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    Autocar Trucks / May 15, 2019 “ Miss Lisa “ - Pumpkin Center Super Tanker Project The old ‘64 Autocar had ran a good race. She was getting kinda tired and slowing her pace. Put out to pasture for many years, her paint was a fading, weeds growing round her gears. Then along came a man who could see her potential. He didn't ask for logs or to see her credentials. All she needed was a little bit of love, some diesel, a filter, and a big strong shove. Just a few parts; some old some new. Soon she'd be rolling with a tanker from ‘52. New Flaps and Stacks made the old Autocar start to grin. A 250 Cummins will make her fly again. She'll never complain when she's out on the road, that you're standing on the throttle and she's pulling a heavy load. Just service her engine and patch up her wounds, and that NH 250 will keep hummin' it's tune. . .
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    After all the 168 pages (of B.S.) were filled with the D.H.S., three face to face interviews and 5 inspections of my nostalgia funnycar project, my blown 55 chevy and storage bunker for the drums of fuel. I GOT MY PERMIT TO BUY UP TO 550 GALLONS OF NITRO METHANE FUEL A MONTH !!!
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    More Details Emerge on New Autocar Conventional Truck Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT) / May 17, 2019 Autocar has announced more details about its first new conventional truck in more than 30 years – including answering HDT's question on whether it will be available beyond the refuse market. Earler this month, Autocar unveiled a new conventional model truck, the Autocar DC-64R – a completely new conventional truck, purpose-built from the ground-up for severe-duty refuse applications, according to the OEM. The company says the truck’s new cab is one of its standout features. Inspired by Autocar’s legendary conventional cabs, the DC cab has a large workspace and ergonomics optimized for productivity in refuse applications, according to Eric Schwartz, managing director of Autocar Trucks. “The DC’s cab maximizes space and productivity for drivers from the biggest guys to petite women,” Schwartz said. “That was a hard balancing act to accomplish, but we focused on it because our customers have diverse work forces today." The company used ergonomic-simulation software to optimize factors such as gauge readability, controls reach, comfort adjustments, and the placement and spacing of steps and grab handles. "We’re proud the new DC cab was designed to accommodate a work crew of three very big people sitting comfortably and safely.” James Johnston, president of Autocar, touted the truck's safety and durability. "Those are always our first objectives. So our new DC cab is built from a combination of engineered steel, judiciously chosen aluminum components, and robust steel corner castings. We also maximized driver visibility, with a steeply raked wraparound windshield for upward and forward visibility and large rear corner windows standard, very rare in Class 8 conventional cabs. The best way to stay safe is to see all around and avoid getting into trouble in the first place.” Schwartz also pointed out that despite a name that harks to the past, the technology in this truck is all right now. “While the new Autocar DC cab was inspired by Autocar’s legendary driver cab from the previous generation of the Autocar DC conventional, our totally upgraded electrical system and Always Up one-touch diagnostics establishes a new state-of-the art platform for the future of vocational trucks,” he said. “The truck actually monitors and diagnoses itself in real-time, not only alerting techs of issues, but even showing a description of what fault has occurred and as well as where and how to fix it. It enables trucks to be rapidly root-caused and placed back into service, making money again for our customers.” The theme of easy tech access for maintenance and repairs is carried throughout the cab’s design, Schwartz noted, with exposed fasteners on all the panels and easy access from within the cab to the HVAC system, cab roof-mounted components, transmission, rear of the engine, fuse boxes, control modules, and even the wiring inside the A-pillars. If service is required, technicians can quickly gain access to the location of the issue and get the truck back into service. Autcar also revealed a new feature on the DC model that extends beyond the cab: a process the company call its Power of One integration. According to Autocar, the DC is the first truck to fully integrate all components, not only inside the cab, across the powertrain and electrical systems, but also including the refuse body as well. Autocar’s Power of One integration treats the total vehicle as one complete tool, not only at the engineering stage, but actually extends to installing body components on the Autocar production line in Birmingham, Alabama. This unique process is said to avoid numerous issues that might otherwise arise, enhancing uptime and ROI for waste haulers. The initial engines are the Cummins L9, with ratings up to 380 hp, and the Cummins X12, rated up to 500 hp and 1,700 lbs-ft of torque. Autocar intends to offer the Cummins ISX12N natural gas engine as well in the future. Although the focus of the DC launch has been refuse applications, Autocar told HDT that the Autocar was designed for multiple vocational applications. Details and developments concerning models for construction will be announced soon, and other applications explored depending on market demand. Autocar says it is taking orders for the DC-64R now for production and delivery later this year. The first buyers of the truck are specifying roll-off and rear-loader refuse applications. .
