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    My 88 we just restored ..just wanted to share with you guys
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    Came home from a Fishing trip to find a box from Maine. In it were cans of Moxie soda, an invasive species in these parts, compliments of BMT's resident philanthropist 41Chevy. Since everyone who tries it (social media) seems to feel inclined to comment I'm throwing mine in too....... Moxie Virgin's stop now if you don't want the spoiler. Brought the cans to a steady 38 F and cracked. Scent is perfumed and pungent similar to a Mennonite store that sells bulk spices. Flavor strikes a memory of dime store candy sticks...… more specifically a softer version of Horehound. Aftertaste is the tricked-out part of the soda. After 15 seconds the sweet dissipates and a dry bitter sets in and holds on. Unique. Stuff is a 10, salute to the Northeast for good craftsmanship. Regretfully, no availability in Wisconsin for the near future. My wife agreed we are keeping the last can (toast) till Paul has a victory over Virginia's "A-Holes".
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    My son and daughter in law went with me but went in first, dressed in their finest NY Yuppie garb.I strolled in a few minutes after them and sat in the back with my camera. During the public question part, they asked how hard would it be to get a permit to convert their 4 car garage into 3 apartment units. Any issues with energy requirements and and issues about who they can and can not rent to. The answers were that there are no rules on green energy and as long as the spaces are issued a C.O. any one that you choose can live there. Son asked again if they plan on any green laws or occupancy requrements in the future and again the answer was no. When the meeting ended i walked up to the Village Supervisor and the head of the zoning board and thanked them for the fantastic video and also thanked the Head of Zoning for leaving me the reasons for denying my permit (60% solar and open residency not just veterans rule) on my answering machine. Told them I'll see you either on the TV news and in Federal Court for Discrimination against Handicapped Veterans unless you met my terms when I decide on them. The members were following me talking to me but for some reason they all scattered when I got into my dump truck and started to leave. Most enjoyable day I've had since my wife passed away
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    Never plan on being a stoner, don't smoke, seldom drink and it fascinates me...…………….Stoner dude sits at home smoking state-approved weed & eat'in Cheetos, Democratic politicians boast whimsically about how many drugs they did in college, the companies CEO has a chrome box for his nose candy and Mr.BlueCollar is told "stay sober, clean, and your going to piss in a cup if you wanna get paid (or score a job)".
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    Some history from this side of the Pacific about you blokes on that side of the Pacific Paul
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    Making a delivery of new Mack LFT trucks.
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    Hey guys/gals! It’s been a while since I have posted in BMT. Not since shortly after our CL753 build. I hope all is well with you all. I am back to share another build I am beginning. If you guys remember, my father and I restored a green Superliner about 5yrs who, and then a yellow CL About 3 yrs ago. Any way I have a new project, something bigger and wilder than I have ever done before. Finally got the RD854 my dad always wanted . It’s unfortunate he isn’t here to help me on this, but my uncle and I plan on doing this one in honor of him. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mauro family 1955 Mack LJSWX dump truck and 1965 B-87 tractor at the Bolton Fairground.
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    Hosted on Fotki
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    1984 brochure photo at the test track.
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    I saw a big Mack truck this week. I saw Cleveland too- I loaded a load of steel there, it looked like this- Loaded at this place Going to this place in Daleville, Va. I saw a big Mack truck in Cleveland too. And some big orange machines- Saw this unit on a trailer behind a pickup truck going south on I-77. This is a cow. and this is a dog and this is a smoking hot babe sitting in the shower. And that's all i've got this week.
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    The FN model was built in 1940-1941 with 150 being produced.
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    But yes it is ironic, MT! Two places I'd loooove to see drug testing: unemployment line and welfare line.
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    The D-series was built between 1955 and 1958. The 1955 and early 1956 models had a squared off grille, no additional trim pieces and no rear corner windows. The second styling added the contour grill with the fancier trim, corner windows as well as other updates to stiffen the cab. There were a total of 832 built. The unique way of accessing the engine was called the Verti-lift system. There was a mast behind the cab, similar to a forklift that contained one cylinder that was raised by a cab jack or an electric pump which was optional. The green one in the photo is mine. It is a 1956 D-42 that was purchased new for Sinclair in Tulsa, OK.
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    Still have some finishing up to do but it’s getting closer to going back to work
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    Making a CAT dozer delivery.
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    Looks familiar https://www.duncanputman.com/truck-of-the-month/2019/april/
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    My photos posted here 2/28/2011:
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    GMC Crackerbox with Fruehauf Super Dump Five R's Excavation1967. Note that the entire unit has singles mounted. Jimmy has a D.D. 12V Turbo for power.
