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    "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone" While I don't agree with all of this member's thoughts, he/she has often spoken over the past with a great deal of intelligence. I respect their knowledge. And, we can agree to disagree. Traveling around the world interacting with people in every corner of the globe, contrary opinions gave me a more open-minded thought process.
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    This Wyoming based Superliner has a Cummins KTA for power.
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    I must have missed the part where the cop was arrested, there was a trial, and he was convicted of murder.
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    Yes, be a good person and the police leave you alone Very unusual how that seems to work Not saying I have never had a runnin with the law, by and large they just leave me alone Paul
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    Test me on this Maxi. Next time a cop stops you for Jay walking tell him your innocent, point out he’s escalating the situation, cat claw his face when he touches you, grab his taser and shoot it at him or his partner. Nothing bad will happen.
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    don't drive drunk, don't have problems with police. simple to understand............unless you are to stupid to use common sense.
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    I own the M124 pictured. https://www.facebook.com/SledgehammerMfg/photos/pcb.3335726239823570/3335724446490416/
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    Well the problem starts right at the very start of the policemans body cam footage In Australia you dont have a choice or discussion about a breath test The laws very clear (as it should be) when you drive you must give a breath test on request, zero excuses or conversation "Blow into this" you blow into breath test machine No discussion about drinking, types of drinks or should I shouldn't I You refuse to your arrested and charged and cars impounded and your carted off The same for swab tests for drugs There is no discussion, no argument, its the law you must obey it The U.S of A needs to grow set and just enforce the law, it really is that simple All that appears to be happening in the U.S. at the moment is society is getting reduced to the lowest common denominator Paul
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    On display at the Mack Museum.
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    Looks like the Brockway prototype that inspired the Superliner.
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    Got a new to me 2007 Mack Granite tandem. 8LL 370 hp 58 rears
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    Really it’s simple, just get on topics about Mack trucks. You and several others just don’t get it. Nobody making you get on these topics.
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    1992 9670 n14 cummins 350hp 9sp air ride tires 35% $5800 call540-309=4973 roanoke va
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    Pulling Transfer sled in a 300' pull with my 1951 JD A my friends would set up a card table at the end of the track because it took me so long to get there. LOL. Use to say I could time that tractor with a calender
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    Myself, I’ve been rereading the Bible.
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    Wonder if these protester will be able to govern after the anarchy or are they only capable of creating it? Anarchy will kill the world faster than climate change. Time for me to reread the novel "Lord of the Flies".
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    I'm not prejudice. I don't care white, black, red, green, yellow, cops or non-cops I hate every "jerk-off and douchebag" on the planet. Some people (jerk-offs and douchebags) just don't get it and never will. If you're and jerk-off or douchebag you know who you are. No explanation needed. I don't argue with idiots. Treat people equally with respect and you'll get it in kind. Don't, then you're just a jerk-off or douchebag. I do not particularly like Trump on some issues. He capitulates to often to liberals. He should keep his mouth shut and just do things without broadcasting what his intentions are and boasting about his accomplishments. He is far better then the alternative we could have had in 2016. Always keep them guessing, actions speak louder then words. If Trump wasn't president none of this shi_ would be happening. Draw and line in the sand with the left (cost) claiming sovereignty from the United States. Surrounded them with our military without firing a single bullet to avoid them from leaving or invading other parts of our country. I'd be willing to give up 6 blocks in a shi_t hole city with a Governor and Mayor willing to do nothing about it and letting it happen. Shut off Federal Funding and give them what they want. Give it a few months and perhaps they'll be grateful and appreciative to be part of our union. Maybe, annex the territory to China or North Korea let them take control ? All invaders domestic and foreign. These guys should be able to handle it.
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    the sheitstorm we are in these past 3 years is not about race, it is about getting rid of trump. the career politicians will stop at nothing, including ruining the united states to get rid of trump. that is why this coming november, it is the job of every citizen of this once great country to fire every one of those career politicians and put non politicians in office that care about what they can do for the citizens, not what the citizens can do for them
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    How I would sum up what Maxidyne posted above.......things are messed up, you can’t be far enough left right now, you can’t tell one party from another, and us boomers will be gone soon, so good luck young people that have a job and work you are going to need to get through this mess.
