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    Sorry I tried to load a comment yesterday The photo is from the Mack Australia facebook page so shifted across for all to enjoy, even those without facebook Caption from the photo bellow #ThrowbackThursday to 1966 where this hardworking B61T Mack is ploughing through the bulldust near Surat in South Central Queensland. Bull dust on dirt roads was very common until the beef roads scheme in 70's started The dirt gets that pulverized it goes like talcum powder and feels like your driving thru deep water as pulls you from side to side Lots of speed is required and on long sections it is some times required to hook road trains together with "stiff bars" or towing poles to push and pull each other thru I haven't had Mrs Mack in bull dust like that in over ten years, its very hard on the truck, the driver and the load I will drive a few extra hundred miles around the road than push thru bull dust for miles Paul
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    we got the watch dogs at the gate
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    Nice looking' unit... The colors look familiar.
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    My Scania 142e and Mack Superliner E9 in the Netherlands
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    Rugers and Macks...2 quality products.
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    It’s either Australia or the surface of Mars.
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    just come in out of rhode island
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    think i saw this truck at a show,,in fontana,,california...bob
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    Can't help but notice where it's pointing at!
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