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    Scored about 100 of old photos at a tag sale for only a few bucks. Here is sa few. Tony Dano Dircus
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    Working trucks seen by the side of the road. Modern rig next to a flatback R tractor and an R 600 dump truck with the optional steel butterfly hood.
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    I am old enough (68) to think sometimes that the young men today do not have the backbone the men of the "greatess generation" had. But then I meet a few young men that are or have served the country, and I am struck by the patriotism and courage of these young men today. All is not lost........yet!
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    I dont care what people say, people were made of different stuff back then than they are today Paul
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    My old trailer: Little rusty in the rear: No photos but used the shop gantry crane to take the weight of the ramps while I cut them free and separated the pieces with the ramps hanging from the hook. Drove the gantry forward and set the ramps on the deck after getting some of the metal removed for access. the main frame where the crossmembers were pierced through was really rusty so I made an 8" square plate and clamped to the beams. I then torched the rusted area out much the same as a surgeon does during an operation to get back into good material: These are the rear ramps hinge pins. A wee bit stout no?: While removing the rear closing member, I found the left frame to be 1.25" longer than the right? Don't know what happened there during manufacture but that's a LOT of tolerance. After determining a 13 degree incline to the ramp approach I set up an adjustable square, marked everything as it should be, and shorted the left rail to match the right. There was enough clearance I took it off with my Milwaukee Portaband saw. Pretty straight for what it is and certainly good enough. Rails after straightening up: I'll pick up steel over the next week and get it put back together, then send it to be blasted clean for repaint. The trailer being 42' in length is heavy enough for me and pretty easy to get around with. No real reason to replace it as long as I can repair it. Kinda nice having the equipment to do the work too.....
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    All done with about 200 h.p Loaded with Steel Plating
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    Newest addition 1958 B-81 SX
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    Drove by this place for a couple of years but they were closed .I was to late or to early . Thought it was a scrap yard. Stopped this time and they were open . It is a Museum nothing is for sale .
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    With snow on the side of Main St, Marlborough, NH, this Sterling tractor briefly pauses enroute to deliver a Bucyrus Erie to the jobsite.
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    Here's his B67 rollback,it has a 237 and a quad,and his Superliner with a Cummins. He had a' '78 Superliner with a 60 in. Bentz sleeper,but its out east somewhere now. The trailer is his billboard in front of his shop,the "pickup"was one of his Dad's old wreckers,now Cummins powered,and another of his B61's,this one is a single axle,237 power if I remember right,he has another sleeper cab with a wrecker body,but only pic I have of it is really blurry
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    Here is the mate to J.Hancock's CH Tanker. CJ is the 10 wheel version.
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    I bought it out of state and I’m having it delivered in two days, I’ll take a few photos when it gets here. This is all I have from the sale ad for now.
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    Our 80,000# At 70 mph on drugs/alcohol is beyond dangerous. Personally I'm all for the random drug testing, etc. It weeds (pun intended) out people from the trucking industry simply by being a deterrent. Users shy away from jobs you have to get tested for. They don't want to stop using. The thing about addictions is the addict orders everything in their life to support the addiction. A job with a zero tolerance is counter to that addiction tendency. Plus, I've met bosses that would probably buy dump trucks if there weren't any drug regulations because they couldn't give a rats @$$ if their guys are using or not. These are also the types that wouldn't maintain the brakes, etc. Personally I'm happy to have the drug regulations to keep that nightmare off the road.
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    I would only change two things. Swap the mirrors so the dogs face forward and that the R model was still available to buy brand new! 1987 magazine ad.
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    About 160 feet up, sign is at 130. I never really did much chair work at all and don't want to start now. Glad I know this guy. Always has his camera with him too.
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    TS7 ....Here you go Early Astro judging by mirrors
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    Home built by Jim Etter from PA utilizing B model sheet metal and the 673 engine, trans and rear end out of a Mack G-75. Took the picture in Barrington, NH about 2012.
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    this is his personal truck,it has a 300+ with a quad,and Neway air ride. Pic taken at my place last June.
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    In June of 1967 I took my NYS class 1 drivers road test on a 1953 Brockway 154.. Flat head Continental, 5 speed and air 2 speed. Started at City Hall in the heart of downtown Syracuse!!
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    I'll let you know. He may be the last resort. I really want one of two things to happen. The Veterans groups and media cuts them no slack with the burden of public outcry waking the head of zoning and gaining some sensibility or my NYC property lawyers bankrupt them in court and I buy the village.
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