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    The Kaase Boss 9 Pro. 820 ci 7.25 comp dual MSD Igniters,12/71 BDS blower @35% o.d., 16 injectors, 2250 GPH dual pumps through an ancient Garlits drive 2 speed. Good on his dyno for 2700 h.p. on 70% nitro and should be at 2000+h.p. at 50%. Average 5 to 6 gallons a run. Big block in my 55 is set up for methanol but can run 25% nitro if I dare. 800h.p. methanol to 1000 h.p. with 25% nitromethane. All through a double disk clutch and a M21 close ratio box out to a '57 Olds rear with ancient Getz 4:88 ham with welded spiders and scary old school Hurst Airhart front disc's with 57 Olds rear shoes .
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    Think he is going to need the Hendrickson Chicken Gauge to set it. Google “Mack Service Bulletin SB136012”.
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    Well I love it, the grill looks good compared to what a lot of other manufacturers offer The inside looks good. Doubt they will ever make it in RHD but if they did I reckon I might well stick my hand up for one I have read lots of complaining on the forum over the years about lack of US truck manufacturing, here's you chance Americans to put your money were your mouth is and throw your support behind it The same goes for the T Line truck Paul
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    I would love to see one with the LeRoi gas V-8 in it.
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    The Autocar rolloff. Now that's an Autocar
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    must be a triplex thing.... I rest my leg against mine...….
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    https://spokane.craigslist.org/hvo/d/missoula-1977-mack-cabover/6889694282.html Rare beast.Not Mine Ray
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    That’s a beautiful rig mate. Something to be very proud of. I’m doing up an ex shell r model, although somewhere along the line it was stretched and made in to a tipper.
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    +1 to 80k. We just bought a triaxle that's rated at 80k with no hitch.
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    How hot did things get before you changed the stat?
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    Do you have number that is stamped into one of the nuts ??? More than one set and what model V8 ? Rich
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    For the correct count you need wheels at the both sides to turn together. If you have one on the ground (locked from turning) you count must be divided by 2 since the only wheel is forsed to make 2 times more revs by differential.
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    I reckon still one of the greatest films on youtube Paul
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    I don't see a prohibition of a rocket blast zone within the town limits of Gorham, ME according to their zoning rules as long as a rural/agricultural use can be shown for said area. Interesting....
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    I've been tracking this...…… think he's trying to beat Elon to Mars, but he still needs his own "Area 51". If he applies for a no fly zone over the Maine Veteran's ranch construction project it's confirmed....Fuel, facility, military trained staff, on-site housing, etc.
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    Five percent market share is about close to an end game. The lack of UPS and ABF Mack orders are contributing to the five percent market share as well as a huge decline in Mack construction and refuse. End games can come on real fast. Brockway closed its doors overnight. Cat exited the diesel highway market abruptly. The Cat truck died a quick death. The MP 10 and Mack heavy haul ended overnight. Volvo could pull the plug on Mack in the wink of an eye.
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    Hi guys this is my🇭🇲 Aussie Bull~dog🇭🇲 1988 ~ MACK ~ Valueliner 🇭🇲🇭🇲 350 h.p. 9 speed mack box & Camelback rear. It was orginally a ex shell fuel hauler tanker before I got it and done it up over the years in Australia..Goes and pulls well like a freight train . And that's how a bulldog should be.. 10.4 matey👍🇭🇲🇭🇲🇭🇲
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    Don't suppose somebody done it as a joke? terry
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    Heavy duty, heavy haul.
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    Autocar Trucks / April 18, 2019
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    On the Ford thing......I watch some cars shows on the weekends on tv when I'm having breakfast. A couple years ago I was watching Autoline Detroit and they had some execs from Ford on the discussion panel. They were saying how Ford is going to get back into class 8 trucks in north America because they feel they once again want to offer a full commercial portfolio. They wanted to be able to offer everything from vans and F150's all the way up. The most interesting thing he said was "we still own all our old tooling and dies." I wonder what ever happened to that plan? And what tooling do they still own? The old Louisville stuff or Sterling era stuff?
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    Powered with a Mack 510 gasoline engine.
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    Let's put it this way, The owner / builder has done a lot of creative engineering and body work to build this truck..Here are the spec boards displayed with it at Alice Springs. In the original I can blow up the print to be able to read them better. I hope the posted pictures you can do the same??
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