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    Why not cancel all flights (for the public) during this lockdown quarantine period? Seems ridiculous to have cities shut down yet still have jet setters spreading this around. The whole point of lock down is to slow this spread down so our health facilities don’t get overwhelmed.
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    would not trust my life on it, even really good one have problems, really never wanted a fuller trans in my lap.
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    All right gentlemen! I finally finished my daddy’s 1980 you model dump truck and I couldn’t of done it without your knowledge and expertise. Thank you so much! But y’all made it so easy that I now have a new project......a 1957 B 61 6-wheel dump truck. I think I’ll Work my way through the Mack alphabet 😊maybe a Rmodel next
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    Superliner tractor with the "Mack Attack" wrecker.
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    I refuse to listen to the news on the tv my girlfriend is addicted i say their as worthless as a 2 dollar hooker and as trustworthy as the rooster i had to dispatch if you turned your back he would drive those spers right in your leg or ankle.
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    5 bucks says if you post this on the internet someone will try it!!
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    Did that contract require those trucks to built in the US? If not, why not. Real simple, paid with US tax dollars, made in the USA.
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    This thread brings back memories. My dad passed fall of my junior year in College (Gettysburg, PA). I had a buddy a few years older than me that I knew from the Gettysburg FD. He was a "townie" as college kids called them. The townies called the kids "college pukes". I was a tweener. Anyhoo, my buddy owned a house just off campus and was gone often on his full time FD job in Maryland and he offered me one of the spare bedrooms that was substantially cheaper than living in my frat house. We both hunted and fished. Enter spring of senior year. While we had dressed and butchered dozens of deer in the garage over previous years, it was always early in the morning and usually during weekdays, none of my friends were prepared for my offer to handle our frat pig roast in May. Went to a local farm and bought a 75+ pound hog with a few frat buddies who couldn't resist coming for a ride in my suburban. Hog tied it and brought it back to the garage. Sorority girls from across the street came to see the commotion in their sun dresses and immediately were freaked out. Original plan was to hit it between the eyes with a .22 but decided against it with all the battlefield tourists that were wandering town. Next option was Dad's old Ka-Bar knife. Needless to say that of the 5 frat buddies that were there, 3 puked, another ran off and only one stayed to help prep the hog for the roast. The story was legend on campus. No one complained when they ate it the next day however.
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    Finally the time has come to put the cab the floor side down. I.e. in its normal position. The rest of old green paint was sanded off the rear wall (where I didn't blast it because of the cab was laying on its back at the blasting time) than covered with primer. The next step was a sign of light in the end of the tunnel when the roof got painted.
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    There is another place that I often work at or near that cures ham and I just leave there wanting ham for dinner. These snowflakes have no idea where there food comes from or for that matter where electricity comes from but they think electricity is the solution to global climate change Sorry I digressed but I now have my under employed brainwashed son at home and he gets into it with his little sister who is more realistic
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    Bulldog model.
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    Liebherr Press Release / March 18, 2020 In fact, it is the most powerful 4-axle crane on the market. The boom is the longest in this crane class and has extremely high lifting capacities when fully raised. This increases flexibility and saves transport costs, as this crane can tackle jobs which would normally require a 5-axle crane together with all the logistics work that involves. For example, the crane is ideal for erecting radio masts or tower cranes and also features time-tested technology in the form of VarioBase® and VarioBallast®. .
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    Son and Snowflake daughter inlaw came over to show me their $200 Nano anti plague masks, Princess snowflake saw what I was doing and nearly puked in her new mask. 1st good event. Village Mayor and new town constable came over and the constable threw up on the mayor shoes. 2nd good event. All I was doing was prepping a dozen pigs for their diner dates. Need OD to smoke some up for me. Ended up with a bit over 400 pounds of meat so far. Here is my bacon and sausage pics. Won't show the pigs hanging around in the cold room being quiet.
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    Found this old R setting in a field last summer/fall and the owner just now got around to calling me about it. Think it’s a R600, it has a V8 motor and the 2 stick tranny maybe late 60s early 70s. It has been 15-20 years since it ran last and it has a Lime spreader for a bed on it. I really don’t need it but would like to have it (lol) so the owner wants me to make an offer. What is it and what y’all think?
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    This original patina 1959 VW truck is blocking an awesome red 1986 RD686SX dump truck. The VW may have made deliveries to the King in Memphis.
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    Exactly. They fit to cases without any adaption. The Mac Tools jack does look like the one the chinese have copied. There really is little comparison to the seals in the hydraulic jack section which is what you need to hold up.
