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    Went to the state offices in Richmond today to get screwed over my blood pressure raised to critical and walking back to my truck passed a Model Train Hobby Shop. This was in the window. Very true to life if you ask me! Paul Hosted on Fotki
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    This was my wife's wish and I said I will see it through. Equipment, house kits and tradesman are set to go, everything is mapped out both plat wise and legally. 23 disabled Vets and their families are tentatively chosen to be given the first homes. I will not take stupid "green" requirements by some power mad town employee. Monday I will be at the local news channel and start my push back and get my vets homes or I will bankrupt the town.
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    "Momma" snapped this a few years ago when I was hauling fill for my shop property. This load, a few more just like it, and then 630 tons of fill sand were all carried by this ole girl. Lot's of people "rubbernecking" too. Slow and steady still gets the job done.
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    My 88 we just restored ..just wanted to share with you guys
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    1984 brochure photo at the test track.
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    Hosted on Fotki
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    It’s coming back together! Latest update says starting it Thursday morning and having it roaring down the streets of Maryland later that day. What funny is one of the big delays was the fact that her replacement, Independent’s new Engine 12, was also in the shop and obviously the wagon still in service took priority. I’ll send pictures when I can, but I will say that her chrome shines brightly, or atleast what you can see if it behind the rust.
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    Must have been a rookie an experienced Swift driver would have been cross ways on both sets of tracks
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    I saw this former Overnite Transportation F model sitting at Litchford's Garage in Concord the other day. I stopped yesterday and got a few pictures. You used to see these all the time, Overnite, Smith's Transfer, and many other companies had similar F model Macks, and then all of a sudden you say "hey- don't see those any more!"
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    Now these are cranes...............
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    Hi all, just thought I'd share a horn button repair I made to our Type 45 using some 3D printed parts. As you can see in the photo, one of the rubber blocks that retains the horn button had broken. I'm not really sure if these parts are available, but making one essentially for free is always better than buying if you're like me - more budget constrained than bound to strict originality. I drilled out the rivets holding the original rubbers, and had a friend of mine print up some replacements which are designed to accept a small flat head screw in place of the rivet. Blue would not have been my first choice but its what he had in a semi-flexible materials on hand and it doesn't show when the button is installed.
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    Came across this picture in WOT March/April 1989. Certainly an impressive sight! All working at time of photo in the late 80's. A-N-D Service.
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    Awwww that's nice, that squirrel was falling and her buddy caught her and is holding her up until she regains her footing.
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    Mack Maxidyne equals Money Maker. Tip Turbine with associated plumbing for the hood scoop.
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    And one more from the bottom of the cab, after welding it all together and priming, before turning it upright. It looks so nice, considering what I started with.
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    12'6" and it has 30" sides IIRC. It is a GarWood bed and hoist. I don't have any sideboards but there are pockets for them. Truck idles at 400rpm and will dump the loaded bed at idle. California truck originally and I purchased it from the original owner's estate having it trucked home in 1998. Everything is original on the cab and chassis except the rear suspension which is Hendrickson. It's not much but it does work for me when needed.
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    I saw a big Mack truck. A big peach. I saw this truck on the shoulder on I-81 Friday. It was on the north bound side, just north of Harrisonburg, Va. I don't know what happened, he was about to lose the lumber though. The piece hanging off is the rub rail of the trailer. I saw this at Neville Island, Pa. Used to see them on 79 a lot, sharp looking units.
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    It's official, March 1st, I turned the page and started re-assembly by putting the cowl back on and today welded in the new sills and lower back frame. It was very helpful to remove the cowl and rid the pillars of rust. It also allowed me to put the cowl up on a temporary bench to work on it and repair the right cab mount, which had completely blown through and left a fist sized hole. Lots of other small, time consuming repairs were made all over the cowl/pillar area. Overall, I'm very happy with the results and alignment looks good. Not that far off from removing the cage and test fitting the doors. Once that's done, it'll be back to the sheet metal and re-installing it.
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    Added a few more parts and pieces Truck Shop
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    Here is the mate to J.Hancock's CH Tanker. CJ is the 10 wheel version.
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    Found a 1965 triaxel B-73 with an L cab and one of these Holmes 850 setups. It’s huge. So huge it’s got a 100,000 winch on it.
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    The winch cable pulled the trailer suspension forward. This action made the dump body raise up. Release the winch and the body would lower. Steering wheel holders need not apply.
