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    I do not post here for approval from anyone or to validate anything I do to my truck. I'm just adding to the conversation for someone who might be pondering a Jake to drawl they’re on conclusion. I do not reside in the Rockies but I do in a valley on the south side of the Blue Ridge. Exiting off the interstate to my shop it is a downhill run most of the way with some steep hard curves. There is no way to avoid the hills so in my instance and opinion an exhaust or engine brake is a somewhat of a requirement to avoid gaining speed while descending. If not a Jake, then something else. I'm not considering it a novelty and perhaps it might not be a necessity, but it does add some functional cool factor however limited it might be.
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    I forgot about that other point where they put us 40 year behind the time. have to pull the hub to change the rotor, now you spoiled the wheel seal, added to the other problem up north in the salt belt, shit don't come apart even after two years. they Bendix rotors have all these little wedges to hold the rotor on, oh yea a steel rotor on an aluminum hub, I don't have to tell you hoe that works out
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    Not too sure International or Freightliner for that matter are all too concerned about Ford. Only the lighter MV's an M2's compete with the F-650/750, and I think both of the truck manufacturers figure they can't compete with Ford on price in that weight class. So, let Ford have those low margin fleet sales like U-Haul. Now that International has a class 4/5 (that didn't cost them much!), they will earn conquest sales from Ford. Nowhere to go but up, right? As for Ford-Otosan, it seems like the only thing you can say with any certainty in the truck industry today is that we will never see a Ford-Otosan truck in North America. As VW digs their fangs deeper into Ford's rear end, I figure soon the VW overlords will convince Ford management how much better off they would be if they gave their share of Otosan's truck business to Traton to form a 'strategic alliance'. I say this in sarcasm, but..........
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    did another autocross in the jag this last weekend. did a lot better this time i was only 7 seconds off the fastest car vrs 19 seconds last time...lol a little shorter course this time though. a few less cars this weekend and the shorter course did get a lot more runs in. only change on the car itself is im now running it on straight e-85. as methonol is not allowed in scca last time i was spraying straight water trying to control iat's and the blower was heat soaking bad. much much better on e85 and was able to put some timing back in it. almost spun in in this clip but managed to save it without going off course or hitting any cones. of course that miss hap killed my time on that run. after the event i did a couple fun runs that didn't count for competition and got a time that was only 5 seconds off the fastest time durring compitition. on another one of the fun runs. i spun it 180 just before the Finnish line, tires were spinning a little bit around the last tiny jog before the finnish line and i thoguht i could hold it and kept it matted just about crossed the Finnish line facing backwards....lol and i was hitting over 60mph crossing the Finnish line on most runs. unfortunately i didn't record any video of the fun runs as i kept forgetting to turn off the camera's between runs so the memory cards were full and the battery's were dead and i didn't feel like changing them....lol
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    Been doing some work for Pinewood Studios. Watch the movies and you'll see it in action.
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    Large, Medium and myself are all Civil War buffs, and we try to get to Gettysburg every few years. We make a long weekend out of it and camp out at Artillery Ridge Campground, which is only within a 1/2 mile of Union line and the 20th Maine's position on Little Round Top. It's a religious experience for all three of us, you really can't understand unless you are there. You can feel the spirit of those who fought and died there. If anyone ever wants to go, I highly recommend the book "The Maps of Gettysburg" which contains carefully researched time lines, maps and analysis of every skirmish of every day of the three campaign. It is an incredible asset to have with you while driving the National Park Service's self-guided tour. Day 1: Buford's Cavalry and Reynold's 1st and 11th Corps tangle with Heth, Rodes and Ewell north of town near the Lutheran Seminary The 11th Mississippi's Monument on Seminary Ridge The two sides of the Tennessee monument on Seminary Ridge The North Carolina Monument and Statue along Seminary Ridge
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    just acquired a 1961 G-75 LT with ENDT 673 engine, and triplex trans. what kind/weight of oil should I use? thanks for your advice!! thinking of rotating engine with starter with fuel shut off, for a few times and hope to see oil pressure, over a week or so. then changing oil and fuel filters and hopefully starting the girl. any other suggestions? existing fuel in tanks looks clear and clean.
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    Harry m80 RE It could be some sort of male truck ritual to attract females. Why in the hell would U wanna atract a Volvo female? LOL cya
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    Heard of ATF being used in fuel back in the day. Wouldn't risk it now because of the color! I have also heard of some shops getting rid of their waste crankcase oil by putting it in the fuel tank to be burned. Who knows what ratio of fuel to waste oil might be? 50/1 maybe? I have being using Power Service Diesel Kleen for lubrication and as a fuel stabilizer.
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    Y'all need a matchbook for the 8 track
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    Great find. I assume you had it towed out? I assume it's not running yet.
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    It could be some sort of male truck ritual to attract females.
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    Unless I had a spare engine at home, and got a greatly reduced price, I'd work out a deal to hear all 6 cylinders working before purchase.
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    Are you positive you need more rpm? It maybe be the puff limiter has a hole in the diaphragm! remove the hose from the manifold to the puff limiter and suck on it if it will not hold vacuum you have a compromised diaphram!
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    All the tires were sunk down that far. Looks as if new tires were installed before storage, and not one sign of cracks or weather check. Yes dirt floor barn find. sitting for 25-30 years. no rust/corrosion , frame clean, has always been a northern mn truck. Owner was a flatbedder and made many runs to Alaska. complete with 8 track tapes. picture is of her coming out of storage.
