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    Finally got around to the 80 gallon fuel tanks I snagged off a 97 FL80 Freightliner. Acid washed, sanded with 400/800 then polished.
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    If you haven't been to the Mack Museum in Allentown, this is a glimpse into what they have to offer. www.macktruckshistoricalmuseum.org
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    I was in the right place at the right time this morning and got this video of a buddies LT hauling his D6 I believe. There are still a couple of working old Macks left in CA. Not many though. LT w-D6 video.MOV
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    I just wanted to give an update on my R770. I have everything working as it should, Cleaned and painted frame and hubs. Repurposed some tires. The ones on the truck had lots of tread but were badly weather checked from sitting for 16 years . After a polish, this is what I have. A side note about the flags. The previous owners wife would hand sew flags for her husband. There was a stack of them under the seat, so I thought I should be showing them off ,and sharing the story.
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    The 24 wide x 36 long x 16 tall barn expansion build has finally begun.😁 Just laying out the string lines,post locations and getting things leveled up.
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    I saw lots of planes, trains, and automobiles. Well, I didn't actually take any train pictures, so i'll throw this snow train picture in-
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    Worked every day this week and is doing good. The transmission is definitely a change but for the better so far. Rob and some others had said that the power curve would feel a bit flat, and that’s a pretty accurate way to describe it. My driving habit has always been to “short shift” and it seems to really like that. It doesn’t need to be wound out before you shift it like it did before. I am going to work it a while and then I’m probably gonna take Rob’s advice and and have the pump calibrated to 300+ settings and try to fit my chassis mounted cooler. It’s gonna have to make some $$ for a while first. Lol. The air ride cab and all the insulation and new rubbers everywhere is sooo much nicer. Got cold a/c and a pretty good stereo too. But I’m still cruising with the window down because I love the way the 6” straights sound. Lol. Took forever but I’m very happy with the way it turned out. Thank you guys for all the free help and advice. I really appreciate it
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    bought the peterbilts couple years ago from steve camerota of camerota truck parts in ct.
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    My friend found one of these pics on social media, so I figured since they have been also featured in the Canadian Bulldog Magazine back in the day I would post I may as well post my good friend's and his fathers old Mack's. The E9 V8 Superliner was a show and shine winner at El Rodeo Du Camion in Quebec. And the R pulling the float trailers had what he built as the very first auxiliary power unit around here back when there was no such thing. He put a Vauxhall engine in the side saddle storage box that charged the batteries, pre-heated the engine and wet line hydraulic oil tank and provided climate control in the cab when parked.
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    May as well post one of the 87 R Model's I hauled salt with too. This was a strong little E6 350. Grossed 140,000 pounds all it's life running 8 to 12% hills north of here.
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    After all the 168 pages (of B.S.) were filled with the D.H.S., three face to face interviews and 5 inspections of my nostalgia funnycar project, my blown 55 chevy and storage bunker for the drums of fuel. I GOT MY PERMIT TO BUY UP TO 550 GALLONS OF NITRO METHANE FUEL A MONTH !!!
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    I forgot I had these I took a FEW years ago. Pics from our old local Mack dealer that was in town in the 70's and 80's. And some trucks. The big float is was bringing some fabrications into the steel mill here.
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    Still slugging away. Took a break on the cab, after getting the sheet metal back. Doing some chassis work to get the frame mobile again. I have the front axle out and took the front springs to a local shop to be re-arched and matched up. The right spring was really bent and was a lot lower when it was in, even with the empty frame. Three work day turn around and the shop had everything I needed, even for both axles. Cleaned and primered all the parts and the right frame rail, but ran out of daylight to get the left one done.
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    The last B model rolled off the assembly line. Matt Pfahl is the current owner of the truck. B57S1284.
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    Just over 1100 miles one way with my Marmon and M172 trailer. Hopefully 700 miles home with a new B
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    Good deal on these straps, Tractor Supply. I saw a big Mack truck or two- I love watching Fox News on weekends. Happy Easter everybody.
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    Good show .Had about 80 trucks
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    Once again I am working away from home , living in my camper . We have some critters that come onto the job , and they take they sweet time getting out of the way.. I saw this flat deck truck in a front yard . And the old jammer skidding rig in the back 40 in a field.
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    Here she is, gents. Looks almost like a Paccar cab (photo not my own)
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    Figured I'd post a few pics. Grey one is a 93. Was a 350 but not anymore. Old school double over. RTX 14609B with the back half of a RTO 14613 3.91 rears. 15.3 pistons, stg 2 injectors and blixxton with a big s475 turbo 99 is a 460 with the blixxton. 18 speed 4.42. 44k rears 14.3 front. The 93 will walk all over it still
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    This guy was talking on the internet recently about how one can scale things down and one of the examples he had of something me scaled down was this beauty. Figured you all would enjoy it. Mack R Fire Tanker out of Summerville, PA. “Tanker 7, a 1990 Mack/Ward 79, has 1500 GPM Hale Pump and 2000 gallons of water. It also has 1200 feet of 5" hose, and a remote controlled newton quick-dump. It can be used as a tanker or a supply engine.” Looks to still be on frontline duty.
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    Here's a Aussie one with a Bit of Weight on..
