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    GMC crackerbox 4valve 671 Detroit 13spd gloved on twin screw with Reyco suspension $1500.00 located in North Dakota. Listing for a friend, send me a p.m. and I can give you his number.
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    Trip on I 395 and I 495. Noticed a lot more IH's on the road of the LT variety. Cutting into Freight shacker's dominance. Mack presence in bulk haul was quite noticeable. Saw quite a few Mack Pinnacle axle forwards more than Western Star and Kenworth. Peterbilt is still dominant. The only Mack Anthems I saw were for the Market basket food group. Mack granite and Paccar 880 & 357 seemed to be split about 50-50 Saw more Mack LE and MR's than Pete 320's. This was a totally scientific observation. Ha Ha.
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    just bought today
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    Thought you guys would enjoy this listing as much as I did. https://kalispell.craigslist.org/cto/d/columbia-falls-1946ford-super-deluxe/6975797141.html
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    Finally picked the cab up today and hauled it to the shop. Almost afraid to start working on assembly for fear of scratching.
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    this morning I took the pump to diesel power service out in Williamsport pa. I had a talk with the guy that does the pumps he is old enough to have worked on b 's for stroeman bread company . some one shimmed the high idle spring up so the low idle wouldn't work but I could get 2300 on high idle. I dropped the pump of at 11:30 and it was done by 2:45 I don't know how much but at this point I don't care. I thought the service was very good, pleasant people to deal with the guy explained a lot to me over the phone. I just thought I would give them an attaboy for not trying to over inflate the repairs I needed.
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    Watched the date today in the morning and found it kept in my mind. I would never wish anything like that to any nation.
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    I picked the pump up this morning and the bill was 118.00 I talked with the guy that did the work and he explained to me the high speed spring was shimmed about .100 to much. He thought some one might of tried to get more power out of the engine. He did some other adjustments said it was in good repair other than screwy settings.
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    Actually saltines may have been a better choice for cab material. They must have been light weight.
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    Opened? Looks like they ate the can.
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    People aren't bad you just have to have the knack to deal with all of them. Train horns at chassis level, big grins and hand signs work pretty well as do big marbles at speed. Best one I did was a guy screaming at me, peeled my banana ate it and tossed the peel on his shoes, of course being over 6 feet, size 13 shoes, xxl gloves and weighing in at 245, bearded with long hair could also be part of not having issues with them.
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    Pictures to follow as soon as junior can load them, 2003 RD688 460/13 fuller, brand x 46k rears with lockers on air, 4.30 ratio 18 front on 315s 200" wheel base ,double frame, dual air seats, moto mirrors, 115 gal tanks, all the gauges and now for the best part, 885 hrs. 11665 miles, bought from Dept of Interior, fish and game in the sunny south with no salt. Mack Tech been has working with me on this, and I really appreciate his help, nice to have people here that are willing to help and have the right info, Thank you. Was told never fall in love with iron, so if your wallet is big enough, will consider any offer but it won't be cheap, other wise it will be like the the CH I put on here almost 2 years ago, running everyday for us.
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    Bright yellow Superliner brings a Sterling dump truck along to the show.
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    still hurts today not as much as the actual, but it still hurts
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    Just got my Showtime magazine and saw that the Dog was well represented at the Reno ATHS Convention by BMT members Mackdaddy and AZB755. Both brought multiply gorgeous trucks to show folks what good Mack trucks look like.
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    Should be pretty universal, that plate on the floor unbolts and new seat will bolt to it. We put a Legacy? Seat in with armrests. Really nice seat, but the left arm rest interfered with the seat belt so we took that armrest off. Trans in the truck is an 8LL, so I don't need the slot under the right armrest very often. If your transmission pattern uses that gear slot much you'll want to avoid armrests, but if it's an 8LL you just lift the armrest up a few inches, pop it in low to start out and you're good to go.
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    Congrats on the purchase! I like the look of twin screw B's.
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    You ain't kidding about little regard for driver comfort. I had one with 671 Detroit. Was fun to drive. I've driven bulldozers that had more operator comfort.
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    Pretty straight ole jimmy. terry
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    damn they built nice cars the year i was born
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    Do like the trailer through.
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    Not exactly my cup of tea, but there is quite a bit of engineering and thought in this truck. $40k seems too high. https://columbus.craigslist.org/cto/d/washington-court-house-mack-rat-rod/6974227628.html
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    If you got 40,000 to spend on that, you got way too much money!! Or short on common sense!! terry
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    I may have to try to put that in the title or the thumbnail when I get the video finished....lol
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    Not my style, but I can respect the effort. Honestly though, at $40k it would seem to be wildly overpriced. I wish him luck. Andy
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    Real sorry to hear about your wife I’m sure she’s in a better place ....welcome back...bob
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    The can of worms has officially been opened.
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    Thanks for the flowers KSB and others! Since we last spoke my wife passed away and I broke my hip.Her from COPD, related to smoking and me from being a dumbass and falling out of bed! My tablet is wearing out and I can't post a question only answer them, gonna get a new one! Anyone like that new "cornbinder" that looks like it's from mad max? I do!
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    No surprise, Ford has no clear plans for the future while hundreds of millions are thrown at Rivian, the train depot, electrification, "mobility", etc.. Ford has too many SUVs while commercial truck buyers are being driven away by limited options. Meanwhile, the couple hundred thousand customers who buy Fusions and Fiestas are being told to settle for an SUV or go away. And while Ford brags of having $20B in cash reserves, they've also typically got a million or so unsold vehicles in inventory and who knows how many billions more Ford is financing... So Ford has earned junk bond status.
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    Mack option listed as(depending on which coast) a Logger bumper or a Contractor bumper. Also has the optional out side air cleaners too.
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    Saw this and remember you had some B project with a mixer I believe. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/csw/for/d/stewart-mack-61/6963019709.html
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