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    As seen at the Mack Trucks Historical Museum.
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    We have a 1974 CF Mack pirsch 100 ft ladder truck for sale we got the truck about 3 months ago and can not use it in our area because it is too big she is 37 feet long. the truck orig was owned by river forest il. she seems to be a good solid old truck with the last ladder cert in 2017. she has a 1,000 gpm waterious pump. the dept we got it from retired her in 2018 when they got a newer ladder. if anyone is interested we are asking $3,500
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    Newbie to the site. Proud owner of a 1977 RD 600 dump. Which was (and is) my baby for 25 years at which point I got out of the trucking business and sold it to my Cousin. Now he got out of the trucking business and gave it back to me, sadly in much poorer shape than it was when he took possession of it approximately 17 years ago or so. I was anal about the work done to it the condition it was kept in and it broke my heart when I saw the shape it was in. But that said I have it back for the rest of my life anyway. Now I'm just older, broker and in no physical condition to ever work the truck again. My plans are to fix it up as much like it was when I first purchased it in 1977 as my limited finances will allow (wife says only $5.00 at a time LOL.) I have seen that parts are hard to come by now for the older models and are really expensive when you do find them so I'm hoping that maybe I can find some info from some of you fellow Dog lovers out there as to where some deals might be found. Looking forward to talk to some of you and share the love of Mack trucks.
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    Needed to mow out back of the shop so fired up old "Yella Dog" from a long nap. A bit cantankerous citing oxidized battery cables but got it done.
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    No snow in the forecast here with 84 degrees and sunny. More than likely served the town of Perry, NY. Currently located in western Mass.
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    Look even better, (to me) with a matching year loaded trailer on a jobsite earning it's keep. Kinda/Sorta like this 1987 R model hauling pilings when I snapped the photos: That truck is not "dolled up" for a show but rather the way it is kept, and worked. It's been down to Peoria several times on jobsites and it always looks the same. At the time of the photos the restoration was three full years old, but I understand it was a very clean truck to start with. Pride in your ride is what it's all about.
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    Most of all the kids before 1965 were taught the respect of authority and themselves!!! With today's lack of discipline at the basic family level, I doubt if anybody will uphold this level of success???
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    Finally got this bought was a few miles from my house been parked for 8 years Guy said he parked it because the crank was broke!! He said give me 500 bucks and get it outta here! So I loaded it up and hauled it home!! New fuel filters new batteries fired it up the next day had a bad miss sound found a bent push rod threw another 1 in and away we went never spent another dime on it Cab is 95% rust free double frame very nice shape for a 1978 bed is near perfect tires like new, even the windshield washer works!!! Bed was half full of rock too that was a bonus
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    Actually Kamp from Mokena which is down the street a bit.
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    "MACK America Great Again" Watt's logo T-Shirts now available!! Any size shipped to your door for $25!! Order yours now! http://www.wattstruckcenter.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=537&search=trump This shirt has it all...Mack Anthem with President Trump behind the wheel, F16, A10, M1A1 Tank, US Flag, Explosions and fire...it even has a bad eagle carrying an AR15! This is HUGE and your gonna love it!!
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    Mine only went with me once. Swore she was gonna either turn the truck over, or rip that grab bar out of the door jamb cause their ain't no way that truck was designed for that kind of abuse. Then she bitched about the rotary knob to open the vent window, then about the roof air giving her a headache, then about the cab smelling "greasy", then something else before I got her volume drowned out with the aftermarket stereo to which she ceased flapping her trap. I don't normally play a radio when driving but that was an exception.
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    Nearly forgot, my wife goes with me on long trips usually...and falls asleep in the passenger seat, which is *not* a suspension seat
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    Some really nice stuff in this recent batch.
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    the truck is located in Harlan county ky at Yocum creek vol fire dept contact chief joe wynn at 606-505-9082 the truck has the 260 engine and a 5 speed trans.
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    Iā€™m really surprised to see a bow tie on that battery box? What the heck? šŸ˜
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    Lol put a basket on the end of that and use it for treework. That ladder is massive.
