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    I havent seen or heard anything mainstream media about this sadly I'll take a moment to stop and reflect on this day and say a thank you to all those young men Paul
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    My path took me to D-day selebration once again. Sure my own country has plenty of WW2 history. But learning more of what was happening over the world gives you another grade of understanding. My very respect to those men who landed on the seacoast of Normandy on the 6th of June 1944. They moved the history to safer direction. And my personal thanks to them for saving lives of soldiers on Estern front. Some pictures were taken today for you to enjoy.
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    The justice system treats the criminals 100% better than the elderly and veterans. We give the convicts health, education, internet, cable t.v., 3 square meals and now in many states felons will get their voting rights back. (NOT a right it is a privilege) What we give the elderly and many vets is a couple of bucks to pay for their healthcare and some cat food. A few politicians on the full term abortion band wagon are also pushing for the euthanasia of the elderly with Alzheimer's, Dementia and terminal issues to unburden the healthcare system. A short step to target other "burdens on society". We treat the illegals better than the old and vets. A good gauge on society is how they take care of the old and their veterans. Where do you think we stand by that criteria?
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    Shocks the conscience...This thread makes me want to bring back punishment laws of the British middle centuries. While I admit, hanging someone till near death, reviving them, pulling their intestines out and chopping them up before they bleed out is cruel and unusual..... it’s a bigger deterrent than 3 hots, a cot, exercise programs, conjugal visits and guaranteed health care. There is a constitutional middle ground we are ignoring. Seems like it’s a hard choice to carry everywhere. I respect folks who are willing, but that’s a lot of work and discipline as a daily regiment. I’ve only had to draw on unleashed dogs who are false-charging me and that’s stressful enough, especially in a public place. I’ve got it locked down....Get in front of the kids, hold your gun low right w/laser on Mr.Cuddle’s brisket and put your left arm out horizontally as a doggy treat. Guarantee somebody is going to sue you if you pull the trigger on their “cute, little, harmless, he’d never bite anyone”, 70 pound pit bull. My neighbors brother had some high dollar, pedigreed, dogs. A weepy, puss eyed, stray cat kept coming over and eating in his dog’s dish. One day he walked outside with his golf club and tee’d off on pussy cats head, missed the golf ball....got pussy’s head. Snowflake saw it and called him in, class C(or D) felony. The laws protect sick cats as well or better than most of the victims on this thread.
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    Just abuse. My 2001 has a million miles on it and it looks like new inside. My '89 ch still looks new inside too.
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    A nice parts runner from the Blue Oval.
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    They call them the greatest generation...it's incredible what those men and women went through to protect freedom.
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    I was just at the ATHS show in Reno this past weekend and the owner of the Overdorp F Model gave this to me. Nice guy and we talked a little. The magazine is for their Mack fan club sort of like the old Overdrive magazine used to be. I can not translated but Tekno stands out as the manufacture.
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    My new ride. My old 2013 4900 had me hating life. But going to give them another try. So far this truck has far fewer flaws and I see western Star and Detroit have made some changes and improvements. Hopefully it is a good truck this time because I really like it. Went with a smaller engine this time, in hopes it will be better for the DPF. It has a DD13 505 h.p. with 1850 torque at 975 RPM. 18 speed manual, 20,000 front and steering lift axle, 46,000 full locking rears with 4.10 ratio. Even tried a passenger bench seat this time so I can lay down when I'm sitting on site. It came with stainless panels to put on the passenger side of the dash, but not going to put those on. I get sun-blinded enough from the steering wheel. LOL. First pic is beside my buddy's twin steer tri-drive logger. The rest are from today after having the drop visor and tool box installed.
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    Rugged harvest farm truck. No worries from ECMs, ABS, DEF, regen,.....
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    It’s always nice to see parts for sale instead of getting scrapped. I am far from an expert but I can tell you right now that you want more for a handful of parts than entire trucks go for. I wish you the best of luck.
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    Gets worse. Old fella at work was telling me a story about his son-in-law. Son-in-law worked at the prison, Black River Falls Correctional. They brought in an LGBTQRSTYBlah blah-whatever person. The person was in the middle of Hormone treatments to become a woman and had some reconstruction already underway. The prison system was forced to complete the surgical procedures and hormone treatments to finish the job. Oops, now he’s a girl, can’t stay here for the sake of prison rape. Get another judge and put her in his own block till we figure something out. The whole thing is madness.
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    Those last two look like fly ash haulers.
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    So many KIA and wounded on Omaha Beach, Ike was seriously close to ordering the evac of the troops. Close to 4900 killed and wounded in less than 6 hours.
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    Mid to late 90's when the offerings from the other manufacturers got caught up in the option packages instead of building 100% to spec.
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    If it’s detroit powered that would be icing on the cake 😁
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    And this was taken specially for someone's personal interest
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    How is paccar coming off poorly in the states? Is it not one of or the most successful truck manufacturers here? I’m not trying to stir any pots, I’ve never got the impression that paccar comes off poorly.
