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  2. From the album: Tdbach

    Car show in Garrison today.. the little Case I painted took first in the tractor division..(he was pretty happy!). And the Mack took first in Chamber of Commerce pick.. and second in People's Choice! Awesome!!
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  3. From the album: Tdbach

    Heading back to Mn for Waubun days parade!! Feels good to have everything finished! New fenders next week!
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  6. From the album: Alan's World of trucks

    I see a lot of guys have an interest in Yaworski's "Last of the Line" Mack Superliner. Here it is, in December 2011. This is "THE" last of that model to leave the assembly line. The truck is still available to see at the Haul of Fame in Canterbury, CT. Hours for the Haul of Fame are Wednesday and Thursday 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. Alan
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  7. From the album: Tracy

    It is my grandmas wish to go for a ride in old Gus one more time.. as this old truck belonged to her dad. We are on a mission to get old Gus restored as soon as possible. Any help for finding parts for old Gus would be appreciated! im doing the body work myself and yes.. I'm a woman! Ha! I'm the great granddaughter and the fourth generation owner of Gus46! Proud to be a Mack owner!
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  8. From the album: For the love of trucks

    He sure did have an eye and a love for trucks, she is gorgeous. R.I.P Gus Propper
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  9. From the album: Tdbach

    All went well with about 19,000 pounds.. off to Drake Threshing show this weekend! I love this old Mack Truck
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  10. From the album: Tracy D

    This is our family fleet, of which I have the only remaining Mack out of this line...Gus#9 My great grandfather (August...Gus) is standing in front of Truck #1, my grandpa Jerry is standing in front of truck #3 and Ben Rowley is standing in front of Gus#9. This is my favorite picture of the fleet, as my great grandpa was so proud of his trucks.
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  11. From the album: KAMP

    1998 MACK RD
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  12. From the album: KAMP R MODEL

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  17. From the album: FDNY Super Tender

    Pumping the Super Tender at Mount San Jacinto College at a pump in. Couldn't flush the toilets at the school.
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  18. ole number one R-model R607T 1001 still going strong in CT
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  19. From the album: FDNY Super Tender

    The Super Tender is Escondid CA. for the 9-11 tribute in 2009.
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  20. Courtesy of DAT Photography. My R Model on the Haulin' The Hume run in April this year.
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  21. From the album: New Chrome

    Listed in Parts for sale, working away on reproduction and other E model Parts coming soon.
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  23. From the album: Tdbach

    Having difficulty loading images! Headlights, fender lights, roof lights, tail lights, are all in, gauges ordered, we only have 25 items on our list and Gus#9 will be complete! Grandma keeps asking "hows old Gus coming along" I've never lied this much to my grandma ever! So if ya all see a little 88 year -old woman from Waubun Mn on here...let me know! She's been snooping! Ha! Ms. Tracy D.
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  24. From the album: F Model at work

    The old man, the old cat and the old dog. All of them still working.
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  25. From the album: post resto

    86 and 87RW's
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  26. From the album: KAMP

    1998 MACK RD
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  27. From the album: KAMP R MODEL

    1987 MACK R MODEL
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  28. From the album: 1985 RD685S

    I have owned this for 17 years now. My all time favourite truck. Would trust it with my life.
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  30. From the album: Jake's BCR

    The camper hauler.
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  31. From the album: 74 RS700L

    Its time to restore the old Bulldog. Need a V-8 Mack or a dirty dozen and we're ready to start!
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