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    Saw this the other day at the Granite State Show. It is an ex Barnhart Crane and Rigging and believe it is the one that Hobert spied doing some work in his neighborhood a few years ago. https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/45748-a-big-cool-mack/?_fromLogin=1 What a BEAST!
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    Standing tall and is almost at the end of the line for the B model.
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    Today is Vietnam Veterans Day and today we remember. The day was originally known as Long Tan Day, chosen to commemorate the men of D Company, 6RAR who fought in the battle of Long Tan in 1966. On that day, 108 Australian and New Zealand soldiers fought a pitched battle against over 2,000 North Vietnamese and Viet Cong troops in a rubber plantation not far from the small village of Long Tan. The Australians prevailed, but only after fighting in torrential rain for four hours. They were nearly overrun, but were saved by a timely ammunition resupply, accurate artillery fire from the nearby Australian base, and the arrival of reinforcements by armoured personnel carrier. Eighteen Australians lost their lives and 24 were wounded, the largest number of casualties in one operation since the Australian task force had arrived a few months earlier. After the battle the bodies of 245 enemy soldiers were found, but there was evidence that many more bodies had been carried away. On the third anniversary of Long Tan, 18 August 1969, a cross was raised on the site of the battle by the men of 6RAR. Veterans from the battle gathered at the cross to commemorate the fallen, and the day was commemorated by them as Long Tan Day from then on. Over time, all Vietnam veterans adopted the day as one to commemorate those who served and died in Vietnam. In 1987, following the very successful Welcome Home parade for Vietnam veterans in Sydney, Prime Minister Bob Hawke announced that Long Tan Day would be known as Vietnam Veterans Day. Since then, it has been commemorated every year as the day on which the service of all those men and women who served in Vietnam is remembered. The Vietnam War was Australia’s longest military engagement of the 20th century. Almost 60,000 Australians fought in the war and more than 500 lost their lives. Vietnam Veterans Day is commemorated on 18 August every year. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan which would become one of the most extraordinary chapters in Australia’s military history. I have copied and pasted this as quicker than me typing a mess up here and making a hash of it to all the blokes who fought in that war and all the wars that Australia gets involved in thank you Paul
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    picking it up next week, will post pics. 460/13 fuller/46 meritor on air/ 18 front. 11383 government miles.
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    Knees on the wheel at 4 and 8
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    Mack makes a great truck and this is the site for people who like them, I literally grew up in Mack trucks so I keep going back to them, my first Mack was a B61 with factory sleeper, 673 and triplex, single axle with tag, last new Mack was a Granite with a 460 from the Mack dealer in Montgomery NY, Great truck no power, would have to split a gear just to make it over small rise on the interstate, it did not stay around long, this is a great site for help with problems, also great place to be reminded why you don't want to buy a new truck, I like the pictures and the stories, as much as I like the my Macks I hate the transmissions, great little motors, really well built truck just bad trans, but that comes from our experience and some others do fine with them, that's great for them. Odds and ends is great because on this site the intelligence level might be a little higher than some other places, but if you don't like what you read don't read it, reminds me of the pastor who went and watched a certain porn movie and then went around telling people how bad it was, when you find people who do not speak or debate subjects you tend find people who cannot figure out how their 14 year old daughter got pregnant, those that want to do away with threads that do not match their thoughts are the ones who cannot debate their ideas because they know they are wrong but continue to live in their own dark little closet trying to convince themselves they are right. If positive comments about Trump bother someone they should not read it, fact still remains that Trump has done a great job for this country and Obama was the worst which makes Carter feel great. If you’re a man that's grown a vagina than maybe you should get a vaginaloptomy and grown some man stuff, you might see things in different light. BMT is great, I hope those that are missing are fine, some people have problems and like to keep to themselves, some need support from others. MAPA- Make America Poor Again, Vote Democrat
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    Not bad for a quick "grab" photo. Looks like St.Louis still has those single axle 28 foot trailers, smallest we had in Minneapolis was 32 foot tandems. In good shape for a '98 model too.
