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    Friend of ours stopped on his way home from Michigan with his new purchase. '88 MH613 - E6 4v 350 w/Jake - Mack 9 spd - 44,000 New Way air ride on 11R 24.5 rubber. .....Hippy
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    Jesus Christ.........People if you don't want to read political bullshit, there is this thing you can do called "scroll on" or....Back out of the thread. or.....take off the diaper (or panties) and put on your big boy britches and ignore the thread. This goes for the Admins, too.
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    It's seems like just yesterday that I was standing between a new "Cool Power" 300-equipped R-model, and F-model. Where did all the years go? I feel no older than that day in 1973. .
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    Detroit Diesel powered with either a 3-53 or 4-53 for power and noise! The camper body is a Williams Craft built in Arlington, Texas.
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    As i said many times in the past there're just a few Mack trucks in Russia and only a finger count of old ones so I keep the track on the most of them. A few years back a friend of mine sent me a picture from the net with orange Cruiseliner with Russian plates. Those indicated registration of the city of Ekaterinburg which is a kind of a capital of the Ural mountains region. A bit later another friend met the owner on some local truck forum and supplied me with contact info. I made a phone call, learned the specifications and the chassis # and was also told that the truck was selling. But the asking price didn't suit my interest. In a couple of years I had another talk and the owner said he had a clutch broken down but was off the line to fix at the time being busy with current affairs. We splitted the cost to a half if buying as is but the guy was also not ready to arrange the sell being busy. I supposed he had something wrong with family or so and didn't bother him for some while. Called in a half of a year and again in a year and again. Time goes fast as we all know and in this passed spring I was again sent a picture by a friend. The pic showed the truck with windscreens and headlights broken so I immediately made a call. Turned out scums slicked in to the yard and ruined the glasses, outer mirrors and instruments in the dash. The owner was really broken and splitted the cost twice more. So it was the time to get or loose and I started planning a roadtrip. I had old 14" clutch discs of the style needed so the initial plan was to assemble the clutch, install the tranny (which was T1078 5 speed) and try to get the truck running.If the stars line up really well I would load my car onto the Mack's bed and drive home in the Mack. But that didn't seem real enough so i also looked for possibilities to tow or move on a trailer. Cabovers are usually tall animals so common trailers wouldn't work. And lowboys are extremely costy. Anyway I put a request on a local transportation website and to my big surprize got multiple lowboy offers of a quite reasonable price range. Corona times aren't nice for all the commersion and it looked like the transportation serives didn't became an exception. Ended up with a person local to the place where the truck was parked and his particular trailer was low enough to not remove horns and lights off the roof. The time shedule was also comfortable. At a certain time I loaded my trusty Mercedes-G with a pair of good batteries, clutch discs, tools, rags and plenty of other useful items and catched the road with a company of my shop guy. The distance to cover was a bit less than 2000 km and I resolved to make it in 2.5-3 days making stops and even swimming in rivers to turn the deal into a kind of a holiday trip. Turned out we made the first 3 hundred km and the outside temp got up to 36 Celsias (95F-?). The G doesn't have AC from the factory so after covering 3 more hundred km I didn't miss a chance and drove 5 km aside of the highway to catch Volga river. We freshed ourselves up, got snakes in a local cafe and covered 3 more hundred that day. Stayed overnight near big city Kazan' and planned to continue the way. Google map showed the road on my telephone quite straight. But when I zoomed that blue line in one spot seemed strange to me. There was a big river crossing and the line had a small gap. I felt surprize and switched to the satellite view. Found out no bridge on the photo and a ferry crossing script. Such layout didn't suit a state of Russian main road to Siberia. Still can't understand why navigation recommended that way but didn't decline the idea completey. Googled "Viatka river crossing" and read multiple web discussions on bridge construction and finally learned that there was a ponton bridge there at the time, no ferry. Something was written also about bad road sections before and after the bridge but having big wheels and time I figured I'd make a try. Now it seems as a worth to do deal but I will definitely not drive that road again. Covered 2 hundred km of a half-empty local road and catched a gravel section nearly 5 km long before came to the bridge. Turned out it was a private and a toll bridge. Not a problem for a car but truck pass would be costy. The best thing I steered into the woods right after the bridge and we got to a sandy beach almost close to the water. Swam for half an hour and went back on the road. Its part after the bridge was discovered much worse than before it. Just a dirt road with deep ditches and total washboard. I passed 2 or 3 cars which drove 5km/h. Not anything unusual to me and my 33 MT tyres so I drove 40 with plenty of shaking and dust. Funny thing it took us no less than 25 km to get to black top paved way. The pics - the truck as I first saw it on the net image, the bridge and the road further.
