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    After all the 168 pages (of B.S.) were filled with the D.H.S., three face to face interviews and 5 inspections of my nostalgia funnycar project, my blown 55 chevy and storage bunker for the drums of fuel. I GOT MY PERMIT TO BUY UP TO 550 GALLONS OF NITRO METHANE FUEL A MONTH !!!
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    Hi guys this is my🇭🇲 Aussie Bull~dog🇭🇲 1988 ~ MACK ~ Valueliner 🇭🇲🇭🇲 350 h.p. 9 speed mack box & Camelback rear. It was orginally a ex shell fuel hauler tanker before I got it and done it up over the years in Australia..Goes and pulls well like a freight train . And that's how a bulldog should be.. 10.4 matey👍🇭🇲🇭🇲🇭🇲
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    The U.S. market Mack Value-Liner with its distinctive grille and slightly shorter hood (than the normal R model) was a sharp looking truck indeed. But the altogether different Value-Liner "down under" with its dual headlights and rounded nose was equally impressive. I'll never understand why the superior fuel tanks and European style rear fender arrangement used in Australia wasn't offered in the U.S.market.
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    I've been tracking this...…… think he's trying to beat Elon to Mars, but he still needs his own "Area 51". If he applies for a no fly zone over the Maine Veteran's ranch construction project it's confirmed....Fuel, facility, military trained staff, on-site housing, etc.
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    Yes. Spec'd with the Mack V-8, the Value-Liner's cab was mounted higher and had an elongated hood that sloped downward to enhance visibility (effectively offsetting the visibility ordinarily lost due to a longer hood).
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    1988 R688ST E6 350 - Fresh in frame overhaul 9 speed Fuller Double frame 24.5 good rubber Mack camel back rears -44K Air slide 5th wheel Wet kit Air ride cab A/C truck - not working Rust free clean southern truck $16000.00 731-four four six- eight three zero six
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    Todd Dills, Overdrive / May 15, 2019 For the fourth year running, Mack Trucks has opened up a contest for six of the spots in its next-year calendar to customer photos. The contest opened April 2 via this link to a special website set up for the purpose, where customers can both enter a worthy picture of their truck as well as vote for favorites already entered. The contest, open through May 31, accepts nominated pictures in categories corresponding to current models — including the Anthem, Pinnacle, Granite and its MHD version, the LR and TerraPro — and with an additional category for models no longer in production. All nominated trucks must be in revenue-producing service: the truck must be in routine actual use and not kept as a show truck or antique. Mack’s fans and followers will vote on which truck they like best in each category and are allowed to cast one vote per day, per category for the duration of the contest. Contest entrants are urged to get out the vote through their own social media channels to increase their chances of winning. Winning trucks will receive a professional photo shoot, courtesy of Mack Trucks, and will be featured in the 2020 Mack Calendar. .
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    Makes ice road truckers look like a bunch of weenies.
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    Does it pull back into the top tank after you turn the truck off and it cools down. If it don't top tank rad cap might not be sealing up good and letting it push out in bottom tank. put new lid on it make sure it is the right one with a double seal and leave the bottom tank empty. top tank when heating up expands into bottom tank, if rad cap seals good and hose to bottom tank is good it will suck it back in after cutting it off. Mack factory rep told us 20 years ago the we should leave the bottom tank empty that it not big enough for the expansion of the water when it heats up and expands into bottom tank.
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    I reckon still one of the greatest films on youtube Paul
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    All that may be interested, I have replaced my vacuum operated wiper motor with a two speed 12VDC unit. My truck is a 1960 B95 Model Mack. The unit is designed to fit to my wiper transmission assembly and comes with a wiring harness and a 2 speed switch. It works very well. The installation is very simple.
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    This video and Denisons Ice Road would sent the Ice Road Truckers in to their "safe Space" for ever.
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    Five percent market share is about close to an end game. The lack of UPS and ABF Mack orders are contributing to the five percent market share as well as a huge decline in Mack construction and refuse. End games can come on real fast. Brockway closed its doors overnight. Cat exited the diesel highway market abruptly. The Cat truck died a quick death. The MP 10 and Mack heavy haul ended overnight. Volvo could pull the plug on Mack in the wink of an eye.
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    I have one on my ‘29 Chevy coupe and my ‘79 Nova. I believe Fisher body company was bought by GM sometime in the ‘20’s.
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    In the strange noise that sounds like a belt have you checked all the hoses and clamps on your intake and turbo hoses could be a leaky hose loose clamp or charge air cooler leak
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    That valve if I remember is to shut the air to the turbo control air filter catridge so when you change the filter it shuts off the air to it then after you change filter turn it back on.
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    If your hearing that winding vibrating noise at shut down only it the centrifuge filter spinning and slowing down till it stops Pretty common if you never heard one before to think something is wrong but it normal Some seem to make more nois than others Just remember that’s a filter so don’t forget to change it with you oil change I’ve seen some guys not know there’s a filter in there
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    Just got back from driving through an Altech installation facility here in Lancaster MA. Small facility with I think like no more than six installation bays. They must have around 75 new F-550 (mostly Power Strokes and all white) in the yard and ONE 5500 Ram. thought by now the new GM/Navistars in 4500/5500 range would be showing up but not the case. As for class 7 and 8's Mostly F'liners with a large number of Internationals. Even a few KW's and Western stars. Interesting that there were always F-750's there in the old days when you could get a Cummins or a Cat in them with an Allison. No doubt the utility industry does NOT think a lot of the new 750 Power Stroke/ Torque shift combo in the higher weight classes. Class 5? Ford continues to rule-at least by what you see in this Altech yard
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    Look for the flat on the drivers side of the differential and see if it is stamped?
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    Jack it up, put it in neutral, turn the tire, and count the revolutions of the driveshaft for 1 revolution of the tire. It will get you an idea if you accurately make the yoke and wheel before you start turning.
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    The reason I always heard for juice brakes was there was no room for a conventional air brake chambers while using mega duty suspension and giving some room for everything to oscillate. Big axles, big drums, big springs or big walking beams take up a lot of space.
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