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    Nice truck and picture! The truck is a 1937 Studebaker J series.
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    Factory KTA600 now a KTTA 19
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    The 1950 Mack FT was the last chain drive model to my knowledge. There was customer demand for the product so they kept getting built. I think 1951 was the last year for Sterling Trucks to offer chains. Gear ratio changes were quickly handled with a swap of drive sprockets and adding or removing chain links depending on the job at hand. Chains were considered the weak link in the drive train. If a chain broke in severe usage, everything was in the open and could be repaired quickly with an instant diagnosis of the problem. Here is a 1949 Mack FT.
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    After that I invited my friend who is a body guy to get the roof closer to its normal shape. Seemed like during the years of service many folks made dancings on that roof so it became more as a pan than a dome. The pics are of the before and after. And also one from the net taken at some time long back at some truck stop by some driver who asked the Mack driver for permission to pose on the hood... In fact that was not the truck I took the cab off but the second one and illustrates really well the actual grade of respect people payed to the rigs they worked for living. To be continued
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    With the opening of the Work Truck Show today, Ford finally announces some good news with respect to 650/750. The 7.3 V-8 should be a big seller for class 6 and 7 operators who need the GVW and reasonable power but don't run the miles to justify the diesel premium https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2020/03/03/ford-marks-35-years-of-commercial-vehicle-leadership.html
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    Picked this up about a month ago. 220 cummins 5x3
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    had open heart surgery in '15. since then my left hand will :without notice lock up .i'm left -handed. when some one talks about the great "golden yrs" tell them go pound sand.. imagine all of us ole timers ending up in same nursing home , the stories we could tell;; if we can remember them , 😄😄,LOL do you think they would make a wheel chair with twin sticks like a quad,,
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    gave up on tie shoes, it's the Velcro or slip on for me. LOL . how do you expect me to bend way down there to tie a shoe. fell 17 + - ft through a roof yrs ago landed on concrete ; that hasn't helped the back either. don't worry about dropping tools, now I double check I have all the tools I need before laying down on creeper. job of standing back up !!! thanks to this great site, interest back to 1/25th scale trucks;; much easier. sit at table and pick up that transmission or cab in one hand. 😁😁
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    Somebody correct me if I'm mistaken but I'm sure Mack has built it's own engine since the very 1st bus in 1900. I'm sure the guy was just misinformed or confused by the fact Mack was part of the International Motor Co.a partnership of Mack,Sauer,and Hewitt,at the time. On the subject of Macks with IH engines,I have 3 that have been repowered by RD450's,a B42,a EHU,and a H67.
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    All that surgary took 3 or 4 months looking the calendar so the weather got cold. We loaded the cab on a small trailer, waited for a good freezy day and sandblasted it all over including the insides of rockers and rear cross channel. The cab still layed on its back that time. I could lift it up a bit and put a wooden plank for support so the rear wall was partly blasted too. But actually it was mostly covered with paint so seemed possible to work out later with sandpaper. After the sand shower I put the cab in a warm shop for further actions. To be continued in a day or two.
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    It happened that the job is already done at the moment. Sure turns out more interesting when you share progress step by step but in many cases it's difficult since you're full with current tasks and also unexpected deals but need to cut some time for posting. So this is such case. Anyway I would like to show up the job since some points of it seem worth to be shared and I hope people would like looking it either. Ok, some while back I could put my hands on a spare cab which was installed on the spare truck. Good thing I bought two similar trucks so I redo parts from one and have the second one still running. Worth to note I'm really glad using this way of restoration. After taking off the hood, sleeper, tanks and detaching all air lines and wires we put a wooden bolster into the door openings and haged it by two overhead hoists. The hoists were orginized to move left and right so we could take the cab to the side moving both winches at the time.
