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    What do I think of it? I am trying not to.
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    So they moved the first move to 12/12/19 and I had to sign off video and film rights to the Smithsonian, seems they have their own TV channel but hopefully they will let me get a pic or two ?? first move is the Douglas World Cruiser from 1924 The Chicago was one of the first planes to fly around the world.
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    Looks like crap, you're still burning coal or nuclear energy to move it, then when the batteries shit the bed you have to handle that environmental disposal headache and pay 25 grand for a new set of batteries. You can't road trip in it because gas stations aren't "electric" stations. Tesla's are just liberal status items, so you can tell your friends you have more blow money than them and that you are pioneering the environmental electric/automated car movement.
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    Great looking black R tractor with the Trail King and the orange B61 dump!
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    I am intrigued by the torque ratings of the electric motors in this application but will not ever buy one.
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    Yeah, car, nice..........ok, so why is baby girl wearing a steel mesh bite-guard (spit guard?) over her mug? She have bad habits? Maybe Elon designed a faraday cage for her face in case the car tries to fry them like a giant microwave oven?
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    it uses glitter and rainbow unicorn vomit that you can only get from tesla.
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    i think it looks like something my nephews two year old son drew last week.
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    Me????? I think their hideous and don’t really care for electric cars .... I also heard nobody excepts the old batteries nowhere to get rid of them ....bob
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    If it don’t blow smoke, I don’t want it, and that even comes down the lawn equipment. Ooo, and I like to be in control so I’ll drive it myself. If it’s man made, it will fail. When it does, it’ll be bad...
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