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    just acquired a 1961 G-75 LT with ENDT 673 engine, and triplex trans. what kind/weight of oil should I use? thanks for your advice!! thinking of rotating engine with starter with fuel shut off, for a few times and hope to see oil pressure, over a week or so. then changing oil and fuel filters and hopefully starting the girl. any other suggestions? existing fuel in tanks looks clear and clean.
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    Great looking heavy duty chain drive dump truck at Macungie. 150 FN models produced.
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    Wot Duz it do n where duz it go cya
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    Don't believe that was an option. The G-72 had a Mack 707 gas engine. The G-73, 77, 733 and 773 were Cummins diesel powered. The G-75 and 753 were Mack diesel powered. There were no other models of the Mack G made.
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    He got stuck in mid transformation
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    Is it a Autobot or Decepticon?
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    They got “bit” by CAT when the construction equipment maker forced them to all build truck shops, at considerable investment, and then pulled the plug on trucks. This effort is an idea, an attempt to make use of their investment, and they all feel CAT dare not complain.
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    I realize to most it would look better if it had a Super Liner under the towing unit, and I have to agree. A friend of mine bought this a few months back to expand his towing business. It's a Dewalt 50 Ton puller. Shes a real power house. I just got done rebuilding the 15sp for it, 320" WB with a 425 3ZJ Cat. Rear ends are 461's. The fellow who owns it is just a very young fellow with a big grin and a lot of ambition.
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    After quite a few years of trying to figure out what I could build versus what I could afford I ended up purchasing a shop. I am so dang excited. I’ve never even had a garage and now I have a 36’X48’ shop. First of all I know this thread is worthless with out pictures. They will come soon I promise. My old buddy (who I bought my Willy’s pickup from) has had the shop for years. I had told him in the past to let me know if he ever wanted to sell to let me know and would you believe I actually had money at the time he wanted to sell?! Part of the reason I haven’t got pics posted is I’m still waiting for the previous owner to clean his stuff out. He’s a very nice guy and is a bit eccentric and exceptionally intelligent. So he didn’t throw much away and so there isn’t much room other than the trails between stuff. I knew it’d be a process for him to get things sorted out and moved so I’ve been patiently waiting to move my stuff in and helping him along the way. I will admit I’m getting a little antsy to get moved in and start working on my projects like my B75, finish my LS swap in my 73 k20, start my Willy’s wagon project etc. I’m very excited to start working in my shop and will be tapping you guys for your knowledge, tips and tricks. I’m far from being the best at anything but I enjoy working and building stuff.
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    Doesn't look too bad. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1974-Mack-R-700-Heavy-Haul-Truck-Pull/293160411860?hash=item4441b8e2d4:g:aJsAAOSwzfNdNQk6
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    I bet its light too. Would make a good stone cartage truck.
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    in case you have some spare time saturday!
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    When your lookin for that leg shot you see over 2 lanes
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    Careful Yardo! Don't jinx yourself. Hmmm.... then again maybe you are ready to swap out the DD for a Mack?
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    That it has a Detroit and was enclosed? Yes this is sad. The Detroit being blown? This is good.
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    We use to hook our oil pump to the turbo pressure feed and backfill the galleries.
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    Great advice...check all intake pipes and inside the turbo. When I start a truck that's been sitting a long time, I like to pull the valve covers and pour the new oil over the rockers so it runs down over the lifters, crank, etc. Pressurizing the oil passages would be even better.
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    Autocar has quite a history down-under, in this case, in New Zealand. Our fan, Ed Mansell, sent in this unusual 1984 Autocar that Ed says is a "DC-64B". No doubt, it was factory engineered as a right-hand drive with plenty of other custom features as well. #AutocarDC #AlwaysUp .
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    Those lights get brittle and crusty with age. Gets tough to keep them all in good shape.
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    Had a guy come in to the dealership with just such a truck that was started after decades and was smoking black. I cleaned 30 lbs of mouse nests and droppings out of the air cleaner housing.
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    There is a market out there for new Cat truck engines. I can say this what I see at the Cat dealer I use (Michigan Cat) the truck side works on Cat truck engines, Cat truck engine owners want new trucks with new Cat engines. They do not want gut less X15 and DD15 engines. Owners of 15-20+ year old trucks with Cat engines keep fixing them. There are just less trucks out there with Cat engines in them, the trucks are wearing out.
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    Bullet was ahead of its time. Its to bad Hendrickson doesn't get back into heavy haul specialty business. Suspension is about half the battle along with some other off the shelf items.