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    When i built the building (and actually it will be built more upwards in the future) I put 4 U-channels and welded wiring to them and connected to the main slab mesh. So they are both integrated into the slab to increase its load capacity and allow to hang sufficient loads on the hoists. Currently i made two cross beams in the half where the truck was parked to dismantle engines etc and only one so far at the right where the cab was lowered down. The matter to make 3 was the length of the beam I bought for - 12 meters gave me 3 parts of 4 meters.
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    Great, now stick the 6.6L gas in the Silverado medium duty and offer 22.5" wheels to get it to 'dock height' and you will really be in business. Wonder what they mean by a "23% increase in hauling capacity"? Left hand P.T.O. is a good move, some are having clearance issues with the right side P.T.O..
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    According to a quick search on the internet the photo is from Security Road located in Hagerstown MD. The building appears to be in a complex owned by LaFarge Holcim which is a concrete plant/ precast facility.
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    Can't get anything by Mr. Hancock!
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    Where a lot of guys get confused on lifting cabs is they think they can roll down window and lift through door window opening, a no no will damage door for sure. terry
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    Excellent Vlad! Great to have all the detailed pictures!
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    Cummins Press Release / February 24, 2020 Cummins structural engine range for agricultural tractor applications now spans 90 – 326 hp / 67 – 243 kW. The F3.8, F4.5 and B6.7 Performance Series structural engines have been optimized for minimal weight alongside maximum strength for engine and driveline durability. Cummins next generation Performance Series technology significantly improves the capabilities of our F3.8 engine, with 33% more power and 31% more torque versus the previous model. Pushing the power up to 173 hp has made the F3.8 a leader in its class, delivering high machine capability and substantial productivity benefits for farmers who operate Cummins powered equipment. Moving up the range, the 6-cylinder B6.7 Performance Series engine surges ahead with up to 326 hp and a peak torque of 1375 Nm – a 30 percent increase over its predecessor. Cummins’ electronic control capability means that performance of all structural engines is tailored for on-farm operation with the optimum power bulge and torque back up available to suit tractor duty cycles The F3.8, F4.5 and B6.7 structural engines meet the latest EU and EPA emissions standards. .
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    Kubota just released their first Cummins powered tractor, the M8 which is built in a partnership with Versatile of Canada (now Russian owned.) It uses the B 6.7 Cummins. Versatile is a long time Cummins user.
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    Mike Harbison is correct. Mack has built their own engines from the beginning. Mack Juniors and Seniors were Mack designed and built. Being interested in early Macks for the last 55+ years, I have run into many "experts" that called Mack part of IHC and other such rubbish because of the corporate name, International Motor Co. Take a look at the book "Mack" by John Montville someday. Came out in 1974, but they are around. Very well researched and written by a very nice fellow.
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    looking at the hoist/cab combo, my first thought was damage to the cab also . have lifted a number of cabs , I always used old pillows , towels or the like. cushioning the cab . always enjoyable to see old brought back to new . especially when its done with skill , not computers . great job.
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    Pretty cool I rode in one with my pop somewhere around 1963 ,,,, all I remember about it,,, engine was really loud and I couldn’t see out the windshield... bob
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    Vlad, Wow! Your patience, skill and love for Mack is to be praised. You are gifted in your dedication to creating a better than new truck when it is completed. No matter where you live in this world a true Mack owner has the pride to display his truck and the love he has for it. It is a pleasure to read your posts and watch your progress. I can't wait to see the finished truck. Good luck and thanks for your pictures.
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    I remember i would be out on a service call and on any job site there was more than one 2 stroke running.I use to help my friend drill wells and he had a 671 dd. after standing by it for the day it was hard on my hearing.
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    Looks like it has a lot of potential . A good clean original truck. If your looking for some inspiration , yours could look like this 1952. Sorry, I don't remember the specs. Its also in this youtube video . At minutes 6.31. , 8.32. and 12.15. Athens, Ontario truck show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UX68rmIOI5E
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    He made a correction in the original listing stating it was a 1960,and yes all the B77's had the supercharged Cummins. There was also a B773,they had the 335 Cummins.