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    That same day we catched the final destination, met the owner and I finally saw the aim of the trip myself. Can't say I was really excited but the truck more looked alive than dead. The next day we installed the rear crank seal housing since the owner removed it planning to change the seal but didn't, flywheel, clutch set and the tranny. I brang a chain winch along the other things but the point to attach it was the body's front board which was not a perfect location to hang the tranny up. As a follow we put plenty of labour getting it in place. Having experience of installing clutch on my R-model I resolved to fit the pressure plate and discs on the tranny shaft and put on the engine all togeter. But R-model had a single disc clutch and the Cruiseliner had double discs. We put the tranny on the flywheel housing closer to the end of the day but the next morning I had to release the attaching screws and move it back for half an inch since we couldn't fit the pressure plate to the flywheel. Seemed like the intermediate plate didn't seat onto the flywheel pins. We tinkered with the matter for an hour or so and the pressure plate got better location. But closer to the end of the 2nd working day I found out no declutching. Ok, that's for further repair, home, not in the field. The end of the day was spent to reattach battery terminals to suit common (European or a car style) batteries I had to install on the truck. I grabbed a few cable sections with clamps at home so just connected them to stock Mack cables with bolts and nuts and insulated with duct tape. Took me plenty of time and no luck actuating the starter since the owner lost the ignition key... I straight jumped the starter the next day but didn't have luck with firing up the engine. Took me half more day to buy a bottle of either fluid, attaching a can with fresh diesel and getting black smoke from the pipe with smooth engine idling in the end. But my joy haven't happen to turn into real satisfaction since air pressure gauge didn't lift its needle higher than 15 or so psi. It went a lil bit higher when I revved the engine up for some while but slowly dropped down when back at idle. So no brake release and no truck moving. And the final decition was loading it on a trailer with a crane. Which was found locally and made its work quite quick and smooth
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    About 2/3 of the way done smoothing out the panels. Just taking light skim coats to do it. Still more sanding, priming and wet sanding to go.
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    All fine rigs! I am not a big fan of the modern bumper on the LT but can appreciate the time to keep it polished to look like a mirror!
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    It’s finally back together and on the road. It started out as a $500 parts truck for my ex USN all wheel drive FT 900 but it ran great It is powered by a Ford 7.8 diesel The transmission is a Allison MT 643 converted to a MT653 The Ford spring suspension and 4.89 ratio RS 23160 was replaced with a clip from a 2002 peterbuilt. Reyco air ride, RS 23161 with air locker and 3.90 ratio. The interior of the cab floor, back wall, doors and underside of the hood was coated with lizard skin. The interior of the cab floor, back wall and doors were also covered with quite ride solutions kit. The interior has new national esign seats on low profile pedestals with custom brackets that copy the old ford national bases. Factory air was added to the cab. I was able to find a new factory vinyl floor mat for the truck. The truck is riding on aluminum 24.5’s The end result is a very quiet truck inside that will effortlessly keep up with freeway traffic
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    I saw this R model when I was out and about. They have tractor pulls there sometimes, looks like they might do some pulling with it. I've seen this beer before but never tried it. Now they sell it over at the local store, and it was only $3.99 for a 6 pack of 16 oz. cans. Not bad, not bad at all. And here's a girl in a car, from the interweb. I have to wear a mask some places, so I made myself one that looked a little different. They won't let me smoke everywhere though, so Zina from Florida sent me this fancy one without a cigarette.
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    French's DM885 dump truck got a ride to the Gear Jammer Show. The tractor is a DM897SX with V8 power, double stud front axle and big lollipop fender lights.
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    The end of that part of the story we started backing home on the next day and the loaded trailer went to his company yard with a plan to hit the road in a couple of days. I took another road which worth pointing out since I drove no less than 1500km of nealy empty 2 lane highway with about no passes and light overspeeding. Would do it really nasty if drive a faster car but not this time. Telling further the trailer arrived to my place yesterday and we offloaded the Mack successfully. But I will share that part of the story the other day. Too much to type (and read?) at once, especially by language you don't use to use in everyday practice The pics - really long sections of empty road we combined with road repairs in 3 or 4 places. Some typical Ruaain road scenaries. Also an old Russian car Pobeda (means a victory) someone put on a display near the road.
