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    Power supplied by a 3406 CAT. Mack built eight RD854 trucks.
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    1968 R-685 237 5 speed going to put her to work ! Pretty decent ole dawg !
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    Posted a photo of the ramp truck last year. This morning it was lined up with it's siblings plus one for Hippy
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    Not very good photos,sorry. Hood length will be right at 72"
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    Mack posted this picture today on their Twitter. This old girl ran for the Lang Company in Salt Lake City, Utah. Really makes me wish more of these survived... I love the look of the things and wish I had a hope in hell of ever owning one...
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    Great looking tractor!
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    Has been upgraded with drive train from early 60's B-61 around 25 years ago 711 diesel with quadruplex power steering maxi brakes pintle hook and 2" receiver hitch with glad hands on rear good box and hoist solid cab, interior and headliner in good condition extra set of good fenders and many other extra parts included, as well as documentation from the Mack Museum not museum quality but in very good condition (will need tie rod ends to pass inspection) Have owned this truck for nearly 6 years and still enjoy driving it every chance I get but unfortunately I must let it go. $8,000 PM for more info and pics Or Call 434-738-9584 (Landline, no texts)
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    I have gotten 1 picture so far. Will try posting. It is 2.5 m file size - I wish me luck!
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    And it came out quite good!!
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    1978 U model ST tractor with pool ball gear shift knobs at WSG 2014.
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    Big dog in its day!
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    I want to know why you Democrats are such cowards that you have not yet launched another civil war to free America of the totalitarian nightmare of President Donald J. Trump. I mean, if he’s truly Hitler 2: Electric Boogeyman, then isn’t it your sacred duty to remove this cancer on our body politic with arms if necessary? Look, I get that you Dems have a track record on insurrections designed to oppress the rights of Americans you feel superior to that is pretty poor (0-1) but come on, heroes of democracy, make your move! Just sitting here in the midst of this crisis you keep whining about makes you look like sissies or lying piles of talking garbage. Actually, both. Your hero, Jerry Nadler, while on parole from the chocolate factory, told the Senate this about our elected president: "Only his will goes. He is a dictator. This must not stand and that is another reason he must be removed from office by any means necessary ." A dictator? Hey, that’s bad, right? I mean, unless the dictator is a leftist – wasn’t Castro dreamy? But since this is a threat to our democracy, because Trump is a non-leftist dictator, aren’t you guys morally obligated to take action and remove him? It’s obvious that those treacherous treason-loving traitors of treachery, the Republican senators, won’t toss the guy who did nothing wrong out of office so you can start working on throwing Mike Pence out of office, likely for the high crime and misdemeanor of trying to make America into The Handmaid’s Tale? You must act now! Go home to your mom’s basements, dorms, tacky urban apartments and billionaire mansions and get your guns and… Oh, right. Awkward! You are against "scary" guns. . . By the way, if Trump is a dictator, why do you want to disarm the American people so the only one with guns is…Dictator Trump? Whatever, let’s see if you can focus. Okay, maybe you don’t have any guns like real men. Let’s assume you can find some guns. Now you need to water the kale bush of liberty with the blood of patriots. Okay, you’ll probably want to find another word than “patriots” since the term “patriots” upsets you – but because Trump is a “dictator,” we’re obviously in an extreme situation that calls for extreme measures. It’s totally time to figuratively fire on Ft. Sumter again, Democrats. Maybe this time it will work out better for you. Jerry Nadler will lead his unit, the 5’1 Oompa Loompa Brigade, known as “Wonka’s Own,” against the perilous peril of a president who got elected without the liberal elite’s permission. Can’t you just see him standing there before his men, women, and non-binary others, a midget Mussolini, his belt cinched tightly around his clavicle so that no matter where he wears his pistol it’s always in a shoulder holster? Then there’s the googly-eyed Audie Murphy of the Intelligence Committee, Generalissimo Adam Schiff, ready to lead the dreaded “Fighting Pencilnecks” of the 69th Brigade into battle uttering their unit motto “Ed Buck who?” Trump’s a dictator, so of course, Schiff will fight because if America falls under the rule of a dictator he has to be removed, right? Others would join the fight too. Ted Lieu can be your JAG. Perhaps Rashida Talib could help lead the kind of battlefield victories her pals the Palestinian terrorists are known for. And Ilhan Omar, who still has a beef with the Army for running up the score against the dirtbag murderers in Mogadishu, would no doubt resist alongside her brothers/husbands-in-arms. Maybe “That’s Lieutenant Colonel to You!” Vindman could finally get a battalion command. Colin Kapernick could try out for a unit, and when no one calls him he can tell you how you are all racists! Of course, cruise director Cap’n Bill Kristol and his crew of Fredocon swabbies can handle naval operations. Ahoy! And even Eric Swalwell can contribute despite his well-known aversion to the kind of weapons that men use in the defense of freedom. He can drop his shorts be in charge of chemical weapons and poison gas. Remember, removing President Trump is a sacred, somber, prayerful moral obligation because he’s a “dictator.” Words actually mean something. “Dictator” means something, and a lot of Americans have had experience with real ones either before moving here or while deployed. So, the next time you pampered wusses want to spew your MSNBC / CNN-approved rhetoric, save it. Pick up a weapon or shut the hell up.
