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    I finally got a load to Florida, so I could see my fiancee. I loaded it on Wednesday, July 3rd. and it didn't deliver in Davenport until Monday the 8th, but I left Wednesday afternoon with it. I was going to go to Best Buy or somewhere to look at cameras before I left, but she said she knew of a great camera shop near where she lives and we'd go there. I've sent 2 Nikons in a row back to Amazon, and it's nice to be able to look at a camera, try it out, see how it feels, instead of just ordering it. The guy at the camera shop was real nice and very knowledgeable about the products too. I really liked a little Sony he showed me, but it was just too small, way smaller than the little Nikon I dropped. So I was down to a Nikon B500 and a Lummox camera. I went with the lummox, it seemed right for me... Just kidding, it's a Lumix, made by Panasonic. It's a bit bigger than I wanted, it's as big as my D3300 but it's a "point and shoot", and easy to grip. Seems to take good pictures too, even "drive-bys" came out pretty good. And, it was cheaper than the Nikon I sent back. It looks like this- I took these pictures with it- this is a plane. These are reptiles. We went to the Lake Apopka North Shore Wildlife Drive, or something like that. It was great, you drive this trail, it's one way, you can stop anywhere and take pictures, that's where we saw the large reptiles, and even saw one with a huge turtle in it's mouth. And it's free. I've got more pictures here- I tried the camera out on a girl in a car too. Not the best, but...the picture was actually better than this, but it was too dark. I tried to lighten it up but it made it worse, not as sharp as it was at first I saw a bird when I got home too. And, Dodge pickup update- new distributor installed, no change. A local mechanic who's a Mopar guy, has a couple of them he drag races, told me it was probably the computer. He told me to unplug it and put some of that electrical plug grease, can't remember the name of it, in the plug and see if that helps. So i'm going to try that next, the thing has about driven me crazy.
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    In reality the site is not what it used to be. Personal politics and political correctness has taken it's toll on this and many other dedicated forums. Coupled with incessant blabbering about nothing, or the same thing over and over really gets annoying and dispatches participation. Pretty much gone are the crowd whom formerly looked forward to the BMT site as a knowledge base and source of entertainment. This has been replaced by people whom only partipate when they have a problem with no desire to share in the comraderie fostered in the early days. Personal politics and political correctness dealt this and many other dedicated forums a death blow being allowed to fester like an open and untreated wound. All this is easily verfied just looking back at the membership roster for names and dates of last participation. Still a lot of nice people here whom try to add but far more solely on the take. It can be better but it needs driven that way and this includes ridding the site of undesirables. Site moderation with a set of balls hanging on em would be a great first step.
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    OK. I will take the bait. Who are the "undesirables" that need to be dismissed? We have personal politics AND political correctness? How can we have both at the same time? "Coupled with incessant blabbering about nothing, or the same thing over and over really gets annoying and dispatches participation." Boy, I am in deep because I keep talking about Mack Trucks. I better do some thinking on this...
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    A couple more Dogs at Macungie. The 1987 is a V8.
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    As seen at the Mack Trucks Historical Museum.
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    Hello gentlemen. Thank you for such a wonderful informative Mack truck site. I recently acquired a 1980 U model Tractor converted to a six wheel dump truck that once belong to my dad. Although The truck has been decently taking care of it does have some issues that I’m hoping you’ll help me work out. I’m going to go read some articles if I have any questions I’ll be back
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    On conversions and such I've done, (usually spoke to Budd, or unimount) I've taken the wheel end apart and physically ensure what I have before ordering parts. Far too many times through the years parts or assemblies get swapped for one reason or another and the line set ticket is then in error. It's an honest mistake but does happen. Those guys at Global are pretty good about taking parts back if you cannot use them, but that doesn't help you much.
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    It just goes to show you don't have to be any younger or better looking to find happiness. Congratulations!!!
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    A few folks are missing. Gearhead204, 57 bcr Al, PeterMack also. Must be on vacation at the beach?
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    Oh I know it but anymore I could hide a tire behind my physique and the glare off my skull preclude me being photographed any longer. That is a good looking R model and you should be proud as it deserves a good hug. If'n I was to bring that home I would hear ole "Momma" yakking at me in the characteristic shrill voice through the space between that one remaining upper tooth and bottom lip to the tune of: "how am I supposed to get in the truck, it ain't got no step; I could fall and hurt myself.
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    I have a pic somewhere of a DM painted the same as this. Was in a Mack brochure I have.
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    Well there's something I have never seen, nor even heard of. Thanks for posting more interesting stuff kscarbel2
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    1988 R688ST E6 350 - Fresh in frame overhaul 9 speed Fuller Double frame 24.5 good rubber Mack camel back rears -44K Air slide 5th wheel Wet kit Air ride cab A/C truck - not working Rust free clean southern truck $16000.00 731-four four six- eight three zero six
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    Nice to hear you find happiness. 41 years now for me & "Momma" and she still threatens routinely to "stomp my grapes"????? Hope you fare better.
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    Wasn't you looking for this?
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    Congrats on the engagement OD!
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    Yes, just the other day I got to some on-line auction and there was an ad with cabs and other parts taken from such Aussie military RM. So that one must be lucky, even painted pink.
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    looks like the camera is doing well. Nice pictures, especially the crocodiles in a car.
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    If it was a mixer it could be DM. Very similar schemes they had with only difference of the offset cab.
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    Looked through several Mack calendars from the 80’s that I have. These pics are the only ones I could find that look like what you’re describing.
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