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    The place I found to stay overnight was a small hotel right near the river by the name of Kama. KamAZ truck plant was named to it but the actual plant's location was in a few hundred km lower down the river's draft. Worth to admitt the water was cold and the dinner was excellent and cheap. Further road represented a section of a 6 lane highway starting from the city of Perm' which in 30 km turned out into a common 2 lane road with avarage traffic. Met that yellow with red IH somewhere overthere. Than further catched a couple of sections of road repairs where one of the two lanes was closed and traffic got switched to one direction changing another in 10 or 15 minutes. You had to stay in a line of vehicles and wait. The pics - the Kama river and the hotel near it. It's location was a side of the city of Perm'. Also IH truck and road repair scenary..
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    The Mods are doing as I asked...moderating content! We are all for keeping the off topic/political content but when these debates turn to name calling and bickering that eventually spreads into other topics, the warnings and bans will start to fly! If you guys can't discuss stuff in a civil manner then that is how we have to address it! If you want to argue and bicker, take it to Facebook or some other forum...there are plenty out there! We have over 20,000 members that came here to discuss Mack Trucks...not world civics class!
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    Through the years, we have asked the community if they wanted Off Topic discussions to include politics and other heated topics and YES always rang out the loudest...and that is fine, but when these discussions turn into shouting matches, name calling and disrespect to the Moderators...we will be forced to start regulating these discussions and moderating them heavily! Members that can't or won't debate in a civil manner, will be warned and banned as needed!! This is a Mack Truck forum and Mack Trucks will always be the main focus for content...if you disagree and go against the forum rules, you will be removed from the group! It is as simple as that! We realize that this is a crazy time in all of our lives with events happening that none of us have ever witnessed and you want to talk about them with your fellow Mack Truck Fans...but we must keep it together and not attack each other over these issues and views. If you want to get heated, take it to Facebook or some other political forum...we do not want or need that crap here! Keep it civil!! To the members that do not want anything to do with political off topic discussions, we are going to start tagging these topics within the Off Topic Forum so they will be easier for you to spot and NOT have to click on the topic to see what it is about. If you see a POLITICAL or VIEWER WARNING tag or prefix in a thread title, you can just scroll on by and not get drawn into the unwanted discussion. At the end of the day, we know we can't make everyone happy...but we sure do try!
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    This video popped up on my YouTube feed this morning. I don’t know much about heavy hauling but watched a few minutes of this before work and saw the outfit in Nebraska uses Mack’s so I figured I’d better post it.
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    Two Mack RD dump trucks in the Gear Jammer Show with a DM water truck outside the show. The DM was being used during the show to keep dust down in the parking lot and it fills the mud pits when the mud bogger association visits the track.
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    I took the old dog for a walk today and this stray followed us home
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    When I was a kid in the early 80's, every R-model a local garbage dump/roll off company had would smoke like that, every shift, every stop light, every hill... Vogel disposal... I credit that company and that smoke for my fixations on Mack!
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    Seen at the 2014 Western Mass Show.
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    We also saw a few churches and mosques in that region since it's partly Muslim habitated.
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    We brought 20 1979 R686 and they were $44,800 each.Heres a picture of the last one we have.73,000 original miles.
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    Well the second stick race is in the books. Not much to say about it, as it was called off during second round due to a major oil down that the track didn't want to deal with that late on a Sunday night. I had won my second round, so I was making my way to the winners circle one round at a time. Ugh. Did have a photographer getting good shots though.
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    Thought some of you fellas would appreciate this ..... my neighbor Collects old tractors he has a lot of them.... he just got this one few days ago ... bob
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    Single axle tractor with a wet line at a show in Scituate, RI about 23 years ago.
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    That's rich! Our President has been accused of collusion with the Russians, but his accusers had ZERO proof! Justice Kavannaugh was accused of sexual harassment, yet his accusers had ZERO proof! Our President was impeached for using quid pro quo, yet his accusers had ZERO proof! We are fighting censorship here. There is a socialist agenda being forced upon the free world and anyone who does not follow lockstep with the narrative is being singled out and condemned for it. We have the right to voice our opinions and we will NOT BACK DOWN! We may get silenced in the media, but we WILL NOT be silenced at the voting booth! I have been a longtime user of a popular news outlet on the internet. That outlet included a comment section after every news story. The liberal slant to those news stories is pathetically obvious, in spite of the claims that their polls state, but the comment section has always given a true picture of how Americans feel. In recent weeks, as the election draws near, the comment section has been removed, in effect silencing the voice of the people. The liberal slant in their stories has now turned into a cliff! Baseless accusations aimed at our President are published several times every day, including outright LIES, yet there is no recourse. The communist garbage now occurring in New York City is about to blow up in their faces, but they are way too arrogant to see it coming. I can't wait!
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    Just going by the sheer pages of people’s appreciation and congratulations you know that’s not true. If you want to take your toys and go home that’s your call but you shouldn’t blame others for your doing so. Hope to see the rest of the build.