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    Found this picture recently labeled as an H model... figured I’d share the fact there’s a rare Mack out there that someone thinks is just a regular H model...
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    Seen a lot of "well off" people with little respect or any manners. The general attitude for clearing their trash is "that's what the help is paid for" or as my "entitled liberal daughter in law" stated "I don't do manual labor like clearing the table off". So last time they came over when Gail was alive she insisted that we don't give her any dishes or utensils. . . just a few wet naps. Wife had a bit of a sarcastic streak worse than mine.
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    Retired B80 series dump and Sterling.
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    My guess is you're talking about this one. The photo was taken at Trucktoberfest as I remember but by someone else.
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    I wouldn't mind having a set of high lift wheel picker uppers! Going to need a bigger shop....
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    More B Model bus info - 33 built, Carpenter bus body, Hemi engine, 5 speed Mack Trans, 10 rows seats on right side, 9 rows on left, 79,000 miles showing. More pics to post. As you will see there is some glass in bad shape. If anybody knows where to find glass, please holler. 3 pics this time, close to 11 mb. See if will post Tom
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    Dynamatting well under way. Ordered 2 new airseats and made up new floor brackets for them. Got some pleated black vinyl material coming for back of cab, door panels and firewall. Going to get a new floormat too, might as well at this point.. Amazing how this stuff can snowball, I really just wanted to get the windshield wipers working again.
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    Had to get a little creative with my “coach work”. The lower cab frame I had fabricated was made out of three pieces and welded together. The issue with it was it lacked the bow the original had. The upper two frames have it. The bows help keep the sheet metal taught when assembled. Made a template off the upper bows and then made a tapered shim out of mahogany and bonded it to the lower frame. Issue solved!
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    Umm..........what ????? China as of January 2020 has US$3.115 trillion* in foreign exchange reserves. Why would we give another country free money........that has more money than our deficit-ridden country has????? The way tax-payer money is senselessly handed out overseas by the pallet load should be a crime. * https://www.reuters.com/article/china-economy-forex-reserves/chinas-jan-forex-reserves-rise-to-3-115-trillion-idUSAZN02BXSZ
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    I never want to get involved in politics but it sickens me to watch the democrats. The day Pelosi is out of office it will be a great step forward for Americans. the aholes that wasted all our money going after trump should have to pay it all back out of their own pocket. I hope Trump turns on shiff and rest of them and sticks it up all their asses. Trump for another 4 years I need more money in my retirement account.
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    Think about something, we have a president that the Democrats are trying to impeach for doing what he said he would do if elected, clean out the swamp and find the crooks, so he asks the Ukraine President to look into Hunter Biden a admitted drug addict and how he landed a $50,000 dollar a MONTH job, not 50k a year but 50k a MONTH and he was the Vice Presidents son and we are to really believe this is all above board, you would have to be the most stupid person on earth to believe that Hunter gets 50k a month on his own merits ??? is that how stupid the average democrat voter is ???? they are trying impeach the president for doing exactly what he said he would do, Joe Biden is a crook, has always been a crook and will die a disgraced crook. Now do we really think the Obama was not aware of what was going on ??? so this smuck is up to his neck in this too but hey don't blame him for anything because the blacks will come unhinged and riot if we convicted him for his crimes, this country was built by people who worked hard and will be destroyed by people that think hard work is a bad thing. We need to support Trump and make sure he is reelected and then hope that really goes for the jugular of the liberal crooks.
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    Good looking truck in the rigging trade. Designed with suicide doors to help with cab entry/egress.
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    A little teaser of things to come. Mocked up my mirrors and drilled holes in my brand new door and relocated the holes on the passenger door. Boxed up the mirrors, they shouldn’t be sitting too long!
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    Strapped, clamped, bolted and pinned together. Gaps and panels all lined up and now all welded together in one big piece. Just the roof to attach and a whole bunch of fine tuning before bodywork. Big progress in the last few weeks and can't wait to have this part behind me.