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    KEEP the AIR STARTER! Their so much fun at the shows when people don't expect it. .....Hippy
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    I look at the meat and pork in the local supermarkets and i then go over to the guy i know and pay half as much. Thirty years ago me and my friend bob plumbed his store so when i go in he will take care of me. I raise chickens and i trade eggs for stuff. I have some angora goats and my girlfriend spins the cape wool into clothing she does that instead of giving Christmas presents.
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    oh, and another gem-some wealthy person had a "Grand Soiree" at her home in Westport, CT. Guests were from South Africa, west coast, and you guessed it-NY Westport is now the hot spot for CT Money does not equal brains
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    I’ve had good luck with the pittsburgh jacks from hb & I abuse them & that’s why I buy them, $$$$ and 3miles from me. I’d get the hb 1 & wrap a chain around it good & tight (I use all thread to get tight) & watch & be careful. Especially if you don’t use 1 much. Sure if I found a deal on a good otc I would get it. I’d rather have the cheap hyd. than the manual 1, if not using it much.
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    Florida Gov. DeSantis ordered ALL flights from NY,NJ,CT MUST quarantine for 14 days upon arrival to sunny Florida
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    The good news is it’s looks like small separates groups on the beach just like the CDC recommends. Seriously that beach looks deserted compared to spring break on a normal year I find it funny that the ones that look like they have never missed a meal are riding and not walking. There parents are probably in one of the bars Both of my children are home with me now. My daughter, the cinema major, is filming my wife’s grade school lessons, so they are both still in school
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    In 2012 I bought a OTC 2 1/2 ton floor jack. The first use was to support the rear half of a back hoe with the hoe removed. It would not keep the unit up. Most of the weight was on the rear tires so it would roll to split the tractor. Since I only had the jack for five days they got me a new one. The new one lasted about a year and the same thing. I used it last week to support the right side of a F 100 core support to replace a bushing it would not keep the support up over a few hours to install the bushing. I have never lifted over 1500 lbs with this jack. Looking back I should got a cheap Harbor Freight one for half the price. Hobert62 I would use the Pittsburgh Automotive jack but just be careful.
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    Could you possibly provide some more information on what they quit working on.
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    Ignorant jackasses! Vaping plus looks like a lot of them never missed a meal. Can you see them in 10-15 years?? ugh
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    The same year as Mack had the B model out on the road.
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    I used a otc jack like the one for sale was very stable with the triplex mounted on it plus i have a finished garage floor. Were i did work i bought a copy of the otc china made it worked good changed some 8 speed trans with it. Got it off cook brothers. I have used 5 or 6 different jacks through out the years and i like the otc style the best.
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    SVT NYHETR / March 23, 2020 Truck manufacturer Scania has sent production and logistics personnel to medical equipment company Getinge to help it rapidly increase its production of ventilators. "We need to help us," says Scania's CEO Henrik Henriksson. Scania on Monday halted production in Latin America. And on Wednesday, the truckmaker will suspend production of trucks and bises in Europe. "It's a completely new game plan," says CEO Henrik Henriksson. "We are well placed to handle this. But we have to help," he adds. "It's about Getinge needing to increase its production dramatically and then we want to help and we have good skills that are available when it comes to running logistics flows," Henriksson says. Scania's own production stoppage is currently scheduled to last at least three weeks, until Monday 13 April. "Then we have to make a decision week by week on how to handle this and at what pace we will produce," Henriksson says. According to the Scania boss, several factors determine when and to what extent production can be started up again. Firstly, staffing must be resolved. There are confirmed cases of coronavirus at the truck dealers in southern Europe. But in addition, there are a large number with suspected symptoms. "There are quite large losses and it is increasing every day," Henriksson says. "There were too many shortcomings. But in some parts of the organization, more than ten percent are at home, for self-care or to take care of children or relatives. Another important factor in being able to run production again is the availability of components and functional logistics. "The first disruption we received was with suppliers in China. We could handle that pretty well. Then it became more difficult when it continued with northern Italy: And when the supplier disruption included those in France and Germany, there were too many restrictions that forced us to suspend production.” The economic impact of the pandemic is a third factor that determines how Scania will design and time the restart of production and other activities that are now declining on the back burner, such as research and development. Here it is ultimately the order book that determines Scania's decision.
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    They can if you don't have a good floor. I changed a lot of Mack and Fuller transmissions with mine and never had problems but I built good adapters to bolt to the crossframe on top. Pull a tranny straight back, and drop it low before rolling it out from under the truck. Here is an OTC as I have now for sale in FL: https://cfl.craigslist.org/bfs/d/venus-heavy-duty-transmission-jack/7075289586.html Another type in Rochester, NY: https://rochester.craigslist.org/tls/d/fairport-mac-tools-transmission-jack/7071714511.html
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    Them jacks will get you hurt on big stuff! terry
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    i will try again to post the umodel the b model is a 237hp with a "quad box" has an air starter that I want to change to electric we couldnt get her to start by pushing fuel filter was a solid no filtering involved it may havelast been changed in 1957 local NAPA had one on the shelf for 16$ one tiny push and she was purring like a kitten love this old steel!