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    I saw this unit with the super expensive paint going south on 77 between Charlotte and Columbia last week. It was running a couple hunnert miles an hour, but when the torrential downpour started I think they realized pretty quick that those stupid looking "rims" were not their best wet weather option. I saw this nice looking station wagon on rt. 15 too. Load of steel I picked up in Charlotte. Lot of work to secure and tarp it, have to use lots of corner protectors, and it took 3 tarps to cover. This load I saw in Marietta, Ga. didn't take much work- not enough anyway. I was behind this guy, and I kept wondering if he was going to chain those coils. He never did, he left there with 2 straps over the top of them. Not much work here either- I left the echo truck stop and noticed that a driver had left a bag of trash right where he was parked, instead of putting it in a trash can. I saw an animal in a truck barking at me- And from Florida, we have 2 squirrels in a pine tree...
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    Was at Mack Townsville yesterday and saw this A Brockway cabbed Mack, dunno whether to share in Mack or Brockway Owner was telling me it was one of two ever Mack built tilt trays built by Mack in Australia Paul
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    I've been posting a lot because I've had a lot of time to dedicate to this over the Winter and I'm trying to get as much done on it before things pick up at work. The cab structure is done, with only a few minor things to complete. I test fit all the sheetmetal this morning, before I take it to the stripper. It all looks pretty good, but I'm sure there are a few headaches awaiting me. I stacked up most of pieces that have been replaced, plus a bucket full of other scraps, as I was cleaning up the shop. Amazing when you line it all up as you lose track of what you've done, as you fix each issue. The rear cab structure really came out nice and clean, as all the damaged and crushed pieces were fixed or replaced. A lot of strength has come back in it with very little flex, compared to how it was.
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    Goes out nearly every day during the concrete season. Had roughly 350k miles when my dad bought it in 1986, we have put another 200k trolling around in our 15 mile delivery radius. Last thing the engine needed was a piston and cylinder head when it dropped a valve seat 8 or 9 years ago. How's that for up time?
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    remember going by there 15-20 years ago and they had cabs on pallet racking up high
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    I made these myself several years ago. Had the logo digitized from a decal, converted to a format a sewing machine recognized, and it is actually embroidered into the vinyl, (that part I had done). I then sewed the pattern: The red and black tufted panels are for my RL-755LST truck, the black ones and seats are for my R-612ST whenever I get to it..... Only shown are the panels for the right side of the cab. The dogs are mirrored and face forward on the left panels and inward on the left seat.
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    HUGE sigh of relief today. I cut out the cage and test fit the doors to check my work. Everything lined up and the gaps appear very even around both doors. I've been so worried about shift, having cut so far into this cab to save it. Like I've been saying, this is the worst part and time consuming. But, being careful and thoughtful about how I've gone about it is paying off.
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    The 886 model was introduced within the DM series in 1974. The 886 continued until 1987 with a production of 1,938 units built.
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    Why is there such a push to legalize more drugs? To keep the "people" stoned and happy.... Maybe happy people ask fewer questions?
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    Sawmill Trucking NYC 1968
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    Just got home from my Unincorporated Villages Zoning Board. My appeal to their non zoning list of demands/ requirements was denied. Got the approval from the Federal EPA and ACE, got approval from the Common Wealth of Virginia, got the approval from Fluvanna County but the village want 60% solar and they want the residents to be anybody in instead of Disabled Vets. There is no out side money, there is no banks, there is only my outlay. All 34 houses were to be built and paid for by me and my wifes life insurance monies. Only requirements were 10 years residency in the house, utilities, up keep and taxes. So now I may just sell the entire 1140 acres to a developer or since it is zoned as residential / heavy commercial I my just turn it into an 1100 acre 24/7 sand and gravel pit mine.
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    Photo of the truck w/850 Holmes wrecker/retrieval unit: The 850's I'd seen all had that large centerlined split winch and it was huge.
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    You need to rephrase your question to “what is Volvo Group thinking”.
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    Keep us posted on how it goes, from a V.N. vet, thank you for what you are doing. terry
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    Go with the gravel pit. It'll be way less headaches.
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    Just look at his shirt Does anything more need to be said
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    Borrowed this picture from a friend. Photo is from the middle 50's or so. The way it was.
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    Factory equipped with a 1693 CAT under the hood.
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    I played my part in the "Global Warming" thing today. I was headed south and the sun in the west was just perfect to see the cab and exhaust stack shadow from the driver's door. I really laid into the throttle to ensure the old 300+ was smoking to perfection under a pull. It was too and I was "ear to ear" grinning. Life is Good.
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    Working rig sitting in the trees.
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    Welcome to my world, LOL We went through a few weeks of minus 40/minus 50. Now last night it was going from rain to white out snow storm back to rain. And thunder and lightning the whole time. Very strange.
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