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    BCR Al, is this rig still out in your neighborhood? Specs? Info?
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    no,that was the standard interior for the Cruiseliner
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    And thanks for your input folks. I appreciate it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    DOWN! Sure as shiitt if your like me you'll get hooked on something getting out. Hanging there in mid air trying to get loose! l'm damn good friends with a guy called Murphy. .....Hippy
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    Another Ball. Its a little dirty . Been in the shop for a long time . I don't play golf. It was given to me .
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    Quite easy matter. You wouldn't like to get hooked up on that handle. For example when seating down. So better to keep them sharp edge down or backwards. Something like on the #2 picture.
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    Raining pretty good when I snapped the photo yesterday morning and the decal is obviously aged but it's fitting: The caption reads: When America is Bankrupt and Lady Liberty Falls, Who will the Democrats and Media Blame?
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    83 Mack Cruiseliner, 10 speed, 370 rears, 1300 miles since motor has been rebuilt, have all parts and liners to interior, 350 Cummins, 6000 or will trade for a good four wheel drive older model pick up 1983 mack Cruiseliner Ruther Glen, VA · over a week ago · $6,000
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    I really don't know much about the LH model. Built between 1940-1953, they did seem to be set up for highway hauling out west. I haven't seen one with an integral sleeper or running on spoke wheels. There may be a sleeper out there or spokes, just haven't seen it. Power was a Mack EO 519, Mack 707 or Cummins. Also seem to be tandems which is why I asked if the VIN was LHSW. SW and 2D indicate tandem rear suspension. Wish I had more info for you. Have fun with your project!
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    There are still a ton of fords operating in St. Louis as dumps, mixers and roll offs. Here are a few from the past couple days. I love old workhorses rocking spokes.
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    I never knew Ford made a narrow cab steel hauler.. Must have a roof top escape hatch with the crane unit behind the cab???
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    Looks like it says both LHSW and LH2D. Nice truck either way, and a 3 stick trans. Awesome find.
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    Any Mack of the vintage I ever used came from the factory with them pointing down. However, I'd say you can have them any old way you want. 🙂
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    Not hateful looking or priced. Look at the flag R model next to it?? Here is listing for ones not on FB. Mack 300 motor, 13 speed Eaton transmission overdrive, Mack rears with Mack suspension, single steel frame, full screw on rears, 2 line wet line, manual steering, all glass good, tube type tires (need replaced), VIN # 786LST28575, Western brown interior, air ride drive seat low back, fixed passenger seat low back, sleeper cab over last ran in 2017. Needs TLC Less
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    looks in a VERY good shape. Congrats on the purchase!
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    And my LTL, my FL700, my RL700...oh wait, I can't afford those either!
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    They're trying to catch all the uShip clowns trying to pass off for hire trucking as "just hauling my junk with my pickup and trailer".
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    Watching that A10 video reinforces my thought that you do not want to be on the wrong side of the US military!!
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    This would be better.
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    Time goes unbelivably fast! I remember green RW project but expected to hear it was done a couple of years back no more. CL seemed as even a closer event. Good luck on freshening up that huge monster. And sorry to hear about your loss.
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    Fantastic stuff, and yes I remember your other trucks as well Great stuff and I look forward to following along with the build Paul
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    Sorry to hear about your dad.
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    One of the finest specimens of a B81 you'll find in MHO.
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    There’s still quite a few running around in my area of central Pa.
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    Update in case anyone needs or wants the info. Ended up pulling the front head to unstick number 2 exhaust valves, replaced 2 bent and one broken pushrod. Oil filters had aug 2011 marked on them, air filter housing packed with chaff and dust. Not just filter, entire housing. Packed. Fuel filters rusted on, took a 3’ chain wrench to pull them off. Re assembled, set valves, new oil and all filters, new fuel return line from head, primed and started nice. Still a bit of a miss but likely an injector. Much better than before. The 3 cylinders I saw were badly glazed, the top end was pretty gooey, a nice sludge in the pan too. I cleaned what I could get to. I’m worried about the turbo long term. Carbon filled a lot of the hot side turbine clearance, it really should have been torn down and rebuilt too. Neat little motor though, nice to work on, tidy valve train, stout and well thought out bottom end, I like the main bearing cap design-and you can’t really go wrong with an inline Bosch pump. I don’t think I’d turn a good one down if I had to go truckin’. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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