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    Listed as the first Mack for Yaworski Trucking in CT. Yaworski previously purchased lots of Ford products.
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    My nearest neighbors in Riverhead were living large off the state and would whine about my trucks, plowing fields at 7 a.m. and my dogs. Put antique plates on all of my hulks and put them on his property line, made a larger dog crap catapult for spicing up his pool and told the farmer who leased my fields to not turn in the rotten crops but put them along the fence line. No more issues after the local code enforcement said I was legal 100% and he was in violation for no C.O's on the pool, rear deck Gazbo, that his fence was on town property and the rocks he put on the edge of the county road were illgal and he was getting cite and fined to the tune of $250 per rock. Life is good. In Virginia my nearest neighbor is over a mile and a half away and the nearest in Maine is just under 20 miles away.
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    Well after a lot of work Rich and his Rat Rod made their first show! Looking good!
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    Little did I know at the time this thread started in 2013 that I would end up owning the VL pictured in the first V8 reply! Here is that pic and here is the truck today.
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    Autocar Trucks / May 15, 2019 “ Miss Lisa “ - Pumpkin Center Super Tanker Project The old ‘64 Autocar had ran a good race. She was getting kinda tired and slowing her pace. Put out to pasture for many years, her paint was a fading, weeds growing round her gears. Then along came a man who could see her potential. He didn't ask for logs or to see her credentials. All she needed was a little bit of love, some diesel, a filter, and a big strong shove. Just a few parts; some old some new. Soon she'd be rolling with a tanker from ‘52. New Flaps and Stacks made the old Autocar start to grin. A 250 Cummins will make her fly again. She'll never complain when she's out on the road, that you're standing on the throttle and she's pulling a heavy load. Just service her engine and patch up her wounds, and that NH 250 will keep hummin' it's tune. . .
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    Hi guys this is my🇭🇲 Aussie Bull~dog🇭🇲 1988 ~ MACK ~ Valueliner 🇭🇲🇭🇲 350 h.p. 9 speed mack box & Camelback rear. It was orginally a ex shell fuel hauler tanker before I got it and done it up over the years in Australia..Goes and pulls well like a freight train . And that's how a bulldog should be.. 10.4 matey👍🇭🇲🇭🇲🇭🇲
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    First run up for a number of years. just over 300 hours run since 1949.... Fire It Up Friday - delayed till Sunday! I was going to do this on friday but the combination of rotten weather and work for clients kept me inside the workshop rather than outside working on one of my own projects. Which in this case is an unusual Mack LFSW , super rare on this side of the Atlantic and one of 8 built in 1949 for the newly-formed Central Intelligence Agency. Four of the 8 made it to UK where, painted in USAF colours, and fitted with generating sets, they prov...ided power for communications trailers. They were eventually sold off and 3 of the 4 ended up on the Dalmeny estate near Queensferry destined to provide power for rock concerts, although this was short lived. This one had a crane mounted on it and was used in the somewhat more modest role shifting timber. Even so it has only 300 hours on the clock. It was dragged off the estate a number of years ago by a chap who got it running but then decided that as a project it was a little ambitious so it has come to live with us here in Cumbria. It has taken me a further number of years to get to grips with it, let alone get it running. So with everything cleaned repaired re- plumbed and generally tidied, and with what was probably its first oil change since 1949 it was time to see if it would strike gallop. Anyway, apply 24 volts and see what happens.....
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    Powered with a Mack 510 gasoline engine.
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    Hi guys One of my trucks is 1973 Mack R600 single axle dump that we run every day moving our equipment with 1988 tag trailer. We just bought new talbert trailer and none of the LED lights would work on positive ground. We also pull new trailer with our newer truck so only option was to convert 73 Mack to negative ground. We upgraded the engine few years back to 300 tip turbine. It had the 2 wire alternator so we just switched all wires around on alternator. We switched cables on batteries. I had to swap out the volt meter and coolant gauge and reverse the heater wires around. Switched wires on cigar lighter and now all is good. Starter works, alternator charges normal and all led lights now work with new trailer
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    It's not an LTL, but here's an old LTS I've owned for the last 19 yrs..
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    Ex-White Oak DM at the IUOE 478 hall 2stacksuperdog doing his thing with Grimace at the local DOT salt shed My friend's 1967 DM815 waiting to get restored eventually. Spent most of its life as a tractor with a 864, then that blew and got a reman 285 put in and a few years later the dump body was added. Will likely be a tractor again. Side note...last few months I've seen one each new International and Paccar tractors for Herb Holden. Manafort's KWs seem to be multiplying. Tilcon dumped 3 R models at the auction this week: 2 ex-Balf lube trucks and a water truck.
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    Well lets see......they have no more heavy haul truck, no big bore engines, no off road heavy loggers or mine trucks, and a "you'll take what we give you, not what you want" attitude. Can't understand how their market share would be dropping? LOL.
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    A picture from back in the day. The fellow that took this picture made deliveries with the B or an LJ mixer.
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    My pics from Macungie '18.
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    From the folks up here.....
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    The new Liebherr LTM1230-5.1. Powered by a Liebherr engine....of course. .
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    Some of the Macks at the ATHS Palmetto Upstate Chapter show in Tigerville SC last Saturday:
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    We fixed the issue by buying a Pete
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