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    French President Emmanuel Macron told American D-Day veterans that “France doesn’t forget” their sacrifice for his country’s liberty. “We know what we owe to you veterans: our freedom,” Macron said. “On behalf of my nation, I just want to say, thank you.” .
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    I would steer clear of Nissan. Japan Inc has a nationalistic agenda. Saikawa would have made a fine Imperial Army officer.
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    I also think it is abuse mostly. Because every used truck and even new company trucks I see have trashed interiors. Every truck I've ever had and got rid of looked like brand new inside. My point is, some people take care of their stuff, like Dirtymilkman, and most just don't care. I've ran a few CL's with that exact interior and I never had anything coming apart in them like that. And I work on and off road.
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    Good Call Mrs All gave sum...........Sum gave all bit of info n pix ovr @ our local group ..... thanx to Lang https://www.hcvc.com.au/forum/truck_Chat/18073-normandy-d-day-event cya
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    Damn... FCA and Renault deserved each other. As for puffing up "sales" figures, FCA is still at it- I just read that last quarter they "sold" several hundred pickups into dealer lease fleets to prop up their sales numbers and beat Chevy.
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    Bigland's a good guy. And remember it was Bigland who wanted to bring back Dodge heavy trucks.
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    I was downtown often as grandpa worked at Monsanto, and several cousins worked at Busch. Don't remember PSC Metals but there were a lot of business around there then. We lived near Bevo Mill and a bus ride anyplace in the city and suburbs was cheap; so got around a lot.
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    Dutch guys had a local show today and I had oportunity to be there and saw some nice Macks. Met friends who are long time members on here either. The most of trucks are well known over the net but it was a pleasure to see them in person once more.
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    I followed this unit a couple of times now up the Calder hwy and I can tell you that while it might have some benefitsn one thing it doesn't do any good at all is track Maybe at 60 km/h it goes nice and straight but at 90 - 100 km/h it's all over the road like drunk dog ice What a mess, almost impossible to pass safely and doesn't track anywhere near as good as a double road train I hope these don't become common place Paul
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    Wouldn’t that be something! My vote is Oshkosh. Holed up at home today.....forgive me if I’m chatty..... Writings on the wall.....”We need money” I got an E-mail from our district Volvo rep two weeks ago. Volvo is dropping free Prosis subscriptions next month. He sent a chart to me that had a graduated ramp of cost relative to how many specific Volvo models we own. By the time you get to a Prosis subscription that can cover 10 or more different Volvo models your hitting $2,000 dollars per year. That’s getting right down to business coming off a free subscription and not including the Tech Tool subscription you also need. Cat is a real darling to their customers, much more so even than JDeere. You buy a piece of Cat equipment and they send a mechanic to inspect it once every three months for two years, a free (purchased) service, free road call. Road tech would hand me the list and say “If you want a quote call us, or “this is how I recommend you fix it”...”any questions before I go”...etc. They provide a low cost software subscription that does everything but break a “lock-up”. Lock out=you dummy, the ash load is 140% and your still driving it, now you need a code to unlock it. The day they delivered our first Cat loader they had an IT guy installing our Electronic Technician before the salesman left the front office. Volvo restricts the ability to do any machine calibrations. When it was brought up in debate the Volvo rep said “its for your own good, your calibration settings are being preserved in a main frame. If your machine gets hit by lightning or your modules fail Volvo will have all calibrations that have ever been made and will load them directly back to your machine”. The hole in the story is that we are on the main frame, at our shop, with our TechTool. It opens to Volvo “central system” every log in, we had to install WiFi in our building specifically to run it. In fact it took 5 months to get Prosis installed securely because the Corporation’s firewalls considered it too deep of a working connectivity to an outside entity. Complaining aside, all in all, the cost per hour is low with VOE. They have some chronic issues, but so far are relatively cheap fixes.
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    Bummer. I scanned all my brochures to send to someone, but I erased the files. Except I still had these on my computer.
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    That is the issue with most all crimes today, big or small. . ..zero fear of punishment and or punishment based on social or financial status. Smollett and the SAT are prime examples Many (most) DA's and Judges follow the laws by their views instead of the laws as written. As I was told on jury duty by a defense lawyer "there are different degrees of guilt and innocence". I told her No either guilty or not no in between. They didn't pick me.
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    Oh this suddenly took a down turn
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    Nope.........Passenger seat.
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    Best you don't go there. . .
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    HEAT/VIBRATOR? Is that for the drivers seat or the dump bed??
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    Paul a over loaded dump truck on city streets is not the same as a over loaded dump truck on a dirt road out back or on job site. I know all about over loading dump trucks when I am loading someone trucks that I do not own. Four weeks ago we were loading out wet clay on to 5 axle dump trailers ( 28 yd.). 2008 KW T-800 broke frame back of cab, lucky it happened at dump site, not on the road. At least once a week here in the Detroit area some good driver flips a dump train or a pup. I do not like to over load mine or anyone's trucks if I can help it.
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    if it aint runnin off front&back n both sides it aint loaded
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    Yep, I used to haul bigger loads on a tandem than my new tri-axle is legal for, and the old tandems had no front brakes. I never killed anyone. People knew how to drive back then, LOL.