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    Rush Limbaugh nailed it with his Undeniable Truth of Life #24: Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women access to the mainstream of society.
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    Nothing like new. Scored this early N.O.S. LJX (3 hinge, no vent window) door while buying up a bunch of B model parts up in Massachusetts a few years ago. Just needed to remove the forward window channel to make it work. Sanded off the 70+ year old primer to etch prime it. I found one minor ding on the door, but its perfect and will save a lot of time trying to fix the original.
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    Should be running real soon... And I will say, it looks even better in person!
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    I wouldn't now how to work like that...................At least on the creeper you can tie your arms up to sleep ?
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    Pictures to complete the set. Fuzzy, as the author of the second post, you can go to "Bus 2" and delete it to clean things up if you would like.
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    No connection to item. Saw it while looking at ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/82-Mack-W-25-Ton-DeWalt-Underlift-30-Ton-Boom/283772027905?hash=item4212218401:g:zDUAAOSwsFZeOZq1
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    That sheet of chrome plywood on the front has to go though! LOL Put a real truck bumper on it and it would look good.
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    My personal opinion both sides if they don’t want to work with the president they should be off the payroll...... bob
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    Best SOTU ever and your right Pelosi showed what real POS she is, I can't believe that any Democrat can say they are happy with their party, corrupt dishonest and disdain for America that is the Democrat platform and I dare any democrat to debate me, show me your support for the American way of life, Democrats want open borders, what do think would happen if all the Mexicans and people from Central America just showed up, how do you condone a abortion up to the day of birth, ever seen a calf cut out of a cow, pretty disgusting, but that is what they think is right, reach in with a with a razor blade and hack it up because mommy decided while high on crack you need to go, Democrats have some reps in congress with a rag on their head that come from countries that abuse women and it's Ok but they talk about women's rights ???? these same people make jokes about marrying your brother if from Alabama, unless your Democrat from another country trying to cheat and lie for your brother, then it is OK ,Biden is a liar and dishonest, his son got 50k a month just so some bad actors could have a direct link to the Vice President of USA and that is not problem with the Democrat voter, really sick demented behavior on the part of the Democrat voter. All the men and women who gave their lives in all the wars would be disappointed to see the great sacrifice wasted by the now so enlightened Democrat voter, disgusting and shameful. If you don't like America don't bother to vote just pack your crap and go someplace else your not welcome anyway.
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    Was watching this on Netflix last night Stunned to see a L something or other Hadn't seen anyone mention it on here but that doesn't mean it hasnt been mentioned before, apologies if it has Also on the site I flogged those two images from was this one, guess it is the same jigger in tyhe day light Dunno who's truck it is, no doubt someone on here knows a lot more than me about this Here's the link to the site those pics came from https://www.imcdb.org/v001086478.html Also whilst Googling around came across this https://myfox8.com/2017/08/08/channing-tatum-takes-ride-in-mack-truck-with-fox8s-shannon-smith-to-promote-logan-lucky/ Apparently used a Mack truck to promote the movie, some how I have missed all of this If its already up here on the forum disregard my dribble Paul
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    A 1976 Brockway U762TL Detroit V12 race/pulling truck with 800+ HP under the loud pedal.
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    I used some welting on the B75 that came from a friend who plays with old Jeeps and it seems good. The price was reasonable. I have also used the rubber product from Resto Specialties on a different truck and it seems good also but sometimes can be "sticky" and grip the hood pretty good. Ever so often I will wax the inside of the hood to cut down on the grip factor. Or have the assistant handle it....
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    I can't say whether the particular one pictured was put together by someone or not. It is a viable setup though. If you wanted an L tractor with an integral sleeper, Mack would sell you one. They sold many of them. Usually see them with a soft nose versus the hard nose radiator show above. Soft nose LJT sleeper. Picture is not the best. Taken in 2006.
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    Back at it after a busy season with the new job and a friend's project the consumed a lot of time. But, I haven't quit and jumped back in this week getting organized again. This doesn't look like much , but it's the first repaired panel permanently re-attached. The cab needs to go over on it's back one more time for a bunch small things to be completed and undercoating. I'm very optimistic for having the cab ready for paint come this spring and my motivation is increasing about it>
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    Before the Nissan Titan or Mack Titan there was the Chevrolet Titan.
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    So I gather they were mostly Nigerian Kings flush with their inheritance of 5 billion naira? ( value of .0027 of 1 USD)
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    First year for the K5 Blazer in the GM lineup.
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    Two loads of Orville Coach sleeper conversions and fire truck cabs coming in the the MACK factory in the late 50's early 60's.
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