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    It's becoming a larger group of people than you realize. It's the same people who vilify our President for EVERYTHING he does. He could find the cure for cancer and they would blame him for causing it! The Atlanta Mayor is in the running to be Joe (I'm running for US Senate!") Biden's VP and very possibly the person to take over the Presidency once they declare Joe "unfit" due to his Alzheimer's! This whole reaction and firing of the officer was nothing but a political ploy. The Police Chief could see the writing on the wall and resigned to avoid the shitstorm that she saw coming her way. Watch to see who replaces her, one of the Mayor's cronies! The bias of the local TV stations reporting is sickening! The Wendy's store where this occurred was burned to the ground the next night. Firefighters were delayed in fighting the fire for 45 minutes, due to the angry mob that surrounded the building. It has been reported that the perpetrator did fire the stolen Taser at the officer and struck him in the face, to which the officer then drew his gun and fired.
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    Nice find! Good luck with it!
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    most 711's had the bigger 720 radiator like the 673 turbos had, they barely fit in the horse collar and around notched around the two 5/8 bolts in the bottom. most natural 673's had the smaller I wanna say 500 radiator with the bottom neck that came out of the bottom of the tank underneath with a 90 degree
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    Loaded and ready. Ugh, what a bunch of work...washing, cleaning, swapping vehicles, getting B out to move trailer. I'm whipped.
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    I’m not a racist,but I just want to be treated as an equal.
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    that's racist talk rite there!! and i agree with you. 👍
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    I think he is a stand up guy all that income instead of drugs running around with idiot hollywood actresses', he is spending his money and time on one hellava car and truck collection I wish he was in my neighborhood.
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    hi my mack truck people. Ill never forget daddys 1st mack tractor. a b81 thermodyne. well i grew up in that b81 always riding with daddy. I was about 6 yrs. old, she was red, hername was the red barron. my dad and his men taught me a lot about macks. as time went on we finally sold our last b model. That was Snakes truck, daddy would keep it as long as snake wanted her. well our friend Ritchie from ritchies B.P in Annapolis maryland had a whole yard full of daddys old B models. Classic and all the dog they were. ritchie could not wait to get the last one. He made truck tow trucks out of them. we had dm600s and the long nose dm800s, r models and the first Superliner sold at Baltimore mack, she was all anyone could want, with her bad ass lowboy. we built roads and hauled sand and gravel, plus rip rap. you would never catch any nasty asphut dred went in our dump bodys. we were caterpillar and mack all the way.Daddy did a commercial for cat showing the world our lovely 12 g motorgrader. A airline that is long gone wanted my dad to send me to flight attendent school. you should have seen how proud daddy was. Then you should had seen his face when i told dad, i want my own mack. no one ever quit George m. king contractors, ihad black family and white familys that i loved with all my heart! well in 1978 i had turned 20. dad put me in my dear friends Tom Cats truck, for a whole year i rode and drove. i can say i was real good. old number 24, she was a puller. then when i turned 21 daddy brought my dm 600 dump truck for me. he didnt care for the career i chose but he was so proud of me. those were the best years in my life. i always sprayed out of under my baby. she was so beautiful!!!! Daddy sent my beloved Mr. Bill Rumpel to mack truck school. one time when we were haulind sand out of a hell sand pit i was waiting for mickey dove to load me. dont get me wrong i was mack true blue nd was the only girl driver i knew of. I said Daddy, why dont we get some KWs dump tucks like sonny pruit had. daddy let me know, they will end up blowing their rears. so right daddy always was. I was a tomboy from hell, i lived at our great shop. Daddy soon gave up on telling me to stay out of it. He should had known I had the worst mouth out of all my mack family. all the glory has been long gone because daddy died of cancer in 85. the mother was to lazy and scared to run my daddys business. i had no use for her but to buy my barrel racing saddles and other things for my horse. No I am not cold, she could only have one daughter at a time to love. she had 5. any way she isnt in my story. Lord how I miss the feel of a full load and the power, it reminded me of a motorboatpulllin through the water. I loved my truck, my co workers, and the man that let me live my dream daddy. never stop driving your mack, i regret every day that let it go. if it in your blood, you will know it. it runs through my veins still to this day.
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    Stop arguing dude, she’s feeding on you. I promised Maxi I’d never use the bloody she-lion pic again and I’ll uphold that.
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    Yep, Im liking his videos more and more, and this Corvair is pretty cool looking beast Of course I then spent some time on youtube looking at others lol Paul
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    They did have the evidence I believe, the bloke admitted to driving, Wendy's staff saw him drive Some interesting facts some people seem to be missing or just dont want to talk about This person showed poor judgment, he chose to drive when drunk, he chose to try drive thru Wendy's when he was obviously not capable of doing so, he chose to fight the police, he chose to steel their weapon, he chose to discharge the police weapon at the police, he chose to run So now after all of these poorly thought thru decisions are made we are now been expected to believe that he was going to make the right decision and stick to it until he was sober at someone else's house whom may not of even been home and even if they were home, he may not of even been welcome there Had the police let him go and he caused even more problems or even worse some innocent people to die I wonder if the very same people throwing the police under the bus would then blame the police for not arresting him when they had the chance ? I do think that this wasn't a crime you needed or deserved to die for, however this doesn't change the facts this fella started the chain of events that lead to his demise It's like walking into a bar and picking fight with the biggest meanest dude there and crying fowl when he beats you to a pulp Paul
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    They didn’t use deadly force for a DUI arrest, they used it for apprehending someone who assaulted an officer and had a weapon. They didn’t just shoot him for the DUI. It’s hardly “dreaming up” a charge, someone called on him because he was passed out behind the wheel.