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    These 2 guys are at a lot of the local shows. A couple of nicely-done B61s.
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    I have been looking and I heard that this "beauty" was located about 15 miles from my house. The owner has a tandem sitting out at his house so I thought I would stop and ask him what they story was. He told me he wanted to use the cab and the engine(gas) on a single axle up at his camp. So I asked him if he wanted to sell the single axle and he said he would. The farmer who owned the single axle told him there was a hole in the block. I guess the farmer use to dump a gallon of oil in it when he wanted to use it, and when he was done, most of it was on the ground. So anyway the guy I bought it from got it from the farmer and they dragged it to his camp. 20 years later this is what you have (yes that's a tree growing through the box). Passenger side window broke, passenger side floor rotted, couple of the rear tire feel like they hold air. Its buried about foot in the ground so hard tell if the fronts hold air. Posted on Facebook, so some of you guys have probably seen it, but thought I would toss it on her too. Maybe Saturdays project to get her cut out of the Jungle.
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    The "Duck" also shows up from time to time...
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    Seen at the New England Chapter Show in 2015. Has a pretty good power to weight ratio...
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    Are you sure of that? Ive seen plenty of trucks stretched or made into something they werent and working everyday many years later.
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    Waiting to be loaded up.
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    Truck was parked at a local rock yard a few years back. Door says: "Bryant Farms - Greensboro, NC". Thing was absolutely beautiful, and was still working. Nice to see somebody actually keep a working truck in that kind of condition.
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    Basic body work done and a re-prime today. Panels are all looking good and decently straight. still more sanding and minor work to do, but considering how far apart this cab has been, I'm very pleased with how it's progressing.
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    As seen in the Bulldog magazine Vol. 2 2009. A 1958 B-60 that had been a cement mixer was updated with a Mack 237hp motor and fitted with a Holmes wrecker body. Owned by Sam's Truck Service in Springdale, PA near Pittsburgh.
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    I’m sure you’re right but I don’t have time to fight and argue with every clown I come across if you know what I mean. eBay, Amazon Made the choice easy. Not only is the local store run poorly they really gouge you unless you have a business with an account with them. For example, I had a diesel fuel filter gel up. At the time Napa had one so I bought it for $48.00. Happened to be going to a neighboring town 70 miles away and decided since it had been extremely cold with more to come I should pick up a spare filter just in case. Same filter from the same franchise cost me $16.00 instead of the $48.00 I paid locally. Getting gouged like that makes the choice to circumvent businesses like that and online shop easy. While I do support many other small businesses in my community and I don’t expect them to beat or even match the big box stores but I trust they won’t gouge me either.
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    Little farm truck at the Rutland VT Truck Show around 2004 or so. Last time I saw it the paint was a bit more faded.
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    Had to change my primary care physician. My blood pressure was way too high during checkups!
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    Did some homework this morning on the Hoax pandemic worldwide there have been 17.9 million infected and 10.6 recovered and 685,000 deaths can't find what happened to the group between 17.9 to 10.6 ?? that's like 7 million that just poofed ? in the USA we have had 4.71 million infected and 2.3 recovered and 157,000 deaths and 2.? that poofed in 2019 there were 862,000 abortions (deaths) 480,000 smoker deaths plus another 40,000 deaths from second hand smoke along with a cost to us of 300 billion, 38,880 auto related deaths 4.4 million injuries requiring medical attention, 39.773 gun related deaths of which 6 out of 10 are blowing you own brains out. So I need to wear a mask to go to home depot but can light up and die 3 times more likely and it's OK according to the liberal loons and we can kill 860,000 unborn because the liberal loons care so much about life and we can text and speed and kill 38,000 injure 4.4 million more because the liberals don't want to infringe on you personal rights, BUT liberal will shut down your business, lock you in your home, take away your way to earn a living and destroy a thriving economy to win a election and I'm supposed to believe anything that comes out of your yap, your sick and demented and your party should reimburse Americans for the damage you have done to honest hard working people. just think of the millions wasted proving Trump colluded with no one, think of the good that could have been done with that money and all you can do is concentrate on is HATE. liberal are disgusting
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    A little before, during and after on the left side cowl. It's come a long, long way.
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    Navistar Trucks Press Release / July 24, 2020 We're rolling out the red carpet today in honor of the International Harvester "Sightliner" featured in the movie "Real Steel." .
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    Here's a little bit of Free advice, for you to contemplate before next clicking on Submit reply Attack the content of the Post, Not the Poster..! Consider yourself warned..
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