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    this is a 1971 Autocar this truck is a classic.this truck has a 350 big cam cummins in it with a 13 speed roadranger transmission. A motor swap was done 2 years ago the engine is a 1984 new injectors were also installed.the truck has 55,000 pd rears.also this truck is equiped with a triple piston Bristol donald dump body. The frame is spotless.Also the interior is all there and in good shape on this truck. Also comes with a new air seat. for any questions please call Garrett O'Grady at: 7329397494 will trade for a Mack tandem dump15k
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    Cross Bronx , the BQE and even Northern Blvd are better than before. . .the no longer strip your vehicle when you stop they now do it while moving. Even Alphabet City has changed with big signs saying Do Not Stop in Spanglish. AOC and mayor DiBlasio have said it is safe. . .he's goes over in in NYC1 and no issues.
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    Ogunquit, ME Public Works Department, Ford F-550 mini rubbish truck.
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    With all the work being created in the Trump economy we put our website back up, you might find some pics. you like, sorry only couple Mack pics. but it's the loads moving that should be of interest. use if you want. Thanks and enjoy.
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    so this weekend loaded up my jag on a trailer and towed it a bit over 3 hours to the drag strip. about 30 miles away from the drag strip it starts raining. looking at the forecast rain was likely for the morning hours and diminished greatly threw out the day with slight chances of isolated showers threw out the day. get there fully expecting to be sitting around a while waiting for things to dry out but they called it off for the whole day. so not wanting to waste the trip i start googling things to do or see in the area. see a page listing some things to do in the area and it says "throw yourself in a wood chipper" start laughing thinking its someone joking about how there is nothing to do in the area. turns out it wasn't a joke they had the woodchipper from the movie "fargo" at the visitor center. so what the hell why not. by this point it had already stopped raining and dried up so from there we went to a go cart track and i took a few laps around the go cart track. from there we went to a place called the bonazaville museum. didn't really expect much but i do like history and old things and we had gotten a coupon for a few bucks off the admission at the visitor center so we go there next. this place was massive literally spent probably 6-7 hours here and we were even kinda rushing threw twards the end as we still had a 3 hour drive home. this place covers 12 aches and has everything from old fire engines and tractors historical buildings air places and even a locomotive. pretty cool place, if you ever have a day to kill around the fargo/morehead area i would highly recommend it. i probably have over 100 pictures i could post...lol
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    Have a look at Ian Lee facebook page and also have a look at his Tylden Heritage web site, it has his life story. Tony did not take Seduce to the 2015 Alice truck show, it was parked outside his museum the days you guys visited his museum, I remember it was outside the day we had the dinner in Tony's big open shed. Unfortunately the angle that I took the photo, does not properly show the cab lift and hood extension. Yes the extension and cab lift are real, purposely the modifications were made so that they are not obvious. Compare the depth of the metal panel below door sills of the blue B75 and Seduce, that is a how the lift is disguised, it has been modified to make it look completely original. The large air cleaner also covers up the extension. The original B75 cab sits low on the frame same as the B61 cab, both have the same low cross member under the back of the cab. Seduce has a custom made raised cross member similar to the B615. Picture of Seduce's rear of cab cross member is below. Again photo angle is not fully showing the cab lift. The V8 Mack is an 866 and a swap in, has power steering and air con in both cabins
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    I talked to him at a couple of shows and I can't remember only he lives in the bunk it has a kitchen and shower and I think air conditioning. He has two really old trucks he takes to the shows he will be at Harford I will ask about the mack.
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    You know whats funny so do i. What a dummy. well i'll change my answer rd-690 is a maxidyne made after 1987. seriously i have an 87 rd686 and the remnants of a 88 rd690 only big difference is 88 has a em6-300L and t2060 and the 87 has em6-300 and a TRXL107
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    If the engine has a small plastic line to the head it can be injector o rings as well! Unlikely but a possiblity!
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    Worse than returning a rented chipper and telling the clerk if you find my wife's wedding ring and glasses in there call me?
