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    88" x 18" stainless bumper I made, lots of 1200 grit sand discs and it still has a few flaws, but that's ok.
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    Have fun celebrating and remember those that have gone before us.
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    Scania 6 cyl. 5 speed 27,000 miles very clean just had to have it
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    Hey there BMT, I just picked up my first old Mack. I have always been a lover of the old Bull Dogs. Mine is a 1961 B613T TD. The odometer reads just over 13,000 miles but I am guessing she stopped working along the way. The truck is solid with a couple small holes that will be an easy fix. She fires up with WD40 / Ether but wont stay running long. IT was stored about 10 years ago with heating fuel in her veins. The first project is to change all the filters and fluids so she get purrrr. I attached a few pics so everyone can take a look and give me your thoughts. I have already posted about tires and I am sure I will be a consistent question on here, so thanks in advance. Stoked to be here.
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    After a very long build process, I finally got my 1969 AMX to the drag strip to make a few passes. Knowing there are at least a few other racers here I figured I would share it. I went Saturday to a test and tune/track rental and after getting the roll cage NHRA certified I was able to make a few shakedown passes. The first pass was a mess as I screwed up staging the car so it ran a 15.50 at 107 mph. For the second run I didn’t use the 2 step for my launch and was rewarded with a 10.70 at 123. For the third and final run the car went 10.26 at 134. I’m very pleased considering that was the cars third time down the track and this was my first time driving a 4-speed car at the track. I have only ever raced automatic trans cars and I believe my previous best was an 11.40 at 115. The car is. 1969 AMX with a N/A 431 inch amc engine, jerico 4-speed, Dana 60 rear on 28x9 MT slicks. So so what’s the word, has anyone else been out racing yet? It seems like some tracks are opening up. Andy
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    This truck worked as a Magabar Truck in Lysite, Wyoming. When the boom was over in 1982 it was moved to a ranch in Wyoming where it has worked ever since.
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    Perhaps I missed a comment, but I don't think anyone suggested removing eyes, hands, feet, etc. as a punishment (as is done in some Muslim countries). Rather, I believe the general thought is, treat a thief as.......a thief, i.e. the criminal that they are. If we tolerate crime, it only emboldens those to continue and worsen.
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    I say leave it alone if you start getting rid of people just because you don't like what they say then your no better than those we complain about, I like to think I am better than that.
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    Being busy working and raising a traditional family with my wife, I feel as though I may have missed something along the way. When and how have the republicans openly allowed racism into the party? Show me documented cases and I will not support them. My Mom and Dad thought me a long time ago that race doesn’t make the man (person) but that their character does. Maybe that’s why I have been blessed to work alongside so many races and nationalities through out the years. Skin color means nothing, moral character means everything.
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    Hump work!! Cleaning, fixing and priming more parts. Sprayed about three gallons of primer so far. I now have five large shelves of parts ready to go in the hayloft. Started smoothing out the cab, amazingly it’s going pretty quick. Roof is done, cowl is just about there. It’s not taking too much effort as the panels were pretty straight going on. The cab back will take some effort. But, moving along.
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    Here is the 1st Mack Superliner with Mack V8 built in Australia. Before and most recent pictures as a water cart are attached. It was bought by Joe Bromage transport, a Melbourne Aust fuel cartage contractor, who worked for Shell, local and country runs. Joe had about 10 all Mack trucks in his fleet. Around 1989 Joe sold his business to Cootes Transport, which grew to fuel and LPG distribution for Shell in Queensland, New Sth Wales and Victoria. No1 history after Joe sold to Cootes is unknown to me. It seems that Joe fitted a sleeper cab for the longer overnight fuel runs. After Cootes bought Bromage he repainted Joe's trucks to his blue colours Attached is a picture of the Supeliner with Cootes colours. Cootes was not a fan of the Mack V8's engine and within 1-2 years he sold all the Mack V8's, Superliners and Aussie Valueliners he bought from Bromage and stuck to the Mack 6 cyl R models, many being Valueliners. After Cootes sold it, it was repainted in the straight blue colour. It was for sale in 2018 and the vendor emailed these pictures. Neither he nor I knew it was no 1. If only!!! He eventually sold the water tank and pump set up and later he sold the bare Mack to a Mack collector, who will restore it. At some time in it's life cycle, the Mack V8 and gear box ( I dont know what box it was built with) were replaced with a Cummins 400 and 13 spd Road Ranger. The rear end and frame length are original, however it looks like the rear tandem was pushed back for the water tank set up. During it's life it had a sleeper cab fitted and repainted in the Cootes blue colours - a picture is attached with it's sleeper.
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    And yes we all ways display proudly the AMERICAN flag
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    I never have fit in,been wide awake my whole life,so it ain't over for this one.
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    Saturday morning a friend & I headed out to IA for a celebration of life for another friend who passed a few weeks back. Well this gathering was in Bettendorf which is about 70 miles from Mike Harbinson's place so we absolutely had to make a side trip down there. It was great to visit with son Mikey and Mike. It had been ATHS South Bend when I last spent time with Mike & and ATHS Auburn when I last seen Mikey and boy has he grown up! Kenny & I wandered around the yard a little & I taught him a little about the various trucks and such, He's a former cop and now works for Indiana DOC so trucks really aren't his thing. I had to get a pic with the infamous UPS MH and the other three are trucks that previously spent time at my place before heading to Mike's. The B61 wrecker served with a company that I worked with for 13 years. I bought the truck for Mike & he bought if from me. The F Model was mine that I sold to Mike and the C Model is one that Mike bought near me and I picked up and stored for him for a period of time. It's so difficult to believe that it had been so long since I'd seen these guys. Time is certainly moving at a rapid pace.
