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    Bright yellow Superliner brings a Sterling dump truck along to the show.
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    just bought today
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    I'm still kicking been off the site thanx for asking!
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    G'day all - I'm after some advice on what PTO would suit the TRQ720 quad box in my '64 B615 - any suggestions? The build plan is to fit a W45 Holmes wrecker to this truck. Quad box details are: TRQ720 11KBA5365P1 36 94 Also, I'm aware that this truck was fitted with a TRQ7220 from new, but it's obviously been swapped out at some point in its life with the older TRQ720... does anyone know the production period for the TRQ720?
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    OK then, after 28 years there maybe a few modifications to a truck that took place or it may have options factory installed. As for 600 or 700 series, nether came with a Lund visor, stainless rear fenders, aux hyd. tank or 6 inch exhaust and if we are really counting the LED turn signals, but who is counting? It still is a beautiful 28 year old truck standing tall and proud. 👍
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    i have a feeling ill never want to see another huck rivet again in my life by the end of this project....lol
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    Took first place in my age group only because I was the only one in the age group....I’ll take the glory Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pictures to follow as soon as junior can load them, 2003 RD688 460/13 fuller, brand x 46k rears with lockers on air, 4.30 ratio 18 front on 315s 200" wheel base ,double frame, dual air seats, moto mirrors, 115 gal tanks, all the gauges and now for the best part, 885 hrs. 11665 miles, bought from Dept of Interior, fish and game in the sunny south with no salt. Mack Tech been has working with me on this, and I really appreciate his help, nice to have people here that are willing to help and have the right info, Thank you. Was told never fall in love with iron, so if your wallet is big enough, will consider any offer but it won't be cheap, other wise it will be like the the CH I put on here almost 2 years ago, running everyday for us.
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    Cheap shot baby...we,ll be waiting...bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The can of worms has officially been opened.
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    Probably just the "puff limiter" got disconnected at some point. The puff limiter uses turbo pressure to control fuel rack travel in order to minimize smoke. It's not uncommon for people to disconnect the puff limiter in order to get the turbo spooled up faster. End result: your truck goes down the road like the RMS Queen Mary.
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    Thanks for the flowers KSB and others! Since we last spoke my wife passed away and I broke my hip.Her from COPD, related to smoking and me from being a dumbass and falling out of bed! My tablet is wearing out and I can't post a question only answer them, gonna get a new one! Anyone like that new "cornbinder" that looks like it's from mad max? I do!
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    no it was a good price and a good deal not sure of specs has about 2 inches of crud on everything I know for sure it was a Celli truck I worked for them in '96 for several months with my '89 R. I'm going to contact the Mack museum to get info on how it was built so I can return it to it's original glory and it is a runner . It's going to be a long term project for sure
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    Pick this baby up from my Nephew for $5. Gitcha one Uncle Dave.... A’course it says “Made in China” on the label. When I asked him about that he said “Who cares, China’s paying the tariff on this one!”.
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    we ran cab over freightshakers so we could pull rite up to the trailer in front of us to keep the animals out of the trailers. it was a dangerous place for sure. one of the favorite things the thieves did was look for over the road drivers sleeping. they would put 6X6's under the inside tires. then bang on the door waking the driver up . "you are blocking me, can you pull up 10 feet? " the half asleep driver would not notice the pull up on the blocks. ground monkey would say "thats good, thanks" driver would climb back into the bunk and go back to sleep. only to wake up in the morning to unload and find the 8 outside tires and rims gone.
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    Going into at the wee hours of the mornig to Hunts Market was through a section of burned out and abandoned building and tons of stripped and burned cars, The local 'opportunists' would put stripped cars i'n the street to stop or slow you down. Stop for the wreck or slow down they would open your trailer and start tossing out your load to their bro's. We ran three truck convoy into the market. We rammed hulks out of the way, no stopping for anything if possible. I carried Easy Off oven cleaner as a jacking protection, hit the face and head with it the last thing they will do is fight. Those cut down NY bumpers weren't for looks my friend. Very close the Escape from NY movie scenes.
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    It’s got a roof finally, shingles go on tomorrow. Not to bad as a solo building crew in the evenings after work. 🧐
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    Well my intro to driving in metro NY was the big strike in 71 when the majors took on the PTEU-the big union that represented most of the petro drivers in the metro area. Anyone in management throughput the country that had ever driven was placed on the "MOCO" team.."method of continuous operation"-The prep for that was we had to take the NYC Fire Dept Certificate of Fitness test that was needed to haul gas/oil-"haz mat" wasn't a term then. Well I spent 51 days driving out of Mt Vernon-at times on 5 axles in Westchester county, other times in a "city spec" 10 wheeler delivering in the Bronx. After a while you learned the shortcuts and I remember one day going through a decent neighborhood (near Gun Hill Rd.?) I pass a group of people standing around a VW bug. I dropped the load and on my way back there is the VW-all the doors and "hood" open sitting on blocks, papers blowing all around it. Stripped clean-and this was a "nice' neighborhood! Welcome to the "Big Apple".
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    I used to to that when I was 9 years old I could do Detroit, Mack and Cummins,☺️
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    1977 Mack Vin Gears 4:17 Wheel base 162" Motor NTC 350 Cummins Motor Assembly number. 3036939 Transmission is a 10 speed Eaton I purchased the truck about 9 years and have used it here and there. Looking to sell to purchase newer R model call or text me for more info or pictures: Eric 484-256-3341
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    This old rig will bring plenty of eyeballs to your YT channel. Great work!
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    Keep your eyes on the truck for a minute - we're throwing back to 1980 for a bitchin' Autocar A64HD, with its super-groovy paint job. Also gracing the photo is Suzy, who was actually a manager at the Autocar plant before becoming a top dealer salesperson. #ThrowbackThursday #TBT Always Up - Autocar Trucks .
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