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    Yeah! Before she learns of her photo on BMT and clubs him to death in his sleep with a frozen yogurt on a stick
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    Dealership is the biggest concern.
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    Red all over.
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    Here is Greco #255. In storage since almost new! Mileage is in the low 1,000's!
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    I bought Hendrickson part # 7644 for my '88 R690. Bolted right on even though it was made for later RD's. A MACK purest stopped by one day and told me he liked the factory bumper because they had a sharper not a gradual bend in them like mine.
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    Long live the steel dash Mack!
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    I have been really happy with it, nothing like catching a cat powered pete or kw on a hill or at a red light and then running away from them as they look at you in bewilderment. One of these days I'm going to get it dynoed again and see what she is really doing.
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    Wilton, NH Fire Department's antique Engine 3, a 1936 Ford. bulldogboy
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    "As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly." Proverbs 26:11 High Priority...............need to stop the Dog from eating it's vomit. The Camshaft bump is responsible for sucking back filthy, uncooled, exhaust gas causing high soot return and poor burn. The restrictor Manifold, 4" undersized exhaust pipe and restrictor turbo are all responsible for the back pressure needed to feed the 0.075" exhaust bump. Pre-AI manifold left, AI restrictor manifold right.
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    Ashland, NH Fire Department used to run this 1970s Mack "R"/Continental as Engine 2M3. bulldogboy
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    A thread on red Fords? OK, here's mine from the 90's when I lived in Anchorage. 64 F250 factory 4x4 with a 312 V8. Thing was a tank.
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    Pepperell, MA Fire Department, Forestry 1, 2002 Ford F-550 with a 450 GPM pump. bulldogboy
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    thanks for sharing that....very interesting....and special thanks for all involved...especially the solders and thier familys hoping they all atleast return....thank you all.....bob
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    Thanks Paul for reminding us of the sacrifice all those who have fought in that war those be fore and those yet to come. I thank them all that gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live the life we live both here in the US and around the world. Thanks ,Ted
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    Thanks for sharing Paul. Brave men indeed, and if it weren't for these brave men I wouldn't be living the life I am. Thanks.
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    Bless all the allied soldiers who keep the world safe as possible.
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    When my Mom passed away in Feb. this year, I got her 2013 F150. That makes four red Fords in my garage..!!
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    The way it was.
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    Very interesting articles. Thanks for posting this bit of history. It only makes me wonder if my father saw any of these Mack locomotives when he worked on the railroad. mike
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    That is AWESOME! Thank you for that article
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    Excellent posting. This material is worthy of a magazine article. I suppose the rail guys have a periodical don't they? Anyway, good stuff and thank you for taking the time to put it in here for us to read. Greg
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    Both of these Mack locomotives need better homes than they have now and certainly could be restored to running condition. One is a 1935 12-ton Mack locomotive (serial no. 171008), now located at the Black River and Western Railroad in Ringoes, New Jersey. It was previously owned by the Bigelow-Sanford Carpet Company, the Harrison Warehousing Company and the Crucible Steel Company. The second unit is a 1930 12-ton "special construction" Mack locomotive (serial no. 171010) that was first operated by Perth Amboy Garage and later the Edgar Brothers Kaolin Company in McIntyre, Georgia. The locomotive is presently in Georgia at the City of Gordon's 1885 Depot and Railroad Museum. Both deserve a better fate than what they have now, resting outside at the mercy of the elements. They should be restored and operational, and stored indoors. .
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    I've said once & i'll say it again the Mack Titan is a V%L#& VHD In Disguise . Sad that the truck im named after has too much European ideas slammed into it for the American market for my taste. @ least when Renault owned Mack they let Mack pretty much do their own thing .
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    No doubt it would do the job in Nigeria,might even be too good for that! I don't mind Hendrickson suspension,but not over camelback! Possibly future "Ammunition Carrier" in a 3rd world country near you! Front bumper all set up to "Crash the gate doin' 98 (uh,maybe 58)"!!
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