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    This fall I drove up to the Harford truck show and today I got a card from the northeastern pa. chapter antique club with a picture of my truck going in the fair entrance I was touched that someone would take the time to do this for me. VERY COOL!
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    The back end peak took three hours with two helpers. The front took me 4.5 by myself in the dark. But I’ll take the progress🙂
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    I’m in the process of putting a new dash in my truck. They don’t make tan ones anymore so have to get a grey one and paint it. Found some awesome lights. Basically in the bezel you can have etched what the light is for. Completely custom so you can have anything you like. Have included a pic of my dash and an example of the lights.
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    If that’s photoshopped, the person doing it was pretty good. Andy
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    Two common issues specific to the ETECH RD’s. It’s common for the when the motor mount bushings wear out , the engine ecm will contact the fuel filter mount and if it hits hard enough to put a dent in the engine ecm then it’s shorted out the ecm. Check for a dent on the ecm where it faces the fuel filter. The other issue has to do with the Vechicle Control unit ( VECU) mounted in the kick panel in front on the passenger seat. Pull the kick panel down and the if the VECU is mounted with wire connectors facing up then water drips from the windshield right into the VECU. Unplug the connectors and check for green corroded pins . We always remounted it facing down
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    A friend of mine builds tilt trays (roll backs in the US I think you call them) Anyway he told me never to use silicon as it contains acid I think he said and makes paint etc rust badly He got me onto Sikaflex as it doesn't contain this acid or whatever it is that causes the corrosion Seams to work fine so far Paul
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    I'd say that picture is a result of someone who created it in Photoshop....
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    Bet Swift goes to the hospital and hires him.
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    Man I can't believe those marker lamps have gotten that high in price. I remember purchasing mine in the early 1990's from the local NAPA store with the "ECHLIN" name on the box and KD-517 on the chrome bezels for $9.95 each. The same lamp in "Yankee" brand and different stamped number set was given to me by another party as they didn't have anything that "old" any longer. These were complete lamp kits including the rivet nuts to install through the sheet metal roof.
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    Was it equipped with an ejection seat?
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    A little Borg Warner AirWerks S300 or S400 would give you way more than 30 psi. for less than $1000 new. Even if you go with the same size intake turbine as you got now. I've been using them for a while with real good results. I can peg the 60 psi Boost Gage easily. Only can't keep it there for to long. Coolant temp and Pyro heat up on a few long pulls out in AZ & California. Just have to ease out of it a little to cool down then lay into it again. No downshifting required. As mentioned before, there has to be a little matching with turbo, pump and injectors to make it all work.
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    Sikaflex, the black rubberized stuff Pull the lights off, put the Sikaflex underneath screw back up Smooth and contour with your fingers I know its not right and some die hard people on here will be having conniptions, but if on a budget needs must And you can get it apart later when the budget is healthier and it will make it water tight and to 99 % of people will never know I have used 1/4 inch gasket paper to make door trims and cab liners Like most things, they arent perfect but pretty darn close and if you cant buy the real deal they work pretty good Paul
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    last time i heard it was at the same spot. It need a motor and was a bit pricy
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    Here is a side view showing a little bit of the walking beam and style of trunion mount along with the 8 lug spoke hubs.
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    In my mind if I was a dealer and wasn't dictated to by the Mother ship! I would stock both dollar store and OEM or real brand parts How ever when you have to watch your pennys you do what you have to do! Let the customer choose give him the option! BUT as expressed above some people can't look passed the chrome and glitter to see what is really earning there living for them!
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    Instagram, Snapchat, facetime. W.T.F.? Guess im just old before my time. Havent hit 50 yet. LOL
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    You have the double boot in the floor? Shaped like a round accordion? All double boots had to have the inner liner cut out. They were too stiff, but I don’t think they were introduced yet in ‘98.
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    Common issue there, more than likely sliding clutch and gear are worn. I probably do 10 or more a year. While you at it, might as well change the syncro as well.
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    An R800 just out of the Champion shop in Queensland -
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    But I’d like to argue that at this point there’s now only one... but I’m sure that’ll buff right out!
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