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    They"ll go double that but all mechanical so keep everything lubed up or it can be difficult. The main drawback is the width as not very stable with the trans up high in comparison to the later styles.
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    I had one of these and changed a lot of clutches with it after making simple adapters: https://www.ebay.com/itm/vintage-Walker-transmission-jack-no-44-unicradle-type-A/184166647689?hash=item2ae1300789:g:030AAOSw10FeQhfu https://www.ebay.com/itm/Walker-No-44-Automatic-Transmission-Jack/272645523671?epid=192872213&hash=item3f7af088d7:g:84IAAOSwmCVY~~3o
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    Only thing that would scare me is that damn lime box,if it was a spreader very long the frame,rears,brake components,etc.are gonna have major corrosion. I'd still buy it,but I'd offer 1200 or so,maybe less, I don't know where you are but scrap is in the toilet here. My scrap buyer is paying 50/ton,but is advising everyone to hold off .
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    I wish Ram would do 2 things: Build a 23,000# GVW 6500 series and get rid of the MDS feature on the 6.4L Hemi. No reason for it on a truck that big and I think it's too failure prone.
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    If they got a battery to it and got it to crank over a few times, even if it didn’t start I think that’d raise the price a bit... usually if it turns over you haven’t broken anything too bad... scrap price sounds really good for the moment, but I’d star negotiations a little lower, maybe $2000-$2500
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    How things change when i was little my gram and i would walk up to the neighbors and get a chicken for Sunday dinner she would kill it in the yard and we would be eating it for dinner. I have helped butcher cows hogs chickens not for the feint of heart. god only knows how many deer i cut up use to finish the cuts on the butcher block in the kitchen. For years we only eat deer meat made my own hamburg and sausage. I never buy meat at the grocery store use a guy i know for years he sells me what i want. This year i'm going to get out and fish a little harder for crappy and panfish fried up they are as good as any other fish.
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    This bright red "R model" started life as a 1964 B model. Now, a 1964 BCR utilizing a factory Mack kit with all the parts needed for conversion.
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    Amazing how many people cannot fathom what it takes to prepare the food they eat.
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    Falling oil prices are a double-edged sword. While we all enjoy inexpensive gasoline and diesel fuel, financially sound energy companies are an essential part of a national's overall economy, and national security. As we speak, many in the U.S. are heading towards bankruptcy due to these low prices. Yes, they did need to overhaul their business models, shifting from purely "drill, drill, drill!" to generating adequate free cash flow.......and most have now accomplished that. But at these price levels, it's impossible for far too many to escape bankruptcy.
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    Think about Caterpillar in those same sentiments. Whole blocks of factories and shops have been knocked down and jobs gone, sent to China. And that is just Peoria, and E. Peoria, IL.
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    Looks like a micro scale version of one of my clients operations. We just built a new building that uses carbon dioxide pits to do the deed In high school I used to have fun with the preppy, stuck up, girls by asking them out to a party and not telling them it was in the woods only accessible with 4WD Today if I was dating I would probably be screwing with the snowflakes just for fun What is going to happen when the constable see’s his first dead body. You need to send the mayer a bill to clean up the hazardous waste
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    What irritated me deeply during yesterday's noon White House press briefing were several reporters who were basically being troublemakers (pricks if you like), which distracted from a good discussion on the latest developments. We have a serious situation before us, and Trump is handling it in a serious matter. These reporters were rude to the President, and likewise disrespectful to the American people. If these time-wasting reporters would rather be distractions so as to get 2 minutes of spotlight, rather than be part of the solution, they should be banned from the White House. I agree with President Trump that these individuals are "terrible reporters". They need to get with the program.
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    One job site. Three contracting firms. All trucks on site are Macks. Priceless! Pictures from a couple years ago.
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    Also I've found Cascade dishwasher soap works really well for flushing.
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    So sorry about your mom. PM me if there is any thing I can do for you. I watched both parents and wife suffer for a number of years and would never wish that one my worst enemy. Paul
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    Thanks for sharing the history. I recall this thread like it was yesterday.
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    I see this truck all the time when I get sent on parts runs for work. Here are some pictures I took of it awhile back. Masterson used to have a Mack ED pickup as well but I haven't seen it in about 10 years. Thanks, Josh
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