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    After finishing my B 61 I started looking for a new project . Wanted an H model but could not find what I wanted although Superdog had one I thought was priced right but needed more work than I wanted to get into. Raybing posted a F 797 from Craigslist a few months back. Thanks Raybing . The truck was located in Missoula MT. at a Mack dealership. I called with no intent to buy . The salesman asked what I was thinking so I thru out price not expecting to be accepted . A few hours later he called back and accepted my offer . Had the truck delivered to New Mexico. I think I am over my head again as there is lot of things on the truck I am not sure about . I am sure there will be a lot of help here as always .
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    Beautifully restored with a bit of extra candy!
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    We are outa town still, only now in north central Montana. All the big OD loads will be happy when we get it done in another few months. Then it will be a bit wider and be pavement instead of gravel. Pretty much all oil field stuff going north and going south.
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    Got a ride to the show and just needs a little polish. Aluminum cab, set forward axle, 6 X 4 layout.
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    Well USPS is finally replacing the fleet of Mack’s. They’ve went with the International HV series for the replacement and they are steadily rolling in so the Mack’s are going one by one as the new ones roll in. I'm not exactly sure how they are selling them but we’ve already sold a few that had transmission problems. I’m not sure if someone has already mentioned this or not but I figured I’d post it in case somebody was interested in buying one. The box trucks were auctioned off on the fed auction site so they may be doing the same with these, not sure.
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    Think I sent this in before this couple have been working on this a while now local Reno people truck is coming right along recently painted it ... mike and Debbie,,,,real nice people ....truck sits on all Chevy frame and drive line duromax....bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    There you go, "it was beat on" still works though, and yes I will agree about a 2 stick Mack but then how people are still running a 2 stick Mack in a commercial operation today, a toy is a toy, not a commercial truck used to earn money, you guys amaze me comparing your toy or part time used truck around the farm to a truck used every day running in commercial operation, look at all the people who write into BMT about noise or grinding sounds, people who trying to earn a living, if my toy grinds who cares, if my work truck grinds then it is on it's way to failure, and that costs money, not just repair but lost confidence from my customer and so on. check into reality and not Macktopia.
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    If it is a Mack transmission you need to find the nearest dumpster and rid your self of a problem and replace it with a smooth shifting quiet Fuller.
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    His latest bit of work for me, machining the AC flywheel to take a starter ring gear, can be seen here. Before doing it he had to adapt both the chuck and the gap block.
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    Hope she funds a nice new home e9 308000for Miless 35,000
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    Saw this old B sitting out in the grass.
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    I just went to see why my clutch brake wasn't working on my 8LL a couple weeks ago, I had adjusted it a few months before. Stuck my head in and it wasn't there! Somehow the clutch brake broke off and fell out! It gets sandwhiched between the transmission and the throw out bearing on the input shaft.
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    Well I stand corrected on a B model long hood-But mine will be in a group of only maybe three. That one has a L cab and mine with the B.
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    If it was a truck application it would probable not last long at the hand or foot of a company driver. Being in a boat is an entirely different working environment. The engine has great cooling to start with. There is loading the engine for long periods of time reducing shock and cycle loading, etc. The Mack E9 was rated at 900hp for marine use and had problems at 610hp in a truck. If the loading is slow and steady as used in a boat the engine can live a long life. Of course time between rebuilds are shorter than a truck engine but it is a matter of safety. No one wants an engine failure 250 miles out to sea and good preventative maintenance is paramount. If an E7 is still in a boat at 750hp it has been doing it for a long time already. If the builder was Jack McDevitt that has a lot of restored Mack's and a dealership the engine was done right.
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    I’m surprised there pulling 650 out of that!
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    Actual purchases. All the quirky postal specs included. The Ryder trucks were more of a bandaid to replace trucks that weren’t repairable or if we just needed more trucks.
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    Ed, That's a nice solid looking truck. I had the same experience with a B-68 C&C some years back. I made the mistake of calling a towing company that was selling the truck to cover towing and storage. Not far into the conversation they asked that same question "what do you have in mind" as to price. I threw out a number to include delivery (about 20 miles) thinking they would never accept. Low and behold it was mine.
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    Where our farm is in Riverhead Long Island the local code enforcement now uses drones to find violations. I have none. . . yet, but a few years ago my neighbor rototilled a design for the drones, apparently it will never go away til they plow and replant a large section.
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    Few things completed, fuel, steering hydraulics, air system from compressor, belly strap/brace built and installed under transmission and set radiator. Will hook up cooling system, drive lines and exhaust next.
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    One Magnum in Mack OEM black paint and one Magnum painted to the owner's interpretation.
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    I’m glad I live where I do, when we were putting the L on a trailer to take it to the shop all our neighbors came by disappointed asking if we were selling it, luckily all turned to smiles when we explained were taking her to put some more life into that old 707 she’s got. Only time anyone’s ever complained was the neighbors who told people to park in our lawn to visit their yard sale and tore down a sign saying no parking... long story short there was soon a Ford fire engine screaming down the road spewing black smoke as it passed their house and the next day their garbage cans were full and smelled strongly of burnt diesel... we haven’t had any issues since! The neighborhood kids still drop their jaws whenever they hear the exhaust whistle screaming and a loud rumble come their way... It’s a shame not everyone can see these things the way these kids and old folk do... I’ve never seen a smile brighter than when we pulled up beside an old man in his 50s model convertible Corvette in a 1953 Mack Firetruck! Those moments right there make everything worth it...
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    Thanks and it is pretty solid spent it's entire life in Washington state. It runs and drives and is on my list of things to do.
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    I figured he’d take the U model to prom.
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