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    Mack posted this picture today on their Twitter. This old girl ran for the Lang Company in Salt Lake City, Utah. Really makes me wish more of these survived... I love the look of the things and wish I had a hope in hell of ever owning one...
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    The Eagle Express Lines Mack was a 1988 R685ST that was purchased new by Eagle in Chicago. It was the 100th truck the company bought (they were all Mack then). It was red with a silver frame and came with EVERY interior option available at the time, including full gauge package with an air actuated oil level gauge. It had an E6-350, 12 speed Mack and 3.70 rests on Camelback tapered leaf with all aluminums. Truck drove like new, rode smooth as silk on the road and had a whole lot of throttle left at 70 mph. The truck was assigned to the senior driver and was the truck used for public relations functions. There is a picture of it posed with the World Trade Center in the background. When the company changed its name to Eagle Express Lines, it received the new company red white and blue paint scheme and a blue frame. The driver passed away and the truck was put into Eagle’s garage in Chicago and maintained by two brothers who are the lead mechanics at Eagle. When the original owner of Eagle passed away around 2014, the sons took over. As part of cleaning house, they put the truck up for auction on eBay where I found it. when I went to pick up the truck, the mechanics had no idea it was being sold and were quite emotional about it. I drove it back to St. Louis and changed the “Eagle” to “M.O.T.” As a nod to the Museum of Transportation where it was on display. By late 2015, I decided to thin my collection including it, the Rubber Duck truck and several others. I sold the truck on eBay in November 2015 to a guy in Chicago that ran all R models in his dump operation. I got quite a bit more than I paid for it and was very pleased at the time. He repainted it all white with a blue frame and added a sun visor. He had several others very similar to it and as far as I know, he still has this one but sold one similar. About 2 weeks after I sold it, I received a call from a young man who asked if I was the guy that bought the Eagle Express Mack. I said yes and he went on to say he would buy it no matter what. He told me he was the son of the man that exclusively drove the truck for Eagle and had rode with his dad quite a lot in that truck. I was heartbroken to tell him I had just sold it. I have him the buyer’s contact information but was pretty sure it wasn’t for sale. That still bothers me to this day. I would have sold it to him for what I had in it. It absolutely broke my heart to hear that kid’s disappointment.
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    Pictures to complete the set. Fuzzy, as the author of the second post, you can go to "Bus 2" and delete it to clean things up if you would like.
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    I wouldn't mind having a set of high lift wheel picker uppers! Going to need a bigger shop....
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    many thanks,for everything you do......best wishes,,and have a swingin time....bob
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    I wouldn't now how to work like that...................At least on the creeper you can tie your arms up to sleep ?
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    No sacrilege. Mack Trucks paid their staff engineers to make accommodation to fit Cummins, CAT or DD engines to satisfy the needs of their customers. Working with customers is good for business. Now, if the new Mack (volvo) offered Cummins, for example, some of the Mack (volvo) customer base wouldn't have had to continually live through the "cup" engine debacle. The numbers don't lie. Many long time Mack customers have left Mack (volvo) for other manufacturers.
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    Here are a few of my St. Louis Mack’s that I own or have owned. Never should have sold the Eagle Express parade truck. I’ll have to dig up pictures of my fleet of ex USPS Mack’s, my old Lloyd Lynn ‘99 CL713 and ‘02 RD.
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    It really would be, too bad I can count on my fingers (and maybe toes) the number of these that are still known to exist. Only 215 were ever built, and seeing as it’s a cabover, you can imagine how many actually made it. Only 2 guys on here own one, and when one of them, Superdog, put his up for sale he was asking $40,000 for it, and it’s not in the best shape... But hey, Dr. Bill found his in a gravel pit on a road trip... maybe there’s one sitting in a shed somewhere or hidden in the woods, and someone will get a really awesome and rare project...
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    SX- S means that its a tandem drive rear axle. X means severe service, spec'd with heavier then 50,000 rears. On rd 800's they could be built with up to 150,000 planetary drive rears.
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    Maybe that's not a bad idea. This thread already conteins the most of useful info on the subject and also is a good reason to get on mind of how Leslie Eversole is currently doing
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    Terry It is not a plug, prolly where a plug was supposed to go IF it had a wet clutch lol. I wasn't sure about it which was the reason for asking, the bottom plate and grease tube threw me off, just dbl checking since its my first big truck . Thanks everyone.
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    Wow, that's remarkably intact, especially the interior!! That would be neat to see restored to original.
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    Michigan covers a lot of ground.
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    On the topic, this just triggered my memory. I remember a little while back on my travels, a bit of time before I got on the forum, a guy I met on my travels told me of a rumored W Mack. At the time I thought he was talking about some Superliner because a W Mack search on google turned up a lot of people but no trucks. Anyways he told me somewhere around Michigan (I believe) there’s a W locked away in an old building at some old heavy machine works because the company found out the value of the truck before they sold it, so they locked it away with the intentions of restoring it to use as a sort of company mascot, only for nothing to be done with it. If that story was true it’s probably still there for someone to find. Figured I’d mention it while it’s on my mind, I’d hate for it to be forgotten about if there’s any merit to the story, and I don’t exactly intend on going all the way out to Michigan looking for a truck that may or may not exist, but maybe one of y’all can.
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    Hi Bob The consensus is it will work, 1 3/4" input shaft and small bellhousing., My first crane truck had a 210hp DT that had a rt910 behind it, worked great. I've got the old timer truck mechanic doing this for me that converted my Louisville 3208 cat from an allison to a 910 and that worked out good too although obviously didn't gain any top end speed.. This one should get me rolling a little faster.
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    Besides Maine’s ice circles and sustainable Moxie.....Vets’ll get to stick jig pig-hogs. Impressive state record Perch just got iced. 2.2 lbs, 16 inch, little gal from Ohio.
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    Whoever came up with that Fuller 6 speed should be brought around back and beaten severely
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    58000 / 65000 lb rear suspension
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    Mack should find a way to stuff x15 in the anthem pinnacle and granite and offer the x12 as well . I think cummins has the best performing engines right now. Im not a cummins man by any stretch but they seem to be doing good
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