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    Heavy duty, heavy haul.
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    Start building them to a Standard & not a price would be good start.. In my opinion. Either that or sell it back to Terry Peabody. He knew what it took to build a Great truck..
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    Autocar Trucks / April 18, 2019
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    Autocar Trucks / April 13, 2019  The Capone family of All American Waste in New Mexico runs this 1990 #Autocar ACLB rolloff truck. At 29 years old she gets as much work done as ever and, of course, she’s a still a beauty. But maybe it’s time for a #BadtotheBone new one? # AlwaysUp #RollOff .
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    Hi everyone, I have just joined up to this great site , I live in England and have been a big Mack truck fan since I was probably 4 . Now at 45 I really want to build a Rubberduck replica out of an R model. Living in England these are obviously not very common at all , however importing from the States is pretty easy. My other passions are my 800hp NASCAR , ex Carl Edwards 99 Ford Fusion and I have owned and raced so many Mustangs I’ve probably lost count . Guess I was just born in the wrong country, growing up in the 70s and 80s every thing I used to watch on tv involved American cars and Trucks , guess that made us like we are 👍. I’m also a big country music fan .Thanks for letting me join . Regards Simon
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    All that may be interested, I have replaced my vacuum operated wiper motor with a two speed 12VDC unit. My truck is a 1960 B95 Model Mack. The unit is designed to fit to my wiper transmission assembly and comes with a wiring harness and a 2 speed switch. It works very well. The installation is very simple.
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    My friend always refered to the meat in chinese food as fur chicken
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    A lot of those Western Star sales are "low bid" sales to governments too. Also seeing a lot of Western Stars as well as Freightliner M2s at upfitters like TeleElect too, could be that they're low bidders there too. That said, being able to supply a fleet with everything from compact cars to Western Star heavy haul trucks is an advantage in the marketplace that Navistar, Volvo, and Paccar don't have.
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    Not only painted but one on each side. One size does not fit all(Volvo approach-take it or leave it)
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    People like that are what made America the greatest country in the world.
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    Make sure the other side stays on the ground or it will spin and throw off your count.
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    Good German restaurant in Speonk on Long Island owner was an ex WWII POW who stayed here and now his children and grand children run it. Food worth traveling for. My wife loved Chinese food until I told her the three letters translated into "We Buy Cats". Never ate Chinese food again.
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    Autocar Trucks / April 17, 2019 Autocar #concrete #mixers have roamed the ends of the earth. Just like this classic transit mixer down in New Zealand, shared by Ed Mansell. No cookie-cutter truck here: Look underneath and - like every Autocar - it will be custom-engineered for its specific tough job. #AlwaysUp. .
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    I ate with the Family and some friends at a German place in Nashville ,( it is across the street from titian stadium ) and they. had an LGB train running on the floor in one end of the dining room .I remember the kids were all laying on the floor watching it .My Irish wife was mortified because the place was was not up to her 4 star standards , but the people who ran the place were friendly as all get out when they found out I was German . and the food was good
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    Assembling a Volumetric Concrete Mixer, and thought I'd share a welding trick I learned about and am trying to keep large pieces of sheet metal from warping! Use drywall compound as a heat sink to keep heat from extending out into the sheet. Share your welding tips and tricks below.
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    Jack it up, put it in neutral, turn the tire, and count the revolutions of the driveshaft for 1 revolution of the tire. It will get you an idea if you accurately make the yoke and wheel before you start turning.
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    Anyone else stop scrolling and just stare when they saw the lug nuts? Or just me? Looks like hydraulic rear brakes. Does not look like a triple frame.
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    Any one ever eat at the Choo Choo Diner in Huntington Village? They would deliver you order to you at the counter on a LGB steam engine and flatcars. Also there was the Rail Car Cafe in Stony Brook. A half dozen rail cars from passenger coaches to a few boxcars for dinning areas. Shame it's now the Curry Club Indian Restaurant.
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    Mack, LF, and Lanova caught my attention as I drove that type of ten wheeler for a construction materials company one summer in the mid-1950s. That dumper, probably a 1950 model, looker okay, but had been wrecked and rebuilt and had a bad reputation, so it was assigned to the junior kid who didn't know better. It tracked like a crab, smoked a lot, and was generally poorly maintained, but it pulled well. On hills it would stay with or pass the yard's new B-63s even when everybody was overloaded by ten tons as was usual. On long flats the LF would show 52 MPH when the new trucks could not break 50. Senior drivers made it very clear they were not to be passed, so those contests ended quickly. The Lanova must have been a big one, whether it was original or not. The main 5-speed box was called "backwards" because first and reverse were in the far right slot and second and third in the near left. The 2-speed behind it was a very low "pit stick"-no splitting. If you started in first high uphill, you stayed there until flat or downhill because by the time you got out of first and across the gate to second you were rolling backwards. At least the clutch was not needed except to start. Its a wonder the kid and the truck survived the summer and it is good to know there is another LF Lanova out there.
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    Brian will cut you a good deal, good deal for him, not you.
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    Frame pitch. Jack your front axle off the ground 5” and both tandem will have even geometry. Trust the suspension gauge to set height and never lean on visual interpretation.
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    They got all the good out of this circa 1945 Autocar.
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