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    if it has the period correct luberfinder it likely has to fill up that whole filter assembly before you start to see any oil pressure. thats how it was on my END711. you might be able to pull the turbo oil feed hose and pressure the block with oil first if you want to play it safe? I think there are some aux ports on the side of the block as well where you could force oil into it?
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    saw this one in Dolton IL yesterday. Is this a HME?
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    Sweet truck. Be sure to document your progress. Hint hint we love pics and a good story about an old Mack.
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    The only advance of the disc brakes is they don't fade like a drum.
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    probably the biggest pos I have seen in recent years. heavy mechanic and we service a lot of pedal trucks for an oil company. they are beyond junk. Bendix brand. mind you they are pedal trucks and see the harshest of environment runnin the back road but they are getting maybe 30,000 out of a set of pads . compare that to 80-100 thousand out of a set of regular brake shoes. and to top it off when you PM a truck, you cant see they pads like regular lining so you have to pull every wheel and pull the dust cover to inspect the pads. we have even had a few brake cans go bad and burn the pads right off in no time, pair that with a an automatic and a dumb driver and you can actually not push in the yellow knob and take off with the brake on . if one can is broke on a disk brake set up and they burned the pads right off on a single axle truck. did I not mention when you wear the pads right down with a broken can it gets the caliper hot and burns the seals and rubber out of the caliper and OUR price for a Bendix caliper is $1700. they are junk
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    This morning I pulled the top dash cover off. The ABS light was found. Its on the right side near the turn signal indicators. The ABS light works, it had just fallen out of the light socket. That was an easy fix...
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    Here id the truck
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    I’d venture to say our fleet gets about the same as you are on disc brakes. Have you had problems with them seizing up and dragging? Seems to be very common occurrence in our fleet. The other problem we’ve had is at night when we do our post trips most guys including myself give the brakes 1 to 3 pumps when the truck is off so 1 we can hear if there’s any service side leaks and 2 to give enough pressure so the auto adjusters to work. The thing I love about disc brakes is I have yet to have once freeze in the winter. I try to always back up so my tire is 90 degrees from where it was when I did my post trip and that helps a lot. Nothing worse than getting to work in the wee hours of the morning in negative temps beating breaks loose.
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    Ford Trucks International Press Release / July 22, 2019 Ford Trucks continues its partnership with the Ford Chip Ganassi Racing team at the FIA WEC competition. 🏁 🏎️ #PoweredByFordTrucks #SharingTheLoad .
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    An Autocar hard at work. Thanks to Scott Pluta. Always Up - Autocar Trucks .
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    Go to: RW Air Ride Assist on Front Axel in (Search). This goes over what I think you are asking. I did it to my RW as no kit was available. Not hard just have to think about it, do a little drilling, welding and have a few beers.. Just get it done.
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    The shop looks sharp, but I’m expecting to see weekly bbq pics after seeing that bbq porch.
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    Right now I’m in the middle of scraping and painting this big barbecue porch also had to replace a bunch of 2/4s this guy is helping me I’m paying him handsomely haha actually I work with him And he’s always looking for extra money also replacing a door inside house and repairing another door lol no end....bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2 years late, but there was an ignition wire in the radio harness rubbing the dash, killing the whole ignition til we found it. Ended up towing it. $800 for a 30 cent fix. Such is truck life. 🤷‍♂️
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    Here is my Mack Magirus. There were only four B85F’s made with the L cab. There rest had some form of the B cab and the soft nose. The serial numbers were in with the other 600 some B85F’s. I’m told this is the only one that survives. Mike.
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    There were 455 B-85 Fire Truck made from 1954-1966.There were 77 B-85 flat fendered made from 1956-1964 with Cummins NHBS 743 cu.in at 275 hp.or 290 hp.The B-853 had NTO-6-B 743 cu.in. 262 hp or 280 hp.there were 29 made.There were 5 B-86's made from 1957-1959 with 354 industrial Hemi V8 And Yarnall has a B85F Margus with an L cab with aluminum heavy radiator.
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    There was a B-85 fire truck and a B-85 as is the yellow truck in the picture. The B-85 (B81 style) was available between 1956-1964 with 77 being built. 29 B-853 (turbocharged) were built between 1956-1965. Cummins power was installed at the US factory.
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    good luck and congratulations!. it sounds big now, but once you get everything in it it will be way too small.
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    Grow hair and lose about 240lbs.....
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