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    If I remember I think the 1 at the end means steel case a 2 would be aluminum.
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    Typical Ford move. Announce something but do little to hype it. Like the customer is supposed to know about it. then again looking at the gas MPG vs the diesel's hard to justify it.
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    Boy new Autocar looks better everyday
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    Maybe his normal steed, (Mack Granite w/MP8 engine) was in the shop again? Just a guess.
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    Thanks. The hood is on. It needs some adjusting. Hitting the home stretch.
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    I was rolling through the back 40 in the big picker and dropped my grapple into a suspicious 12' mound. Yup, white gold on July 8th. My goal is to produce a snowball in October that will legally constitute Wisconsin permafrost which survived winter-to-winter. Sometime in October you'll hear me on Coast-to-coast, sipping Moxie at 3 AM, nervously explaining to George Noory, "we aren't HEADING for an ice age, George ...ā€¦."WE'RE ALREADY IN IT!!!".
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    On my way back to my home sweet camper home the other week, I went off the main highway to see if there was any interesting stuff in the fields. Yes there was.... A couple heel boom log loaders and a B with an L cab. A B 70 something , judging by the long hood, hanging out in the tall grass. And 2 Autocar log trucks.
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    I'd start by pulling all 4 axle shafts to see if ones broken. We used to score our shafts out close to the hub so that if they break they do so out at the end where you can grab all the pieces. We don't score them anymore because my dad and I don't break axles. (My brother broke a 55k axle once because he was empty and used the parking brake to start out on a hill. He forgot that that truck the parking brake takes 5 seconds to disengage when you hit the knob. Oops!) Often when an axle shaft breaks they do so towards the pumpkin (differential) and leave chunks that you then have to pull the pumpkin out to clean out the debris. And you could get pieces arguing with the ring gear too I imagine, which would give you that binding feeling as you damage teeth on gears.
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    Was moving my R-612ST around yesterday and found it strange I could not back up a slight incline around the rear of the shop where I park a lot. It was raining and slick, but the tire slippage was a bit more than I'm used to. Adjusting my spot mirrors so I could see the drives from the seat, it was clear the automatic power divider was not operating and the noise of it slipping was evident with the window down. Don't really have time to work on it right now but will need to before going back to work with the truck later in the summer. I'm planning to haul sod for my part time employer and will need both axles driven when off road. Never been into the rears of this truck so know nothing about the innards conditions. I'll probably pull it apart before ordering anything to ensure the outer cam and cage condition before tying up the spot in the shop.
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    Either? Why not get one of each??!!
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    A granite hauling granite
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    Another of the ready mix trucks. A DMM, a DM and a Granite.
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    JoeH, I've been out of forestry for a few years now, so I can't remember about the chip trailers for volume, but my Titan 5 axle walking floor was 135 cubic yards. I once scaled in at the local flakeboard mill at 189597.55 pounds gross of hog fuel. Luckily I never got caught with that one, LOL. That load was with the 2000 Mack CH E7 460. Those are just culverts they are unloading Mack Tech.
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    The part numbers are one page back...ā€¦.. Ends are 21090679 (104GC5164M-old number) $284.06, of which you need 2. Center is a 21090730, $203.99 (Both 104GC5165M3 (high temp center) and 104GC5165M (regular application) supersede to same number.... 21090730). If you use PAI the end pieces are EEX-2054 Quantity 2 (ends) EEX-1848 Quantity 1 (center)
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    This is the one and only WM300 "Power Wagon". Nothing comparable before......and nothing since. .
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    Funny thing, (to me) is they rust out just as quickly and the same as their so called "work truck" series costing 2/3rd less. I cannot justify the cost of a new pickup myself as the value just isn't there any longer.
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    Ordered new peanuts and inner cam this morning from my PAI supplier. At this writing I don't know if I have fine, or coarse splines on the shafts so only went with these parts which are the same regardless. They can be returned if need be once I get into the repair(s) if additional/different parts are needed. There are complete rebuild kits available too but they get into a few more $$$ than just the parts ordered now. We'll see but hopefully I can pull it apart and go right back together with it.....
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