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    Finally! Got the tires, rims, and wheels all mounted up...new brakes, drums, wheel seals, bearings, slack adjusters, air cans, etc., etc. Now to get the fifth wheel and fenders mounted up.
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    If he would have shut his mouth and taken the arrest like a man he would still be alive and maybe even that DUI attorney could have got the charges dropped. But we will never know because he ran like an idiot, assaulted an officer, and stole a weapon. He made a very bad choice, I don’t even think he was being an asshole. He seemed like a decent guy, I feel bad for his family. I understand that they want to blame the police or racism for the situation, but you enter a dangerous game when you start disarming people that carry guns. Plus, the cops rarley let you “sleep it off” anymore, especially after a 3rd party called them and it’s known that you’ve been driving. Imagine for a moment that the cops said okay, walk to your sisters and then he jumped in another vehicle there and hurt or killed someone later on that night. There would be public outrage that this guy has been questioned and not detained earlier in the night. Even if the charges didn’t stick, it still may have taught him a lesson and kept him from getting behind the wheel. This guy 100% caused and escalated the situation. In retrospect, it would seem as though the cop didn’t need to shoot him, but things like this happen so damn fast. If your willing to take a police officers wepon, maybe your willing to carjack someone with said weapon while running from the law? There are a million scenarios.
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    Always ready for some heavy duty action.
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    way cool...i remember when lynn sand and stone,hadda lot of them..bob
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    Stop trying to use my steel skull plate as a signal repeater for broadcasting your liberal leaning brain manipulating lasers. Is that an example of a fear driven conspiracy theory? By law......if you’re sitting in a parking lot, drunk, car engine off, keys readily available or in ignition, you can be charged with OWI.
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    A smile on my face and the words "Good Day, Sir" have got me out of more tickets ect,ect than anything else.
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    70? Come on, let the clutch all the way out!
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    You best explain this, law can't be that much different in the U.S. than Australia The copper was polite even while he was putting the handcuffs on And the criminal was also going ok and then he made one foolish decision I doubt in Australia there would have been a shooting as it never would of got this far , unfortunately for the criminal he wasn't in Australia were Australian police never would have taken his crap at the start Funny how quick things can get out of hand even when your just doing your job Paul
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    He was sleeping, probably passed out, in the drive thru! It’s not like he parked his car in a parking space and was drinking or passed out.
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    And it happens that fast..... Nobody wants to get arrested, but a DUI beats a trip to the county morgue. Mack Tech nailed it, Rayshard made a bad decision, and he paid big time for it.
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    local police officer was in the store i stopped at this am. i walked up to the register and tossed the girl my credit card and said his money is no good, put it on this...... you should have seen the looks i got from a few of the younger askwholes in the store. screw them. i once wore the uniform a long long time ago, and remember what it was like to be appreciated and thanked for doing a sheitty job.
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    Swing-out fenders allow engine access. Unusual in that the pivot point is at the rear. I assume the cab does not tilt. I think the contoured windshields, instead of flat, was unusual for a heavy truck at the time. This is said to be a model DU102-TN prototype (serial 38666), a replacement for the second generation U-Series in 1953. But White canceled the project when it acquired Autocar that same year.
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    Boy that's some bright paint never going to lose that truck in a crowd.
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    I hope you don't mind me rotating the images for you...
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    Yes, you can. Interwheel locks were not introduced with Mack rears until 2009. CRD150/151 (which replaced CRD92/93 which is what you might have on '95 RD688S) has interwheel lock and when you swap out the pumpkin and axle-shafts, you can hook it up to solenoids, airlines and in-cab switch and you have fully functional interwheel lock axles.
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    1000 hp e6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfSyB0-Pr1w
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    Me 2 cents worth sez FWIW Wot ever gear n speed U go up ahill with the same load U should cum down the same hill n load in same gear n may just fan the brakes a bit so ifn U slog it out up the hill if 3rd @ 20mph 'U should also B in 3rd cumin down the hill (watch them revs) n dont let the wheels over speed U Jakes work best in the lowest gear @ max revs cya §wishy
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