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    Dunno about the other parts of the world, Australia was built by men who weren't affraid to push the limits way beyond what was acceptable Our troops fought and won plenty of unwinable battles around the world We have cattle stations bigger than Texas in some of the most inhospitable country in the world Thats how things change and improve in the world, by men pushing harder and further than ever before (mind out of the gutter) Paul
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    Can't fault that. I have nine myself
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    The subject of the Mack/Savage FDM has come up so often recently that I thought to re-introduce it in more detail. Mack Trucks purchased Savage Manufacturing Corporation in 1989, making it a Mack subsidiary, Mack Trucks of Utah (for tax reasons). The resulting Mack FDM-700 model (FDM meaning “Front Discharge Mixer”) was available in both mid-engined and rear-engined versions. When first launched, the 12-liter Mack E7 paired with a Maxitorque T2080 transmission was standard, but Cummins L-10 and Caterpillar 3306B engines, and Fuller 7-speed manual and Eaton CEEMAT automatic transmissions were also available (previously engineered in on the earlier Savage version). The 9-speed Eaton Auto-Shift AMT later replaced the CEEMAT. The FDM had a cab that combined both driving and operational controls, allowing the driver to deliver and discharge up to 13 cubic yards of concrete from behind the wheel. Both single and tandem front steering axle configurations were offered combined with wide a variety of pusher and tag axle options. The standard mid-mounted engine location enhanced handling by allowing for a lower center of gravity for greater stability. The mid-engine, twin-steer axle design was also engineered for more optimized weight distribution in anticipation of upcoming changes to federal weight and length laws. In many ways, the mid-engine design was easy to service. However the placement also made camshaft replacement inconvenient. Savage Manufacturing had produced their first front discharge mixer in 1976 (Mr. R.W. Sims built his first front discharge mixer at what later became Savage in 1964). Ahead of Mack purchasing Savage in 1989, the latter company was a small operation with gross sales revenues of just US$5 million in 1988 (the year before Mack acquired Savage). Savage was marketing the “Dynamix Magnum” and “Super Magnum” front discharge mixers which had been launched in 1983. Savage Companies President Allen Alexander said of his decision to sell the mixer unit and focus on their principal business of material handling, “We recognized we had a great truck but (that) we’re not manufacturing people”. In 1988, front discharge mixers accounted for 15 percent of the mixer market. As the market leader in Class 8 construction, Mack felt with the rising popularity of front discharge mixers that purchasing an existing player like Savage would be a wise move. However after the purchase, it quickly became apparent that Savage was not a mature company with a mature product. For example, the crude Savage spare parts system proved a challenge to Mack dealers and factory branches. Rather than simply fit a Savage mixer with a Mack engine and transmission, Mack should have examined and redesigned the entire truck from one end to the other, possibly hiring a few engineers away from Oshkosh and McNeilus in the process. And, production should have been moved from Utah to Allentown so that Mack engineers could be involved day-to-day with developments. The resulting "pedigreed design" would have been worthy of the Mack name. In April, 1996 ahead of the ConExpo-Con/Agg show, Mack Trucks signed an agreement with T.L. Smith Machine Company of Springville, New York to produce jointly produce a rear-engined front discharge mixer. That same year, the mid-engined and new rear-engined versions of the FDM were given the names “Victor” and “Conquest”. Frustrated with the former Savage operation in Utah, Mack Trucks in December, 1998 announced that it would cooperate with Oshkosh and offer a Mack-badged version of the Oshkosh “S” Series front-discharge mixer chassis with a McNeilus mixer barrel system and Oshkosh front driving axle (Oshkosh owns McNeilus). Oshkosh would assemble the trucks utilizing Mack E-Tech powertrains. Making its official debut two days ahead of the 1999 Mid-America Truck Show in Louisville, the new truck was called the Mack FCM “Conquest II” (FCM representing Front-Discharge-Concrete-Mixer). As a result of the Mack-Oshkosh agreement, Mack discontinued production of the FDM in Utah and closed that plant, with production ending in September 1998. The Mack/Oshkosh tie-up ended when Volvo acquired Mack Trucks. Front-discharge is a very attractive concept. But even Oshkosh, with its superb “S” series front discharge chassis and McNeilus drum, has struggled to make front discharge a mainstream product. Other makers including (Terex) Advance Mixer (http://www.terex.com/construction/en/products/new-equipment/front-discharge/index.htm), Phoenix Mixers ( http://www.phoenixmixers.com), the Maxim Truck Company, Kimble (http://www.kimblemixer.com/mixers/front-discharge/) and now Navistar’s Continental (http://www.continentalmixers.com/continentalmixers/mixers/frontdischarge) on a MaxxForce-powered Phoenix chassis have also found profitability difficult in this challenging market segment. For as long as current technology encourages ready mix truck operators to stay with rear discharge design, for its lower cost and practicality, the front-discharge mixer market segment will remain small. http://www.bigmacktrucks.com/index.php?/topic/33736-mack-savage-mixer/ .
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