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    Pro tip: Don't pick fights with the police and the probability of the police killing you shrinks to almost zero...and your skin color has nothing to do with it.
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    Pictures from the neighborhood south of my place. Old tree by the side of the road with all sorts of animals carved into it. Vultures, bears, flamingo, squirrels, reptiles, more birds and turtles. Sort of interesting. Just up the street from the tree is a painted sign "When you are out of Schlitz, you're out of beer".
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    I must have missed the part where the cop was arrested, there was a trial, and he was convicted of murder.
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    Jim l think she needs to remove her top and turn it around. The field of stars should be to the viewers left. Let us know when she is ready to correct the mistake.😛 .....Hippy
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    Same game. Hauling trash
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    Maxidyne IS an elderly woman and now's about to call you sexist and racist!!! Maybe even disrespectful to your elders? She's up to her neck in blind indoctrination and is a lover of history and facts. Problem with her, and all liberals, is that history and facts are (Ironically) the Liberals enemy. Hence the goal of modern Liberals is to destroy history and rewrite it so it no longer condemns, and testifies, against them. History stings. That's why the statues of even the most honorable anti-slavery hero's are coming down. It's a war waging. I'm a recovered Democrat, I know how they think......for her sake she needs to snap out of it too before she dies in a state of ridiculous. Your giving the drunk another drink every time you argue. She wants to see a chink in the armor so she can feel right. She comes back for more drinks even after being kicked off this site multiple times. The reason she immerses herself in conservatives is because she needs to sober up...….. but can't quit what she's believed as "true" her whole life, much like a deep seated religion.
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    Easy to find in the dark!
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    They All have the Same Daddy..????
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    1958 B-61 with a tanker trailer looking mighty fine!
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    Just revisited this story. I don't suppose you have the serial # for the 53 LTL? My dad and I bought an LTL out of Oroville a couple years back that was supposed to be one of Roys trucks. I'd love to be able to confirm if it was or not. It originally had a 275 in it. Thanks, Brad
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    Heavy duty hauler.
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    Could start a virtual truck show right here. I don't do Facebook either
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    don't drive drunk, don't have problems with police. simple to understand............unless you are to stupid to use common sense.
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    Well the problem starts right at the very start of the policemans body cam footage In Australia you dont have a choice or discussion about a breath test The laws very clear (as it should be) when you drive you must give a breath test on request, zero excuses or conversation "Blow into this" you blow into breath test machine No discussion about drinking, types of drinks or should I shouldn't I You refuse to your arrested and charged and cars impounded and your carted off The same for swab tests for drugs There is no discussion, no argument, its the law you must obey it The U.S of A needs to grow set and just enforce the law, it really is that simple All that appears to be happening in the U.S. at the moment is society is getting reduced to the lowest common denominator Paul
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    Here’s what I put together
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    You sure do have an F'ed up way of looking at things!
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    Lots of women in the world,they ain't making MHs anymore
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    Well, it’s a pretty crappy video, but I figured out how to do it. Maybe I can post up something decent if this works. Thanks, Andy
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    Isn't it strange that all the problems in the country like crime, poverty and racism are all in places run by Democrats, one would think that with such epic failure that they might try something different ???
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    NASCAR has been turning left for many years.......
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    Yep, me and my crew are off in Midwest city waiting for our State Patrol escort but we are having a great time and soon we will be on our way moving a Airplane part that will honor our Vets so again that is great too and then were off to move a Caboose that will go on display so you will standing on the sidewalk watching us preserve history, like I have said it's great to be on this side of the fence, due to my horrible non union job that you assume that I have I have seen the pyramids in Egypt, been to the mountains outside of Accra Ghana and hung out at Bob Marley's house, even met his son here in the USA only because I knew about his dads house, flown around the world on the biggest flying plane in the world, got any idea what it feels like to fly in a plane that weighs 1.3 million pounds ??? even stood inside the unfinished 225, I have done the transfer at sea to a pilot boat from a cargo ship while under way, have you ? and of course spent a year in Ireland and worked in Iraq and other destinations in Africa, been to France, Ukraine, Sweden, Kuwait,Netherlands and on and on what have you done ? Yep my non union scab job sure has been hard to take, oh since you made such a great living with your Union job how commercial property have you invested in ??? maybe you stay retired and be seen not heard.
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    Since I'm one of the colored posters most hated white people and adding in being proud of the U.S., a christian, a combat veteran, indifferent to the plight of the unions and seeing as my dead wife was a Jew and my new wife is Israeli combat veteran, I finally hit the big time. Feel free to use every racial, bigoted, hateful remark in you arsenal. Show how you're any different from what you hate Here is my view of the lies.
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    I’m with you Paul. We don’t have and never have had antenna or cable or satellite tv. At first because it was too expensive and now because you are bombarded with ads, agendas and the news is pretty much worthless. It’s about equal to the national enquirer in my opinion. Just flashy headlines to get you to look with absolutely no truth or facts behind it just feelings and party lines.
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    received_897460920742170 (3).mov
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    With stores like Walmart taking that type of stance, it only emboldens those to continue call the police and maybe they will be caught
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    at the moment. Might have some show action middle of August but of course, I may have a conflict. Took a peak under the hood of the B75 to see if there is anything I need to know about.
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    There never should be boob discrimination.
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