 20 miles home from the storage facility where we keep it during rush hour in Orlando and it got tons of thumbs up. It’s dirty and will be washed at my middle school son’s car wash fund drive on Saturday (I’ll be washing it while the kids wash cars). I’ll post pics and a better video that doesn’t include the stress and shakiness of driving a 60 year old truck in rush hour traffic on Saturday.
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    I acquired this truck from a friend, Russel Turner. He found the truck years ago and then started the restoration which got as far as the frame and rebuild of the engine. (not crazy about the red engine and intend to paint it to what I believe is the factory color......a gray?) This is a unique BM as it was delivered in San Francisco in 1937 with factory upgrades such as the larger gas motor (BX) air brakes, aux transmission, larger wheels/tires, to name a few. And it was a C cab as well. Hope to have it done for the 2020 truck shows. I like it as it has the early F model look to it.
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    atsa onea bigga truck
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    I love those original 65/66 Mustangs. My father used to buy all kinds of Ford muscle cars through the 50's, 60's and 70's. Those 289's were great motors. I wish I still had any one of them, but alas.....I chose trucking. And away went any chance of ever having money. LOL.
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    Did it snow yet where you live? We got hit at our factory in Indiana, but not like this. Autocar fan David Monteith shared this photo of him driving his Autocar snow plow a few years back, just outside Philadelphia. #AutocarDC #AlwaysUp #SnowDay #WorkDay Always Up - Autocar Trucks .
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    Wasn't able to verify what was under the hood. The door tag said 773 which is for a DD 8V71N, but it appeared the tag had been moved around. Either way , it looked like a fine puppy to visit the Spa.
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    yes,,,,and no the stuff,,is only sitting there for now...because i havent completely buttoned up all the side panels and the roof panels....that will be included in the finishing touches....i spoke of....plus we have a storage shed,,,we bought,,,rubbermaid plastic,,,its still in the box,,,,that will be going up outside...for lawn and garden supplys....lol....but yes i know what you mean....about growing roots...and me and the wife are both on the same page with the clutter situation....im fixing on putting 2 big work benches on one side,,,but hopefully i wont be filling both of them with temporary shit....you know what happens most of the time...people wind up stuffing thier work benches to the point where theres no place to work on anything.lol.bob
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    $10,000 buys it now! 3/4 the way thru cancer treatments, if I still own the truck after the beginning of the year , I will put it back in service!
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    What would you have expected with a Mack out front.We had a fellow back east here that had some Pete’s that had more then there share of chrome had a move like yours.His load came in by rail and it was a press for a machine shop,thing was huge.He asked me if I thought my 82 dm800 would pull the load,said he was afraid of breaking his Pete’s.I told him when and where he wanted the Mack.Pulled it no problem weighed in around 250000.Chrome won’t get you home.
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    The walls are still going on but I couldn't resist backing the trailer and F-model inside just to see how it fits. 😁 About 6" to spare on the length of the trailer and more than enough height . Now to finish up the sides and hang the overhead doors.
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    Roy Wolfmeier Truck Service
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    Looks like an old pete buy the dash late 60s early 70s can’t remember when they stopped putting the breakers on the dash. After a longer look maybe late 70 early 80
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    A sharp looking Mack "RB" taking a coffee break.
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    Not much help but the only time I had a won’t communicate with Ecu I checked harness and grounds pulled a load through the harness with a head light both pos and ground had nothing coming out of ecu It was a bad ecu. That’s all I have for you
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    I’ve seen radiator hoses collapse inside that will drive you crazy also. With no external signs at all. Have you check the hoses inside top and bottom
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    I’m not a big fan of orange trucks but that one just fits. I like it👍
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    I've seen enough mechanical failures to know I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that thing, LOL.
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    I believe thats what causes little capacitors to come into the world . . .
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    This is a United States congresswoman? The folks in Minnesota intentionally and overwhelmingly voted for.....her? The state of the union is dire.
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    Hi Everybody! If somebody needs in, for example Mack MP8 Engine Manual or other engine manuals for Mack trucks, look here - https://truckmanualshub.com/mack-truck-service-repair-manuals-pdf/ Also here are some Mack Truck Service Manual - https://www.pdfmanual4trucks.com/mack/
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    Old Gus #9 has been completed and 26 miles on her already. People wave, give thumbs up when she goes rolling by... oh how my great grandpa and my grandfather would have been proud! We took it to church on Sunday and had over 30 visitors out to see old Gus.... and a photographer in his 70s who just had to have a few pics of the old girl. There's nothing better than bringing a community together to watch an old rusted truck come back to life... I couldn't be more proud of it. Grandma gets to see it in 32 days... What an accomplishment in my life I have to say, and I'm extremely thankful for NAPA of Garrison ND, and the Huettl family... bust most of all I'm thankful for the best man in my life besides my grandpas.. Robert.. without him this wouldn't be possible. We have to replace a pinion seal, and can now put the battery box cover back on.. and building the bed for it this weekend... My next project is the restoration of an old Case tractor for a Vietnam vet in town.. free.. he served our country.. wounded and just wants a nice tractor to show off... I will be posting the video of my grandmas reaction on July 8th! I'm scared to haul it five hours and hope all goes well! Ms Tracy D
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    I think this may have come from our Wiki or a BMT poster... BC Mack sb136012 air suspension[1].pdf
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    I also saw an engine that seemed to miss also, it got way worse with rpm's. Turned out to be a missing fan blade
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    yep thats a mh and good luck thats the worts thing about the trucks
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    That blue Superliner is no longer for sale.I bought it last Sunday.
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    Added a few more to the lineup! Anyone wanna contribute...email me a high res pic and I'll add it to the post!
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