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    Next point was rocker panels. They were not really bad but showed some rust where were sandwiched to the sills. Also someone in the past installed lights in them so drilled holes which I preferred to get rid of. By chance I could purchase a pair of new rocker assemblies so resolved to pull the trigger. In fact you can not remove rocker assemblies complete not bothering the sill panels. The latters were good enough so I looked for options. Figured I could keep the rearmost portion in place making a cross cut. And than later fabricating connecting parts to unify them with new rockers. Getting a bit further I can tell the plan was to make the most connections with bolts and nuts to avoid welding. Worth to admitt the front ends of old rockers also gave us sufficient headaches to get free from the cab but with some cutting/drilling and standard lot of cuss words that hill was climbed up.
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    The main target of the work was to remove all rust spots including potentional ones. Such areas took place between the floor sheet and floor support reinforcements. I took measurements off those channels, made scatches and ordered new ones to fabricate in a steel shop. Got parts in a week or so and after that my guy drilled off all weld spots (and drilled some through) and the old parts were removed. Good thing the rust protection coating used at the factory was asphalf (bitumen?) based. So half a jerrican of gas made a job removing that stuff away.
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    Next step was putting the cab on its back. We removed front reinforcement parts, front cab mount brackets and the airbag assembly. Steel bolts got almost stuck in aluminium mounting brackets so regardless extensive penetrating with WD40 and hitting by hammer we got a dozen of them broken down. Could remove the brackets from the cab pockets. Than later having them on a bench I welded nuts to the ends of broken bolts and after multiple attempts combined with heating, hitting and penetration removed all the restovers.
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    Having all the parts in place I drilled holes for pull rivets from the outside to attach the wall sheet to.
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    If you look from the opening there was a gap occured between the steel sheet and reinforcement channels where the wall didn't have depressions. The task was to have a tight fit so we had to fabricate spicers. My helper cut pieces off the same square channel the way I showed him and than tinkered with the final shape for a couple of hours following my directions. Those metal pieces looked funny but fit well. It took him a couple more hours to duplicate the part for the other side. After that I welded both spicers in place. Some grinding smoothed the look and the result showed up. Than we had to make something similar to the side areas since there were gaps either. But those spots were much easier having no angle crossing of the surfaces.
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    Handsome R model born with a Cummins NTA 400 engine.
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    The old girl is all back together. She puts real nice... part of out problem was it turned out when we had the carb rebuilt someone tightened the main injector... once that was fixed she roared. Hope to have some video soon for you all but it’s too cold right now...
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    I saw this really cool creeper on a web site around Christmas that would stand you up or slowly let you down or anything in between. I really wanted one, but couldn't find it again. Sometimes after laying on cardboard in the floor or on a creeper, I have to find something stable to allow me to pull myslf up and then standup. I find myself taking the cellphone, gun, all the tools I think I need and anything else I might need to get help or attract attention before I get down on the floor to do even the simple jobs now. I probably look pathetic!
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    Ah shoot Hank...um, Dave. I was hoping you'd get all practiced up and come swap my transmission(when I do find one). I'm only working on half way through my 50's and I pay for every little thing I do anymore. I'd suggest you all get stock in Aleve as I'm buying more then I ever thought I would? I can't keep things in my hands anymore. Just last week, working at my local machine shop cleaning engine parts I'm walking with a rod/piston in my right hand. Three steps away from where I was going, my right hand just decided it didn't want to hold on anymore. I did a quick two step to try to get my foot in the way so my much too expensive piston/rod didn't bounce off the concrete. It almost work. Only pinch the oil ring land in one spot!!! Dammit.
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    Here B a 2020 Calendar I give to customers n operators single A4 sheet front n rear not only but with 14 Months LOL
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    Ain't working on old trucks fun? You get to correct 50 years of sloppy repair work.
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    Another beauty from the Augusta show. Pay no mind to the V12-powered R700 parked next to it.
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