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    I understand what brake fade is with drum brakes, I have been at the mechanical and driving end for 46 years. Just last week I towed one of our tractor and trailer rig loaded with a total of 130,000 gvw including two truck. Down Cabbage hill I-84 in Ore-6 miles of 6% grade at 25 miles an hour with a total of 6 axles of brakes. 3 on the tow truck and 3 on the trailer none operative on the tractor hooked to trailer running jake at 2000 to 2100. Used the brakes four times. never had a problem. I have found that the ones who smoke the brakes are usually afraid of long grades and most likely look like a cigar store indian with a death grip on the wheel.
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    That certainly seems to be a growing market! I think that growth drove NAV and GM to partner. It's very price sensitive and high volume, so it's a natural for a traditional auto/light truck manufacturer. Not to mention components sharing with light trucks. Harder for NAV and DTNA to compete there without a partner. Ford and FCA cover it well, and I think Ford's new F-600 will be a great product in there.
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    Heads up algae grows in diesel, or at least in the new diesel, so you may want to make liberal use of the fuel tank drain and flush the tank out real well. They make a fungicide additive that kills the algae but it doesn't dissolve it. It'll clog things up pretty good. Flush tank, change fuel filters, put some fresh fuel in it and pump new fuel through the system via the (hopefully equipped, but if not it's easy to install) fuel hand primer pump. You'll want to prefill the new fuel filters, and make sure you lubricate the fuel filter orings. And make sure old oring comes off. Never know with a 30 year old sitter.... (2 fuel filters)
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    Roadway I think the real medium-duty market now is 19,500 - 26,000 GVW, non CDL. Ford seems to have that covered, what do you think?
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    There's enough mud on that steering tire for 30 years sitting, but that cab looks rust free. Dirt floor barn find? There is no visible rust, must have come from a no humidity state...
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    Brake Fade When useing the brakes alot on a down hill run to hold the speed back heat is generated on the brakes and with the heat the drum grows in diameter and makes the brakes as not effective ....... like out of adjusted brakes Meaning the truck will not pull up..... just like out of adjusted brakes ... when the brakes cool the drum shrinks to original size and the brakes work better. Here on the udder side of the world in Au there were problems with disc brakes cos on corrigated (Washboard to U Lot) roads the brake was not supported enuff n had am aditional support added[/img] cya
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    Is that cab as straight in person as the picture looks to be? Looks real nice!!👍👍 terry On a side note I really like those G models. Makes want to make an offer on it!!
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    The B86's were ordered by a customer and built to their specific specs and apparently they learned the 354 did not work out well in the real world. That's from the age when Mack would build to a truck exactly the way you wanted, like the B79 Dairy units..
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    Don't believe that was an option. The G-72 had a Mack 707 gas engine. The G-73, 77, 733 and 773 were Cummins diesel powered. The G-75 and 753 were Mack diesel powered. There were no other models of the Mack G made.
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    Autocar has quite a history down-under, in this case, in New Zealand. Our fan, Ed Mansell, sent in this unusual 1984 Autocar that Ed says is a "DC-64B". No doubt, it was factory engineered as a right-hand drive with plenty of other custom features as well. #AutocarDC #AlwaysUp .
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    Don’t we all wish we had deeper pockets, and sometimes a patina gives it some character... and that truck certainly has character!
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    Looks like fun. Blower whine sounds awesome.
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    saw this one in Dolton IL yesterday. Is this a HME?
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    Glad it’s in someone’s hands who appreciates it and runs it some. From my point of view it’s nice to see an average guy have a rare bird and be able to enjoy it.
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    Fabulous looking G! How does the oil look on the dipstick? Any history about the engine? 15-40 diesel engine oil such as Rotella or Mobil Delvac.
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    A Steelcase HME Bullet. It doesn't get much better than that. .
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    Cool. I was not aware of the "bullet" model.
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    Carl, I think you are right on target and MVFD makes sense! My wife wanted me to buy it when it was on E-bay. Here is a pic of it in front of Fitzgerald's Store The shelf/ledge on the right look spot on with the detail over the wheel well of the Franconia piece. The booster reel also looks the same. I will text my nephew and have him send me some shots of the photos hanging on the walls. "C" shift works next on Thursday. I assume Mount Vernon still operates their own FD with Operations and Maintenance staff?
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    I am almost positive that truck came from Franconia, VA and the Mt. Vernon is probably George Washington's estate. Still have it?
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    I know a Jake is not that effective on my specific engine but I'd like to have one just because. My truck didn't have a block heater and someone told me I don't need one, but I busted a nut adding a heater over last winter just because. My truck doesn't have an air dryer. I've been told by a few people I don't need one but I'm putting together the parts to ad one just because. All the older Mack's I've driven all had Jake's and some might say they really didn't need one but it just seems fitting my truck should have one too just because.
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    I'm glad the folks who want to forget US history haven't had any of those monuments removed.
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    2 years late, but there was an ignition wire in the radio harness rubbing the dash, killing the whole ignition til we found it. Ended up towing it. $800 for a 30 cent fix. Such is truck life. 🤷‍♂️
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    This was my Dads 76' R model with a fancy paint job pic was taken in 1980
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    Can you purchase a 13-speed Eaton factory reman and turn your 9LL in as a core with perhaps a small penalty charge?
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    As Hayes diversified under Mack ownership, they went after new market segments, The lightweight set-forward front axle MD-250 west coast vocational chassis was a prime example of product aimed to compete with Kenworth. Note the modern appearance. Tell me this 1972 MD-250 doesn't remind you of the Kenworth T800 introduced in 1986. .
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