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    I've still got that old typesetting stuff in the back of the Midliner, and it's all loose since I've been going through it in there instead of rolling it into the shop. I had to pick up a small load near Harrisburg, PA, so I "borrowed" the old farm truck. "Borrowed" since it's mine anyway 😛 It's a 1985 F-350, 6.9L International motor, 4-speed T19 transmission. Got it home from the farm and realized my parents hadn't put tires on it since I brought it to the farm. None of the marker lights were working either (dash switch issue). Anyway, here it is loaded up with about 28,000 floppy disks: The government surplus place I was at had a really nice military forklift they use to load stuff, including my two pallets of disks: They loaded me up and then took off for Labor Day weekend, so I didn't get to ask about it. It's probably a Pettibone 6K or 10K rough terrain unit. Detroit diesel powered, sounded like a 4-cylinder so probably a 4-53. I'd love to find one of those for the farm! They also had an old International cabover they use as a yard dog: Nice little trip, stopped at Walnut Bottom Diner for lunch. The old F-350 is still a reliable little truck, the trip was around 750 miles. No overdrive though
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    Here’s my 79,all Mack.Had it since new.
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    Heavy iron hanging at the show. The LVX still plays in the pit and the DM is retired.
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    swishy heres one on wheels on a lot of wheels on this side
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    This one was in Martinsburg, WV. This was in Bedford, Va. I like them both, but that one ton Ford is the cat's ass. Be a much more practical grocery getter and trash hauler-offer.
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    I also have had real good luck with Manders diesel years ago.Always dealt with terry manders, Shipped me a rebuilt DM/U cab, had all new padded interior, and never sent a nickle down, he said just send me a check when you can. good people. terry
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    25095125 $3.66 I leaned on Manders Diesel. Those guys are the best informed Mack parts men I’ve met. They’re a Mack dealership and a salvage yard so the guys at the counter have all the crossover compatibilities in their heads. There was no picture of it in the system. Bill found it listed though as a “qty 1” item on the diff breakdown.
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    Exactly, like Peterbilts and KW's are mostly what you see at truck shows, and what everybody seems to want. No doubt nice trucks, but I like seeing the Fords, the Dodges, the GMC's, etc. One of the best, if not the best, cars I ever owned was a 1970 Olds Cutlass Supreme. Had a 350 in it, automatic, power windows, just a sharp looking car. I've had a 68 Tempest, 72 Nova, 70 Chevelle SS, 68 Camaro, and more, but if there was one I should have kept and restored it would be that Oldsmobile. It looked a lot like this, same color but different wheels. Mine had factory wheels that looked kind of like Keystone mags, and I think this is a 71 or 72, because mines had rectangular park lights, but the body style was the same.
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    The first truck I ever drove that had power steering and a working AC.
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    I knew the comma was wrong, it still failed to send after I changed it to a period so I just went with the text message.
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    Steer axle is the one you never skimp on. Hit a rock and now your missing 2. Plus, Someone has documented the issue and tire man will since a drop of ink puts all liability on you.
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    Bentz is no longer, Bolt is the new Bentz. History Bolt Custom Trucks and Manufacturing carries on the tradition begun by Bentz Transport Products in 1993. Bentz was founded as a manufacturer of after-market sleeper cabs and stainless accessories for medium and heavy-duty trucks. Over the years, the company evolved to focus on the needs of owner operators. Consequently, the company expanded into custom engineered and manufactured truck sleepers and cab modifications designed to meet customer specifications and unique application requirements. In 2010 the Bentz product line transitioned to new ownership and became known as Bolt Custom Trucks and Manufacturing. Bolt continued the tradition of manufacturing premier Custom Integrated Sleepers. In 2013, Bolt was restructured and purchased by Brian Callan, who leads the Bolt team as President and CEO. Expanded strategic operating and marketing processes are being installed in order to execute our business plan for increasing product innovation while maintaining a commitment to superior quality. We will meet and exceed our customer’s expectations for the ultimate in sleeper comfort and productivity. Contact us with your unique truck sleeper design and engineering specifications to make your life on the road the ultimate in comfort and success.
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    One small issue is E.L. Cord in 1938 sold all the engineering drawings, body tooling and design rights a pair of co joined auto makers. Graham Paige - Huppmobile made the Skylark and produced it also as the Hollywood. The rights, tooling and drawings were later was purchased by the Rootes Group, who still owns the design rights today. So I guess basically you are buying the right to use the Cord name.
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    Update to this story. https://www.equipmentworld.com/cnh-to-separate-off-and-on-highway-business-into-two-companies/?utm_source=daily&utm_medium=email&utm_content=09-03-2019&utm_campaign=Equipment World&ust_id=f1576ceb10f1d6560c2b88c4de3ca180
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    in 1964 the volunteer fire department my father was in ordered an aerial ladder on a GM "crackerbox". it was supposed to have a V12, 5 speed, and two speed rear axle. by the time they got around to building it, the V12 was no longer an option, so it came with the 637 "magnum" V8. gm said the two speed rear was not needed, the 5 speed was more than enough engine to do what we needed. needless to say, they were dead wrong. that truck was the biggest turd i ever drove. besides the fact it only got about 2 MPG, for 20 years that truck would have to leave the firehouse going north at full tilt to hit the hill 1/4 mile north at around 40 mph to be doing 5 mph on top of the hill. the pumper with the V12 5 speed and two speed rear weighed almost the same as the ladder truck, could hit the bottom of the hill at 20 mph and be doing 40 on top. that ladder truck had 13,000 miles on it in 1986 when the new truck came in and they gave it to a volunteer company in Pennsylvania. that company had it for less than a month when they sent it out to have it re-powered with a detroit diesel, because they had hills in their area and it would not climb them either. when i joined in 1974 i was assigned the ladder truck after qualifying as a driver because no one else wanted to drive it.
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    Not sacreligious if it is done in the name of safety. ease of preventive maintenance and does not greatly alter the overall appearance of the vehicle.
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    That is a nice looking KW!
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