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    http://Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki
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    Member ekennedy fabulous Bulldog dump truck at Worcester Sand & Gravel 2019.
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    Steyer's ads aren't well crafted anyway. Plenty of hacks and "long termers" on both sides of the aisles. IMO term limits should be implemented. When did government of the people, by the people and for the people change to career politicians running the show until death or they have lined their pockets with sufficient money perks to retire?
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    Fine looking hoss Dog!
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    Line lock is mechanical and didn't release smoothly. Went down to 4:10 from 4:88 and back to M&H's at 12 psi. launched at 5500 on a 50/50 mix of Methanol and Benzine. It's really "loose" at those speeds, too much air under neath makes it really wander. Course weighing in at 2160 with 60's chassis tech, being brick shaped contributed to it too. At least it made it's last races on top of it's game. 1962 to 2019 as a gasser. I bought from my dad in 1969 and I retired it on almost the exact date I first raced it 50 years ago.
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    Well this hack's latest commercial reveals his true colors. He rants about the need for term limits and rattles off a list of names that have served "too long" at least in his opinion. Perhaps, but shocker-they are all Republicans! I'm not making a point about term limits-good or bad, just a comment about this..." hedge fund/philanthropist/environmentalist" and his obvious bias.
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    What would you have expected with a Mack out front.We had a fellow back east here that had some Pete’s that had more then there share of chrome had a move like yours.His load came in by rail and it was a press for a machine shop,thing was huge.He asked me if I thought my 82 dm800 would pull the load,said he was afraid of breaking his Pete’s.I told him when and where he wanted the Mack.Pulled it no problem weighed in around 250000.Chrome won’t get you home.
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    Not a lot of pictures lately, however the red headed Florida correspondent sent these in yesterday- I did see a few big Mack trucks- This B model has been at this place on 422 in Pa. for a long time. I see it's been moved since the last time I was by there. Sharp looking Superliner I saw near Roaring Spring, Pa. Decal that Fuzzy Buzzard gave me at Winchester. I saw a girl in a car at a red light. She sure has a lot of stuff in the back seat. Sonny Pruitt truck in Winchester. There were a few golf carts there, but not too many. That guy has a nice camera too. I was sitting at a red light when I realized that my window needed cleaning. I really liked this GMC. I'd seen the Chevrolet there before, both trucks are just fantastic, great work on them. Did I post this before?..it's a Pepsi machine at the rest area. And, the old sycamore. The huge old sycamore tree that was in front of H.H.Moore Jr. Trucking Co. in Appomattox is no more. This is it in the early 80's, that's an '84 KW that I was driving...well, not driving right then, I was taking a picture of it, but the sycamore is behind it, right beside 460. But they cut it down, I don't know why. I came by there and saw them trimming away on it. I was on the way to Sonny Merryman's in Rustburg with a container that I had picked up in Chesapeake. When I delivered the container and got back to the shop I got in the car and rode down there, hoping to get a picture before they dropped it. I made it in time, but just barely.
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    Not too shabby Paul. Runs pretty well and pretty consistent for a "gasser". I had my last races this past weekend(one Fri, one Sat, one Sun). Went some rounds, though Sunday's race got rained out. Time to put it away for the winter....groan. I got a few nice time slips....008 and .009 lights. I was putting a hurt'n on those slushboxes!!! I'll get some pics and post them. One fellow came over to me after I took him out and said "I was told you were tough on the tree, so I knew I had to be on my game". He redlit against me.
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    Australians really know how to doll up a superliner right!
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    Harvest Time is here!
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    i found it a pinched key switch wire
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    Red, yellow, or fluorescent green? Who's to say what's the best color for a #firetruck, as long as it's an #Autocar. This 1990 Autocar ACL64B tanker first served the West Chester, PA Fame Fire Co. as No. 53, then as Good Will No. 52. Thanks to Kevin Burress for sharing. Always Up - Autocar Trucks .
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    Wow blackdog2 that’s a payload. I Va we have the bridge law. So my tri grosses at 59325=17.25+. The quint grosses at 72450=22.70+ - so so update got a banjo. I’ll let everyone know how it turns out in a couple days. Thanks for the info Vladislav.
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    Steyer's a POS who has backed a lot of the POS longterm hacks who should be in jail.
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    I like reading labels. If something say "Made in China", I actively look for an alternative product.
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    RH, you nailed it with "performers vs coasters"!
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    Jim- agree on both your points-like I said, I was not taking a position on the subject-just a comment on this a-hole who rattles off the names from one side of the isle only- oh and this AM I hear another gem.."Everyone should be paid a living wage". I guess that seals the fate of countless jobs that employee, students, the elderly, and those clearly with no skill sets what so ever who will be replaced by a "better system". However I do wish there was some way to keep the "performers" vs. the "coasters". In my career I saw plenty of people who were up early and stayed late and made a contribution until their last day. On the other hand, also saw many who lived on their past deeds and were on cruise control until the end-or until you were able to get the goods on them and assist them out the door. Under our current system, the voters should be doing that but unfortunately that rarely happens- I only have to look at my state of MASS.
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    Like any racing career, pick a class you can excel in!!!! Nice job Bob!
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    She's still in service as a reserve.
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    I’ve seen a handful of the HV’s here in St. Louis. Tried searching for the specs or other information about them and no luck. Mack lost a long time contract on this one. The ‘93-‘00 Postal Mack’s were very well spec’d trucks that made me a lot of money as the second owner of a bunch of them. Those MR’s were great fictional trucks but did beat the holy tar out of you. My favorites were the ‘00 CH612’s. Best money makers I’ve ever owned. I’m really looking for one of the last ‘03 CH612’s with the real CH hood but the drop window doors. Only a handful were made. I know St. Louis has at least one.
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    Well that didn’t take long...
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    gr8 pix guys keep m cumm n here B a few Australian V: of the Mack Superliner Thanx Mr Google cya
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    Indeed. It's still hard for me to believe that people actually voted for her, and that idiot AOC, and that idiot that wears the toy cowboy hat, and that idiot who thinks she's an Indian, and that idiot who's going to take our AR-15s, the idiot who's going to have free everything for everybody, and all the rest of the idiots who call themselves democrats...
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    Pulled all the old hose out of the hose bed and it’s nice, got them both ready for the funeral on Wednesday, he’ll get to ride in them one last time like he wanted to.
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    Handsome and strong hauler featuring chain drive.
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    I probably didn't get over 15 mph during the whole move, but climbed around a 10% grade from the rail siding to the substation. I think I was in 4th in the main trans and auxiliary in low, didn't even know anything was behind me. Grossing around 250K.
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    The 45 and 505 are really nice!
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